Trucker Daddy Jim – Part One – On The Back of His

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Trucker Daddy Jim – Part One – On The Back of HisPart 1By this time in my life my job involved a lot of driving and I steadily got to know all the cruising areas. I particularly liked the laybys, the type that are not actually on the road but the ones that are shaded from the road by a small wooded area. I often use to pull in and have a quick break and stretch my legs.I met Jim on one of these cruising stops as I was driving passed on the opposite side of the road I slowed down to see if anyone was around, Jims rig was parked at the front, he had his window down, I didn’t get a very good look so I thought I’d pull in and see if anything was happening. Jims rig was the only vehicle parked up so I pulled in behind him (no pun intended), I sat and waited in my van for a few minutes when Jim walked around to the side of rig. I watched him check up and down his trailer before he stopped, he noticed me watching and smiled.Jim was wearing a t-shirt with a pair of sweat pant type shorts, he leant against the trailer with one hand above his head keeping his balance, he slipped his shorts down to just below his arse cheeks, grabbed his cock and started to have a piss, I didn’t want to make a move yet so I played it safe and waited until he finished, after he finished he just stood up straight and started to rub his cock like he was getting the last of the piss out of it.By this point he turned his back to me, I thought that was it he’ll pull his shorts up and then climb back into his rig, but he didn’t, he pulled his T-shirt up and slightly bent over, his fucking big white arse looked amazing, I was quiet taken aback then he reached around and spread his cheeks. I immediately got out my van and started to walk towards him, he stood up straight, turned around and pulled his shorts up. As I got closer I could see he had a full fucking hard on under his shorts, he smiled and introduced himself, did you like that he said, fucking did I replied, I went on to say that was a bit of a risk you did there, not really came the reply I seen you looking when you drove past.Jim was In his mid 60s, 6 foot tall, grey short cropped bolding hair and blue eyes and grey moustache, his face was chubby and rounded, with his beaming smile and sparkling eyes I imagined he was quit a character. I stood pretty close to him he lifted his hand and stroked the side of my face and asked if I wanted to make and old man happy, love to Jim I replied, I reach down and felt his cock through his flimsy sweat pants, his cock felt solid so I slip my hand down the front and caressed his warm balls and cock, Jim let out a long moan of satisfaction, after I continued for a few minutes and he pressed his body up against me and rested his head on my shoulder, he whisper in my ear what he wanted to do to me while rubbing his hands up and down my back. Oh that’s nice I said to Jim, he replied he was on a three hour rest break and he would like to spend it with me.Jim stood back and opened the curtain on his trailer, he climbed up and offered his hand to help me up. His trailer was empty apart from a few pallets and square bales, Jim unhooked a air mattress that was hanging on the back and placed it on the floor, it’s not what you think, he said, that’s for when I take longer breaks and I can get my head down for a few hours.By this time I was fucking horny as hell and had a raging hard on. I started to strip of while Jim sat back on a pile of pallets and watched me, I only had my briefs left so I walked across to Jim so he could remove them, Jim’s still had that beaming smile as bahis siteleri he wrapped his arms around my waist and rubbed his head against my cock. He slowly pulled them down until my b**st of a cock popped out, for fucks sake that’s a fucking monster at which point he took the whole of my 7 inch thick cock into his mouth, his hunger for it was quiet incredible and he worked on it for a good ten minutes after which I with drew it and his sliver was dripping from his chin down onto his t-shirt, whish I could take you home he said I could do this all night. Jim stood up and pulled his t-shirt off, he wiped the sliver from his mouth and through it to the floor. Jim had a large upper torso, covered in grey hair that slowly change to black as it went from his chest to his huge ball belly, this really made me excited as I reached out and stroked his belly and chest, you like that Jim said, it’s fucking turning sending me wild, I cannot wait until you in-between my legs and your fucking me senseless I replied, I’ll do my best he said. Jim slipped his skimpy sweat shirts off to reveal his tools, his cock by this time was starting to go limp, but you could still see all the veins in it, his cock was streaming with pre cum so I dropped to my knees and took it in my hand, I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his bell end which I like them swilled his pre cum. Jim started his loud moans again as I took his bell end in my mouth and started to tease my teeth around the bottom, his pre cum was still oozing out so I rubbed it up and down his six inch shaft. I reach under his balls and started to play with his rim, Jims whole body went into spasm as I inserted my finger into his arse whole, that fuck nice he moaned, do some more arse work on me, that is real fucking nice he repeated.I asked Jim if he’d ever been rimmed, Jim replied he didn’t know what that was so I asked him to get on all fours on the air mattress and stress his legs, Jim did what I said, it was a sight to behold as his big white arse stuck up in the air with his cock and bollocks hanging between his legs, Jim eventually rested on his big ball belly and I got into position and my tonged went to work on his arse.There’s one thing I can say about Jim he was fucking vocal when I touched any part of his body. I continued to work on his arse giving it a good fingering, he absolutely loved it. I asked Jim if he’d ever had a cock up his arse, he replied no, but if it feels as good as your giving me know the fuck me. I reached over to and took a tube of lube from my pocket and started to lube Jim’s arse, I know what it’s like to be fucked by a big thick cock so I really took my time with Jim, I lubed up my cock and knelt directly at the back of his beautiful white big arse. Before I started I massaged Jim’s hairy thick back to relax him, I told him to be relaxed as possible as it would be easier and he wouldn’t be in so much pain. I’m fucking ready he said, give me a good fucking. I line my cock up with his hole, it was difficult to begin with until Jim was totally relaxed then half of my shaft just slipped in. Jim put his hands back and told me to hold them, I grabbed them and he squeezed my hands tight, I pulled on the and it helped me with the final penetration of my whole shaft , Jim let out a loud moan, fuck that took my breath away he said loudly. I left it in there for half a minute or so while Jim got his breath back. By this time Jim’s one of the sides of Jim’s face was flat on the floor, his face was sweating and bright red, I massaged his back for a minute or two before canlı bahis siteleri I pulled on his hands and started to pump his arse. Oh this is fuckin heaven, bang the arse he moaned. I withdrew my cock, it had blood on it, he encouraged me to carry on so I sqotted over his arse, grabbed his hands and rammed my cock back in, I was fucking him that hard that I started to feel my shaft getting friction burns, the cheeks of his white arse were red, he just wanted more and more.I wasn’t far off cummin and increase my pace, Jim felt this and squeezed my hands tighter, his grip on my hand was pretty painful until I finally shot my load in him, he said he felt it, I can feel your warm cum in me, he did comment on that I’d just took his cherry and the he thanked me. By this point we’re were both exhausted, Jim was dripping in sweat, I withdrew my cock and watched my spunk dribble out of his hole, I began to finger it back in, Jim’s ring was red raw and pulsating. We both ended up lying on the air mattress face to face, Jim stroke my face and thanked me then I cleaned the spunk from his arse and he cleaned my cock and balls with some wipes.We laid there for a good half hour, Jim hugged and kissed me, he had the strength of a bear, I felt quiet alive by being with him, we did have a bit of foreplay within that half hour, I gave Jim some tit play something he’d never had performed on him, while he continued to play with my cock and stroke my hair.Part 2By this point Jim was lying flat on his back and I sat straddled across his waist rubbing his big belly and chest, oh I was in heaven at this point, Jim thought it was all over, we’d been at it for 90 mins until I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “still a bit more to do yet Jim if your up for its your turn to fuck me”, Jim’s face lit up with that beaming smile that said it all, he gave me one of his tight bear hugs and started some deep kissing, he didn’t let up for a good ten minutes or so until I felt his hard cock against the cheeks of my arse, looks like you ready I said to Jim, ready as I’d ever be he replied, Jim then went on to apologise that he might not be that good as the last person he fucked was his wife and that was over ten years ago, I replied, don’t worry Jim you’ve exceeded all my expectations so far.So I was sat straddling Jim’s waist, I slid back on his thick hairy thighs, his cock was standing proud, I thought I’d have no problem riding it but Jim had other ideas, on your front he said in a masterful voice, I laid on my front and he spread my legs and got in-between them, he started to lube my arse and slowly penetrated my. Hole with his finger, to say he’s not done this before, he knew exactly what he was doing. I did think at the time that he’d must of gives his wife anal this way.Jim laid fully on top of me, he grabbed my wrist and pinned them in a crucifix position, his big belly was pressing against my back and his legs were on the outsides of my thighs while his feet were hooked over my calf’s, he had totally pinned me to the floor, I was totally at his mercy. Jim had rested his chin on top of my shoulder and his cheek rubbed against mine, I could feel his rough stubble against my skin, he whispered stuff in my ear then then inserted his cock in my hole started to pump my arse. He was very gentle in his thrusts and let out a loud breath after, I encouraged him by telling him how good it felt, which it fucking did, “pump my arse you big masculine stud I repeated” and “I want my hole filled with your creamy cum’. I could have laid there all day and canlı bahis let him do that to me, it felt so sensual.I don’t no what it is about mature loves but I find them to be far more intense than younger men and the same goes for chubby men, my ball actually start to tingle when I’m in the presence of a large powerful man and although Jim was out of practice and had wanked himself stupid for the past 12 years he could still take me to the heights of ecstasy.I lost track of time at how long Jim was pumping my arse it must have been a good twenty minutes or so until he withdrew his cock from my hole, Jim want a break and I did suggest to him that we could change position, Jim agreed and asked what position I liked, I replied missionary with you leaning over me so I can see you face when you finally shoot your load in me.We laid facing each other again and stroked and caressed each others bodies, I went to town on Jims nipples he really seemed to like it, Jim seemed to like just looking into my eyes and stroking my hair, I did ask him about his previous sexual experiences and he replied although he was married and got three k**s he would not be able to fuck a woman again or intact he said, there’s no way I’ll be able to get my cock hard looking at a woman, he went on to say he’s always fooled around with men just wanking and sucking each other off and he’d never had an experience with a man like he’s having with me, well I said to Jim it’s not over yet and if you’ve got any particular links you wanna try out just ask. Not only that Jim I’d absolutely love it if we could do this regularly, but not on you trailer but in my bed. Anyways back to it, I laid on my back and told Jim I’m ready, Jim big grin came back, I told him he could be a bit rough if he wanted, just give me a good hard fucking I said. Jim got on all fours above me, I rubbed his belly tits and head, Jim grabbed my head and started some passionate deep kissing, I’m gonna do this until I’m hard he said, the I’ll fuck you like I use to fuck my Mrs he said. Jim got in-between my legs he lubed up my arse using two fingers the lubed his cock, he pushed my legs right the way back spread them, with a few seconds of that he was forcing his cock into me, he bent by legs at my knees and forced me even further back until I was practically on my shoulder, his arms were either side of me his hairy chest was above my face, he began to pump me hard, at the same rate as before but a lot harder, my cock began to stream pre cum, I grabbed it and wiped the pre cum on his hairy belly, I began to squeeze his nipples hard and asked him to fuck me faster, his head was dripping sweat down onto his chest and I rubbed it into his hairy torso. This was fucking amazing, pure hard sweaty sex, as Jim fucked my arse harder my cock started to slap against my belly, I could tell Jim was nearing climax by his constantly loud moans and within a couple of minutes his balls exploded and he shot his massive load of spunk into me, he carried on pumping my arse after as I could hear the squelchy spunk in-between our bodies, fuck that was good he said, never had sex like that before. Jim hovered over me on all fours while I wiped the sweat from his head, he asked me if he could come across to my flat and stay the night, I agree and was not disappointed when we got at it, the spunk certainly did flow that night. Sex with Jim was one of the highlights of my sex life, he’d often come around and stay one night in midweek and the every other week for the whole end. We really became friends with benefits and fuck buddies. Jim did reveal a fantasy though and that was having sex in his wife’s bra and nickers, it quiet turned me on when he wore them with stockings and suspenders.More Adventures With Jim Cummin Soon In Our First Weekend Together.