The Wrong Holiday Pt. 03

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Of course I woke up with another big smile on Thursday morning; why wouldn’t I? The bedroom still smelled of sweaty sex and my arsehole was still itchy from Shaggy fucking it the previous night, which made me instantly horny …. again.

But, when I stepped out of bed I realised that it was a lot colder than I’d expected; so opened the bedroom curtains only to see fog ….. nothing else; just fog.

Shit …. shit …. and shit.

Nevertheless I turned the heater on and went to make some breakfast. As I said earlier; there really is something decadent and very sexy about walking around naked …. from choice.

It was too cold to sit on the veranda, stayed inside while checking e-mails and texts and drinking a second mug of coffee.

The fog showed no sign of lifting so I decided to take the opportunity to go to the harbour and buy the kids some presents and perhaps have a bit of lunch.

After a slow lingering shower; massaging my tits and flicking my clit; but not actually bringing myself off, I bunched up my hair and put my tightest leggings and a t-shirt on; minus bra under my denim jacket. I arrived at the harbour about 11.30 just as the sun began fighting through the fog.

Not far from the small car park was a nice cafe overlooking the boats, so I thought a coffee and a ciggy would be in order.

The waiter was about my age and had a lovely smile; which grew broader when I took my jacket off just as he returned with my coffee ….. as my nipples were sticking out very noticeably through the thin cotton.

He stayed a couple of minutes making polite conversation; and couldn’t take his eyes off my tits and cleavage …… which soon had me squirming on my seat; but he eventually got called back inside.

I pottered around the shops and backstreets; eventually stumbling on an art gallery; which stopped me in my tracks.

There to one side of the display window was a photograph of Lionel and a card saying all of these paintings were his.

I was stunned. The starting price was £300 and a couple of larger ones between £4 and £5000!!

Still with my head spinning I sat outside a trendy bar-restaurant and had lunch and a nice glass of wine. My unfettered titties were still drawing male attention; primarily from the two young guys serving my drink and food; but a male few passers by also made very little attempt not to stare too; especially a guy in his twenties who gave me a saucy wink as he went past; but no one actually tried to chat me up.

Feeling very sexy I bought a couple of presents for my boys; then back at the village, stopped off at the supermarket to buy some wine and bits and pieces for my tea and hopefully arrange a meeting later with Shaggy; but he wasn’t there, just a chubby teenage girl chewing gum to stay awake.

With his monster cock not an option it would have to another DIY session but everything looked ripe and soft; so that was a no-go too.

Back at the caravan; as the sun was now shining I wandered down to the beach for an hour or so. Because of the intermittent weather it was pretty deserted and I got quite frustrated at not getting any male attention; even young Potter or the pervy dog walkers didn’t make an appearance when I went into the dunes for a piss.

Back in ‘van I made my tea and ate it on the veranda …… but no one saw me, which was a damn shame. But; after a coffee and a couple of cigarettes I soon started smiling at the thought of my previous evening fun and games and vowed to buy some real sex toys as soon as I got home.

As the evening turned cooler again; I decided to put my sweatshirt and a pair of knickers on; so with wine in hand sat watching the sun go down, then the stars lighting up the night sky; mentally reliving the sexy events of earlier in the week and decided that this most certainly was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

As Friday was my last full day I went back to the beach; while not as hot as previously it was still plenty warm enough to sunbathe naked.

Just like the Tuesday and Wednesday there weren’t very many people around; all couples or small female groups, none of which interested me or where interested in me either; so I spent my time reading and wandering wistfully into the sea.

Eventually I needed to pee and when I spotted a couple of men walking their dogs in the dunes; off I went. Pretending to look around and not see anyone, but knew at least one had his eyes on me, I stood legs akimbo, leaned forwards and unleashed a torrent of golden piss into the sand, as one man slowly edged closer.

The Devil came out in me and I caught his gaze and began stroking my bald pussy, then licking my finger ……. and repeating the exercise; but he seemed to panic and quickly bid a hasty retreat to where he’d come from!

Such is life, so I went back to topping up my all over tan, with a bit of a smile on my face.

About 3 I packed my things and slowly made my way along the beach and back to the caravan. Just as I made it to ankara moldovyalı escortlar the top step Lionel’s car followed by a big 4×4 Mercedes pulled up outside his home.

“Hello stranger!” He called over and held his arms out, “Have you missed me?”

I responded likewise with a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek; whispering, ~”You have no idea how much.” Which made him chuckle.

By now a tall and chubby swarthy looking fella got out of the Mercedes and joined us.

“Aha, my dear this is Sahin, my accountant and best friend ….. he’s come to stay for the weekend. Will you join us for dinner later? We will call for you about 7?”

The dark skinned, handsome man looked a bit George Clooney, with his silver hair and goatee beard …… and dazzling brown twinkling eyes.

Before I could answer, he too held me in a bear hug and kissed me on both cheeks.

“Yes.” I stuttered, “why the Hell not? 7 it is?”

Had Lionel told him about me?

Did they think that I would be easy prey?

“Fuck it!” I smiled; as really fancied another shag with Lionel anyway; and his friend looked rather sexy in a Mediterranean Lothario kind of way …. and it wouldn’t be my first threesome of the week …. would it?

I spent an hour or so naked on the patio; occasionally touching my juicy pussy fantasising about what may or may not lie in wait for little old shy me later on.

As good as his word Lionel knocked on the door at 7 prompt, and both men looked ‘smart but casual’ with Lionel wearing smart shorts and a linen shirt and Sahin chinos and a crisp white shirt. I wore my short denim skirt and a blouse that was just the right side of tight …… oh; and no bra or knickers!

On the walk down and as we waited for our meals we chatted about what we’d done over the last few days; although I was very coy about my liaisons with Shaggy and Potter, just hinting I’d spoke to them on the beach; which was greeted with a ‘knowing smile’ by my artist friend; who seemed genuinely embarrassed when I told him I’d been in the gallery.

He then confessed to having been arranging a prestigious exhibition of his work; and Sahin told him not to be so modest; explaining just how successful he actually was.

The mood was very convivial as we ate and even began to get a bit risqué just as the tattooed hulk who’s wife had given him a blowjob on the beach on Saturday arrived; and Lionel insisted he join us.

It appeared he had been around all afternoon, repairing some guttering and other bits and pieces and his wife would be coming up by train on Saturday afternoon.

Now squashed between him and Sahin in the booth my skirt kept riding up my thighs; especially as I began squirming in my seat when they began recounting stories of sexy shenanigans that had happened on the site in previous years.

It turned out that Lionel had been married three times and had led a very bohemian lifestyle and held some quite bacchanalian parties, which Sahin and the Tattooed Hulk had been to and took great delight in going into intimate details of gang-bangs, threesomes and even a bukkake night with one of Lionel’s ex-wives!

Before I knew what was happening Sahin had his big arm wrapped around my shoulder and his hand kept dropping down onto my wobbling boob whenever I laughed and the Hulk occasionally stroked or squeezed my thigh as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and I didn’t do a thing to stop them. …. of course.

About 9.30 I needed to go to the toilet and as I squeezed past the Hulk I stumbled and he caught me; leaving me bent double over his knee and presumably showing Lionel and Sahin that I wasn’t wearing knickers!

“Wahay! I didn’t know you were this kinky!” The Hulk laughed and playfully spanked my arse; “in a pub as well you horny minx!”

As soon as I returned, the mood had changed a little and Lionel suggested we go back to his place and finish the night in his hot tub; which the other two thought a terrific idea; and in fairness so did; I but pretended to be a bit unsure.

I was a bit wobbly on my feet walking back to the beach houses; but Sahin held onto me; but from time to time would slide his hand up to jiggle my boob or a couple of times; downwards and up my skirt to squeeze my arse cheeks; which made me wriggle away and tell him what a ‘naughty man he was.’

Once inside the beach house the atmosphere was electric and as Lionel poured some drinks and turned the hot tub and garden lights on; it was The Hulk who finally suggested; “if we’re going in we’d better get our kit off!”

Amid much giggling all three men nervously peeled their clothes off; ultimately revealing three very large cocks!

“Your turn my sexy young thing.” Sahin purred. Perhaps I was taking too long or he thought I may change my mind; but before I could do anything The Hulk began unbuttoning my blouse and immediately began suckling my titties when it was fully undone, then unhooked my skirt, which I wriggled out of.

“Don’t ankara ukraynalı escortlar be so impatient young sir!” Lionel laughed; “let’s go outside first.”

I hadn’t noticed the hot tub on my last visit; but it was about the right size for four normal sized people; but with Sahin and The Hulk, it was a tight squeeze ….. but that just made for more fun of course.

As soon as I was squashed between the two giants the sexy stories began again about previous parties; and if I wasn’t already turned on …….. I thought I was on the verge of cumming without even touchi9ng my clitty when Sahin recounted one evening when Lionel had invited a Dutch friend with a 10 inch cock; now the three in front of me were all bigger than anything I’d ever seen before last Saturday! But 10 inches! WOW.

Not only was I turned on; but all three men now had massive erections that they loved showing off by standing up and waggling them at me, which made me giggle and soon I would give both Sahin and The Hulk a little tug as the sexy stories were flowing.

Eventually Freedom by George Michael came on the stereo.

“Ooh” I love this song!” I shouted out; and with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, stood up and began dancing as sexily as a drunk 37 year old can in a hot tub.

“Come on sweetie, do a little lap dance for Sahin!” The Turk cackled. So I sashayed over and did a sexy wiggle front and back, then grinding down until his cock was sliding between my arse cheeks …… he grabbed my tits and tried to pull me down onto it; but I just laughed and pulled away.

“My turn now,” The Hulk grunted while wanking his cock. I did the same sexy wiggle and tried my best at Twerking, which must have given both men a nice view of my swollen and expectant gash.

I have no idea what song was playing by the time I gave Lionel his lap dance; which included me sitting on his knees and stroking his cock while he sucked my tits.

By now I was gagging for cock and didn’t know which to choose first; but as I considered my options Sahin told Lionel that he had some cigars in his bag; and would he and the Hulk like one; which they did.

While he went inside, feeling a bit light headed I sat back down; only for the Hulk to stand before me and pull my head towards his imposing cock ……… mmmmmmmm, yes please. Without a seconds hesitation I swallowed three or four inches of big fat cock then gave him a sloppy blow job while cupping and squeezing his massive balls.

“I’ve only been gone two minutes!” Sahin laughed on his return; “and you’ve started without me!”

The three men; including The Hulk lit their cigars as I kept sucking the younger man’s massive cock.

“What about me baby?” Sahin, standing beside us smoking his cigar laughed as he waggled his semi at me. I wrapped my fingers around it and tugged it until it was quite hard, then with a kiss to the Hulk’s cockhead began sucking on the Turk’s beauty.

After a couple of minutes, I had to stand up and stretch my back.

“I love the smell of cigars.” I purred, “can I have a go?”

The three men looked at each other and grinned, as Sahin passed me his. “Take your time baby;” he warned “slowly, slowly …… just like you are sucking a cock.”

I took a short hot drag and puffed the blue smoke out straight away. It wasn’t unpleasant; but not really what I was expecting for some reason.

As I stood smoking in the middle of the tub, The Hulk was behind me kissing my neck and caressing my titties while rubbing his long cock against my arse and Lionel recounted a story of a night in Bangkok when a stripper had smoked a cigarette with her pussy; “Do you think you could do that with a cigar?” He winked.

I pursed my lips and looked at the thick roll of tobacco in my fingers; “Let’s see.” and handed the cigar back to the Turk, then clambered onto the edge of the tub with my feet on the seat.

“Hand me a towel sweetie.” I asked the older man; then dabbed it around my thighs and along my juicy pussy.

You might have to hold on to me.” I giggled; and The Hulk handed me his cigar, then took up a position so as to take my weight on his muscly chest and allowed him access to my titties again.

I took a moment or two to get my breathing right then I nervously ran the wet end along my slit to absolute silence from my audience, then took another drag from it before, panting heavily spread my legs with one foot on the edge and slowly and sexily slid the cigar into my pussy; then using my best pelvic floor exercises to draw in some smoke, then tentatively removed it and …….. blew a wisp of blue smoke out, much to their amusement!

“Again! Again!” Sahin chuckled; and now a tad more confident did it four or five times; each time with more smoke.

“Fucking Hell!” The Hulk laughed as he took a draw on the cigar after I gave it back; “it tastes a whole lot nicer now!”

“Stay there baby.” The Turk grinned; and taking hold of me by the waist tipped sincan minyon tipli escortlar me backwards and buried his face between my legs; his tongue lashing everywhere as I squealed with absolute delight, before pulling me back and telling me to wrap my legs around him, which I did then lowered myself onto his rock hard cock.

“Oh God.” I sighed as inch after inch filled me up; and once it was in he began thrusting as if trying to buck me off …… but I clung on; forcing my head into his shoulder as he fucked me ragged for a minute or two.

“Come on; I want a go too!” The Hulk grunted as he slapped my arse a couple of times.

“I can’t do this much longer.” The Turk laughed, and delicately let me slide off. The bodybuilder was sitting behind me; “come on …… sit on it.”

My head was spinning as I stepped backwards and he guided his cock into me; again making me groan and pant when he immediately began rattling me while twisting my nipples.

As he effortlessly lifted me up and down on his cock Sahin pulled my head forward until I was level with his cock; even in this state I didn’t need telling twice and began greedily sucking his cock while getting royally fucked from behind; and not to leave Lionel out wanked him at the same time.

The three took turns in this combination for over half an hour and still none of them had cum!

It was soon decided to take things inside and after drying ourselves, I was led into Lionel’s bedroom where I lay in the middle of all three, passionately kissing as the men groped and fingered me; sometimes two at a time and on one instance The Hulk had three fingers in my fanny as The Turk fingered my arse and I had Lionel’s lovely cock in my mouth.

Probably satisfied he’d stretched my arsehole enough he held my thigh and I felt him nudging his cockhead against my anal hole ….. then I gasped and grunted as in it went; maybe only three of his eight inches ….. but Jeez it really stretched my arse.

As he gently fucked my rear The Hulk positioned himself at the front and with a powerful thrust filled my front hole to the brim making my squeal like a pig and keep on squealing as both men fucked my holes with their huge rock hard rods!

“Get on your back.” Sahin told the younger man, who wrapped his arms around me; and on the count of three we all rolled left …….. I thought I was giving childbirth in reverse!

This position gave Sahin more leverage for fucking my arse and The Hulk a more relaxed position to machine gun my stretched cunt.

Oh my fucking God …… if the threesome with Shaggy and Potter had been mind blowing I don’t have the words to describe the feelings I was experiencing now; and when Lionel took my head and shoved his cock into my mouth I felt I’d died and gone to sexual Heaven.

“Move over old man” The Hulk grunted; “I want a piece of her arse too.”

“OK…… I need a lie down anyway.” The Turk wheezed.

The two seamlessly changed positions and when I saw the size of Sahin’s cock I couldn’t believe I’d had it all up my arse; but I had and now I was riding it like a Cowgirl, until The Hulk put his hand on my shoulder and gently manoeuvred me forwards and was was now pushing his own 8 incher up the same chute; but this time I was a lot more relaxed and was soon bouncing onto both magnificent cocks while sucking Lionel to the brink of orgasm.

We’d been fucking like this for nearly half an hour and it was The Hulk who ‘gave in first’ ……. really ramping up his fucking my arse as Sahin pumped away underneath, then the younger man grunted , jerked and finally filled my arse with a whole load of his gunk; which made his cock go ‘plop’ when he pulled it out.

Sahin, slid me off and rolled me onto my back; then without saying a word took my ankles and pushed my legs backwards; then lined his monster cock up against my already stretch cunt, and then virtually flopped on top sinking all 8 inches deep inside me in one go, then with my legs wrapped around my waist fucked me like a man possessed as I sucked on Lionel’s long cock and when he was ready to cum he forced my legs off him; pulled out and sprayed my belly and tits with the must spunk I’d ever seen in my life.

This in turn tipped Lionel over the edge and he took a firm hold on my head and fucked my mouth until he filled it with his own goo.

I could hardly catch my breath for a minute or so as the three men all lay gasping beside me.

“Fucking Hell.” I panted; “that was amazing,”

Sensing my needs, Lionel slid his hand between my legs and began stroking my clitty, then Sahin moved on the other side and while suckling my tits began fingering me at the same time; first one finger then two faster and faster. Without a word; The Hulk spread my knees and lifted me backwards onto my shoulders, and The Turk changed position slightly and now added a third finger which alongside Lionel’s amazing treatment to my clit had me groaning and panting; then The Turk slid his fingers back to the entrance and squeezed all five together then forced his entire hand up my well ducked cunt!

My orgasm started in my toes and nearly blew my head off …… but both men continued, Lionel ferociously rubbing my clit and Sahin fisting me until I didn’t know where one orgasm stopped and another one started!