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thongsit all started wen i was 14 years old i was at my grannys house cuz my uncal was getten marred and i always had a thing for sniffing panties i love thong as you can get from the i got up i was going ta get a fag off my aunt and she was gone ta get her hair done so wen i went into her room dere was no1 dere so i seen on the bed she was late cuz all her cloths were all over the place and i could see she had been wearen a thong from the nite befor cuz wen she leand forwad i could see it see i picked up the thong and went into the bathroom and started ta sniff it and i had jurked off into dem bu i dident hear her come back and dere was no1 els in the house at the time thay were all gone ou so i went back 2 her room and went ta put the thong back and wen i wald in she was in another thong it was a black and pink 1 and i had the black thong in my hand so she turned around and said “wat are u doing with my thong!!” i dident no wat ta say ta her i was so embaresed and i dident say anything and den she said “well artemisbet yeni giriş are u going ta say anything. wat did ya do with dem ? she wasent as mad now so wen she got a little smile on her face she said “come on we will go for a fag and have a little talk” so i said ok and she got her fags and we went out side cuz we werent aloud ta smoke in the house so anyway wen we went out side we sat in her car “do u like sniffing panties” she asked me i said “yes i doo and wat are u going ta do are u going ta tell mam and dad”ahe said ” no why would i do that iv known for awile that u like my panties and wen i wear a thong u cant keep ur eyes off me” so i dident say anything and we went back inside and she said noten els abou it untill about 2 o clock at the wedding wen she asked my ,a, and dad was it ok if i stayed with her cuz she isent fellen well,,, so day said yes and wen she told me i said ok and den we went up 2 her room and she closed the door after me and she locked it and sat on the artemisbet giriş side of the bed and taped on it so i went over and she said ta me “would ya like ta sniff the thong i am wearing rite now” i dident say anything and she lifted up her dress and she was wearen a pink thong and i could see i wet spot on it and den she said ” i no want ta sniff it so just do it i wount tell any1 if u dont” so i bent down and stuck my head inbetween her legsand i took a big sniff the smell was so guud i was getten so hard and she dem said ta me ” i see u like it ” and den pointing ta my pance cuz my cock was sticking up through it so she put her hand on it and started ta rub it and i wouldent belive wat was going on so i den came up from between her legs and said “can i lick you ” she said ” you can do more den that u can eat my pussy cuz im so wet and horney and i want u ta fuck me later2 so i leand in for a kiss and she kissed me back and he toung came into my mouth and da same forom me and we make love for artemisbet güvenilirmi a few mins den i broke it and leand down and and pulled her thong to the side and licked her and i was licking her and den i stuck my toung into her and i hit the rite spot and she started ta moan really loud and i did that for a few sec and den she came so hard cuz her asslifted off the bed and she was out of brethwen she camed down i said are u ready for more nany and she said yes and stud up off the bed and and i took off her dress and she was wearen a black lace bra and i uncliped her bra and it fell 2 the ground and i started ta play withe her tits,, thay are bit but not 2 big eather so i started ta suck on her niples and after a few mins she said ” are you going ta fuck me or wat i have been waten all nite ” i said ya ok and den she went ta take off her thong and i said no leave it on so she went down and undid my pance and den she pulled my pance and boxers down in 1 go so she pushed herself into me and i pushed the thong to 1 saide and i stuck my rockhard cock into her and i fell onto the bed and she got ontop of my and startrd ta jump up and down on me and den we did 69ing for awile and den i did her up the ass and she really liked that and den we went ta sleep and from that day she gives me her dirty thongs