Til Death Do Them Part

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Til Death Do Them PartIt felt like she was u*********s for days when she came to, unaware of where she was and her senses still coming back to her. Lilithali’s last memory was venturing through Haukke Manor once again with her lover, on a mission to rid the fallen abode of voidkin once and for all. She comes to realize that she’s been captured by the denizens of the evil mansion and imprisoned somewhere unknown.As feeling returned to her body, Lilithali notices that she’s been stripped completely of her gear. On top of that, her chest felt much heavier than usual. She looked down to notice her exposed breasts much bigger than before, newly pierced and chained to the floor. On all fours, she can barely move her limbs as they too are chained to the surrounding cell.Before any new thoughts could rush through her mind, the sound of broken breathing from behind her caught her attention. She turned around to denizli escort see her beloved partner Veucrilien hunched over behind her and gripping the cell wall as if trying to gain control of herself. Something was wrong. Her eyes carried the very darkness Lilithali remembered fighting in the manor. Veucrilien’s stance was almost b**stly, and her breasts were equally enlarged.Veucrilien placed her hand on Lilithali’s back, causing an abnormal burst of cold to flow through her body. One moment she felt as though she was encased completely in ice, then the next she felt her body warm up intensely, first from her loins and then up to her chest and face. Moments later, she felt her lover’s fingers make their way into her now moist, quivering pussy. Her mind was filled with primal desire to fuck, her entire body in heat, her ovaries producing eggs ready to be fertilized. She looked diyarbakır escort back once more at her seemingly corrupted lover to notice what was once Veucrilien’s tender feminine mound has now become a set of well-endowed male genitals.Lilithali’s pussy begins dripping with arousal as she watches her tainted lover’s dark cock grow into a massive erection. She feels Veucrilien take her by the hips and in an instant she could feel the inside of her pussy attempting to adjust to her partner’s newfound incredible girth.The sound of rattling chains and lustful primal moaning echoed throughout the otherwise empty prison as Veucrilien forcefully rammed her hard, throbbing cock into her bound lover’s hot pussy. As she fucked Lilithali like a bitch in heat, Veucrilien reached down to play with her soaked clit. Lilithali’s juices dripped from her fingers as Veucrilien fucked escort bayan harder and harder, the squishing sound of her meat repeatedly forcing itself into her moist vagina almost taking over the noise of the chains shaking from Lilithali’s swollen tits bouncing back and forth.After several more minutes of loud, a****listic mating, the corrupted Veucrilien slammed her hips into her lover’s rear end and let out an otherworldly growl. Her dark cock pulsed repeatedly, poking past the cervix as she let loose a torrent of tarry liquid deep into Lilithali’s fertile womb. Squirt after squirt, Lilithali’s belly began filling up with demonic seed desperately seeking to impregnate her. Veucrilien reached ahead and put her juicy fingers to her bound pet’s mouth, giving Lilithali a taste of her own pussy which she lapped up like a thirsty hound.A short time later, Veucrilien took Lilithali by the hips once again and continued to pound away as if they were just getting started. The two adventuring lovers who not too long ago were on a mission to rid Haukke of its demonic presence have now become nothing more than corrupt pawns for the voidkin to breed and conceive more creatures for their kind.