The Town’s Annual Fuckfest

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The Town’s Annual FuckfestDinner was served, before Mayor Goode got up to talk. He welcomed all the new-comers and told us that we are seated amongst two couples from town who know the way of the evening. Mayor Goode then walked around chatting with all of us newbies. Sandy and George talked with Bill and Annie, who are also new. The other couple from town were off setting up the screen and computer. A waiter came around and brought 4 cans of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and lube; along with marichino cherries, sliced peaches and oranges. One of our waitress’s is Rita. Her maid outfit just barely covers her, which makes me want one. John pulls me close to him as he feeds me a cherry he has dipped in the whipped cream. I open my mouth to take it, but he drops it down my chest. George comes over and says he will fish it out. John lets him slide his fingers down my cleavage. Not only does he fish out the cherry, but he also pulls my right tit from my dress. He looks to John for approval to suck and fondle me. John nods and watches me enjoy his sucking. My left hand is caressing Johns thigh, while the other is rubbing George’s thigh. Sandy has scooted closer to John to stroke his inner thigh. George pulls both my hands to his zipper for me to have all my attention to him.John whispers in my ear to have fun and that he will be right next to him. I undo George’s pants and watch them fall to his feet. George takes no time into pushing his thick dick into my mouth. I had to open wide to have him on my tongue. He is so big. Not so much long, but very very thick. I’m able to get a good sucking as he fondles my tits some more. I moan as his pre cum oozes it’s way down my throat.George lifts me to sit on the table in front of him. He spreads my legs wide, uses a can of cream to fill my pussy and places a cherry on top. John laughs at us and goes back to enjoying Sandy giving him head. John moans as Sandy has his balls in her mouth. He grabs her hair and pulls her back to his dick. He fucks her face, til he notices she has her fingers in her ass. She tells John to fuck her hard. Before George had the chance to sit down in front of me, Rita comes up and begins to lick the melting cream from my pussy. Her fingers sliding up and down my clit, scooping some of the creamy mixture and giving me a taste. George can hardly stand to watch her do this to me. He grabs her waist, sets her on his dick as Rita continues to finger and suck my pussy. Her tongue felt so good, that I do believe I lost my thoughts. I had started to shake as she rolled my nub around and around, she almost had her other hand buried in my hole. She grabbed a bottle of lube and worked türbanlı eskort it on her wrist and hand making my opening slick for her to insert her fist. I came as she was in me, the waves of my orgasm made me scream with such delight. John had pulled out of Sandy to get a good view of me being fist fucked.Rita continued pumping her hand into me, occassionaly bend down to lick my clit. John turned his hard cock to Rita’s ass. A little lube on his head and some on her tight opening, then He worked his way in. She bent over for easier access and took him like a professional. John let a loud grunt as he enjoyed her willing ass. George enjoyed the three of us fucking, so he had Sandy in the same position as Rita. Sandy had no lube in her ass, just his dick was lubed.Rita pulled her hand from in me, licked her arm clean and bent further over to lick up all my cummy mess. John asked if it was ok to blow in her ass, I looked at him and said I want to suck him dry. No waiting there, his dick was in my mouth that quick and I was sucking him dry. John swooped down to kiss me, when Rita switched over to suck his cock. John fiddled with my tits making them nice and perky for his sucking pleasure.I looked over my shoulder to see Steve and Margie have a fruitful time. Steve had lubed a small orange and slid it into her pussy, just to watch her push it out again. I guess it’s not much different than having Rita’s hand inside a pussy. Margie was sucking some guy as he basically was hovering over her face while sucking on Louise’s ass. Louise was fingering Miss Sherry’s big ol’ pussy.Miss Sherry was a big woman, who loved to fuck every man who would fuck her. From what George has said about her, she is the town madam and is the one woman that the townie’s loved. Even the wives trusted her, when the women were not in the mood,they would send her men to her. The only time she took money from anyone, was when they bought something from her store. She just liked to fuck.Steve kissed Margie as he began to slide his ten inch dick in her pussy. She took every inch of him and wanted to have another dick in her pussy. I told John to go help Steve with Margie’s eagerness. Steve laid on the floor to have Margie slide her dripping pussy on his shaft, then John bends down to slide in on top of his dick. The look on John’s face was full of pleasure as he worked himself deeper in her.John loved the view of her willing ass, that he shoved two fingers deep. Margie shouted a loud Yes as the men filled her openings. More people came to watch the massive fucking going on. The chain of people fucking and sucking; and the two guys fucking türbanlı eskort bayan Margie. Everyone was in delight of seeing the fun action. A few women had bent over to suck on their men, a few men had began to suck on each other.When John got off inside Margie, he turned to look for me. He found me sitting on a black mans face and sucking on another. He stood there watching me suck this dick that was thicker than George and much longer than Steve. I looked up to John who winked at me with approval. Then man who was sucking my pussy pulled me down to kiss me and to slide me on his hardness. Oh how big he was. I’ve had some big dick, but this was big. The man I was sucking took his own clue and lubed his dick and my ass. I rode the man who was in my pussy hard, until I felt the other working his way in my ass. Thank goodness John had fucked my ass earlier, otherwise I don’t think I would be able to handle this one. He stretched me and tried to put his length all the way in.John laid next to the black man and had a black lady sit on his face, another lady sucked him for a short time before sliding her ass on his dick. George came over and slid his dick in her tiny pussy. The men were enjoying the black lady, when another came over to slide his dick in her mouth. She’s a real trooper to have a man in every hole. I was close to that , but no dick in my mouth. When the man in my ass was ready to blow, he pulled out and shot his cum in my mouth. The man in my pussy shot his load in me, then pulling out and shooting the rest of his ribbons on my chest. The man in my ass lifted me to my feet and kissed me. He said he loved fucking my tight ass and that he’d loved to do again, sometime. I told him we were on the road again tomorrow, but I told him the next time he comes to the big city to look me up.I sat on the chair above John as the women got my man off. The women were fighting over him as he came. I just watched with laughter. Once he freed himself them them, he grabbed me by the waist. He whispered in my ear to leave this fuckfest. We found our clothes and took off for our room. Once inside our room, I went to turn the shower on. I needed to get cleaned up. Between the whipped cream and all the lube, I was very sticky. John joined me in washing our bodies. I told him I really just want to relax in the jacuzzi before going to bed. I feel like I’m stretched beyond compare. He rubbed my shoulders, then picked me up to walk me to the tub. He stepped in still holding me as he sat down.I didn’t move from his lap. I just ran my hands down his chest, then back to his face. We kissed gentle kisses, which eskort türbanlı became more passionate. John was holding my breasts and fondling my nipples til they were hard as rocks. he had me turn and straddle his waist. I felt his dick slide up the crack of my ass. John sucked my nipples and fingered my ass. I couldn’t help but to reach behind and stroke his dick.I lifted my body to be able to slide myself on his dick. John slid his fingers in my ass as I slid down his pole. Even though I felt spent from before, I just can’t resist having John inside me. John looked deep in my eyes and told me that he loved me. I blinked and smiled before I kissed him again. Our tongues tangling with in. I rode him to my first orgasm. John lifted us out of the tub and walked over to the bed.He lay me on my back still in me. He held my shoulders for leverage as he filled me with his dick. I opened my eyes to his stare and told him I loved him too. No hard fucking the rest of the night, just gentle love. The time dwindled into the early morning light. We were both wrapped in the fluffy blanket legs tangled together as we slept. The morning wake up call with John’s hardness poking into my stomach.I felt John moving around and felt his warm tongue working its way in my clit. His soft hands rubbing my inner thighs got my juices flowing free. His tongue licking its way up to my nub, then sucking it hard til I cum. Then the sound of licking at my cum came from with in. John licked me to another cumming, before he slid his stiffness in. I was very swollen, but we both oohed and aahed as he worked his way in. I didn’t take long before I was having an orgasm. John loved my pussy with his dick, until he was filling me with his love juice. We lay in bed for a short time, before our showers and onto the diner for some breakfast. Rita was there to serve us. She looked very tired, but was very busy with a full diningroom. When she came over to our table, I asked if she got any sleep, she replied no, but her shift is over soon and she will be headed for the bed.We got on the road headed home. I sat as close to John as I possibly could. We held hands and kissed every chance we could. We made sure to stop at the rest area, to make love once again. This time we took a walk on the trail that went into the wooded area. We were all alone when we found a bench. John sat down, I got on my knees to suck him to a frenzy. When he was about ready to come, I lifted my skirt and settled down on him backwards. I pulled from his dick and back down again.John filled my pussy as he came and came. When I lifted from him, his cum slid down my thighs. I reached down and got some to lick off my fingers. We walked back to the car, John pulled out some napkins and cleaned up my legs. He said that I need to get used to having him clean up his own messes. I kissed John’s forhead and on down to his lips. i told him that I love him and can’t wait til we get home to make love for the rest of the day.