Thrill #11

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After Tom arrived we now had three naked men with erect cocks. Tom and Bill had fucked Carol while I watched. Carol seemed to be on a quest to get as many thrills as possible, while still staying true to her word that if I ever said stop, it would all end.How did we get here? Carol and I have been playing sex games for years. Carol would dance with someone we knew and during the dance she would wrap her arms around their neck, clasp her cunt to their legs and sometimes share hot kisses and furtive groping. She would always come back to me with her nipples poking out and a smirk on her face. She was an exhibitionist and seldom wore underwear. Somewhere we crossed a line. We went from almost innocent teasing to fucking.I remember in my heated mind. Carol had been dancing naked with Tom, a friend who had openly bahis siteleri lusted after her. We were at a friend’s cottage and the whole group of friends were skinny dipping. Then the music started and couples began dancing in the warm night air. Carol and Tom danced naked then it turned hot, they kissed and groped each other. Both of them clearly in heat. They headed back to the cottage, hand in hand, where I was waiting. They had paused underneath the deck and I could smell Carol’s sexual excitement. When they got to me Carol asked if she could fuck him. I was out of my mind with lust, jealousy and fear about where that would take us. I finally said yes.I watched them fuck and it was the most exciting sexual experience of my life. All three of us loved it. Carol and I wanted more, more sex, more thrills. canlı bahis siteleri Our next opportunity for more thrills was when Bill, an old friend of mine came to town for his work. Carol had flirted and seduced him and I watched them fuck and suck. Again it was really thrilling. Carol and I asked Bill to stay with us while he was in town for a week. Soon we invited him into our marital bed for more fucking and more thrills.Tonight had been sexually exciting with Bill in the hot tub.I pulled Carol up to me and embraced her in a hot kiss, our tongues down each other throats. She moaned into my mouth. I took her aside and asked what she wanted to do. She told me she wanted to fuck all of us for the whole night. I said to Tom and Bill, let’s take this to the bedroom. Carol wrapped her hand around both canlı bahis of their cocks and led them to the bedroom. I followed them, my breath panting, my mind in some other world of sexual debauchery, my cock pulsing with anticipation.In the bedroom Carol got on her knees between Tom and Bill. She started stroking their hard cocks while they looked down at her. She blew a hot breath on their cocks and cradled each of their balls with her cool hands. She sucked Tom’s cockhead into her mouth and slobbered all over it while still pumping Bill’s cock. The air was full of sexual anticipation. My mind was whirling with the usual jealousy, overcome by our lust for more thrilling sex. Carol was moaning as she sucked their cocks. Bill was trembling, his cock thick with veins, the head deep purple, open mouthed, breath gasping. Tom started rubbing his cock all over Carol’s face, briefly rubbing along Bill’s cock.I knelt behind Carol, love biting, kissing her neck. I reached around her and pulled on her nipples as she worshiped their cocks.