The Wedding Gift: part 4

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I was around six drinks in and feeling no pain when they announced dinner was being served. Instantly people began to head towards the long tables of food being laid out. I grabbed a sexy little Latino waitress and said, look after the bar for a minute. Pedro here needs a toilet break.I had no idea what his name was, and I didn’t care, but I’m sure it wasn’t Pedro. I dragged him around the side of the marquee that had been set up for Saturday. I tucked the rear flap of my dress under my arm and stuck my arse up in the air.Getting the hint of what I wanted, his trousers were around his ankles at lightning speed. I was desperate for some hard cock. My cunt had been leaking down my inner thighs for the last three hours, so he required no lubrication.I felt his cock thrust into me, his balls swinging up and slapping against my clit. He held my hips tight, savouring the feeling of my wet velvety hole as it hugged his extremely mediocre-sized dick. He began thrusting in and out of me wildly as if it was his first time with someone other than his hand.I was more than a little disappointed, to be honest. It’s a shame when someone so pretty just isn’t packing the meat I needed to quench my thirst for a hard cock. But we were here now, and he was fucking me like a Jackhammer. So I might as well let him finish in me.Sadly to top it off, he was a one-minute wonder; I felt him thrust into me hard one last time, emptying his ball into my very disappointed snatch before his withering cock flopped out of my cunt, already flaccid.He was very appreciative of the opportunity to empty his nut sack in me, continuing to thank me in Spanish. I released my dress, letting it fall back into place, and turned to face him. That’s when he tried to kiss me. I put my hand up and said, “Ok, you had your fun, but I don’t want to marry you,” I then walked back to the main event to get a drink to drown my sorrow.I grabbed a plate of food long after everyone else had finished getting theirs, then found aunt Millie to sit with her. As I was walking over to her, Pedro’s surprisingly big load of cum, started running down my leg, which was a very uncomfortable feeling. Putting my plate down next to Aunt Millie, I said. “I need to go to the bathroom. I will be back in a minute.”I walked back inside the house to find a bathroom. Having found one, I went to shut the door, but a foot stopped it from closing. Looking up, a huge smile spread across my face. “Thank fucking Christ, Chuck, I need your big cock in me desperately,” I said, pulling him into the bathroom and shutting the door.”We have to be quick. You little cock teasing bitch. Walking around here dressed like that. Every man out there wants to fuck you. And every wife wants to kill you. I think your sister and mom are at the head of that line.””Good because the cock I just had in me barely touched the sides, and I’m desperate to have my sloppy cunt filled properly, especially by your beautiful cock.”Charles grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down to my knees in front of him. “Hurry up, you filthy little whore. Stop talking and start sucking. I told you to be quick,” he said, slapping me hard across the face for taking too long to get his cock out.Wrapping his hand in my long hair, he pushed my face onto his semi-hard cock, abusing my mouth. When his cock was rock hard, he pulled me up by the hair and spun me around.Charles bent me over, pulled his pants down to his ankles, and pulled my dress up; he fucked me hard, fast and violently. Slamming his cock into me, repeatedly making me squeal like a little whore pig. He had me by the hair, pulling my head back, tongue fucking my mouth as he slammed his big cock into me.Charles was really fucking me hard this time. Like he was on a mission. He was cunt punching me so hard with his cock that it actually hurt. Which only served to arouse me even more. I was just on the brink of an orgasm when he pulled out and spun me around, pushing me onto my kocaeli escort knees. Pumping his cock with his fist, he unleashed his massive load of sticky cum all over my face.”Now hurry up, suck my cock clean, you filthy bitch before someone misses me.”I willing sucked his cock clean as it began to deflate. He looked down at me cum dripping from my nose, chin and eyelids; I even had some in my hair.”Tidy yourself up, Cindy. You’re already dressed like a cheap whore. Walking around with your tits and arse hanging out. I don’t want you out there with my family and friends looking like a complete cum slut.””Oh Chuck, you say the nicest thing; you really know how to romance a girl,” I said sarcastically. “I was on the verge of a massive orgasm when you pulled out, you prick. Now, what am I going to do?””I’m sorry, darling. You know, I think you’re amazing, Cindy. I’m serious; we will talk before you head back to LA. I want to keep you around; no woman lets me do what you do. I love you, gorgeous,” he said before slipping out the door.Charles was indeed one of the few men over the years I had fucked longer than one night that made me weak at the knees. We both love degrading, abusive sex. I loved when he hurt me, and he loved that I liked him doing it.I started to clean myself up. I wiped my face with a towel, but it smudged my makeup, making it worse. Charles was right. I could see that my face now looked like a cheap cum slut as I viewed myself in the mirror. I needed to reapply my makeup, so I headed back upstairs to my room. As I was passing one of the other bedrooms, I heard the distinct sound of someone being fucked, and hard by the sound of the moaning. The door was closed but not latched, so I gently opened it enough to peek in. You wouldn’t believe what I saw. Charles’s beautiful wife, Heather, was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide, wearing expensive lingerie and stockings. Her dress was bunched up around her waist. And the bare-arsed man lying between her legs and giving her pussy a damn good pounding was none other than best man Tom.It would seem this was neither new nor their first encounter. I assumed it had been going on for quite a while. They were very intimate and familiar with each other. Now Heather was a very attractive lady with high social standing both in New York and the Hamptons. But she still moaned, groaned and withered around like a cheap two-dollar whore as young Tom fucked her married cunt.Heather held his hair and pushed his face onto her beautiful tit as he sucked her nipple. She was clearly in charge of this little fling. As well as being and rampant exhibitionist, I was also an avid voyeur. I pulled my dress to the side and began to finger myself. First, I rubbed my fingers over my clit and then slipped three fingers deep into my sloppy wet hole. I needed to cum, and I needed it bad. I had been left hanging by two cocks already tonight.Fuck it, I thought. Closing the door and strutting into the room, Heather squealed as she tried to cover up. Tom went scrambling around, muttering nonsense and genuinely being a complete waste of air space.”Relax, Heather. I’m not here to ruin your little party. I’m here for some of the action. Now, why don’t you lay back down and let an expert take care of that lovely-looking pussy there.”Heather was extremely freaked out and tried to devise an excuse for her lousy mommy behaviour. I put my finger up to her lips. “Shhh, it’s ok. I’m going to change your world. Sweetheart.” I then gently pushed her back onto the bed before moving her legs open again. I wanted to eat her. Like no man had ever done before me, and how she deserved to have that cunt munched.”Tom, don’t just stand there staring. I’ve got a cunt that needs to be fucked, so get that pecker back out of your pants and start fucking me with it,” I said before burying my face in Heather’s pussy.I went to town on Heather’s pussy, and if I do say so myself, it was a delightful pussy indeed. kocaeli escort bayan Heather tasted Devine, but it was a little too attractive. Her lips were perfectly symmetrical, and there were no loose bits. I’m sure it had had some work done. Probably in an attempt to keep old Chuck’s cock in her instead of everyone else. I saw the problem being that Chuck got off on women like me sluts, and cum dump whores. And I got the feeling Heather was not inclined to play that role. So while I provided service as a cum loving whore to Charles. Tom here was offering a similar service to Heather.I was sucking on Heather’s clit, putting her on the boil, hoping like hell she was a squirter. I wanted to taste this refined old dame’s girly juice. Just as I had that thought, I lurched forward into Heather’s cunt face first. Jesus, Christ, I thought as I turned to see Tom now ploughing my dripping wet cunt with a cock easily matching Charles in length, maybe a tad smaller in circumference. Looking up between her legs, I said, “You crafty old bitch, he’s a perfect replacement for Charles,” before returning to her pussy.Then immediately regretted having said it realizing it was his wife I was talking to, and immediately looked back up at Heather to see if she had picked up on what I had said. I must have had a shocked and worried look on my face because Heather simply said, “It’s alright, dear. I’m well aware of my husband’s indiscretions. He has been fucking younger women from, I assume, our wedding day.”A sense of relief washed over me. I didn’t want Chuck on my bad side. Then Heather continued, “I recently learned he had fucked my matron of honour on our wedding day. She had confessed to me before dying from cancer recently. So go back to what you were doing as you were doing a splendid job, and we will talk about it later.”I didn’t need to be asked again and once again lowered my head down on Heather’s mature cunt while her toyboy Tom resumed railing me from behind. In a matter of minutes, I had the old girl withering around on the bed cumming in my mouth. Tom was doing a great job as well and had me close to climax.Having cum Heather got out from under me and spun around. I let her slide back under me in a sixty-nine position and immediately felt her tonguing my swollen clit. It was the push I needed, and I started to cum violently, quickly pulling away from Tom and sitting squarely on Heather’s mouth as my orgasm hit.I filled her pretty mature mouth with pussy juice and Latino cum as it gushed out of me, finally getting some much-needed pussy relief.I climbed off Heather’s face, and slowly, Heather sat up.”Tom, you can go now if I need your services later. I will come find you.” Tom pulled up his pants and hurried out of the room. “Wow, impressive. How long has he been your pet?” I asked.Heather smiled at me as she slid the material, barely covering my breast away, bent down, and flicked it with her tongue. She did the same to the other one before looking directly into my eyes.”Tom has been my lover since the day he turned eighteen. I think I fucked him on his eighteenth birthday as his present. But I’m much more interested in you, Cindy. Before today I had never been with a woman. It never really appealed to me. But you intrigue me. I can see you’re special. How did you meet my husband,” she said before lowering her head to my nipple again and sliding three fingers into my sopping wet cunt? “I was hired to entertain at a party one night in LA, and I met your husband there. He fucked the shit out of me for the next week.” “Hmmm, I see. He does have a magnificent cock, doesn’t he? It’s why I married him, and the money, of course, helped. Cindy, I would like you to lie down. I want to taste you properly, as it’s my first time with a woman.” I laid back on the bed and spread my legs open Heather didn’t hesitate as she lowered her head and began munching on my cunt. “It might not taste as fresh as it would have earlier izmit escort tonight, having a load of cum in there.”Oh, fuck Heather, are you sure I’m your first? You have a natural talent for eating pussy, honey.” She looked up at me, her face covered in cunt juice.”It tastes beautiful. If I had known it tasted this good, I would enjoy it as much as I am. I would have been eating pussy much sooner.”Then she buried her face in me again, eating me to a quick climax. When I had finished Cumming in her mouth once again, we kissed tongue fucking each other’s mouths. “My goodness, you are a naughty mommy, aren’t you? Now I have fucked you and your husband. I’ll let you know I intend to fuck your son tomorrow night at his buck’s party. Do you have any other children I should know about?” I asked Heather as we lay together, kissing and caressing each other.”You are going to fuck Bradly tomorrow night at his bucks party, hardly very ethical given he is marrying your sister the next day,” Heather said to me. “My sister is a cunt, and she has made it very clear that she doesn’t care for me, so all’s fair in love and war. I say.””Well, I do have a daughter Clarissa. She has just turned twenty. She’s my youngest. I think she is attractive in a plain sort of way. She is one of your sister’s bridesmaids, but good luck with that one, dear. I think she is still a virgin, a timid young thing.” “But you might be the perfect person to bring her out of her shell. She nothing like the rest of the family, definitely nothing like me. Now we better get back before we are missed. Can we do this again before you leave? I thoroughly enjoyed it.” “Most definitely, Heather and the pleasure was all mine, I can assure you.” We quickly stopped in her bathroom and reapplied our makeup before we both headed back to the party outside. Poor old Charles nearly had a heart attack as he saw Heather and me walking down the rear steps onto the lawn arm in arm like old friends. I headed back to Aunt Milli, my plate having been cleared away already. “What happened to my dinner Aunt Milli?” “Oh, you were gone such a long time they took it when cleaning up. Where have you been, dear?” “Damn, I’m hungry. I’ve been getting acquainted with the groom’s mother, Heather. She is much nicer than my mother much nicer. My mother is a bitch.” “You know you and your mother are very much alike. I see so many similarities between you both.” “Please don’t insult me, Aunt Milli. We are nothing alike she is a stuck-up frigid bitch.” “It might surprise you to know that your mother was… Shit, how do I put this? Your mother was a complete slut like you. And I mean a downright dirty filthy whore. I don’t think there was a cock at our school that hadn’t fucked your mother at some time or another.” I almost fell off my chair with Milli’s revelation. “You can’t be serious, Milli, not my mother. She is goody Miss two shoes. You’re joking, right?” “Not at all, dear. You might as well know the truth, I guess. Do you know why you are your father’s favourite, and your mother is so bitter at you?” “No, why?” “Because your father isn’t your sister’s father, her daddy could have been any one of the thirty college football players. When they won the championship, your mother fucked and sucked every player at a private frat party.” “Get the fuck out of here. No fucking way, Milli. Surely you are making this shit up.” “Not at all, my dear. Your father loves you because he knows you are his and not from the gangbangs your mother used to participate in while they were dating at school. When she got pregnant with Juliette, your father hadn’t even had sex with her yet.””Ok, hold on for a second, Aunt Milli. My mother was a fucking whore screwing every boy on campus, and her and dad hadn’t even had sex? I don’t understand.””Your father had been in love with your mother since junior high, so he chose to ignore the rumours he had heard about her. When she found out she was pregnant, she insisted your father fuck her. He wanted to wait until after they were married. Then the baby bump started to show. Your father knew it couldn’t be his, but the fool married her anyway.””Holy fucking dog balls, Aunt Milli, you have blown…