The Strip Club

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I can’t really say that strip clubs are my thing. I mean, I like looking at beautiful women almost as much as looking at hot men. It’s just that when it comes to sex, I’m much more of a doer than I am a voyeur. That, and most clubs tend to cater to only men, and women just get ignored. And me, I don’t particularly appreciate being ignored. For some reason, though, my husband Mike wouldn’t let it go, and after the umpteenth time, I finally relented and agreed to go.I took a shower and shaved my legs and pussy. I figured I should dress in something sexy, so I wore a very short leather skirt and my leather vest. I didn’t wear a bra or panties under the outfit. I love how the leather feels on my bare tits and ass cheeks, and I figure it would give Mike easy access for later.Mikes eye’s lit up when I came down the stairs. I could tell he liked the way I looked, so I offered a little tease and lifted the skirt, showing him my pantiesless, freshly shaved, bare pussy.Mike commented, “You know we’re taking my Harley, babe.”I just shrugged my shoulders and walked past him to the garage.I had always assumed Mike and his friends would go to a local strip club. However, I soon learned the strip club was fifty miles away in another city. It took over an hour on some backcountry roads to get there. We pulled into the parking lot, and it was packed with lots of cars and more than a few motorcycles.The club wasn’t exactly upscale. The building on the outside was a little run down, and quite a few rougher-looking guys were standing around outside. I kept my judgments to myself and followed Mike in.Walking in, we passed a group of guys smoking a joint. They all stared at me, and one of them said, “Hello beautiful, I can’t wait to get a lap dance from you.”I smiled at the compliment and gave him a wink as we walked in the front door.The bouncer was a moose of a man, big, muscular, and pretty good-looking. He wore a solid black tee-shirt that looked painted on; it nicely showed his ripped chest and abs. He eyed Mike and told him the cover charge. Then he turned to me, eye fucking me as he looked me over from head to toe; I eye fucked him right back.“Darling, you are too pretty to pay a cover here. Beauty gets in free; your cover is on me,” kaçak iddaa the bouncer said.“Aww, you’re so sweet. Thank you, sugar,” I replied.Mike didn’t even seem to notice the bouncer flirting with me as he paid his cover and went inside. Then, as I walked by, the bouncer grabbed my ass. I looked back, and he put a finger to his lips and whispered, “Shh, I couldn’t help myself.”I would usually introduce someone to my proficiency in Muay Thai for an uninvited ass grab, but he was cute, so I gave him a pass. Then I gave him a smile and a wink, then added a little more wiggle to my ass as I walked in. I looked back over my shoulder, and his eyes were glued to my ass, so I yanked my skirt up and back down just before the door closed.Now, I’ve been to strip clubs before, but this one was seedier than the others I had patronized. It was also the first one I saw with flat screens in the corners playing porn. It seemed a little counterproductive to me, ‘weren’t customers supposed to be watching the live girls?’ I thought to myself.As we walked across the bar, it seemed like everyone stared at me. I got lots of hi’s, hellos, and even a request for a lap dance. I also noticed a few of the stripers giving me the evil eye. I just smiled, gave a few hellos, and followed Mike. Truthfully, I was more than a little turned on by all the attention I was getting. I also noticed I was way hotter than any of the stripers. Mike led us straight to the stage and sat down.I sat in the chair beside him, and a waitress quickly came over and said hello to Mike, then looked at me smiling and said I was going to be very popular here.“Why’s that?” I asked. “Don’t you get many women coming here?”“Sugar, we get a lot of women coming in here; it’s just… well, it’s rare that they look as good or better than the dancers,” the waitress responded.I could feel myself blush, then thanked her. She took our drink orders, and I said to my husband, “You must come here a lot; the waitress called you by name.”His response was, “Not that much; she just has a good memory.”I gave Mike that ‘you’re full of shit’ smirk and shook my head. I let it go and watched a black girl that was dancing. The waitress brought our drinks back and asked Mike if he wanted to get some kaçak bahis change for the girls.Mike told the waitress, “yes.”“Well shit,” I said, “I didn’t bring any cash.”“Don’t worry, babe; I’ll give you money for tips.”“Fuck that,” I responded. “I’ve got my own money. Is there an ATM in here?”“Sure, sugar, there’s one in the lobby where you came in,” the waitress responded.Mike had my bank card and ID in his wallet, so I asked him for my card.“How much you want, babe? I’ll go get it for you.”“I’m a big girl; I’m quite capable of getting my own money out of my own account,” I responded. “Besides, I want to look around and find the restrooms.”“Yeah, Mike,” the waitress responded, “She’s a big girl, and she wants to check out the other guys in here without you cock-blocking her.” She gave me a wink and left to get Mike’s change.Mike gave me a smirk, “Is that what you’re doing, checking out the guys on the way to the cash machine?”I snatched my card out of his hand and gave him a piercing stare, “I’m going to get change, and I’m checking out ‘everything’ this bar has to offer!” Then I jumped up and headed to the door.As I headed to the front door, one of the guys that said hello to me earlier grabbed my hand and asked if I was dancing tonight?“I don’t work here, sugar; I’m a customer just like you,” I responded.He let out a laugh, “I’m sure they would let a girl like you dance if you wanted.”“A girl like me?” I responded with a bit of venom in my voice.“Don’t take offense, doll. I mean, you are far prettier than any of the girls they have dancing tonight,” he responded, throwing his hands up in surrender. “The owner would be a fool not to let the finest woman here dance.”I could tell he was a harmless ol flirt, so I gave him my best smile and thanked him for the compliment. “Thanks, sugar, but the dancers in here are already shooting daggers at me with their eyes; I’d hate to think what they’d do if I started dancing.”I gave him a wink and continued to the lobby door. He called out after me, “Have a drink with me later.” I looked back over my shoulder and responded, “Okay.”I made it about twenty feet before another table of guys stopped me to chat me up. As we talked, I looked over at Mike, and our waitress was there chatting illegal bahis him up. Bent way over so he could look down her top, and she had her hand on his shoulder. I chuckled to myself, thinking ‘I’d be flirting with him too if I was her.’ Mike is always generous with flirty waitresses.I finally made it to the lobby, and the bouncer grinned real big and said, “I wondered when you would come back to see me again.”He had seen the way I smiled when he grabbed my ass. I laughed and said I had to pretend I needed money for the strippers so my husband wouldn’t be suspicious. We both laughed and kept chatting as I got money. He introduced himself as Jason, and I told him my name was Madison.“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” he stated.“Handsome, muscular, and a big flirt… my husband better not give these girls more attention than me, or I will be going home with you,” I replied.Jason looked at me intently but hopeful and answered, “I hope your husband fucks up bad tonight.”I giggled and went to leave, and he grabbed my ass again, but held on a little longer this time. I looked back again and said, “You’re going to get me in trouble.”He smirked and replied, “I’m glad you don’t mind having your ass played with.”I walked to the door and lifted my skirt to give him a look at my bare ass again. Jason let out a little moan and said, “That’s my girl. Come back and see me again real soon. I get a break in an hour or so.”I got back to my seat, and the waitress was still there chatting with Mike. She looked at me with a smile, “I hope you don’t mind me keeping your husband company while you were gone.”Mike smiled and answered for me, “Madison isn’t a jealous girl. Are you babe?”“That’s right, Mike has his fun, and I have mine. I was busy flirting with Jason anyway,” I replied with a bit of playful venom in my voice.Mike shot me a look and asked how I knew the bouncer’s name. “Don’t worry about it; apparently, we both know people here,” I told him.The waitress turned to leave and gave me a wink. I just ignored Mike’s gaze and started watching the girls dance. A raven-haired girl came out, and my god, she was sexy. I whistled real loud when she bent over. She didn’t seem to mind I was a woman and came over and started dancing in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and she eventually bent over right in front of me, pushing her ass in my face. Her pussy lips pressed against her shorts and outlined the thick lips beneath.