The Very Fortunate Accident

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A couple of years after my first wife divorced me, the woman she caught me with left me for a younger stud. Now, I’m fortunate to be dating a beautiful young lady named Bella. We met at a Halloween costume party over a year ago, and the mutual attraction was instant. Since that night, we’ve been going out and enjoying an amazing sex life. I call her Bell. Bell has the most enchanting dark brown eyes, that combined with her flowing chestnut hair and light cocoa complexion, create an exotic Mediterranean look. With or without make-up, she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

This year together has been the best year I’ve ever known. I didn’t suspect that it could get any better, However, recently something happened that completely changed our sex life and made it incredibly better.

After an evening of dining and dancing on a Friday night, we returned to my place. It was late and we were both feeling the effects of the couple of bottles of wine we’d enjoyed during and after dinner. Bell loves Lambrusco, and by the time we arrived at my one bedroom apartment, we’d both had enough to free our inhibitions even more than usual.

Truthfully, neither of us has much inhibition to begin with. Bell is a fantastic sexual partner with a particularly endearing erotic specialty. She loves giving me long, slow, blow jobs. She is the queen of fellatio. She’ll fondle my flaccid cock and stroke it to a rock hard state, with a look of absolute adoration on her beautiful face. This night, as she brought my cock to full hardness, her eyes began to close until they were almost completely shut. A blissful look appeared on her face, and she looked at my cock with a dreamy smile like it was the most wonderful thing she’d ever seen.

Only a fool would do anything to speed up Bell’s ritual. She will not, cannot, be hurried. She loves sex more than anyone I’ve ever known. For a lot of girls, a blow job is what paves the way for the grand entrance into the tunnel below. But not Bell. They are her piece de resistance. Often, after a long fuck, Bella will pull me out of her pussy and make me cum in her mouth. Then, I usually stay hard and she blows me again, loving the second load as much as the first.

We have sex often. Bell doesn’t consider her day complete until she’s given and received sexual gratification with the man she loves. I’m lucky to be that man, to be able to keep up with her libido.

Almost every evening since we’ve been together, things unfold in some variation of a now familiar scenario. She begins by kissing me passionately, her tongue dancing inside my mouth. When the heat begins to rise, she unzips my pants to find and stroke my cock. I’m almost instantly firm, so she works my pants off for full access to my erection. Then she sits me on the sofa with my cock sticking straight up, while she goes and fixes us drinks. Next, while I sip my libation, cock waving in the breeze, she goes into the bathroom to prepare herself for sex. After a shower and brushing her long dark hair, Bell comes back into the living room wearing a flimsy nightgown with no bra or panties.

I admit I always wonder why she bothers with the sexy lingerie. We both know I’ll be removing it almost immediately. She explained once, by saying, “everyone wants to receive their gifts in attractive wrapping.” At 5′ 11″, 130 pounds, 38 DD breasts, and waist length chestnut hair, her lithe body is already a more attractive package than most men will ever see. Going anywhere with Bell is like living in a fish bowl. Men and women alike are openly impressed by her beauty.

This particular Friday night, buzzed on Italian wine, hard-on waving in the air, this beautiful olive-skinned girl in a negligee before me, I was sure life couldn’t get any better.

On her way back from the bathroom, Bell calmed the lights and switched the stereo on. The darkened room filled with romantic music, and the air was charged with sexual anticipation. Her night gown fluttered to the floor, escort service and I reached out to pull her closer. As our lips met, Bell’s soft hand rediscovered my throbbing erection. She began slowly working the foreskin back and forth on the shaft. I wanted to close my eyes and succumb to her kisses and caresses, but I couldn’t bear to miss a moment of such visually stimulating beauty. Knowing what she was about to do, I was eager to watch her sensual lips slowly envelop my cock.

Bell licked her full lips sensuously as she sank to her knees before me and caressed my stiff cock. She held it before her face with both hands, gently flicking the underside of the tip with her wet tongue. There was that dreamy-eyed loving look I knew so well, as she adored my cock. A small trickle of saliva slowly appeared at the corner of her mouth. She always salivates profusely when she’s about to suck my cock. That amount of natural lubrication, makes it easy for her to swallow my shaft until her nose is pressing against my pubic.

Bell has so mastered the art of fellatio, that even with my cock completely down her throat, she doesn’t have to pull away until after my balls are empty. Her ability to breathe so well with my cock buried in her throat is magical.

At first, Bell worshiped the head. She licked all around my corona, occasionally teasing the opening with the tip of her tongue. Then she wrapped her lips tightly around the now purple knob, sucking gently while stroking my balls with one hand and sliding her other hand up and down my wet shaft. She’s in no hurry, and the look of bliss remains on her beautiful face as she lovingly licks, sucks, and strokes my cock. After 10 or 15 minutes of ministering to her treasured prize, she slowly lowers her face down the full length of my cock until it’s buried deep in her throat. She keeps me on the verge of cumming. I watch her cheeks indent as she applies just the right amount of suction to keep my excitement teetering on the brink. Every now and then, she looks into my eyes, and I can see her fire as she worships at her favorite temple.

Sometimes, Bell decides not to take my load down her throat right then. Those times after a long, sensuous, blow-job, she stops sucking me and lies down for a slow, loving, fuck. Other times she takes the first full load in her mouth, swallows, then keeps sucking my cock until it’s hard again. On those occasions, once she’s was satisfied with my stiffness, she sits on my lap facing me, and buries my hard-on deep inside her sopping pussy.

I couldn’t wait to see what he had in mind tonight.

Bell stroked my shaft with her soft lips while gently sucking, her cheeks caressing my cock as she moaned softly. Her eyes were closed, but every so often she’d open them and look directly into my eyes. I knew I couldn’t hold off coming much longer. The sensations and passion of the moment were getting to be more than I could take. Bella nodded slightly and winked up at me. It was her signal that she was ready for my cum. Right on cue, my cock began to erupt, shooting white hot streams of cum into her welcoming throat. It continued to pulse, shooting stream after stream of molten seed until I was drained. After half a minute or so, the pulsations stopped. Then, true to form, she kept gently sucking until my cock was rock hard once again.

When Bell felt my cock return to full stiffness, she slowly pulled her head up, allowing it to slip out of her throat and mouth. I felt the cool air on my cock for only a few seconds. Bell quickly placed her knees on either side of my legs, held my cock against her swollen pussy lips, and sat down hard impaling herself completely on my manhood.

I reveled in the heat and tightness of her steaming pussy, as she began to rise and fall, giving my cock a firm squeeze with her well toned vaginal muscles at every stroke. Bell moaned with pleasure and gradually began moving faster, building up speed while moving her ass in small circles increasing london escorts the sensation on my cock. In the heat and overwhelming sexuality of the moment, I was already on the verge of erupting once again. The feeling and emotion was so intense that I was light-headed and felt about to pass out from pleasure overload.

Just when I felt about ready to explode inside her burning pussy, Bella began taking long strokes, rising almost completely off my cock each stroke before slamming back down against my balls. Then, she did something new. She started rising completely off my cock on each upward stroke, allowing it to slip out of her pussy before she dropped down again. She did several of these long strokes. It went on until Bella suddenly sat completely still with my cock fully inside her. Her eyes were closed and a trace of a smile played at her lips. She slowly began moving her ass in small circles. Then, she rose until only the head of my cock was left inside her. I was in heaven when, with a smile, she slowly slid back down until my cock was completely buried. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise. Her grip on my cock suddenly seemed a lot tighter than it ever had before. Her mouth formed an “O” shape, as she softly uttered, “oh my god!”

Beautiful Bella never missed a beat. She kept rising and falling on my raging cock. I looked at our union and realized I could see her entire pussy. The reason for her sudden tight grip on my cock was because she was fucking me with her ass.

When I realized I was in her ass, I didn’t know what to do. My cock had never been in an ass before. I’d heard from some girlfriends who had tried it, that it was painful. I didn’t want to hurt the woman I loved, so my initial reaction was to ask Bell, “honey, does my cock in your little butt, hurt?”

“Oh God no! It feels amazing,” she murmured. “Amazing!”

“But, sweetheart, my cock is in your butt!”

“Oh, yes it is Jake,” she moaned. “But don’t you dare try to stop me. I’m going to keep fucking you just like this.”

Bell kept pistoning up and down on my cock. She wet two fingers in her mouth and began stroking her pussy. Rubbing her clitoris in lazy circles, she leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss, her soft mouth juicy from the copious amount of saliva she always produced during sex. It felt wonderful as always, but this time she was even more passionate than usual, moaning and whispering, “yes, yes, oh god yes.”

She was really enjoying the deep anal fucking she was giving herself on my grateful cock. Our kiss lasted for a minute or longer. As Bella’s moans became deeper and louder, her pistoning became faster and more powerful. She slammed her ass down on my cock time and time again, all the while stroking her steaming pussy.

Her head was thrown back, turning rapidly from side to side, her hair whipping the air in a frenzy. A growl seemed to start way down near her pussy and became louder and higher pitched, as she bucked harder and harder on my cock. When I was sure she couldn’t fuck me any harder or faster, Bell’s eyes flew wide open once again. She stiffened. Her entire body convulsed, and she shrieked with pleasure. With a yelp, she resumed slamming her ass down on my cock as her orgasm became more intense. Her shrieks became louder and closer together, until she was making one continuous muffled scream. In half a minute, maybe longer, the convulsions and screams were over. Bell fell forward against me with her full weight. She was still sitting on my cock, which showed no sign of wilting.

After a few minutes, Bella began to revive. She looked up at me with a dreamy smile, her brown eyes sparkling in the dimly lit living room. “Oh my god, Jake,” she purred. “That was the most incredible sensation I’ve ever felt.”

“Bell, that was absolutely fantastic! I had no idea you were into anal sex.”

“I’m not,” she said softly. “Well, maybe I should say I wasn’t.”

“What do you mean, baby?” I asked, caressing london escort her back.

“That was the first time I’ve ever had a cock in my ass. Some of my friends say it’s wonderful, some say it hurts too much. I always thought it would probably hurt, and making love isn’t supposed to cause pain. That was an accident, but I loved it. It was so intense. When your big cock first went in, there was a tiny bit of pain, but even that was pleasurable. Kind of a little tease of sensations still to come. Then, it immediately turned into pure pleasure like I’ve never felt before. My god, Jake! It was fantastic.”

“It was my first time, too, baby,” I said. “I’ve thought about it, fantasized about it, even talked to a few ladies about it before we met. A couple of girls told me they did it once and a while. They liked it but not for a daily thing. But quite a few said they had either tried it and it hurt, or they hadn’t tried it because they thought it would hurt.”

My cock was still in Bell’s tight ass, but even after cumming so hard and so long, it was showing no sign of softening. Every now and then, she’d wiggle her ass slightly as we talked about the amazing “first time experience” we’d just shared. With every wiggle, my cock would jump, and a faint smile played across her lips.

“Bell, did you, by chance, plan that to surprise me?”

“Me? Never. I just pulled off you a little too far, and must have moved in a little too close when I came back down. I guess as wet as my pussy gets, there was no need for more lubrication.”

“So, it was a total accident? Have you ever considered trying anal before?”

“Jake, I’ll admit I’ve been curious off and on for years. I’ve even wanted to ask you to fuck my ass a couple of times after you’d been teasing my butt-hole with your tongue and fingers.”

“Why didn’t you, baby? I’m never harder than when I am licking and playing with your little pink butt.” I said. “Didn’t that reaction ever make you wonder what I was thinking?”

“Well, yes. But you’ve never once mentioned that you’d like to try it. Other guys I’ve dated who were into anal, always brought it up pretty early in the relationship,” Bell said. “I always said no. I probably would have told you no too. I was always worried it would hurt too much, or maybe damage something down there. Actually, I never seriously considered it with anyone other than you.”

“Why me, baby”? I asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just curious.”

“You’re always so gentle and considerate. Something about you made me want to give you everything I have. I knew you’d never hurt me. As wonderful as your tongue always feels in my butt, I knew we’d talk about it one day. You know, like maybe we could try it and see. I thought maybe we could find a small dildo and lube it and me up for a trial run. After all we’ve done everything else together. My virgin ass was the only thing we’d never shared.”

“Well, Bell,” I said. “Now that we know how good it feels, and we’ve talked about it, guess what?”

“Well, let’s see, Jake,” Bella said. “Hummmm… Since your cock is still rock hard and still buried in my ass, I guess maybe you’d like to do it again?”

I pulled Bella to me more tightly and our kiss burned with renewed fire. About a half a minute into our kiss, Bella began to move her perfect ass in tiny circles. Then as our lips separated, she began to rise and fall on my stiff cock. The juice from her pussy mixed with my cum kept her well lubed. This time she was fucking me slowly and deliberately with her eyes locked on mine.

“Oh, Jake. I love you so much,” She said. “I do love having your cock in my ass. It was an accident that I sat on your cock. But it was it also an accident that I had cleaned myself so well, inside and out? Maybe I was subconsciously hoping for a fortunate accident to happen.”

“This is the nicest gift you’ve ever given me, Bell,” I said. “I hope this becomes a very special part of our lovemaking.”

“Oh, yes, Jake. It’s definitely going to be. But right now, I want you to fuck my ass until you can’t get hard any more. If we have to, we’ll just lube up your cock and put a lot of that lube in my little butt-hole. I want you to fuck my ass all night long.”