Trolling 4 BBC’s in My Younger Years

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Trolling 4 BBC’s in My Younger YearsWith the help of two drag queens and friends,I perfected my “Sheila” persona many years ago.I looked a lot like Nancy Allen when dressed.Out on the town,I was completely passable as a hot,fuckable woman.When trolling for my DARK DESIRES,I never failed to tell them that under the make-up I was a man.I never lie and I didn’t want to get beat up.Just like in my “Black Cannon” story,I’ve had many pricks pressed against my thigh.Even after learning the truth,a lot of the straight black guys I was dancing with took me to the parking lot for some “quick relief”.I was more than happy to accomodate them but always made them kiss me first.I süpertotobet yeni giriş hunger to be held and kissed by black men.This was my reward for the pleasure I was about to bring them.Sometimes we’d return and I’d hear whispered talk with the expression “never happen”.A kiss and a quickie doesn’t make a guy a HOMO.I’ve heard that expression from many of my black lovers friends over the years.Then,quite suddenly,they’d contact me and wonder if they can come over to talk.If I liked them,I’d invite them over.They did want to be assured that they’d be meeting me as a woman as they’d only seen me out on the town,all gussied up.Of course süpertotobet giriş they’d be meeting me as a woman,I’m no homo.A couple of hours before the time arrived,I bathed,shaved completely,patted dry and contemplated what to wear and how to present myself.I dressed conservatively in something like a semi-sheer blouse,skirt,heels and nylons.I had DD breast forms in bra,lacy garter belt and I’d wear a long blond wig.I’d put on my evening “face”,a little heavy,but nothing too slutty.Shiny pink lipstick while my eyes were usually done up in dark green eye shadow to bring out the hazel .Candles were lit throughout the living room to cast süpertotobet güvenilirmi a quite ambiance with which to talk and a romantic glow.They were all a little nervous upon arrival.They would sit at one end of my rather large couch and I demurely at the other jabbering away at nothing in particular.But,after sharing a joint and a couple of drinks they all naturally migrated closer to me and the conversation became more “interesting”.When they began to extol the virtues of my beautiful,stocking clad legs I knew we were close.When they started to run their strong black hands up and down them,in my mind,I was saying,”Honey,I hope you haven’t cum for a while,because YOU are as good as SUCKED!” I was never wrong.They soon had me in their arms,hot lips on mine and their tongues in my mouth as I’m freeing the object of my affection.Like they say: A HARD DICK HAS NO CONSCIOUS.They became regulars.And when young, I had all the cock I could handle. And I loved it.