They all want black baby’s part 5

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They all want black baby’s part 5So I find myself at the beach with sex over sexed women and I understate over sexed. We are fairly close to each other and I am in between Heater and Cindy. Heather says to me that I look hot, why don’t you take off those shorts, not like you don’t have a suit on underneath. I gave her a un approving look at her. Then says here let me help. All of the women are fixed on me as Heather removes my baggy shorts. When they see me in my white speedo, all of them get wide eyed and pretty much at the same time say oh shit!! Heather tells me to stand up and model my gift to you. I think what the hell, I might as well go along with it.I stood up with my back to everyone other than Heather , so they are looking at my tight ass. When I turn to face them I am closest to Cindy so my barely covered semi hard dick in about a foot from her face, causing her to moan and lick her lips. All the other ladies have the same reaction. I tell them I think I need to go in the water to cool off, June and Beth said that they would join me.The water feels good and I hope it will help contain my growing cock, but that is going to be harder than I wanted with June and Beth there with their tits out. We start splashing water and wresting with each other. A lot of tit, cock and pussy grabbing. Both of them made it a point to put a tit in my mouth and get a handful of dick. After a while we leave the water and Beth and June are looking hard at my dick. I look down and think fuck, I forgot that when wet this suit was almost transparent. When we get back to the girls they all start making obscene gestures and cat bahis şirketleri calls. Heather get them started with a chant take it off, take it off. I might as well make the best of it and let the suit fall to my ankles. They are going crazy over the naked black man with the big dick in front of them. Now Cindy and Trudy have never seen my naked cock so they were the loudest. They both came over to me and held my dick at the same time stroking it. Trudy says to Heather, you understated the size of this monster and Cindy echo’s the same. Trudy unties her bottom, pushes Cindy aside. Get in front of me, put her arms around me a kisses me deep. Without warning, she hops up on lap with her legs around me and lowers herself until the fat head of my dick in touching her wet pussy. She says if you want it or not, I am going to slide my wet, tight cunt onto the hard cock and fuck myself silly in front of everyone who wants to watch. Then she slide down saying oh fuck, oh fuck it’s stretching me wide open and I love it. She starts bouncing up and down on me crying in pleasure. It’s only been a few minutes and she is cumming already soaking my balls, but it doesn’t slow her down a bit. After a while I am getting tired of holding her up, so I laid her on the towel in between Mary and Cindy who I notice were naked, actually they all were naked and playing with their pussy’s. I put my dick back inside of Trudy and fucked her like I paid for it. Her head was moving from side to side and she was moaning for more and harder. While fucking her, I took a tits in my mouth and sucked on it hard and she begged me keep doing that, bahis firmaları it was going to make her cum, and it did. Now she is trying to match me stroke for stroke getting me deeper in her cunt. I feel my orgasm building and I tell her and asked her where did she want it. She screamed out loud, in my fucking cunt, fill my cunt with you black baby making seed. I pushed her legs back beside her ears opening her pussy wide open and slammed into her one more time and left it there until i emptied my big black balls in her gut. Her tight pussy was milking every drop of my cum deep in her. I knew I made her pregnant with that load, but going to keep fucking as long as I can. I pulled out of her and laid on my back. My cock was still hard and covered in our mixed cum. Cindy who was in a 69 with Heather came over and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning and sucking what she could out of it.She came of my dick with a pop, looked up at me and said I hope you’re not done, because it’s my turn to feel this black meat in my pussy and ass. Without waiting for an answer, she lowered her super tight ass down my dick to my balls. She groans out mother fucker this is the biggest cock I have ever had. I wonder if I have taken on more than I can handle, but I am going to try. Lay still baby mamma got this. She starts fucking me slow and deep. When she get use to it in her ass she starts fucking me like a machine with it’s own mind. She bends over to let me suck on her ample tits. She screams out ohhh it feels fucking good. She rides my cock for almost 15 minutes crying in pleasure the whole time. I told her that I want her pussy kaçak bahis siteleri now. She laid on her back, spread her legs wide and back next to her ears and says fuck me stud, I want to feel it for a week. Beth wanting in on the fun, comes over, sits on her face and lifts her tits into my mouth. June comes over, lays on her back between my legs sucking and licking on my big swinging balls. I can only imagine what we look like to anybody walking by. This crazy ass sex chain goes on for about thirty minutes with Cindy cumming several times and Beth not far behind her. I know that I am going to cum soon, but don’t waste my time asking her where she wants my load of hot cum. After all, this is about getting them pregnant. I tell her here it cums, take my fucking cum deep in your cunt, The three of us all cum at the same time. Like Trudy, my load was so bid and shot deep in her, I’d be surprise if she doesn’t get pregnant.For the rest of the time on the beach I had fucked Mary, June, Beth and Trudy again. I was wiped out and my dick was sore. When we left the ladies went home All accept Cindy, she followed Heather and I home. Before went slept the night together they sucked my cock together and shared my load. I woke up the next morning with Heather lowering her pussy onto my dick and Cindy lowering her pussy onto my face, we played until we all had big orgasms.Over the next couple of months I fucked the ladies over and over, so much I have no idea how many time. One night the girls set up their husband, had them all come to Heather’s house. They tied them naked to chairs in a circle and made them watch me each lady get bred by me in the center of the men.A couple of months later, Heather, Beth, Trudy and Mary were all pregnant with black babies. A few months later the rest of them were pregnant also. We all kept fucking until it wasn’t safe to.