The Succubus Awakening

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The Succubus AwakeningBy MorpheusAfter Eli and his friends play around with a magic spell, Eli finds something inside of him awakening.————-I sat up in bed, having just woken up from the middle of a wet dream. Of course, this was more of a dry dream since I didn’t get any relief. Instead, I woke up with a case of blue balls.”Damn,” I muttered, wanting to just go back to sleep and get back into that dream. It was crazy erotic though I couldn’t remember much in the way of details. They faded away too fast. “Not again…”I got up and went to the bathroom and jacked off for a few minutes, trying to get some relief but nothing. It had been this way every morning this week. I’d have some great sexy dreams but couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I’d even jacked off a few times each day to try getting some relief…but more nothing. I was afraid I was developing a permanent case of blue balls.”Maybe my hormones are telling me I need to do it with a real girl,” I told myself with a sigh, knowing that wouldn’t be too likely in the immediate future. I didn’t even have a girlfriend and none of the girls in school seemed particularly interested in me. “I wonder how much a prostitute costs.”My name is Eli Durling and I am nearly s*******n. I’m 5 foot 9, fairly athletic, and not bad looking…except for the acne. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad case of acne which made a lot of the girls at school a little more likely to overlook me.After a few minutes, I gave up trying to get my rocks off, knowing it wouldn’t do much good. Maybe I just needed some new porn material. I was pretty sure I could get some dirty magazines from one of the guys at school. His big brother always bought a bunch for him and he sold them to the other boys.I shook my head to clear it then went and got dressed. A short time later I went to the kitchen and found my mom was already there. She was fixing my breakfast and looking fantastic as always. My mom looked really good for her age and somehow made it look effortless.”Good morning,” Mom greeted me. Then she paused to give me an odd look and asked, “Are you all right?””Yeah,” I responded. “Fine.”Mom gave me a skeptical look but set some pancakes in front of me without a word. I just dug in and ate, not looking at her since I was embarrassed about my problem and my mom was the absolute last person I’d want to talk to about it.Once I’d finished eating, I noticed that my mom was still watching me with a thoughtful look. “Eli,” she said carefully. “We need to talk…””Later,” I told her, already getting up from the table. “I told my friends I was gonna meet up with them…”Mom frowned slightly and told me, “All right, but we still need to talk when you get home.””Sure,” I responded with an absent nod, already on my way out the door.A short time later, I met up with my friends Kyle and Richie. Kyle was a slender guy about an inch or two taller than me. I couldn’t help but feeling a little jealous of the fact that he didn’t have my acne problem, nor much problem getting the attention of girls at school, not that he actually went on many dates.My other friend Richie was just a hair under my height but weighed a good fifty pounds more. He was the chubby member of our group but also the smart one. He was the one who always got good grades, though the fact his mom made him study a lot probably had something to do with that.”You’ll never believe what I found in the school library,” Richie exclaimed the moment we were all together. “I actually found a magic spell…””Sure you did,” Kyle told him with a roll of the eyes.”Is this like that time you found that treasure chest?” I asked him with an expression of mock innocence.”It was a treasure chest,” Richie protested weakly. “Sort of…””It was a time capsule,” Kyle pointed out with a chuckle. “From some kindergartners…”We teased Richie a little more before I reminded the others of our reason for gathering this morning. “We’d better not be late getting to the theater. If we’re late, we won’t get that Saturday matinee discount…””I hear it’s really violent,” Richie announced with a broad grin.”Awesome,” Kyle exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see this thing… I mean, Zombies Versus Ninjas… This has got to be totally awesome…”However, a few hours later we’d finished with the movie, were sitting in Richie’s garage, and were still talking about the movie, though not in quite the same way. “That thing sucked,” Kyle complained.”Way over hyped,” Richie agreed. “The special effects sucked…””Did you see that makeup?” I asked with a laugh.”That should have gone directly DVD,” Kyle complained. “Hell, I wouldn’t bother renting it…”Richie just grinned, “You know, if we would have cast that magic spell I found instead, we would have saved a lot of money.””So,” I asked Richie, feeling vaguely curious, “What’s it supposed to do?”Richie just grinned even more and answered, “It’s supposed to summon your ideal lover…””Sounds fun,” I joked. “If it actually worked.””Do you really believe it works?” Kyle asked Richie, giving him a look that suggested he thought Richie was off his rocker.”Of course not,” Richie responded defensively. “I just thought it looked really cool.” He paused for a moment then exclaimed, “Let me show you guys.”Richie ran into the house and came back a minute later with a sheet of paper. The paper looked sort of old and faded and had some writing in a smooth and flowing script that simply said, ‘A spell to summon your ideal lover for a single night of passion.’ Underneath that was some more writing though it looked to be in Latin or some other old language which made no sense.”I wouldn’t mind summoning my ideal lover,” Kyle said with a smirk.”Me either,” I chuckled. Then I asked, “And just what kind of girl would you get?””Blonde hair and big boobs,” Richie quickly responded while Kyle nodded agreement.I looked at both of my friends and nodded along, though the truth was, I think we were all talking smack. I’d seen Richie’s stash of porn magazines and most of them were of Asian girls while I knew that Kyle wasn’t really into the stereotypical blonde bimbo either.”Let’s try it,” I suggested as a joke.Kyle shrugged and said, “Why not?” I already knew that Richie was in.It only took a few seconds before Richie began reading the strange Latin sounding words on the page. Suddenly, I felt a cold chill run through my body followed by a strange twisting.”LOOK!” Kyle exclaimed, pointing to the side.I looked and gasped in surprise at the sight of a ghostly woman appearing from nowhere. She looked to be in her early thirties, had long auburn hair, and a gorgeous figure with large breasts. The woman was unbelievably sexy looking in a sort of MILF way and she was becoming more real and solid looking with every second.”Holy shit,” Kyle blurted out, saying exactly what I was thinking.The woman looked at us but instead of an expression of lust or devotion which I would have imagined from some ideal lover, she looked pissed. Her eyes seemed to settle on me for a moment too long.”It worked,” Richie whispered.”You fools pronounced the spell wrong,” the woman exclaimed with an evil grin. “I’m not here to be your lover…””Then what are you here for?” Kyle asked nervously.”To eat your souls,” the woman responded calmly. We all gasped in terror. I couldn’t help but thinking that this was like some kind of horror movie come to life. Then she looked at Richie and Kyle and added, “But I’ll let you two go…if you willingly give me him.” She pointed at me.Kyle and Richie looked at each other with expressions of horror, then they both looked at me. “I’m sorry Eli,” Richie whispered.”Take him,” Kyle blurted out. “Just let me go…”I was too stunned at that betrayal to do anything as Kyle and Richie both ran out of the garage, leaving me behind with this sexy woman we’d summoned. It took me a few seconds to realize that there was nothing holding me and I ran as well.Suddenly, the woman appeared in front of me, right in front of the garage door. “What do you want?” I demanded with a mixture of fear and anger.”Certainly not your soul,” she responded, glaring at me in annoyance though no longer seeming hostile. “I just wanted you to see how much you can rely on those friends.” Then to my surprise, she snapped, “Eli Matthews Durling. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”Just then, the woman began to change. Her breasts shrank a little, her hair shortened and darkened, and all her features altered. It all happened in seconds but when she was finished, I gasped in shock as I recognized who she’d turned into.”You turned into my mom,” I exclaimed in confusion.”I didn’t turn into your mom,” she told me in my mom’s voice. “I AM your mom. I’ve always been your mom.”I just blinked in surprise. “What?””Go home,” she ordered me coldly. “NOW. We need to have a little talk.”Then she looked at the piece of paper which Richie had dropped on the floor in his mad dash to escape and it suddenly blackened and crumbled away to dust. She nodded faintly then began to fade away, doing the exact reverse of what she’d done when she’d appeared a couple minutes ago. Seconds later, she was gone.”What the hell is going on?” I demanded to no one in particular.I was more than a little confused at what had just happened, especially by the fact that this strange woman we’d summoned had turned into my mom. I had no idea what to think of all this though I knew I had to get home, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that she wasn’t really my mom.I immediately started for home, not even bothering to find Kyle and Richie so I could tell them I was all right. I wasn’t exactly happy with those two at the moment and felt betrayed by just how quickly they’d agreed to sell me out. Of course, I probably would have done the same thing if I’d been terrified and was offered the same opportunity to get away, but that didn’t make me like it any more.As I walked home, I realized that I didn’t feel quite right. I felt a little cold and uncomfortable as though I was coming down with a cold. I’d felt like this since Richie read that spell, though I’d been too distracted to pay it much attention until now. And strangely enough, I actually felt just a little horny as well.When I got home a few minutes later, I stopped at my front door and gulped nervously. I was actually afraid of what I was going to find inside. I remembered how that woman had said my name, Eli Matthew Durling…exactly the way my mom did when she was pissed at me.”Man up,” I muttered to myself.I took a deep breath and went inside, pausing inside the door and gulping when I saw my mom was standing in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. She did not look happy at all.”It took you long enough to get home,” she told me. “What part of now didn’t you understand?”I took an instinctive step back, suddenly afraid of my mom. I never would have imagined my mom as scary or threatening but now she suddenly was, as though she’d just turned into the monster from some movie.Mom stared at me for a few seconds and her expression softened. “I’m sorry…I wasn’t trying to scare you.” She shook her head and let out a sigh. “Come in and close the door. We really need to talk.”I nodded and closed the door then stood there for a moment, feeling a little uncertain. Mom came up and looked me over for several seconds then put a hand to my forehead.”You’re cold and clammy,” she said with a shake of her head. “It’s started…sooner than I was expecting.””What has?” I asked suspiciously.Mom just frowned then turned and went to the kitchen while I followed her. She went to the cupboard and pulled out a pair of glasses which was a little reassuring in a way, though it also made me nervous. Mom usually poured us each a glass of milk when we were going to sit down for a ‘talk’. But to my surprise, instead of going into the fridge, she pulled a bottle of scotch from the cupboard and poured herself a glass of that instead. Then she looked at me for a moment before pouring a second glass. Once I sat down at the dinner table, she set a glass in front of me then took her own seat.”What’s going on?” I demanded, picking up my glass and taking a sip almost defiantly. It burned going down my throat and made me nearly choke for a moment at the strong taste.Mom took a long sip from her own glass and only spoke once she’d set it back down. “The truth is,” she said carefully, “I am not human.” Then she stared at me for a few seconds and gently added, “And neither are you.””What?” I blinked in surprise, not to mention even more confusion.At this point, I noticed that mom was changing, slowly becoming sexier right in front of me. Mom had always been very hot for her age but was now becoming even more so. I gulped as I watched her transform, going in reverse from the transformation I’d watched earlier. In a matter of seconds, she had become the same unbelievably gorgeous woman we’d summoned in the garage.I gulped nervously and took another drink of my scotch, trying hard not to show how freaked out I felt. She took another drink as well, somehow making that simple act look seductive.”I am what you might call a succubus,” she said, her voice sounding sexy and seductive as well. The fact that it came from my mom was actually kind of creepy.”You’re a demon?” I gasped. I remembered the spell we’d cast and realized that I should have suspected it before.”No,” Mom responded with an amused smile. “At least not how you think of demons. As far as I know, there is no Hell, Satan, or any of those other things.””Then where did you come from?” I asked, not sure whether I believed a word she was saying or not. Of course, I’d already seen more than enough strangeness to know that there was something very weird going on and listening to her was my only way of finding out more.”I’m not sure,” she said with a shrug. “As far as I know, we’ve been around as long as humans have.””As far as you know?” I asked.Mom shrugged again, then told me, “We don’t really have our own culture. We don’t have any written records or history. What I know is primarily word of mouth.”I just stared at her, still unsure of what to think. It was hard to think of this sexy woman as my mom or believe her claims of being her. However, the evidence certainly seemed to suggest she was.She seemed to guess what I was thinking because she began changing again, turning back to the mom I was familiar with, though not quite. When she stopped changing, she was a slightly sexier version of my mom.”Maybe this will make you a little more comfortable,” she told me gently. Then she gave me a steady look and said, “Your awakening is happening earlier than expected… I thought you’d have another month. This is what I’ve been wanting to talk to you about…””What do you mean awakening?” I asked, not sure I liked the sound of that.”You’re cold and clammy,” mom began to explain. “You feel sick…but you also feel hungry.””Yeah,” I responded, startled that she knew I was hungry.”And you also feel very horny,” she continued casually, almost as though she were talking about the weather. I nearly choked at that and took another drink try covering up my reaction.I took a deep breath and demanded, “What does it mean? What are you doing to me?””I’m not doing anything to you,” Mom responded with a faint smile. “What’s happening to you is…well, for lack of a better explanation, the succubi equivalent of puberty.””What?” I blurted out, getting to my feet.Mom gestured for me to sit back down and casually finished off the scotch in her glass. I sat back down while she got up and poured herself some more, though she didn’t add any more to my glass. Once she was finished, she sat back down.”Most succubi have c***dren very rarely,” Mom explained carefully, as though she was considering exactly how she was going to say this. “In fact, most succubi can only have about one c***d a century. We breed with human men and our c***dren are born human, or at least they appear human for all intents and purposes. Then they awaken…””What does that mean for me?” I asked quietly.”It şişli escort means that your succubus nature is finally awakening,” she told me with a gentle smile. “It means that your human life is ending and that very soon you will be a succubus as well.”I frowned at that, trying to remember what I’d heard about succubi but there wasn’t really a whole lot. However, there was one little thing that I remembered. “Aren’t the male ones called incubus…or incubi…or whatever?””I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that,” she said gently, putting her hand on mine. “The c***d of a succubus will be a succubus…”I stared at her in confusion and then gasped in realization and horror. I grabbed my glass and downed the rest of the scotch, nearly gagging in the process. When I put the glass back down, she calmly poured more scotch into it.”You feel sick because your body is changing,” she told me. “Succubi are made more of energy than matter so your body is breaking down and converting. We feed on energy…on life energy, sexual energy, and sexual fantasies. Specifically, the sexual energy and fantasies of men. Your body is starting to crave these and it will only get stronger. Your hunger and horniness will only increase until your final awakening and transformation.””How…how long?” I whispered, feeling shaken beyond belief.”It will happen when you feed for the first time,” she answered after a moment.”So all I have to do is not feed,” I responded.She gave me a steady look and quietly added, “From your current stage of awakening…you only have a couple days at most before your hunger overtakes you completely and you feed on the first man you come across.””A couple days?” I blurted out in even greater horror. “And you’re just NOW telling me about this…””I expected longer,” mom told me quietly. “I thought you had another month but then you and your friends summoned me…””What does that have to do with anything?” I asked. “And what’s up with that summoning thing?””Some years ago,” Mom explained thoughtfully, “I imbued some paper with a little of my own energy. It leaves me sensitive to what happens near it. When someone reads the words, it merely catches my attention…like someone calling my name. I left it in the high school library as a sort of game you might say…” Then she gave me a strange look and smirked before saying, “Teenage boys are rather popular among our kind. I mean, with so many hormones, rampant sexual fantasies, and all that pent up sexual energy and frustration…” She licked her lips as thought thinking of something delicious to eat.A moment later, Mom seemed to remember what I’d been asking and continued, “When I came to see who was calling…your body sensed the energies I was using and reacted. On your own, you would have had another month to get used to the idea. I would have been able to prepare you for this. Unfortunately, actually using my energies that close to you caused your own succubus nature to react and it sped up your awakening.””Oh shit,” I gasped, trying to make sense of everything she was telling me. It was like telling me that everything I thought I knew was wrong. The Earth was really flat and the stars in the sky were really just holes in a super large blanket. This was so much to wrap my head around, especially the idea that I was supposed to change into some sort of supernatural sex demon.”We succubi feed on men,” she told me with a strange look on her face. “For us, sex and food are one and the same. We become linked to the man we are feeding on and synchronize with his sexual fantasies. We actually become his ideal woman for the time we are with him.” Then she put her hand on mine again and told me, “For us, the first time is very special and very unique…””Damn,” I exclaimed, closing my eyes and muttering, “I really don’t want to hear about a succubus getting her cherry popped.” Then I blushed, remembering this was my mom I was walking to and that kind of topic was way over the line. Then again, this entire conversation had been way over the line already.Mom shook her head and chuckled. “I’m afraid it’s much more than that. You see, when feed from a man for the first time…you imprint on him. Or more specifically, you imprint on his specific sexual fantasies and ideal woman. This becomes a core part of your very identity for the rest of your life. After this, you will be mostly drawn to fantasies that are compatible with the one you’ve imprinted on.”I just stared at her in horror as I absorbed this latest bit of information. I gulped and whispered, “So if I…” I paused to shudder at the very idea. “If my first time is with some guy who wants some mindless bimbo…””Then you will become a mindless bimbo,” she agreed with a sigh. “And you will be mostly interested in feeding on other men who also want mindless bimbos.” Then she continued, “If you want to avoid that, I suggest you carefully choose who you want as your first…while you still can. However, most try to fight their awakening as long as they can and the choice ends up being made by their hunger instead.”I was silent for several seconds, feeling sick to my stomach. Of course, I was already feeling sick anyway. Finally, I demanded, “Is there anything about this that isn’t an insane nightmare?””Oh, there are a great many good things about being a succubus,” mom responded with an amused look. “You get a sexy body, have more sex than you can imagine, are immune to sickness, and are virtually immortal.” Then in an almost offhand manner, she commented, “Let’s just say that when I was born, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t president yet.”I gasped at that, suddenly realizing that I had almost no idea who my own mom really was. Everything she’d told me about herself before today had all been lies. Almost nothing that I thought I knew about her was actually true.”Of course, there are ways we can be killed,” she mused almost to herself. “But those aren’t important at the moment.”At this point, I’d had more than enough of this conversation. This was more than I could absorb. More than I knew how to possibly deal with. I got up from the table and walked away while she just watched me go.I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, imagining what it would be like turning into some kind of hot girl that some guy fantasized about. It was very hard to even imagine. Instead, I just stared at my reflection, noticing that I looked like crap. I looked sort of pale and tired, not to mention sick.I ran my hands over my body, noticing that I actually felt sort of strange. Not only did I feel cold and clammy, but my skin felt sort of…spongy. The texture was a little off and didn’t quite feel like real skin.Mom had told me that I’d only get hornier and she was right. I felt very horny and it had been getting worse. I pulled down my pants to try jacking off for some relief and was startled to find that little Eli was still soft. I felt like I should be hard as a rock down there but that was not the case. That somehow made my increasing horniness all the more frustrating because there was nothing I could do to fix it. In spite of that, I still tried anyway though it didn’t have any effect.Since I couldn’t do anything about being horny, I decided to try satisfying my growing hunger. At least that should be a lot easier. I went to the kitchen and started helping myself to just about everything I could find in the fridge. I wolfed down the leftover meatloaf from last night’s dinner, a large slice of chocolate cake, an apple, and even some celery sticks. Unfortunately, I was left feeling as though I had a large lump of lead sitting in my stomach though I wasn’t any less hungry.Mom watched me eating without saying a word, not until I was finished and realizing that it hadn’t done any good. Then she gently told me, “Solid food does little for us. You know what it is you need.””But I’m hungry,” I whined, feeling c***dish about it.Mom just nodded then mused, “You know, I really should call Aria and Cassidy.”I froze at that, suddenly thinking of my aunt Aria and my aunt Cassidy. My mom’s sisters came by to visit every once in awhile though we’d never gone to visit either of them. That suddenly struck me as strange.”Are they…?” I started to ask.”Of course,” mom responded with an amused look.I stared at her for a moment with dozens of new questions pouring into my mind. However, I’d already learned more than I wanted to for the time being so I walked away without asking any of them.I went to my bedroom and sat down on my bed, trying to think this through as well as distract myself from how I felt. I wished I had someone I could talk with about this…someone other than my mom. But as she’d already made clear earlier, I couldn’t rely on Kyle or Richie. Not for something this important.The fact that my friends had both turned on me so quickly had hurt and I resented my mom for pushing them to it. She was intentionally cutting me off from my friends, though now I could understand why. They wouldn’t understand what was going on. Hell, I could barely understand it and I was caught in the middle of it. And probably even more importantly to her, my awakening meant that my old life was ending and she was trying to make it easier for me to accept that.After this, I turned on the TV and tried to distract myself from my hunger and my lust. I spent the rest of the day trying various things to distract myself though they did little good. I only became even more filled with need.When it came time for bed, I hoped that I could go to sleep and get some relief that way. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to sleep. I just lay in bed, thinking about how hungry I was. I was starving and was sure that I could eat a whole horse. I’d actually been eating a great deal, trying to fill this hunger even after I knew that food just wouldn’t do it. I ended up puking several times and then went back trying eat more until there was almost nothing left in the house.I was unbelievably horny as well, in spite of the fact that little Eli was still soft and refused to harden. At the moment, I would happy fuck the ugliest girl in school… Hell, I was at the point where I’d probably fuck the ugliest guy in school if it would just give me some relief. As it was, this was a form of torture that was driving me insane.It was only now that I could truly understand mom’s warnings about being completely consumed with the need and not being able to think of anything else. I wasn’t quite there yet but I was getting close. As it was, I was already having strange thoughts and was fighting urges to just go out and grab some guy who could end this.My thoughts kept going to Dean Myles, a star football player in school and something of a stereotypical jock. He lived right next door to me with his grandma and was the closest guy to me at the moment. Thoughts kept slipping into my mind about how easily it would be to sneak over there and take care of this unbearable need. It was as though every instinct inside me was screaming that this was the solution.”No,” I told myself insistently. “Not Dean…”The only girls I’d ever seen Dean date were sexy blonde cheerleaders…ones who never seemed particularly bright. It was as though he always went for the dumbest and most stereotypical bimbo he could find. That just reminded me of what my mom had said, that if I gave in and went to Dean, then I’d probably end up as some bimbo for the rest of my life.”No,” I told myself again, sitting up in bed and knowing that I couldn’t let that happen. No matter what, I wasn’t going to go to Dean or anyone like him.Of course, there was Mister Fisher who lived across the street. He was a balding middle-aged guy who seemed all right, but I had absolutely no idea what kind of woman he was into. If I went to him, it would be an enormous gamble and I’d probably end up as a bimbo fuck toy anyway.Mom had said that if I didn’t choose my own first, that my own hungers would choose for me. I could easily see this happening…could feel myself losing out to my needs. If I fought this for much longer then I wouldn’t even care about what happened anymore. I’d go straight to Dean and would end up as his ideal bimbo fantasy girl.”I won’t be a bimbo,” I insisted. “I won’t be some stupid sex toy…” Of course, I didn’t want to turn into a girl either but that part seemed to be inescapable. The only question was, what kind of girl was I going to turn into? “Not that kind…”If I wanted to escape that fate then I’d have to make the choice myself. I would have to find someone whose ideal woman was someone I could live as. Maybe someone who wanted a nice girl next door type. That wouldn’t be so bad.Then again, there was the small problem that I had absolutely no idea what different guys were interested in. It wasn’t like I could go online and do a search for who and what I wanted to be then get a list of which neighbors were into that thing.Most guys at school bragged about wanting big titted bimbos, and though I wasn’t sure if they were serious or just joking around, I wouldn’t want to take that kind of risk. In fact, there were only a few guys who I really had any idea of what they were into. And out of them, there was only one that seemed a good possibility.Kyle wasn’t into bimbos but liked girls who were smart and confident as well as sexy. In fact, I knew for a fact that he had a crush on one of our teachers, Ms. Quincy. Ms. Quincy was smart, confident, and sophisticated. If I was going to be stuck as a girl, that was the kind I wanted to be stuck as.Once I made up my mind I knew I had to act immediately. If I waited until morning, I might not care about that anymore and would just go for whoever was quickest and easiest. And of course, mom had told me earlier that succubi usually did their feeding at night since it was easier to feed from a target who was asleep.It only took me a couple minutes to get dressed and then sneak out of the house, I was aware that I’d never consider this if I was in my right mind, but the fact was, I wasn’t. I was filled with an overwhelming need.When I stepped out of the house, I instinctively found myself walking towards the house next door…towards Dean. What I needed was right there…without any waiting.But as I approached the door, I could feel Dean in my head. I could somehow feel his fantasies and what it was he desired. Images came to me of a big titted blonde cheerleader who was on her knees giving Dean a blow job. I somehow knew that after this she’d go on to the rest of the football team but that he would have been first.”No,” I exclaimed, forcing myself to step back. I had to fight with myself to turn and walk away. Dean’s fantasies were almost exactly what I’d feared they were. “There is no way in hell I’m turning into that…” However, I shook a little, knowing how close I’d come. And what was even scarier was the fact that a large part of me was screaming to turn around and go back anyway.I made my way to Kyle’s house, trying to stay as focused as I could but it wasn’t easy. It was hard to focus when my body ached all over, not to mention burned with need. It wasn’t just that I was starving and horny at the same time. It somehow struck me that they were actually the same thing. Food and sex were one and the same.When I reached Kyle’s house, I stopped outside and opened my senses. I could feel three men inside, three men calling to me with their energies. My whole body ached for it, craved it more than I ever would have imagined.By this point, some new instincts took over almost completely. I had no real conscious thought of what I was doing only that it seemed right. I felt a strange twisting through my body and then the world around me blurred. A moment later, I was inside of Kyle’s bedroom, having appeared there the same way my mom had when we’d summoned her to the garage. I didn’t really question this any more than I did the fact that I could see in the dark room just as clearly as if the lights were on.Kyle was asleep in bed and I could feel his energies, his fantasies, just as I could feel those of his şişli escort bayan brother and dad elsewhere in the house. At the moment, I would have happily fed from any of them without question but enough of my will remained to have directed me to Kyle.Now I instinctively opened myself to Kyle and felt his fantasies flooding into my mind…into my very being. My body began to quickly transform and change, becoming the very image of his ideal lover.I had no clothes on as they’d been left behind when I teleported into his room so this gave me a good view of my new body, not that I needed it. I had a very clear picture of Kyle’s fantasy woman in mind already.Over a period of mere seconds, all the hair pulled in and my skin softened, smoothed, and paled. My penis pulled up inside of my body with a fluid ease and I somehow knew that I would never see it again. At the same time, my chest began to grow, swelling out into two large and perfectly shaped breasts. Other changes occurred as well and every bit of it felt absolutely incredible.As my transformation finished, I briefly looked down over my body. I had grown a little taller and now stood at 6 feet tall. I had a very fit and firm body, the kind that looked like it spent a lot of time in the gym and might belong to an aerobics instructor. I also had firm round breasts that were EE cups and which seemed to defy gravity. My skin had become pale and smooth while my hair was now raven black and hung all the way down to my ass. And of course, I was now an adult.”Not bad,” I whispered, holding up my hand and looking at the perfectly manicured nails which were painted a dark crimson. I knew that I also wore lipstick of the same color and had dark mascara on. I didn’t need a mirror to know that I was absolutely gorgeous in a dangerously seductive way.However, in spite of my drastic transformation, I didn’t feel bothered by it and was still focused on Kyle and satisfying my hunger. I felt much better already and knew that I’d absorbed his sexual fantasies…each and every one that he’d ever had. But I still needed more…a lot more. Teleporting into his room had used energy I didn’t have to spare and my full awakening was taking more.Mom had told me earlier that succubi usually fed at night because we have extra powers over the dreams of our targets. While a man was asleep, his defenses were down so we could synchronize with his fantasy much more thoroughly and feed much more completely. She’d said we could feed on them while awake, but that it wasn’t nearly as effective or satisfying.I felt incredibly turned on as I reached for Kyle, running my hand across his cheek and instinctively using another of my new powers. He stirred and sat up, opening his eyes and seeing me. However, in spite of that, Kyle wasn’t exactly awake. In fact, his current situation was almost like sleep walking. As far as he was concerned, this was another dream so I could do what I needed without any awkward questions.”Get up,” I ordered Kyle. “I am allowing you to pleasure me.”Kyle pulled his sheets off and I could see he had a full erection through his underwear. He pulled his underwear off, not taking his eyes off me. I could see the raw lust in his eyes and feel it radiating out of him. I was eating it all up.”You may feel my body,” I told him, smiling as he hesitantly reached out and touched my breasts. It felt good…damn good. He ran his hands over my smooth skin, nearly worshipping me which only delighted me more. This was the way it should be.The old me would have been completely shocked by the nature of Kyle’s fantasies though I certainly wasn’t now, not when I knew each and every one of them intimately. For Kyle, these were just fantasies and dreams, though for me, they had become my memories. I remembered each and every one of these fantasies as though I was there. In some ways, they now felt more real to me than my life as Eli.I remembered being Ms. Quincy, seducing Kyle in class. I remember holding him after school for misbehaving, then spanking him before going further. I remembered being my own mom and seducing him when he came over to my house to see me one time. I remember a business woman who’d hired Kyle to work as her secretary and then took delight in humiliating him. I remember being a sexy neighbor who’d taken him under my wing to gently teach him about women and sex. And I remember being a dominatrix, a hard woman who could be firm but gentle or a complete sadistic bitch, depending on the particular fantasy. There was one thing in common with each of these…that I was the one in control.I savored all these new fantasies which I’d just absorbed, which I had just imprinted on. There were other fantasies too, older ones for the most part and less developed. There were ones of classmates, of pretty girls, and even a few bimbos. However, these were weak fantasies and lacked the power or passion of his more recent ones. His ideal lover had definitely evolved over time, which only made me absently wonder what it would have been like imprinting on a grown man who had a lot more experience with real women.After a minute of just letting Kyle run his hands over my body, I shoved him back on the bed. I wished I had a whip or something to tie him up with as there had been some powerful fantasies involving this. Then my new instincts responded again and provided a solution.I gave a mental command and some of the energy that I’d been absorbing from Kyle separated from me and became solid, taking the form that I willed. Kyle suddenly found himself tied to the bed with hands now chained to the head board. And as he was still in the dream state, he didn’t question this.I didn’t really have energy to spare at the moment yet I still used more, forming clothes on my body. I was now wearing black stiletto heeled boots that went up to my thighs and a corset. A whip appeared in my hand and I snapped it at Kyle’s thigh. He felt a surge of fresh excitement which only energized me more.Next, I went beside the bed and gave Kyle a long and passionate kiss, biting his lip when I was done, hard enough to draw just a little blood. Then I climbed on top of him and straddled him, feeling all the sexual excitement and energy that poured from him as I settled down onto his cock.It should have felt completely strange and new having Kyle’s cock up inside of me, but the truth was, I remembered doing this countless times before. As Eli, I’d been a virgin but as I was now, that most certainly wasn’t the case. It may have been only in Kyle’s dreams, but it felt very real to me.I rode Kyle hard, hitting him gently with the whip as I did so…or at least gently compared to how I’d done it in some of his fantasies. I absolutely loved the sensations I was feeling, the raw sexual energy that was coming into me and satisfying that hunger, and the feeling of power I had at being so in control.When Kyle finally came, I pulled up and he spurted all over himself and me. His cum tickled a little on my leg and I was just a little startled as my body absorbed it right through my skin until my skin was clean a moment more. His cum contained even more of the energy which I so desperately craved. I ran a finger over one glob on his belly then licked it, smiling at how delicious it tasted.”Very good,” I mused. Then I told Kyle, “Don’t you dare think you’re done yet, you miserable little worm.”In spite of having already cum, Kyle remained hard and ready to go. Another of the new abilities that I was instinctively drawing on allowed me to make him hard at will and keep him so as long as I wanted, or at least as long as he had sexual energy for me to consume.I climbed back on Kyle and rode him again while he came several more times, each time flooding me with another surge of his cum and his energies. I was feeling absolutely incredible and only wanted more of this.Once I was done riding Kyle, I climbed onto his face and made eat me out. My pussy was coated with his own cum so there was a degree of humiliation for him in licking it out, yet at the same time, there was an excitement there as well.I had no idea how long I remained with Kyle, having sex with him and giving life to one of his strongest fantasies. I squeezed out every bit of sex and energy that I could from him until he finally collapsed in complete exhaustion, beyond even my ability a succubus to reawaken.”Oh Kyle,” I purred sexily as I licked some more of his cum from my finger. “I never would have imagined you were so kinky…”I stared at Kyle as he lay in bed, chains having already faded away from him as I reabsorbed their energy back into myself. Mom had told me earlier that the men we fed on this way at night would only remember the events vaguely and as a wet dream…if at all. This was one of the reasons that our kind fed on men at night. It not only fed us better but helped us keep our existence a secret.I closed my eyes and savored my new body and existence, amazed at just how unbelievably good I now felt. Not only did my body feel incredibly good, but it was as though I was riding on a permanent orgasm or afterglow. And of course, the energy I’d gained from Kyle had done wonders for my hungers…though not quite enough. Even after all that, I still needed more.For a moment, I paused to consider that I should probably feel guilty about what I’d done or at least self-conscious about what I’d become…but I couldn’t. Not really. After all, in Kyle’s fantasies I’d done this kind of thing with him countless times before. In his fantasies, this was just who and what I was. And as strange as it was to consider, his fantasies had just become my reality.After one more look at Kyle, I turned and walked out of his bedroom. My stiletto heels clicked on the hardwood flooring of the hallway and I was vaguely concerned that someone might hear me and wake up…but not much.When I reached the next bedroom down the hall, I paused to feel the energies from within. This was Kyle’s brother, who surprisingly hadn’t been woken up by our activities. I made a mental note to be more careful about that kind of thing in the future. Then as I felt his sexual fantasies, I recoiled in disgust.Mom had earlier told me that after I was fully awakened, I’d be most drawn to men with fantasies like the ones I’d imprinted on. However, now I realized that there were also ones that I would definitely be completely incompatible with. In fact, feeling the fantasies from Kyle’s brother left me with a bad taste in my mouth, almost like it was a disgusting food.Kyle’s brother had fantasies of a power trip, of being rich and powerful, of being a rock star, or of having super powers and having hordes of adoring women throwing themselves at him, each and every one having no purpose other than pleasing him. His ideal woman was completely and totally submissive to him with no desires beyond his.”Disgusting,” I said with a scowl, thinking that imprinting on him would have been even worse than imprinting on Dean.For a second, I considered the idea of going into his room and teaching him a painful lesson. How dare that worm even think of turning me into something like that? His fantasies felt almost like a personal insult to me. Then I quickly reminded myself that it was just a fantasy, that he didn’t even know I existed and there was nothing personal about it.”He’s not worth it,” I reminded myself, knowing that confronting that boy would be more trouble than it was worth. Besides, I had more important things to consider at the moment…such as the fact that I was still hungry.A moment later, I continued down the hall the room where I sensed the third male in the house, Kyle’s dad. I opened the door and stepped inside, seeing him sleeping on his bed and snoring loudly. His wife, Kyle’s mom was sound asleep beside him.I stared at Kyle’s mom for a moment, getting only a vague sense of her fantasy lover but nothing more. I could tell that there was nothing there for me. She was a woman and just didn’t have the kind of energy that I needed. I concentrated for a moment and pushed her into an even deeper sleep so she wouldn’t be able to wake up anytime soon. That was about the limit of my powers when it came to women.Then I turned my attention to Kyle’s dad and opened myself up to his fantasies. I felt my body changing again as I became shorter and my tits became even larger. My hair even turned a bright golden blonde color. For a brief moment, I was annoyed that I probably looked like some dumb blonde bimbo though I knew that wasn’t what he fantasized about. At that point, various tattoos began appearing on my skin, including one of a dragon which wrapped around from my chest to my back. Several piercings appeared as well, including through my nipples, navel and tongue.”Not bad,” I mused to myself, soaking in his sexual fantasies.I couldn’t sense nearly as much of his sexual fantasies as I could with Kyle, only his strongest ones and they didn’t feel nearly as personal. I could only assume this was because Kyle was the one I’d imprinted on and that I’d immediately opened up to absorb so much more from him.Seconds later, I woke Kyle’s dad, or at least put him into the sleep walking state that left a very strong semblance of being awake. He stared at me with a broad grin, his eyes locking on my very large chest.”Hey cutie,” I greeted him with a sexy voice. “Have you ever wanted to try a tittie fuck?”He nodded in response and told me, “I’ve always wanted to try that… My wife is too small…””Well, I’ll tell you what,” I purred. “Why don’t you do it with me?” I winked at him and added, “I won’t tell your wife… I promise…”I lay down on the bed and then shoved his wife off to give myself some more room. She hit the floor with a thud, showing no signs of waking up. My current lover didn’t seem to even notice, not caught up in the dream state as he was.I let him fuck my tits until he came all over them and my face. My body just soaked the juices up like a sponge, along with the energies that were released in the process. I moaned in delight at how good this felt.Then I smiled and told him, “Let me do something else nice for you.”I gestured for him to sit on the bed and then I got down on the floor and went down on him, sucking his cock as though I was an expert. I had absolutely no gag reflex and seemed to have all the skills he’d ever imagined his lover having. And when he came, I eagerly swallowed the cum and the energy.”My wife would never do anything like this for me,” he gasped is he moaned in pleasure.Just a short time ago, I never would have imagined having sex with a man or going down on him like that, yet now, I had absolutely no hesitation. I pushed him back and went to straddle him but could tell that he was nearly already played out. I had to coax him with my power in order to drain any more.When I was finished with Kyle’s dad, I let him collapse back to sleep, knowing that if he remembered this at all it would be just as a great wet dream. I slowly stepped back and allowed myself to change once more, transforming back to the same form I had when I was with Kyle. This form felt more comfortable, more natural, more…me.As I changed back to what I was starting to think of as my real self, I noticed that most of his fantasies faded as well. Of course, the ones I’d absorbed from Kyle were still present and just as strong. Unlike the ones from his dad, those ones were actually a part of me.”So you fantasize about a wild and adventurous woman,” I mused as I watched my latest meal sleep. “One who is open to new things with you…” I knew there were other things he’d fantasized about doing this woman as well but he just didn’t have the energy to do them all in one night. “Too bad.” I licked my lips, thinking of the feast that would have been.I was about to turn and leave when I noticed the pack of cigarettes sitting on the night stand. I reached for them and pulled one out, absently lighting it and taking a long draw. I blew the smoke out to the side with a casual ease that spoke of long practice.”A cigarette is traditional after sex,” I mecidiyeköy escort said with a smirk.After taking a second drag, I considered that the fantasy woman I’d been just a minute ago had been a smoker, at least that was how Kyle’s dad had imagined her. Then I remembered that in Kyle’s fantasies, I’d sometimes smoked as well.With that, I turned and left the room and began to calmly walk through the house. There was something exciting about walking through their house in the middle of the night while they all slept unaware. I went to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a glass of bourbon, taking a long drink and enjoying the pleasant warmth as it went down my throat.I continued walking through the house with the bourbon in hand, looking through each of the rooms and satisfying my curiosity. I’d been in this house a number of times before but I’d never felt comfortable snooping like this. Now, it just felt as though I had every right to do as I pleased. In fact, Kyle had a few fantasies which took place in this house so I had some interesting memories of here which had never happened in real life.Once I had finished my drink and cigarette, I decided that it was time to leave. I’d already completed my business in this house and it had nothing more to offer me. A moment later, I vanished from the house only to appear again on the sidewalk in front of it.I quickly summoned new clothes, ones which wouldn’t draw too much attention if someone saw me. I had on a pair of slacks, a pair of stiletto heeled shoes, and a blouse that had the top couple buttons undone in order to reveal my cleavage. This outfit had come from my memories, from Kyle’s dreams. In fact, this was the very outfit he’d fantasized his fictional boss wearing when she’d seduced him. I had absolutely no idea if that woman had been inspired from a real one or not and absently considered that it might be interesting to find out one day.I started walking down the sidewalk, knowing that I could easily teleport instead but sensing that I had a short range for now. At the moment, I was taking the opportunity to get some fresh air and consider my situation.After having my succubus nature awaken tonight, I had changed in more ways than I ever would have imagined possible. I had completely transformed in body, mind, and soul. I had literally become a walking wet dream…Kyle’s wet dream to be exact. I understood now that this is what succubi were…sexual fantasies given flesh.As I walked down the street, I became aware of the fact that my ability to sense men’s fantasies had increased. If I paid attention, I could actually make out what the men in the various houses around me dreamed of.From one house, I could sense that the man’s ideal woman was extremely overweight. I frowned faintly as I considered what might have happened if I’d imprinted on a chubby chaser like that and was grateful that I hadn’t. From another house, I could sense the man fantasizing about another man and absently wondered what would happen if a succubus linked to one such as him. However, I had little interest in actually finding out at the moment.I was about halfway home when I sensed another fantasy that seemed especially appealing, one that would complement my own nature rather nicely. Sensing that fantasy was almost like smelling fresh baked cookies right out of the oven, a scent that was hard to ignore. Since I was still a little hungry, I didn’t even bother trying.Several seconds later, I was standing inside the home of a complete stranger. I found the man asleep in his bedroom, noting that there was no one else in the entire house. That would make things easier as I wouldn’t have to keep anyone else from waking up.I opened myself to this man’s fantasies and felt myself beginning to grow. I moaned in delight as I grew taller, as my breasts swelled out even more, and as even my muscles began to bulge and grow. I was becoming larger in nearly every way possible.In almost no time at all, I had become nearly eight feet tall with beach ball sized tits and huge hulking muscles. I was filled with a raw physical strength that I never would have imagined and felt even more aggressive as well.”Hey little boy,” I kicked the bed while using my powers to wake my latest toy into a state where I could use him. He seemed to wake up and be fully here, though his mind was fogged with his fantasy leaving him to believe we were in some gym.”You’re huge,” he exclaimed in awe, his dick bulging from the front of his boxer shorts. “I can’t believe how strong you are…”He climbed out of bed and stood before me, looking almost like a c***d in comparison. I savored the feeling of power and control, loving every moment of it. It was much like with Kyle’s fantasies, though now my power was less sexual and more physical.I knew that part of this man’s fantasy was having me show off my strength and physical power by lifting a few heavy objects like a car, though that didn’t seem practical at the moment. That was too bad because that would have been a lot of fun. However, I would have to make do with what was available here in his room. Fortunately, his own fantasies were filling in for some of those missing details”Feel my muscles, little man,” I ordered him, flexing my arm and letting him feel my bulging bicep.I could feel the sexual excitement rolling off him as he felt my muscles and as I showed him how strong I was by easily pushing him around. I picked him up as though he were a c***d, marveling by how athletic he was yet how easily I was able to control and dominate him.Then I slammed him up against the wall, holding him there with one hand, his feet a foot above the ground. With my other hand, I tore off his boxers and proceeded to **** him. I put him inside me and then slammed him against the wall as we fucked. He gasped with each slam as I even put a dent in the wall from the sheer force.A short time later, I tossed him onto the bed as though he were a doll, feeling smug when the bed actually cracked and broke. However, that didn’t stop me from climbing on top of him and continuing to fuck him. I held him tight, unable to move while he struggled against me, trying to breath but obviously being extremely turned on by this as he was exuding a lot of energy for me to feed on. Before I was done, his bed had collapsed the rest of the way under my weight and force.When I was finished, I left the man u*********s in the wreckage that was his bed, knowing that he’d wake up in the morning with a lot of bruises and with a lot of questions. I knew that I should probably be concerned with bruises and broken furniture which provided evidence of my activities, but I just didn’t care. This was his fantasy and I’d just given him exactly what he’d asked for.As I turned to leave him, I began to shrink down and return to my normal form. Being that large and strong had been very interesting and exciting, especially the new type of power and control it had given me. However, in spite of that, I was much more comfortable like this.Of course, I realized absently that I didn’t even have to stay like this to be comfortable. Kyle hadn’t always imagined his fantasy lover looking a single way but had different fantasies about different women. Most of them had been tall, athletic, sexy, and somewhat imposing. I instinctively knew that I could take on any of those physical forms if I chose, or even some variations of them. Being a succubus meant that I wasn’t bound looking a certain way but that I had a certain flexibility of form. On the other hand, I really liked this look and fully intended to keep it for now.I left this house, feeling quite pleased with myself. All of my hunger and lust had been fully fed and I finally felt satiated. My entire body and being was charged with pleasure and sexual energy, making me feel unbelievably good. I felt an absolute confidence in my raw sexual power and a certainty that I could easily have any man I wanted under my control.Since I was now fully fed, I decided it was time to return home. It was early in the morning and I hadn’t had any sleep, yet I felt fully awake and energized. I didn’t think I needed to sleep anymore, or at least not as much if I even had to at all. Still, there were other reasons to return home.I wondered for a moment what my mom would think of the new me, though the truth was, I didn’t really feel concerned about it. I was who I was now and didn’t care what anyone else thought of that.When I returned home, I could somehow feel the presence of other succubi inside, much the same way I could sense the sexual fantasies of men. I would have expected to feel my mom, yet I also felt others. There were four other succubi already inside the house. I felt vaguely curious about this though not the least concerned. I would just have to go see who they were.A moment later, I teleported into the middle of my living room, right to where I’d sensed the other succubi. The first one I saw was my mom, looking exactly as she had when we’d summoned her in the garage. This, I assumed was her real form, or at least the one she felt the most comfortable in.And as I looked at my mom, I could sense her much more clearly and could see what type of fantasy she’d imprinted on. She had been imprinted on a MILF fantasy, which was somewhat amusing as I knew my friends had always thought of her as a MILF. Now, I was more than a little aware of the fact that Kyle had even fantasized about her a few times.The next two were succubi whom I’d never seen looking this way before though I knew exactly who they were. These were my aunts Aria and Cassidy, no longer in the forms I was familiar with but in sexier versions of them.Cassidy had a gorgeous build, red hair that was pulled back into a pony tail, and she wore a pair of glasses, tough she also wore clothes that were a little more conservative than what I’d imagine on a succubus. I could feel the fantasy she was imprinted on and suddenly understood her much more than I ever would have imagined. She was demure and shy on the surface, but that hid a volcano of passion below. I could see that she was imprinted from a sort of shy librarian type fantasy.Aria had dark hair, a very nice figure, and breasts that were fairly small but perky. She radiated a wild sexuality and I could see that the fantasy she was imprinted from was just a little less specific. I could imagine that whomever she’d originally imprinted on, that they’d liked perky breasts and a woman who was up for anything.The last succubus was also familiar to me, though it took me a few seconds longer to recognize her, even though she looked very much the same as the one other time she’d visited. She had a killer figure, large round breasts, and long golden blonde hair. There was even a broad grin on her face that seemed just a little vapid. This was Zania, a friend of Cassidy’s whom she’d brought with her last summer when they visited. From her, I could sense that she was imprinted on a bimbo fantasy, though I could have guessed that from looks alone.While I was looking them and sensing their imprints, I realized that they were all doing the same to me. Strangely, there was no sense of judgment or condemnation from them though I did see just a little amusement.”Kinky,” Aria said with a grin. “Me likes.””Eli,” mom greeted me with proud smile. “Though I suppose that should be Eliza now.””Eliza,” I mused, considering the feminine version of my name. I nodded, “Yes, I think I like that…””Or Mistress Eliza if I see things right,” Cassidy added quietly.”Mistress Eliza,” I mused, deciding that I liked the way that rolled off my tongue. “Yes, I do like the sound of that…”Then Aria exclaimed, “I’m glad you finally joined us sister.””sister?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.”She is our mother as well,” Cassidy said in a quiet voice as she gestured to mom. Aria nodded at that.”Not mine,” Zania said with a giggle.”She was my c***d,” Cassidy explained, looking just a little self-conscious about that. “My son Zane awoke five years ago…””That’s me,” Zania blurted out with a broad grin.The name Zane sounded familiar though it was hard to place it. Then I remembered, when I was much younger and Cassidy had come to visit, she had a son with her. My cousin Zane had been a few years older than me and we’d play together a bit. However, he hadn’t come back in years and absolutely no one mentioned his name anymore so I’d forgotten all about him.I nodded at that then told Zania, “I imagine it must have been strange for you coming here last summer and seeing me when I had no idea who you were.””A little,” Zania responded with a giggle. “But it was fun too…like a game.”I nodded again and mused, “I wonder how my friends would react to seeing me now.””Kyle probably wouldn’t act as you’d expect,” mom responded with a smile. “He is the one you imprinted on, isn’t he? I recognize his fantasy.””Yes,” I responded, carefully showing no sign of surprise that she’d guessed. Of course, being able to sense the fantasies of my friends whenever they came over should have made it very easy for her. “What do you mean?””When we feed on a man,” mom explained, “we take their sexual energy and fantasies.” I scowled in annoyance that she’d repeat the obvious to me as though I were a c***d. However, I held my tongue for a moment and gave her a chance to continue. “We leave our victims somewhat drained and usually unable to have any interest in sex for a month.”At this point, Zania blurted out, “Imprinting is different.” She giggled again and I just stared at her, sensing that there was some intelligence deep inside though it seemed to be filtered through her bimbo nature.”Zania is correct,” mom said with a look of amusement. “Awakening takes a great deal of energy so when we feed for the first time, we consume much more. We are effectively starving so consume far more than we’re ever able to consume from a single person again. Normally, we only link to their strongest fantasies but during our awakening, we actually consume them all. This is how we become imprinted on them.””The point is,” Aria said with a smirk, “whomever you imprinted on is completely drained. He won’t have any interest in sex for a long time and probably won’t be able to get it up again for a year.””Kyle is young,” mom pointed out thoughtfully. “With teenage hormones, he might recover in six months or so.””I see,” I responded, considering what she’d said. I hadn’t intended to do such long term damage to Kyle or even realized that it was possible.I felt vaguely annoyed at that since I’d been curious to see the look on his face when he saw me while awake. Of course, I’d had no intention of telling him who I was but I thought that letting him see me at the bus stop would have been amusing. This was also annoying since it meant that I could no longer go back and feed on the boy toy of my dreams. However, I might feel annoyed at this but not guilty.I nodded and then turned my attention back to my mom, looking her over for a moment before saying, “Catherine.” She didn’t seem bothered by my use of her first name. “It no longer feels right calling you mom.””You’re now an adult by our standards,” she responded with an amused look. “You no longer need a mom. Think of me as…a sister.” Then she added, “And call me Caryn since that’s my real name. Catherine Durling was just an identity which I no longer need. The purpose of that identity has passed so now it’s time for me to create a new one.””You’ll need a new identity too,” Cassidy pointed out in her quiet voice. “Feeding on men doesn’t give you a place to live or a way to pay your bills.””It most certainly can,” Aria disagreed. “I’m a porn actress… I can’t fully link to guys on set so only get to eat a little at a time, but it adds up and pays my bills.” Then she mused, “You know, it’s quite fun when I’m the one some guy is fantasizing about.””I’m a stripper,” Zania blurted out cheerfully.Then Aria looked at me again and mused, “You know, I know of a private club where I think you’d fit right in. It would probably be a great place for you to find guys who suit your tastes.””That could be…interesting,” I responded, licking my lips as I considered a whole club full of men with compatible fantasies. “Very interesting indeed.” Then I put my arm around my new sister and ordered her, “Tell me more…”The End