Twin’s Christmas Pictures

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Twin’s Christmas PicturesSamantha told Hannah about her asking their best friend, Rich, a professional photographer for a photo session in great detail, including how good she felt while she was talking to him. Hannah was captivated by the thought and got a sexy look on her face. “I know Rich would love getting some photos like that of me, too…”Then, at the same time, they both said, “We should do it together!” They called the Rich immediately and made an appointment. The day finally arrived, they rounded up some Christmas lights, candy canes and all of their best lingerie and made the drive to his house. On the way there they chatted and reminisced about the old days when they could fall into bed and stay there all day. As they got closer, they decided to make some rules… 1) No nudity past the waist. 2 No sexual acts beyond kissing and holding each other. 3) Photos were to be taken on black and white film, to make them seem less trashy and more artsy.When they got there, they went over these things with him. He told them that it was a good idea to have some guidelines and that he had no problem following them. As he was setting up his camera and lights in his private studio, Hannah and Samantha went to change into crimson velvet shortie night gowns with matching Santa hats. Rich had put up a Christmas backdrop, strung the Christmas lights, even put up a decorated tree and a large portable gas fireplace for the perfect effect.Samantha and Hannah came back to find him ready with a big leather recliner chair for them, one girl sit in the chair while, while the other girl to sit on the arm. fan lightly blowing. They sat next to each other and looked at the camera smiling, pouting, laughing, and looking sexy. Rich just snapped the pictures and kept quiet. Samantha slid down off the arm of the chair with her back against Hannah’s chest. Samantha impulsively leaned back to kiss her lightly. *Snap* That first kiss kadıköy escort started a fire low in the bellies of both sisters.Samantha turned slowly and Hannah wrapped her arms around her, kissing her softly while Samantha’s hands roamed over Hannah’s breasts. *Snap* Hannah’s threw her head back and moaned while Samantha nuzzled her sweetly scented neck. *Snap* Samantha lowered the strap of Hannah’s nightgown and cupped Hannah’s perfect white breast in her hand. She had forgotten how marvelous it felt, warm, round, soft. She lowered her mouth to the perfect pale pink nipple and kissed it slowly. Hannah’s hand’s moved to Samantha’s hair as Samantha worked some holiday magic with her mouth on Hannah’s nipples, going from one to the other. *Snap*”Uh-hum, ladies, I’m just going to change batteries in the camera. Continue as you are, I’ll be right back.” His voice startled them, they had kind of forgotten he was there. They laughed and pulled their clothes back into place. They stood and sat down on the floor together in front of the fireplace. Hannah said, “Let’s just try a few with no clothes.” Samantha was thrilled with this idea because she wanted to look long and hard at the body of her sister that she had loved. They stripped the gowns keeping the Santa hats on and threw them to the side. Hannah and Samantha sat Indian style, facing each other, just a foot or so apart. Samantha reached out to stroke her hair and Hannah smiled. *Snap* They kneeled on the floor and started to kiss. It felt so wonderful to be in each other’s arms that everything around them faded out. Of course, they could still hear the snap of the camera. It was an unexpected turn on to perform this way in front of it. They were conscious of Rich’s presence and it fueled them, but in no way inhibited them. In fact, they were exploring each other with a redoubled üsküdar escort fervor in spite of the steady click of the camera shutter. Flesh on flesh, arms around each other, probing tongues, sighs, moans. Ecstasy to be together again this way.And then Hannah whispered wickedly, “I want to lick you for the camera.” Samantha smiled and lay down without hesitation. She was on fire and Hannah slid herself down between her legs. Hannah started teasing Samantha slowly with her tongue and Samantha responded with a longing and urgency that surprised them both. She tried not to be too loud in front of Rich, but Hannah was taking such good care of her that it was hard. She moved her hands over her own breasts and tipped her head back against the floor. *Snap* Hannah heard the camera and really went to work. Samantha tried not to buck, not to cry out, not to flush so beautifully, but Hannah was relentless with her tongue and soon Samantha couldn’t stop her climax. *Snap* Hannah moved back up the length of Samantha’s beautiful body and lowered herself on top of her to kiss her deeply. *Snap*Samantha kissed her back and then suddenly flipped them both over so that Hannah was on her back on the floor and Samantha was on top. She leaned up a little to look down at her sister like she was the last piece of Christmas fudge on the plate. *Snap* Samantha moved down between Hannah’s legs and was thrilled to find her pussy soaked in anticipation. “You are so perfect,” Samantha said to Hannah. “You are glistening wet, and your pussy is the perfect shade of pink. To think that we are doing all of these in black and white…” Rich cleared his throat, “Umm, I can switch the settings to color, if you want.” Hannah silently nodded her assent and he changed the camera settings to shoot color. Samantha turned Hannah’s body so that her pussy was facing the camera. Then she started Hannah’s torment tuzla escort by slowly trailing a fingertip from the top of Hannah’s perfect and throbbing clit to very bottom of her hungry hole. For a few minutes she teased Hannah this way, sometimes leaning in to breathe hot air on the hairless pussy in front of her *Snap* and then leaning back again. Hannah was getting so wound up that she finally grabbed Samantha’s head and pulled it in to her wet mound. *Snap* Samantha’s tongue reached out and stroked Hannah’s clit and they both moaned. She licked her up and down and could feel Hannah fighting the same battle she had just fought herself, not to give too much away in front of the camera. Finally she settled in on the spot she knew was the right one, just above Hannah’s clit, so that the down stroke of her tongue would bring Hannah to the peak. *Snap* She slid two of her fingers back into Hannah’s throbbing hole and worked them back and forth. *Snap* And then she took the knuckle of a third finger and placed it on top of Hannah’s anus, giving just a little pressure, but not entering her. *Snap* The combination of Samantha’s driving tongue, the thrusting fingers, and the anal pressure caused Hannah to thrash her hips wildly and cry out as she reached her climax and flushed the most beautiful deep pink that was captured forever on film. *SNAP–SNAP–SNAP–SNAP*Hannah and Samantha looked up and saw the Rich walking away from his camera to give them some privacy. They curled up on the floor together and went over all of the rules they made on the drive over and realized that they had all been broken in the first ten minutes. The air was thick with nostalgia for the years of love and good sex they had shared. Neither one of them could believe what had happened.Slowly they got up and dressed, coming back into their bodies a little at a time. They gathered all of their things and went into the next room where Rich was waiting. He quietly thanked them for allowing him to witness something as beautiful and sensual as their lovemaking. He said he’d call them and set up a time for them to view the proofs. Samantha and Hannah walked out into the first snowfall of the season and exchanged a kiss. It was sweet, full of memories. They walked to the car hand in hand.