The Stud Life

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The Stud Life[ ‘The Stud Life’ is dedicated to a variety of men who have ‘fathered’ c***dren with other men’s wives upon the couples request. It is also dedicated to my friends A & T, who continually inspire me and give me confidence the future of race relations will improve over time! ]As Drew got out of the shower and began to towel off, he had a hard on, and in the light his deep, dark, almost ebony colored cock, swung stiffly from side to side, and lightly bounced heavily up and down as he prepared to meet Marisa, a twenty three year old white female, and her husband Kenneth; where he would attempt to ‘breed’ Marisa.This was not the first time that Drew had done this. In fact, he had so far done this with six different white married couples within the span of only a year and a half!He tossed the damp towel across the foot of his bed and began dressing. He liked to dress in a more than casual manner in these circumstances, so he had picked out a nice, but not overly dressy outfit. After all, this was no ordinary sort of ‘date.’ Indeed, the word ‘date’, itself, wasn’t exactly the right choice for such a situation. Could you really call it a ‘date’ when you were going to meet a married woman who’s husband was eager for you to get her pregnant, instead of him getting her pregnant? Perhaps, but it certainly wasn’t the typical use of the word!By the time Drew was ready, he was feeling that exquisite sense of anticipation that he’d come to savor in moments such as this. Admittedly, istanbul escort the fact that the husband of this woman was the one who had contacted him about breeding her brought with it an undeniable ego boost; but what was wrong with that? Why wouldn’t he feel such a thing? Wasn’t it a natural feeling for a man to have who was being asked to breed another man’s wife? Wasn’t it the ultimate thrill in the on-going race to broadcast more of one’s sperm, rather than your fellow sperm competitors? Wasn’t that what so much depended on in Natures imperative to reproduce? That’s how he thought of it. If this other guy, this other woman’s husband, wanted her to have his (Drew’s) baby, instead of one of his own…why should he not consent to doing exactly that? Where was the harm? After all, it wasn’t he that was driving this, but the couple, and the husband especially. Drew was just agreeing to give them what they both said they wanted: his sperm; and by implication, a baby through the fertilization of this other man’s wife’s egg(s). So, he was more than willing to give them precisely that.When Drew got to the couples home, they treated him like royalty. They had prepared food and drinks. They had even decorated their bedroom for this very special occasion; and there were candles lit, and incense burning, and the light was low and warm, and very inviting. The husband treated him with great deference and respect, and Drew avcılar escort liked that. In his presence he knew that he was without doubt the alpha male in the room; and Drew enjoyed that especially. It excited him. He didn’t treat the husband with disrespect, or, at least, not overtly. He didn’t need to. The pecking order was clear. The husband was the self-acknowledged ‘beta’ male, and Drew was (also self-acknowledge) the ‘alpha’ male. That hierarchy was one of the most thrilling aspects that Drew had come to enjoy about such situations.He was in no hurry to do the deed that this married couple had asked of him. He would take his time with this attractive white female/wife. He’s explore every inch of her, and extract every last bit of sexual energy from her before he planted his seed deep inside of her; where he was quite confident of getting her pregnant. He’s also welcome the husband to watch every moment that he did so! Drew wanted this white guy to witness him taking his wife as his own; and by doing so, to drive a genetic wedge, forever, between their previous Caucasian-only genetic histories, and in a new, bi-racial direction!It wasn’t that Drew hated this white married couple. He didn’t. However, in the back of his mind, the very idea of passing his genes on to a married white female, and at the full consent of the husband (the so-called ‘cuckold’) was more than he could ever dream or hope for; and so, of course, he was going to ‘take şirinevler escort advantage’ of that incredible set of circumstances. He was only human after all! Plus, the sex itself was fantastic. There was also the ‘taboo’ nature of fucking some other man’s wife that was perhaps the deepest, and sweetest attraction of all. The fact that he was being invited, deliberately, consciously, to subvert this white married guys chance at passing on his sperm to make a baby, was the penultimate ‘icing on the cake’ of the entire situation.So, when he eventually left this couples home (after nearly five hours of sex, and three separate ejaculations of sperm into the wife’s pussy), Drew was pleasantly exhausted; and certain that pregnancy was a definite out come.As he left, the husband thanked Drew for his ‘contribution’, as he referred to it as, in the quest for his wife to conceive an interracial baby; and once again, hearing that gave Drew a tingle through his groin.”Your very welcome,” Drew told the husband, as they stood at the front door before he left. The dominance he felt as an Alpha Male was never stronger than at these very moments; and he enjoyed it very much. He felt, though he never expressed it as such to any of the husbands he’d known like this, as if a kind of long overdue form of justice had occurred on that bed; a long festering wound, caused a long, long time ago, but never adequately addressed, had been begun; and not through legislation, but through the human avenue of sexual reproduction.Drew left with a faint smile playing around his mouth as he made his way to where his car was parked. Another successful ‘breeding’, he was certain, had been accomplished; yet another c***d, who carried some of HIS genes, would eventually emerge, and, hopefully, further tip the scales of justice!The End