Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand #2

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Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand #2Two Teen Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand #2It started the night before with a trip to a dairy bar in town. What happened there was unexpected enough, but what were the odds of it getting better the next day? Damn good when it comes out of my perverted mind! Read the continuing saga of the two Nymphos from the Ice Cream stand!!!++++++I walked out of the grocery and felt the summer heat hit me. It was really the first good hot Saturday and I was wishing I had added a water feature to my backyard landscaping I was just putting the beer behind the driver’s seat in my jeep when I noticed someone walk up to the other side of the jeep. It was the little blonde tart who had blown my dick at the ball field the night before!“I thought that was you! I just wanted to say thanks for last night and not … you know. Thanks for accepting my limits and giving me something I will never forget!” Her oversized sunglasses hid her beautiful eyes, but there was no hiding her body! The pouting lips, pointed chin, long neck, wide low chest, flat abs and lust-inducing hips would have been easy to recognize even if she wore burlap! Her shorts were so short the front pockets were plainly visible on those thin taut young thighs And had she had any tits at all the top would have done little to hide them, but instead it simply made me want to see her nipples sitting on the top of her swells!“Glad you enjoyed it. I am certain you could tell I enjoyed it as well!” I laughed and I saw a little color rise to her cheeks. She was so damn cute and those legs rippled with energy as she turned back and forth.“I am on my way over to see Patti now. She was so pissed last night when I told her what we did after she left! She told me her parents weren’t even home when she got there!” We both laughed. I saw her glance at the beer. “Her parents are gone until sometime tomorrow. Would you like to come hang with us at her pool?”Suddenly my afternoon plans went out the window! “I don’t have my swimsuit though.” I said with a smile“Do you see mine?” She stepped back from my jeep, raised her hands above her head and slowly and seductively turned around, swaying her body in an unbelievably lewd display without showing a damn thing. Seeing her round ass roll and sway from every angle had my shorts suddenly feeling rather constrictive! “We wear the same one to swim in that we do on our birthdays!” She laughed as she faced me again and put her hands on her hips and rocked them from side to side.“In that case I am certain I don’t want you ladies not applying your sunscreen adequately!She talked me into getting another case of beer and then we drove to the small collection of homes on the other side of town where every house had an alarm company sign in the perfectly manicured yard and the cars that were in the drives all cost more than a teacher makes in a full year!Parking the jeep behind the massive two story home, in front of my bumper there was a long board privacy fence and from inside it I heard a young female call, “Hey give tuzla escort me a second I will be right there!”“Patti, it’s just me and our friend from last night!” The blonde said as she motioned for me to grab the beer and she headed toward door in the fence I probably would have missed on first glance. I did as I was told.“You’re shitting me?!?! You little skank! Did you stay with him last night?!” Patti called. My guide opened the door and I just caught a glimpse of the buxom brunette girl in her altogether before she was able to get the towel all of the way closed around her body. It did not ever cover the bottom of her ass cheeks standing up straight and I was fairly certain if I bent down I could probably see some pussy, but…“No, I was cutting through the grocery parking lot and he was coming out, so we grabbed some refreshments and he gave me a ride!”“Like he did last night?!” They both laughed“Where do you want these?” I asked raising up the beer.Patti turned toward the house and said, “Follow me.” She turned toward the house and as we neared the sliding glass doors I could see in the reflection Ellen taking her top off over her head and shaking out her hair! I followed the swaying hips and peeking ass cheeks into the house! “You can put them in there.” Patti said as she opened the refrigerator door and stepped only a little to the side so I brushed against her towel clad tits!As I rearranged a couple things to get the second set of cans into the refrigerator Patti said, “Ellen told me what the two of you did after I came home last night. She said that you sucked on her pussy and made her cum. Did you really?” She leaned back against the counter next to the sink. Just beyond her shoulder, outside, the naked blonde was dipping her foot in the water.“I happen to think I am fairly good at pleasuring a woman. My cock may not be as hard as it once was and there are guys out there with meat that is bigger than mine; but I am fairly certain I can pleasure a woman better than just about any other man.” I pulled out three beers and closed the refrigerator door. “She did not disagree did she?” I asked. Ellen was now laying a towel on a lounge chair, getting ready to soak up some sun.Patti looked over her shoulder and then rolled her eyes and looked back at me. “She is such a slut!” She laughed. “But she is also my best friend. She has probably made more men cum than I have, but I’m not a virgin like she is, so I’m much more fun!” With that declaration she pushed herself up onto the counter and her naked snatch popped into view as I stepped over to her and offered her a beer. I did not try to hide my looks and she lay back more toward the cabinets and rotated her hips toward the edge of the counter. “You want to show me this wonderful talent that you have?” She asked in a voice suddenly filled with lust.I opened my beer and took a drink, set it down on the counter and stepped up between her knees. Very deliberately and yet without any rushing I reached up and undid the loose knot holding her towel ends together and then I unwrapped tuzla escort bayan her. My greedy eyes wandered over her, incredible young body! She was at that perfect age of having the skin and muscle of youth and yet the curves, padding and round full proportions of a mature woman. I noted every mole, every swell, and every shadow of her body before allowing my eyes to travel up to her slightly parted red lips and the watery blue eyes. Slowly I leaned to her and kissed her strawberry coated lips before slipping the tip of my tongue across the front of her teeth!When we finally broke our kiss, I think she had almost forgotten how to breathe and my heart was thundering in my chest! I smiled at her and her eyes fluttered open. But I felt her hands rise up to my shoulders and she pushed me lower down her frame. I stole kisses from her chest, her nipples and the inside of her breasts. I liked a shiny trail down to circle and dive into her navel. But her hands were pushing me lower and I was not resisting!My lips slipped through the small patch of dense soft hair that sat on the highest point of her pubic rise and then broke free into the clear to behold a cleft more stunning than the Grand Canyon! Her thick pronounced vaginal lips curled and undulated like the tide crashing into the breakwater caught in a single moment of power, exhilaration and beauty! I inhaled the moist scent of her arousal and stared in amazement at the puckered, folded, textures of flesh and sex that was mere inches from my eager lips.I began with a long slow, licking tour, well out from the center of my desire and hers. She spread her legs wider and I watched as a small darker line opened into a secret passage to the deeper parts of Patti. The tip of my tongue probed the lowest part of her ass where the cleft flattened out for only a moment before re-opening to accommodate her sensuous slit. I felt the stubble and the light stray hair that marked the well-padded meat of her pussy that would allow a man to pound his entire body into her over and over again without hurting or damaging her. By the time I completed the circle, she was moaning and a slight sheen of desire had appeared on her sex. It took all my self-control not to dive face-first into her needy parts as they rocked and her hand pushed!!!Sure, I have seen a lot of women in porn pictures with pronounced pussy lips, but these were my first to savor and I hope that they are not my last! Probing my tongue into their twists and turns and sucking, tugging and bumming those rubbery sexy strips of lady meat were next to heaven! The more I explored, and probed with tongue mouth and nose, the more she rocked and attempted to grind herself on my face!Finally I could deprive both of us no longer. I wrapped my arms around her legs as I encircled the top of her cleft with my lips and uncovered her tender nub and began humming, sucking and sliding my tongue around and around her precious clit! She gasped, shook and pitched forward over my head and damn near broke my neck, but I was not about to surrender escort tuzla my hold on her! She raked her fingernails across my back as she grabbed for my belt and attempted to pull all six foot plus of me into her tiny wet pussy! I’m not certain why, or what I was thinking, but circling my arms up and around, her hips and lower back, I squatted down and as she fell forward over my head I stood up so that nearly the whole of her body was resting on my mouth as I fired my tongue across, over and around her sexy clit as fast as I could. It was damn near the same thing as lifting up a 20 gallon cooler above your head and pouring its contents over me, because I had no more than stood upright than I felt her shake, tense and then erupt into a flood of orgasmic sound, fluids and flesh all at once! I had her flow filling my nose, eyes, mouth and ears; even cascading down my chin chest and I could feel it even splashing on the floor onto my sandaled feet!I should have put her back down but it was such a rush! I widened my stance and started bouncing and lifting her barely up off of my face so I could steal a breath, but also so I could face fuck that dream of a snatch! She was beating her fists on my back and swearing like a sailor, but she was also cumming and squirting like the Niagara River and I just could not get enough of her sweet thick cum!My head started to spin, my lungs were burning with need and I stumbled over to a pulled out bar stool and sat my ass down as I rocked forward and unceremoniously deposited her wet thighs and buttocks on the bar. My eyes were burning as I opened them and saw a dish towel lying close at hand and I grabbed for it and wiped my eyes and nose clear while using my other arm to hold Patti from pitching forward again and landing face first on the floor!I had just been able to stave off u*********sness and take in fresh clear air when I heard a voice at the sliding door. “I should have known the two of you would be at it! I bring him over and this is the thanks I get?!?” Ellen said in mock disapproval, her skinny naked body filling the doorway.“You lying little bitch!” Patti laughed. “You said he knew how to use his tongue! You did not tell me he could kill a person with it!” Patti gasped back and then moaned and laughed at the same time. She pushed my arm off of her and melted off of marble bar to land on wobbly feet beside me. “You two grab some beers. I need to clean myself up and this mess as well. I’ll be out in a minute.” She turned and headed off in the direction of what I assumed to be a hallway.“You can make it up to me by rubbing some sun screen on my back…. And by letting me suck that raging boner you have in those shorts of yours” Ellen giggled as the blonde walked over to the counter shaking her ass, picked up the beers and walked back like a street whore shaking down the johns. I looked down at the impressive circus tent in the front of my pants and thought, “Sure beats watching the Reds on TV!”++++++++These two naughty young nymphos have the bodies, but an older man can still give then things that the 10 inch boys cannot! We know how to do MORE than just fuck, as both of these girls discovered. But we also know how to fuck as well!Leave me a vote, a comment or a PM if you are enjoying!