The weekend

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The weekendThis is for: LRock4fun, Acebottom, susan2be, A3anus and soeager2 – along with a few other girlfriends on here 😉 Every once in a while a guy cums along that you just have the best feeling in the world about. I think that this Italian guy is my #4 or maybe #5. It isn’t just the sex, it’s the whole feeling being with him…right now it’s the sex. He’s 40ish, married and traveling alone; just stopped at our hostel by chance. He watched what was going on with the cops (paying the bribes) and figured out what was going on with me going into the room with them. We talked a little later and he hit on me, I reacted by going to the room with him for a while. The sex was very good, excellent in fact! He asked if he could kiss me then, melted my heart with a few. This guy is one of the greatest kissers in the world, hands down.We had sex three times in the first twelve hours, I was beyond sore. This was due to his cock size and the length of time in me. We had sex but he played me like I was an instrument; once he found my ‘G’ spot, he made a point of doing everything right to give me an orgasm then, he’d have his. In bed he is very romantic, I’d like to find out more.The above was the first day and night…I don’t like pain but I’ve been disciplined in one way or another most of my life. I wasn’t looking for it here but; something happened and it just seemed like the thing to do. One thing I know is that I will remember him for the next few days while I can’t sit too easily.He was to stay for one day, then two and now three. I’m sore and worn out but; there’s no way I could turn him down. He’s what a lover should be and; as I’ve told a few friends on here, he’s the kind of guy that you WANT to have a baby with. I can’t and I’m too old now for that…I would if I could. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to be his mistress. Even a simple touch seems electric; it’s to the point that, when he kisses me, my entire body seems to want to melt. This was yesterday…Today, at noon, I began to have an orgasm while we were engaged in a deep wet open-mouthed kiss. We were in the missionary position, he was trying to fuck me through the bed and, when it started, it felt like my entire body was just going to explode! I ended up out around Jupiter somewhere simply howling in ecstasy! That stopped everything for a few minutes because I thought I was going to pass out. When I begged him to continue; it came back again! Not as ferocious but damned good. When we finished, there was maybe twenty minutes of just soft afterplay and some very hard kissing. Naturally, everything that went along with it. The strange thing was what happened next; I guess it’s just my submissive self falling in love or lust. We were both nude except for my top that was completely canlı bahis unbuttoned. He’d worked my little tits over so long that they were ultra sensitive and a little sore…not a bad thing.We were facing each other, playing and talking, when he rolled me a little more and gave me a pretty good slap on both cheeks. They got my attention and left a little sizzle behind. I held him closer and was given two more, just as hard. Yes, I jumped a little and moaned along with a gasp or two. That’s when I rolled onto my tummy. It wasn’t what he was doing but; the whole feeling of HOW he was doing it.The feeling had a sensual quality to it and, I was on fire again.Part of the conversation was if I’d been spanked, especially during lovemaking – yes, I have and, worse.I guess I enjoy it a little but that’s about all.He asked if he could spank me, would it upset me? At that point, like a few other guys have done, I had the strange feeling that I WANTED him to put me over his knee and give me a spanking. More than anything else I wanted him to spank me until I was a sniveling, bawling, sore little bitch then…take me to bed and fuck me like a whore…no mercy at all. I’d also passed the point that I cared about who heard anything or what they heard. I asked him two things: to spank me to tears then give me a good hard fucking and; after the spanking, hold me while I have a good cry. That got a smile, a wonderful soft kiss and a very warm hug. He eased me over his lap, caressed my backside and thighs for a little while then started to spank. A little, then harder and harder. He spanked me until I was all over his lap and kicking like hell! He spanked me until I turned to jelly, broke down completely and just started to bawl my head off. I lost all control in the end and just lay there sobbing convulsively. I sobbed and trembled hard from head to foot. He helped me up then into bed where he held me, hugged me, caressed and kissed me. After a few minutes I simply begged him to fuck me…to fuck me good and hard! He handled that just as well as he did the spanking.Making love, after a spanking, can be pretty painful.That one was all of that; my backside felt worse than after some paddlings I’ve been given. When he finally finished I had to be helped to the toilet (damn did I have to pee!). I was shaking so bad that I couldn’t keep my legs under me; they were weak and like rubber. I did manage to calm down enough that I could make the bed on my own; to lay on my tummy, not on my side or back. Even that quick sit, to pee, was painful. The sex had been painful but it’s what I wanted. I felt used and abused but; something else, calm and peaceful inside – at least the parts of me that weren’t on fire.I could fall in love with this guy in a heartbeat.We took half an bahis siteleri hour to cuddle, while I calmed down. I let him relax while I got cleaned up, put some clothes on and went to check out front. The cleaner was gone for the day; the guy at the desk took one look at me and knew what had happened. It had been ME getting a spanking and, it showed all over. Being Sunday (yesterday) most of the guests had left. Mine was staying for another night; I asked the guy to go to the dorm and move everything down to my room for him. He’d spent all but the first night sleeping with me anyway. I also told him that he could go home at six; I’d handle the evening until closing. I had something in mind and it would be a memory to last for more than a few days. There was a problem sitting anyway; it would only get a little worse.Most Sundays and Mondays are slow days; I was counting on this Sunday night to be the same as always. I’d asked him to take me over his knee and add to the damage with another spanking then; after dinner when we were alone, paddle me. He could decide when I’d had enough then fuck me good and hard. It was just a feeling I had and I wanted it, I wanted it from him and, I wanted held cuddled kissed and caressed after then…I wanted good hard sex. I’ve only asked one other person to do this to me. I made dinner and set things aside when he came and told me it was time to warm my backside again then followed him into the room. He was so loving, so sweet, so kind; like he was sorry he was going to spank me. Once I was over his knee I just let everything go. I wasn’t even shaking or trembling, my mind was telling me to relax and take the spanking. I was pretty calm until he lit the fire in my ass again then…just went to pieces. Dinner was very uncomfortable. He did ask a few times if I was sure that I wanted paddled. I did and had resolved to take it. Again; it was up to him on how long it lasted and, I wanted him to take me as soon as it was over. Just mount me and breed me.The paddle is a ‘conversation piece’; it hangs on the lobby and has been used a few times. I’d only had a few whacks with it and it did sting like fire. It is a real paddle (see picture) and, although I wanted it and had committed, I was a little fearful. Everything was in his hands; he’d tell me when it was time, what he wanted me to do and I’d just obey him. I did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and waited for the worker to go home. We played and messed around until something like nine o’clock when I was sure there wouldn’t be any more guests. Once I’d closed up, I was nicely told that it was time to go to the room. Now I WAS trembling all over!The paddle was lying on the bed; he’d piled up two pillows so my ass would be in the right position. I removed the tampon bahis şirketleri and tried to pee – I couldn’t. He was very gentle loving and nice to me as he took my panties down and raised the sarong around my hips before telling me to lie across the pillows. After he’d made the adjustments to my position; I just waited and tried like hell to relax my cheeks.I didn’t want to peek back and look; I closed my eyes, tried to breathe nice and deep.I wasn’t really ready for it. The first one was a major shock and, there was no warning. I was already pretty sore. There was a very hot explosion of pure pain all over my backside and it just seemed to instantly shoot in all directions…especially right up to my brain. I cringed like hell, I know my toes curled and I covered my mouth with both hands! I don’t have any idea how many whacks I was given but, I do know that I went completely to pieces after the first few. I have no idea when I released my bladder but I do remember the sudden warm feeling under me and I knew it was happening. From experience I also knew that I couldn’t stop it; clinching those muscles would only cause more pain, I let it all go.When it was over he scooped me into his arms, got us lying on the bed and held me, comforted and kissed me. I don’t think I’ve ever cried harder; the pain was all consuming and almost dulled every other sense in my body. I was totally wrapped in it. I was now his and, bawling while he moved me onto my back, got my legs pulled up and penetrated me good and deep. I begged for a good hard fucking; yes, I bawled and begged for it – I wanted it and I wanted it hard as hell!He tried to be gentle about it but; there was no way. The pain was horrible! I wrapped my arms and legs around him, urged him to do me hard and just hung on until he came. He was so aroused that, even after he filled me with cum, he kept going for a while.Sex, this morning, was a real bitch. I tried everything but wound up on my face while he worked his morning wood off inside of my roaring hot cunt. Thank god we were alone; I cried through that, cried more through breakfast then went back to bed and had another good cry – with someone holding me good and tight. I’ve had trouble walking today and; sitting is very painful. I did look and my backside is one big welt/bruise to halfway down my thighs. I’m so worn out and sore that I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed and rest. We had some nice gentle sex before he went to catch his train and I’ve been depressed ever since. I do cry a lot and with no provocation; I just suddenly begin to weep like a little bitch. I did have the workers in; the guy to watch the desk and the woman to clean my room up. The pillows were thrown away; I’d soaked both of them well.I don’t feel the need for any ‘aftercare’; I want to remember him for a while. Red hot welted backside and glowing all over.I mentioned it to a few of you but; he’s a guy that I could not only have a baby with but would be so proud to do it.