Two Years

12 Ocak 2023 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


It’s been two years, two long years since I’ve laid eyes upon you. The illicit affair that we periodically carry on has been interrupted by reality. The obligations we both have have kept us apart.  I arrive at the hotel and knock on the door. You slowly open the door to the darkened room. I slide my arm around you and pull you to me as my lips seek out yours. The feelings of longing and desire overwhelm me as we explore each other’s mouths.  It’s reminiscent of two teenagers rather than two mature long time lovers. You manage to guide me to the bed and gently push me down. As my eyes adjust şişli escort to the light, I absorb the vision before me; your tall, lithe figure, the special lingerie you’ve worn, the new haircut, the high heels. Most of all I see the look in your eyes, knowing that you want this just as badly as I do. I can see the need, the longing.  You crawl into my lap and straddle me as we again begin to kiss, both removing each other’s clothes as we refamiliarize ourselves with the curves and features of our bodies. I take your face delicately in my hand and begin to kiss your neck. escort şişli Your scent intoxocates me.  As I work my way down my hands find your breasts. I’ve missed these pert little breasts.  As you moan in approval, I begin to roughly pinch and pull your hardening nipples just as I remember you liking it. Your back arches in pleasure as you moan just how much you enjoy that. Your hand finds my cock and behind, stroking it as I continue to tease you. I move one hand down and grab your ass pulling you tightly against me. Your hand makes sure to position my cock right at the entrance mecidiyeköy to your dripping wet vagina.   We grind against each other, lost in pleasure.   I can’t wait any longer. I must taste you.  I lie on my back as you climb up, your clit just millimeters from my mouth.  The scent and sights overwhelm me. I pull you down onto my mouth. I lock and suck your clit through several orgasms. I love the taste of you. I’ve missed it. So many times over the past two years I’ve sat alone and stroked myself thinking of nothing more than the taste of you on my tongue. I am so lost in how much I love eating you out that I don’t even count your orgasms. I just continue eating like a starving man who’s just had a banquet placed before them.It seems like only a minute before you slide your body down and grab my throbbing cock.