Tricked Sluts pt.2

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Tricked Sluts pt.2Shawn and Josh are loving the success of their new business. To keep things going, Josh wants to hire a secretary to handle all the money and the rest of their profits. Shawn knew of a smart girl who used to be an office assistant at a job he once worked at. He heard she got fired because she was having sex with the boss’s husband.Josh thought that this would be fun especially since the girl is already sexual active and they can add her to their collection of Basement sluts. Josh gave Shawn the go ahead to call and find out where she lives. Shawn made a few calls and finally located her in an apartment building in the next town. Shawn decided personal that he would go and ask her if she wanted a job with them and to get a sneak peek at what he would be fucking on the next video.Shawn had already known that the girl he and Josh are going to hire had an awesome body that Josh wouldn’t believe.“So describe this girl for me Shawn?” Asked Josh.“Well Josh. Her name is Nelly. She’s 5’2. I’ll say she weights around 120/130. She’s black and very stack,” implied Shawn with a smile.“How stack my friend?” Asked a curious Josh.“I overheard the boss’s husband talking about her breast size to a co-worker. I believe a 40DDD cup. And he mentions that she has an ass bigger then J-Lo’s. The smile on his face confirmed that. So you know I have to tap that ass,” said an eager Shawn.“God man. I’m hard just thinking about her,” said Josh, rubbing his crotch. “Let’s call her to make sure she is home.”Shawn got on the phone and called Nelly’s number.“Hello,” answered a very sweet voice.“Yeah hi Nelly? This is Shawn Harris. We worked together a few months ago at that Car Dealership. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you there.”“Oh hi Shawn. It’s ok. I couldn’t help it that the boss was jealous of me working real hard if you know what I mean;” Nelly said then let out a cute innocent giggle.“Yeah I do actually. I’ve been working hard everyday. Listen. My partner and me have a job for you. Would you like to be our secretary for our company?” Shawn asked.“What do you do exactly?” Asked Nelly.“Look. I was going to come over to your place, pick you up and bring you here to see for yourself. Is that all right with you?” Asked Shawn.“Sure. Come about 30 minutes and I shall be ready,” Nelly replied.“Thanks girl. Can’t wait to see you again. You and that fine ass of yours. Nelly number 2,” said Shawn laughing.“Yeah Yeah. It’s still big and you’ll be able to spot it,” said Nelly.“All right then girl. I’ll holler at you in a little bit,” said Shawn.“Ok. Bye bye,” said Nelly as she hung up.“I’m going to take a cab to go pick her up,” Shawn said.“We should have no problems getting her to fuck you Shawn,” said Josh.30 minutes later Shawn arrived at Nelly’s apartment building. He looked up her apartment door number and headed straight upstairs to apartment 301. Once there, he gave a knock on the door and open it was Nelly. Shawn’s eyes nearly pop out of his skull seeing what she was wearing. She had on a mini halter top that did little to hide her excess tit flesh nearly spilling out the top and tight booty jeans that showed her amazing huge ass off.“Hmmm,” Shawn moaned, getting a good look at Nelly’s chest. He felt his cock start to rise as he knew he was going to take her for the ride of her life.“Shall we be going?” Asked Nelly.The two of them left the apartment and got inside the cab. Then the two started having a nice conversation. Shawn was mainly paying most of this attention to her enormous breasts. They bounce and jiggled during the cab ride. Nelly knew Shawn wanted a piece of her. So she gave him a quick look at her massive melons. She pulled her halter top down and out jiggled her huge tits. Shawn’s enormous cock got hard instantly as he stared at her huge dark areolas, top with big dark nipples. He licks his lips and felt Nelly’s hand immediately go for his big hard on.“Oh my god Shawn. You’re enormous,” gasp Nelly, never feeling a cock his size before.“Perhaps later we can put it into some good use;” Nelly giggled and winked at Shawn.The cab driver was stun to see Nelly’s massive torpedoes out in the open. He nearly crashes the cab trying not to look at them as they wobbled and shake on her chest. She let Shawn feel on them and knead her huge tits like bread dough. He spends close attention on her nipples. Pulling and twisting them between his fingers. Nelly let out some small moans while Shawn played with her mammoth breasts.The cab ride stop and they arrived at Shawn’s apartment building. She pulled the halter top up and left the cab with Shawn. As Shawn was about to pay him, the cab driver turns it down and said thanks for the show. Shawn gave the driver two thumbs up and the cab gave them back at him as he drove off.Shawn took Nelly to his and Josh’s basement. Josh was waiting for them on the couch with a smile.“That’s my friend tempobet yeni giriş and business partner Josh I was telling you about in the cab,” said Shawn.Nelly sat down next to Josh and shook his hand.“Oh hi. Nice to meet you,” said Nelly. She smiled and winks at him. “He’s cute. Just like you Shawn.”“So did Shawn here tell you what we do and what we need of you Nelly?” Asked Josh.“Yeah. He told me that I would be helping you guys by being your secretary. I really really need this job. I haven’t had a job since I got fired from the Dealership 6 months ago and I have been replying on my family for money. I’ll do anything for this job,” Nelly pleaded.“Hmmm. Anything?” Question Josh with a greedy look on his face.“Yes. Anything,” said Nelly in a sweet and sexy tone.“You heard her Shawn. Now let her in on what we do for a living,” mention Josh.Shawn stuffs his hands into her halter-top and pulled out her massive breasts. Josh’s eyes got big and so did his cock. He took out the camcorder and welcomes everyone to the show on the computer. He started zooming in on Shawn mauling Nelly’s big titties. Just squeezing and kneading them.Shawn sat down next to her and started kissing her. Sliding his tongue into her mouth. Nelly started sucking on his tongue. Loving the feel of Shawn’s strong massive hands toying with her breasts.Shawn kissed down Nelly’s neck while having her titties cup in his hands. Bouncing them up and down lightly. Josh was really turn on by the tit play and so was Nelly especially. She felt her thong getting wetter and wetter from Shawn’s touching.Shawn had his face leveled at her massive breasts. He didn’t hesitate any longer and buried his face between them. Kissing and licking at her dark chocolate like skin. Rubbing her pillow like melons all over his head. Then he removed his head from between her huge tits and stuffs his mouth with her left massive tit. Sucking and making slurping noises. He started stretching her tit from her chest with his mouth while fondling the other. Pinching and teasing the big tootsie roll like nipple.“Oh god Shawn. Suck my tits. Hmmmm. Devour them. They’re all yours baby,” moan Nelly as her own hands started working her wet cunt down her jeans.Shawn let her left tit fall out of his mouth, covered in his saliva. Then started sucking on her right tit. Sucking as much of it into his mouth as humanly possible. Rolling his tongue repeatedly over her fat nipple. It became instantly hard, as a rock but that didn’t stop Shawn from sucking on it. He chewed and nibbled the hard rock nipple. Then continued to suck on it for all it’s worth.Nelly couldn’t take the tit sucking any longer and came inside her jeans.Josh was making sure he kept up with Shawn’s breast sucking and watching Nelly’s jeans get soak by her cum.Shawn let her massive wet titties drop and started sliding her jeans down off her legs. He could see the wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. Nelly kicked her sandals off to finally get her jeans off. Shawn knelt on the floor between Nelly’s legs and positions her legs up on his shoulders. He pulled her thong down to her thighs and got a good up close look at her wet black haired cunt.“Oh Shawn. Eat me. My pussy is on fire. Pleeeeeeeease put it out,” moan Nelly.She didn’t have to tell Shawn twice. He started kissing and licking the outside of her pussy. Tasting her cum from the tit sucking. He used his fingers to open her cunt up so his tongue could get good access to her large clit. His large tongue started rolling around on her clit. Swirling and beating it against her clit.Nelly was heavily moaning and sweating. She started to knead her own enormous wet tits and pull at her huge hard nipples.Josh had some close ups of Nelly’s facial expressions being nothing but pleasure and of her playing with her own breasts. Josh’s own dick was hard and he just wanted to fuck Nelly himself. He’s sure that everyone who is watching is also having the same problem.Shawn started to speed up with licking her clit. Nibbling and chewing on the large clit, setting Nelly’s pussy really on fire.Aaaaaahhhhh,” cried Nelly as Shawn feasted on her pussy. He stops eating her for a minute to let his fingers slide in and out of her pussy lips. The Shawn resumes eating her pussy, smashing his face into her black creamy bush and licking her out good.Nelly arches her back causing her massive torpedo like titties to stick out and wobble from her movements.Josh was catching all the wobbling on tape. Really getting close ups of her breasts sliding across her chest like wind shield wipers on a car.“Oh your pussy is so sweet and delicious,” moan Shawn, probing deeper and deeper with his tongue. Nelly grabs the back of Shawn’s head and started thrusting her pussy into his face. Shawn moved his tongue all over her pussy.After a few minutes, Nelly couldn’t stand the assault any longer and lifted tempobet giriş his head up from behind her legs.Josh zoomed in on her pussy. Getting a good look at how wet and red it was from Shawn’s attack.Shawn resumes sucking Nelly’s huge tits. Squeezing both breasts together and sucking on them one by one. Then he tired to force both massive melons into his mouth and got as much as he could. He released them from his mouth and just took in both thick black nipples. Sucking her into multiple orgasms.“Stand up Shawn…I need your big dick,” said Nelly breathing hard and heavy.Shawn releases her tits and stood up. His massive bulge stunk out noticeably for Nelly and the people watching on the Internet. She unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down with them.“Oh god. You’re so big. You’re enormous Shawn. Hmmm,” moan Nelly as she kissed the massive mushroom head of his cock. Then slowly swirling her tongue around it. Licking at his pee hole.“Hmmm,” moan Shawn feeling Nelly taking his huge dick slowly in her mouth.She had her big soft lips wrap around his massive cock. Sucking on it like a sucker. Taking it in and out from between her juicy lips. Coating Shawn’s enormous dick with her saliva. She took the big wet dripping cock out of her mouth and started beating it on her tongue. Slowly licking his pee hole gently.“You like that. Don’t you?” Teased Nelly to Josh as he was taping it.“Oh yeah. Keep it coming,” order Josh.Nelly started licking the huge shaft up and down. Swirling her tongue around it down to the base. Then she took fire one ball and then the other into her mouth. Sucking on them in turns.“Really eat his balls up Nelly;” order Josh, zooming in on her sucking Shawn’s big balls.She took Shawn’s heavy sag and dunks them into her wide mouth. Sucking on both balls at the same time. Washing them with her saliva. Her hands gripped Shawn’s ass and started squeezing his cheeks. Spanking his ass cheek and feeling them ripple as she suck and chewed on his huge balls.Shawn felt like he was on ecstasy. Running his hands through her hair as she took his cock back into her mouth. Slowly sucking it deeper and deeper into her throat. Shawn could feel his cockhead rubbing against the back of her mouth. She sucks all the way down until she stops at the base and had her nose buried in his pubic hairs.“Jesus Christ!” Said a shocked Josh. “Man. She deep throated Shawn to the base.” He zooms the cam to Nelly’s face and taped her with Shawn’s entire dick in her mouth. Shawn’s big wet balls resting on her chin and her face stuffed in his musty pubic hairs.After savoring his huge cock in her mouth, she started to pull the entire dick out between her lips slowly until the massive head reappear and drop from her lips. Saliva pour down heavily on his cock. She took it in both hands and started to pump it. Stroking the cock in her hands.“How would you like your big juicy cock between my big titties?” Teased Nelly, licking at the cockhead and sucking on it hard. Nibbling around the edges.“Ooooh god yesss,” cried Shawn, loving the warmth of her mouth around his cockhead. Nelly rubs his cockhead against the inside of her cheeks. Also letting her tongue lash out at the half his thick shaft in her mouth. She sucks on it for a few more minutes and felt pre-cum oozing from the head before letting it out of her mouth.“I can’t get enough of this cock,” moan Nelly as she lick the pre-cum off his pee hole. Then she proceeded to spit layers and layers of saliva between her mountainous breasts. Getting her cleavage all nice and slippery.Nelly got on her knees and Shawn slips his giant dick between her saliva-coated titties. Her help her tiny hands wrap her massive melons around his big dick.“Hmmm,” Nelly moans as she started to bounce her breasts up and down his wet cock.Shawn took his hands off her breasts and places them on her shoulders. Looking down at her as she held her gigantic titties around his cock. Rubbing them up and down it. His ass cheeks got tight as Nelly started going faster and faster. He felt his big balls started to bounce and smack against the bottoms of her breasts.Her huge breasts were spilling out of her tiny hands and bulging out over her arms.Shawn started to do his own thrusting. Gripping her shoulders tight, he started ramming his own massive dick between her tits. Sweat roll down Shawn’s face and body as he pound her big tits like no tomorrow.Josh had the cam in one hand and his hard cock in the other, watching her breasts jiggle and bounce to her chin from Shawn’s thrust.“Ooooooh yesssss! Harderrrrrrr! Fasterrrrrrrrrr! Yesssss!” Cried Nelly while being tit fuck harder and faster. Her massive jugs started violent flopping and bouncing on her chest. Hitting her chin harder and harder. So she had to lift her head up and look at Shawn’s sweaty face as he fuck her tits.After 5 more minutes of fucking her tits, Shawn tempobet güvenilirmi felt his balls boiling with cum and came between her tits. Blasting enormous loads onto her chin, neck, chest, and breasts. He removed his cock and started rubbing her nipples with his cockhead. Coating them with thick creamy cum.“I’m not done yet girl. I have to get at that ass,” teased Shawn.Nelly smiled and got on all fours. Her massive cum covered titties hung down from her chest like enormous cow utters and sways back and forth with her movements.Josh capture close ups on her swinging titties. Watching Shawn’s cum drip down her nipples and onto the floor.Shawn was about to attempt something he has never done before and that’s eaten a girl out by her ass. He needed her huge ass to be ready for his big dick. He got on his knees and grip his ass cheeks with his hands. He squeezed them a little bit and spread them open to get a good clear look at her pink asshole. Even Josh got the cam over to record her asshole while it’s still in one piece.Shawn started licking the outside of her asshole. Sliding his tongue around her anus. Making circles around it. Nelly started to let out some moans, feeling Shawn’s tongue trace around her asshole. She has had her ass eaten out before but never this sexual before.Shawn spit on her asshole before sliding his tongue into it. Licking deep down inside her anus. His fingers were spreading her asshole wider so his whole tongue could get deep inside. Nelly hands grip the carpet as her bare feet brush against Shawn’s thighs. He felt his dick immediately go back huge and drag across the arches of her feet.“Fondle his cock with your feet Nelly while he eats your ass,” order Josh.Nelly proceeded to rub the back of her feet against his huge dick. She started massaging his big balls with her toes, feeling his balls compress between her toes. That really turns Shawn on more as started to lick more furious and deeper down her asshole. He took one of his hands off her ass and started smacking her huge cheeks. Causing them to jiggle like a huge bowl of jell-o.“Oh fuck. That’s it. Eat it,” cried Nelly, feeling Shawn’s tongue barrel deep within her asshole.Shawn give her asshole one last lick before standing up behind Nelly and burring his enlarge cockhead inside her asshole.“Ooooooooh,” cried Nelly, feeling the enormous cock slowly slide in piece by piece. Shawn got a good 5 inches inside and then started slowly thrusting his cock. He held onto her hips as she held on to the carpet. Slowly but hard, Shawn forces more and more of his big dick into her asshole.“Fuck yeeeah. That’s it Shawn. Deeeeeeper,” moan and cried a sweaty Nelly. The cock in her ass felt like it was going to rip it apart. Stretching her asshole to the max.Shawn started pounding away at her big ass. Watching it jiggle and ripple from his thrust. He began to pick up the pace and move faster and faster. 9 inches of his massive cock when in and out of her sweat glistering ass.“Don’t stop please. Fuck me Shawn,” begged Nelly as Shawn’s dick became deeper and deeper inside her ass. Nelly pushes her face down into the carpet as Shawn lift up one leg on the couch and the other stay on the floor. He quickens his ramming of her big beautiful chocolate ass.“Oh yeeeeah. Harderrr. That’s it. Deeeeeper,” Nelly cried as Shawn got faster and faster, fucking her ass. He took hold of her ass cheeks and started smacking them while he fuck her.Josh couldn’t believe they were getting their first anal sex on cam. He also couldn’t believe how violently Nelly’s titties were flopping and swaying across the floor. He took close ups of her huge tits with sweat dripping down them as Nelly started breathing harder and more heavy.Her asshole got really tight around Shawn’s huge dick. He slows down the pace and used long and powerful thrusts to get his entire 11 1/2 inches inside. Nelly really let out a loud scream for her life as Shawn stuff his entire cock inside her asshole and resumes ramming her ass harder and faster. Her big ass justs smack against his thighs and her massive breasts just smacking away at the floor and each other.“I’m CUMMMING,” cried Nelly as she came on the floor. Breathing hard and heavy and sweating up a pool of sweat.Shawn took his cock out of her ass and pushes it into her pussy. He started immediately thrusting and pounding her pussy like he did her ass. He removed his foot from the couch and places it on the side of her face. Rubbing and mashing his sweaty and nasty bare foot against her cheek. Nelly could smell the foul odor of his foot but it didn’t gross her out because she was too busy enjoying his huge dick going in and out of her tight cunt.After 3 minutes of pounding her pussy, he pulled his dick out and Nelly set up, holding her giant breasts out for him to cum on and he didn’t disappoint her. His huge dick erupted a river of hot creamy cum onto her breasts. Covering her delicious fat nipples once again with his cum. Her breasts were soak with cum and sweat as Josh got all the action on tape and told Nelly she was hired for her performance. He even gave the heads up on chances of her having a sequel.