Triple Fuck Fun With Girlfriend & Wife

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Triple Fuck Fun With Girlfriend & WifeI always keep a touch with Anju (my husband’s former girlfriend) by sending and receiving regular mails. She is a very good lady and I always feel sorry for her because she is not able to get sexual satisfaction from her husband. She is our next door neighbor of my in law’s house. Her husband is like an impotant and he is not able to fuck her. He finishes every time on her pussy lips, whenever he tries to fuck her. My husband was the only man who could satisfy her before my marriage. Readers perhaps remember that once I, my husband and Anju did three some sex before my marriage and I did lesbian sex with her two / three times after my marriage. We all three, me, Anju and my husband had threesome sex many a times whenever we got a chance to do that.We, me and my husband were planning to visit our home town Goa, before we proceed for Switzerland where my husband has been transferred on promotion. We wanted to meet every one in our family before going to Switzerland. We had about a week’s time in our hands to visit Goa. Our flight for Zurich (Switzerland) was from Delhi, so we had to return Delhi. We have already rented our apartment in Delhi. We locked all our goods and furniture in one bedroom and have rented the apartment to a Government officer and his family. They are supposed to shift after we fly to Switzerland.I wanted to have a good fucking session with Anju and my husband, a group sex, because I always enjoyed my husband’s fucking along with Anju’s fucking by him in group sex. Another reason was that I wanted Anju to give fuck satisfaction before we go to Switzerland.We were landed in Goa and on the very next day, we get a chance in evening at Anju’s house when no one was there except Anju. My father in law and mother in law were also out and they took my son also along with them, so, we had every freedom.We both, I and my husband went to her house and soon, without wasting any time, we, all three, have started our most loving act there with Anju looking to limited time we had………We were in her bed room and have removed our cloths carefully because we were to wear them after the fucking session. She was already in her nightie which was removed by me after removing my own cloths. She was wearing black bra and panty under the nightie and was looking very beautiful and sexy as always. I removed her inner wear too and pushed her towards my naked husband. I told them to start fucking as I wanted to watch their sexual and fucking activities.She was on the sofa and my husband was seating on the floor and giving his tongue the taste of her pussy cum juices. His tongue was moving faster in to Anju’s pussy and he was teasing her clitoris to the maximum limit and that she was moaning out of the pleasure which was growing from time to time. Within a short time, they were joined by me because I could not keep myself away from that fucking act. He was sucking the breath out of Anju and she was now throwing her pussy and herself on his mouth as his tongue was searching for her G Spot and teasing her there. I was sucking Anju’s hard and firm boobs. Her nipples went erect. I was enjoying sucking her boobs and she was enjoying my sexy sucking of her boobs.Soon, Anju had big orgasm and then she made her body stiff for a while and then she became calm, with gushing of juice from her cunt. He sucked it all while she wanted to ease herself. She wanted out and go, but I did not allow her. She was squealing and was trying her best to release herself. My husband made her relax by sucking her pussy till the last drop of her pussy juice. She was now completely relaxed and got up. She made a sweet smile and I was eager to know, how it felt. And Anju said……….“Oh God, it is so fuckingly nice, I never never had this satisfaction except with you because you know there is no one here with whom I can do this.”I looked at my husband and he said…. “Don’t worry now it is your turn.”Anju went to the toilet to clean herself while I slept on the couch waiting for bursa escort his tongue to explore my inner self. He told me that he noticed the breasts of Anju were more stiff and rounded, though smaller than mine. Mine are a perfect 32 size. He cupped my milking boobs with his hands and cupping them with his hands made me horny. He put his mouth on my boobs and started squeezing my boobs with lips and tongue, and teasing my nipples, biting it a bit here and there. With a hand at my wet and clean shaved pussy, he started sucking all over my body and eating out my flesh at every inch till I started giving shrill cries and then his mouth reached on my pussy.I still had a nice pussy which was tightly closed. He put his mouth directly above my leaking pussy and sucked it harder and my body went into shivers again with a vibration that ran through my body for long that he had to hold my body still while sucking my cunt.Then he separated my labial folds and found my small clitoris which he bit and I immediately went into a orgasm with my body vibrating to the maximum and stopping abruptly to gush out drops of sweet juice from my pussy.I got up from the couch and went into the bathroom without saying a word. Now Anju was seating next to him. He dragged her towards him and started squeezing her smaller sized melons and talking to her.“How did you feel?”She smiled and said “it was heavenly.”By the time, I had also come from the Bathroom. Now we all three were relaxing naked on the bed.Anju hesitantly held my husband’s dick in her hand and started stroking it smoothly. But I was bit faster and I grabbed his dick from Anju’s hand and put it in my mouth and started sucking it as fast as possible.While I was sucking my husband’s dick, he made Anju seat above his mouth with her pussy directly positioned above his mouth so that he can suck her pussy again. Now it was just within short time that we were feeling like in heaven and then he pulled Anju down. I took out his hot rod, his fucking tool, his long, thick, hard and hot dick from my mouth.He put his dick into Anju’s wet pussy door. His hot cock was just entering inside Anju’s wet pussy with small jerks from him. When his dick went in, Anju gave a little cry, and I closed her mouth by my mouth. I could understand that she was feeling some pain because of two reasons. One, my husband’s dick size is extra ordinary; it is a long, thick and a strong dick. Secondly, Anju’s pussy is tight because it was rarely fucked pussy. Anju’s pussy was fucked only by my husband. Anju’s husband is not able to enter his cock in to Anju’s pussy.My husband kept silent for a moment looking to the pain Anju was experiencing and then slowly he started to fuck Anju to and fro with his hot rod. I was busy in sucking Anju’s lovely breasts while my husband was squeezing my breasts with his hand. He was fucking Anju’s cute pussy and he was squeezing my boobs too at the same time.His speed of fucking Anju was smooth. He never exceeded in speed and at that speed also Anju was moaning louder and louder. Then he dragged me towards him and made me kneel on Anju in such a manner that my pussy was facing him. I was in such a position that I was on Anju in a doggy position and my pussy was clearly visible to my husband from behind while fucking Anju. He started eating my pussy, while giving fucking strokes to Anju. Both, I and Anju were kissing each other.After some time, he preferred to be sleeping on the couch while allowing Anju to seat on his dick and jump on it. And she did exactly that while I was standing in front of him and he was sucking my juicy pussy vigorously. My husband is a master sucker and master fucker. He was sucking my pussy in such a sexy manner that I was moaning louder and louder.Very soon, I have noticed from Anju’s expressions and actions that Anju was nearing her Orgasm. Anju requested my husband to fuck her from above. So we changed our position and he pushed Anju on the bed. He rode her and stroked her faster and faster till she made a huge cry bursa escort bayan and stopped moving. She had come. She got what she wanted to and what I wanted to give her. She was enjoying her orgasm with her closed eyes and biting her own lips in a rare pleasure.My husband pulled out his cock from out of Anju’s pussy.After Anju has finished her orgasm he pulled me down While Anju also joined us in fucking game. She started teasing my Clitoris and then my husband pushed first few inches of his long and thick dick into my wet cunt. He kept silent for some time and then he pushed his dick further into my cunt. Soon, his whole cock was fully inside of my pussy.By a couple of strokes from my husband’s dick, my pussy was filled with his hot Dick. He was stroking very gently in the starting of fuck, slower and slower as he is master fucker. He knew every trick in sex to give and take maximum pleasure out of fuck. After few strokes, his strokes became bigger and faster while I was enjoying his fucking dick fucking my pussy and Anju was sucking my boobs and teasing my clit, some time with her fingers.My husband was thrusting me from above and a sexy fucking game in bedroom between a strong male and two beautiful sexy females was in progress.He suggested me to kneel down in doggy position. I did the same and he pushed his dick in to my pussy from behind and pushed it hard till our bodies were smashed against each other to the full. Now he was fucking me like a Dog, and I was squealing like one too. Anju was giving him her juicy pussy to suck by standing in front of him. It took just few minutes when I could no more stand the heat of fucking and was going to cum.My husband made me sleep once again on the bed and rode me right from above and fucked me and my pussy as fast as he could. I could notice that he was also nearing to his cum Orgasm. In some time, I did cum and reached my destination of orgasm with a loud cry and shivering of my body. He was at the fastest of his speed and was trying to cum but could not. Lastly, when he saw that I already reached to my climax and was still to cum, he pulled his hot dick out from my satisfied pussy and offered it to both the girls for a blow job to make him cum. Anju putting it in his mouth started sucking it madly while I was sucking his balls below the dick and in some two minutes he came with a large gush of cum which went into the mouth of Anju and some in to mine mouth too.We wanted to get as much as pleasure possible in that limited time we have. We all three decided to take a shower together after having been wet with my husband’s cock cum and sweat. We proceeded towards the Bath room attached to Anju’s bed room to have a quick shower.Putting the geyser on, we had a shower under the hot stream of water that made our bodies become hot again in the bath room, we could not control ourselves and have started playing fucking game with each other again in the bath room. I and Anju have cleaned his tool with soap and water. Our touch made his dick strong and bigger again, ready for another fuck.In the shower, the milky white boobs of ours were inviting him to bite them and chew them, which he did while fingering Anju’s cunt. Then he pushed Anju down and asked her to suck his hard rod. Anju like a good student went down on him and started sucking his erected, long and thick dick. She was not a great sucker though, I had to teach her again and again how to tease his dick and she was following all that, but suddenly I pushed Anju aside and sat down on the floor and started giving a good and hot blow job on my husband’s standing dick.My tongue was touching the tip of his penis in such a manner that current gone throughout his body; a shivering was produced in his body. He was enjoying my sucking as always because I am really a good sucker of cock, my husband always says this. He focused on the boobs of Anju which were inviting him to suck them. He held Anju’s one boob in his hand and started sucking it with pleasure, occasionally biting escort bursa them hard at the areola and nipples which made Anju tremble. I was sucking his rock hard stiff dick. He seems to prepare to fuck the duo again. So we all decided to shift to the bed room for better place and comfortable fucking.In the bed room, we all cleaned ourselves of the excess water and then jumped on to the bed. Anju spread her legs in anticipation of a good sucking by him, but he insisted me to do the sucking job on Anju’s cute pussy and I started sucking Anju’s cunt while he was sucking my pussy. In a chain like manner, I was sucking Anju’s pussy, my husband was sucking my pussy and Anju was sucking my husband’s dick. We were sucking two pussies and one dick together.He got up and offered his dick to both of us and we both started sucking on it to make it the hardest object. And then he looked at both of dick sucking ladies, while Anju had prepared herself for the pussy dick fuck.He pushed his hot rod into the love hole of Anju, and started ramming her harder and harder. While he was fucking Anju, I was standing in front of him like I did before, and he was sucking my pussy once again. I was softly moaning out of the pleasure he was giving to me while combing his hair with my fingers. He was also getting aroused. Anju shown signs of her reaching to an orgasm he started giving deep thrusts of his cock in to Anju’s pussy. He made Anju sleep on the border of the coat while he kneeled on the couch and fucked her from behind like a dog and this was more exciting for all of us, as the force required was less and he was also under no stress. But the tucking of our bodies against each other made Anju aroused too much that she reached to her climax with a big vibrating motion and she had a strong orgasm. After Anju has finished her session, she felt tired and have slept on the bed silently to relax. She wished me a good fucking session and was watching both of us.He sat down on the bed and has started sucking my pussy as I was standing on the bed. Anju was also enjoying by watching the whole thing between me and my husband.After sometime, my moaning had grown in pleasure. We both lay down on the bed and he asked me to suck his dick while he sucked my cunt on a 69 situation. This was more erotic than anything that we did in that evening. I started giving him good blow job. In no time we both were ready for a session of fucking. He made me stand in doggy position and he pushed his dick into my pussy from behind like a dog. His dick went in my pussy silently but what followed was not so silent.He went on fucking me like a mad dog for long time and I was in fucking pleasure as always… Then he pushed me on the couch and jumped over me and rammed me. I was moaning as loud as I can and he was fucking me without stopping. Anju was continued to watch my husband fucking me. We both were locked our lips for a long kiss and our mouths were shut. He was vigorously squeezing my boobs which had made my milky boobs look reddish. He started giving tongue to one nipple and this made me enough irritated that I reached to my fucking climax with a halt to all my motions. My fluid in pussy made his dick move with much faster speed.He fucked me harder and as faster as he could so that he can release his cock fluid cum. After few more strong strokes, he had his cum gun into deep of my pussy. He lay there panting and I held him tightly not willing to leave him.We relaxed naked for some time lying on the bed.And now, it was the time to finish the fucking session as it was the time to return my husband’s parent and also Anju’s parents in law were expected at home any time. We all dressed up nicely and I helped Anju to organize her smashed bed. Now Anju’s bedroom was looking fresh and no one can predict that there was a stormy fucking game between two hot ladies and one strong man was going on this room few moments earlier.We reached to the drawing room where we were sipping the coffee prepared by Anju when Anju’s parents in law returned home. They were happy to see us in their house, unaware of the fucking game which we played with their daughter in law in her own bedroom.This was the last fuck with Anju before we left for Switzerland.