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Subject: Uncle Carl 1 My Uncle Carl This story depicts a adult man having sexual relations with an under-age relative. It is based on fact. _ _ _ _ _ My early childhood was a bit of a patchwork quilt. I was the product of a young Irish woman being seduced by a British soldier during The Troubles. She was 15 when she met my father, a handsome broad-shouldered man whose life was spent enjoying the thrill of the chase. He could seduce any woman he pleased. But it was always the chase he craved, quickly bored of the catch. And so it was true of my mother. At 15, catholic, she ended up pregnant. Her family, ashamed of her situation, determined that she go to Britain to terminate me, which was forbidden in her country. It was my grand parents that saved me. They begged her to have the child, and they would take care of me. Relenting, my mother agreed to move in with them while I was carried, birth, and as soon as I had entered the world they would look after me. I never met either of them in end. So my grandparents were also my parents. I remember some evenings a group of his friends coming over to the house. They would come at night, which was my cue to go to bed, but before I did they all said hello, shook my uncertain hand or ruffled my hair. A round table would come out, with a green felt top chairs placed around it, and that made my bedtime official. It was on one of those nights, a few years later, that I first met Uncle John. I was, as usual, in the living room, watching the usual Saturday night TV in my pyjamas. The doorbell rang, as usual, and as usual there was the murmur of greeting and singled-filed into the living. I knew them fairly well by now, and my confidence with them much better than the first time many years ago, and I was genuinely happy to see them as some now brought over chocolates, sweets and on rare occasions a £1 note. The last man in was someone I’d never seen before. All the other men were tall, clean shaven, lean with similar haircuts – still applying the discipline they learned when they were together in the army. This man was different and looked totally out of place. I studied him from the sofa. He was similar height to my grandfather, which was about 5’8″. He was totally bald or shaven, a broad round face, small button nose that had a thick, wide dark and grey moustache hanging from it, making his mouth look small. It was the first moustache I had seen. His neck was short, or looked short, and really thick, almost wider than the breadth of his face. He was wearing a blue jumper, disguising most of his frame but I traced the slope of his thick, angled shoulder and his belly pressed against the fabric, far beyond his legs. As I observed, he suddenly turned, caught my gaze, smiled, said something to the other man and came over to me in a few steps. “Well, you must be Jimmy!” he said in a deep voice laced with a local accent. “I’ve heard so much about you. A pleasure to finally meet you!” He pushed his open hand towards me, a wide palm, with thick fingers that looked too small, with hair on them. I offered my hand which he clamped and shook firmly. “I see you’ve met already” said Pappa, in a loud voice to cut through the other men. “Jimmy, this is my brother Carl. So that makes Carl your uncle” “Hello” I said quietly “Well” said Carl “I’ve been dying to meet you ever since you came along. I’ve been living far away for a while but now I’m back and living in town, so I expect we’ll be seeing more of each other” “OK” I said, not sure what to say. “And I promise we’ll have fun. That’s really what uncles are for” I looked up and caught his eyes. They were green and sparkled as they reflect the lamp light. The left one winked at me, his moustache not hiding his broad, warm smile that was infectious. I smiled meekly back. “Thank you Uncle Carl” “That’s sounds very formal. Please- call me Uncle” I nodded, Pappa called order for the men to take their seats around the table, and with just one look from Pappa I knew my instructions were to get to bed. Uncle stayed true to his word. He would often organise taking me during the day on weekends to give my parents a break. We would head to the park, devising games that would make me run all over, burning off my energy. It was the first time he took me, I must tuzla eve gelen escort have been seven, that afterwards we went to the kiosk on the edge of the park. We got to the counter, and he promised I could have whatever I want as long as I could keep it secret. As I perused the options. He put his hand on my shoulder. It made me feel different. I could feel his grip reach into me, through my body, all the way down my toes. I leant back to regain balance, and for a brief moment I leant into his belly, soft at first, then a hardness before I was back standing as usual, his hand on my right shoulder. “So — anything and as much as you like. But on two conditions — what we buy, you must eat. Don’t be greedy. And don’t tell your parents, cos I’ll get in a world of trouble! It’s our secret” I don’t remember what I got, but I remember that feeling. And it was like that for nearly a year, sailing through my 8th birthday where he got me Ghostbusters outfit, and he would take me to the cinema, the park, the zoo, to castles. At least twice a month he would pick me off for a new adventure, and I adored every one. One Friday, after school, I got home to see Mamma in a fancy dress I’ve never seen, hair all different. She was trying to in in an earring on as she turned. “Oh Jimmy, you’re back. We forgot that we’re meant to be at a friend’s birthday party. It’s quite far away and we’ll be back on Monday. But we’ve got Uncle Carl coming over to look after you and tell him I’ve left a list of things you like to eat on the kitchen side and the number of where we’re staying just in case. We’ll back before you know it. He’ll be here in 30 minutes but we have to shoot off now. So be good until he gets here” “OK Mamma” “Good boy” and as she won the battle of the earring she kissed me on my forehead, rushed past me and shouted up the stairs. “Bloody hell it’s meant to be the women taking too long!” “Im coming woman!” He bellowed and I heard his footsteps bound across the ceiling, to the landing and the groans and thuds down the stairs. He turned to me and said “So, how do I look?” He was wearing a blue velvet suit, white shirt and something at the top “What’s that?” I pointed “This, my boy is a bow tie that men like you and me wear on special occasions” “You look … tidy” “Well then I’m ready to go. We’ll be back before you know it and be good for Uncle Carl” “I will” `Good lad. Ba-bye!” he swivelled, followed by the bang of the door, a distant car starting and I was on my own for the first time I can remember. It wasn’t for long, as there was a knock on the door, which I opened to see a smiling Uncle with tubs of chocolates, some big bottles of pop and some videos. “So! Let’s make this the most fun weekend we’ve had!” He bounded in, I told him of the instructions, which he ignored and he ordered a takeaway. It was the first time we were alone in a private place, not surrounded by people. We tucked into this spicy, greasy delicious food making small talk — school, movies, his life and what Pappa was like my age- for what felt like minutes but it had gone dark. “Blimey, look at the time. I’ll clear up here and you go and have your bath. I’ll jump in after then we’ll watch one of these movies” “OK” I trundled up the stairs, started the taps, added bubble bath, got undressed and got in. I often forgot how long I spent in there, daydreaming away about everything, ignoring my wrinkling fingers. Before the door burst open. “Bloody hell lad, the water will be cold any minute. Out you get as I need one n’all” He began to undress, taking off his customary polo jumper, revealing his body for the first time. His dense hair on his back, shoulders, to his front with tight, large muscles sitting on his hairy, protruding belly. In an instant he’s unbuckled and dropped his trousers, showing thick dense legs, strangely hairless compared to his top half, which showed off the sinews as they caught the shadow, before dropping his baggy underwear to show his round, hairy bum, before he turns, and right in my eyeline I see a man’s penis for the first time. It swung as he turned, the end covered in skin and a vein running down the side. “Out, now” I stood up and climbed out of the bath to the towels. It was then I saw my cock standing tuzla otele gelen escort up. I dried myself with my back to Uncle John as he noisily and hastily splashed in the bath, unsure of why my penis had grown and embarrassed for Uncle John to see it. “Now lad, get your pyjamas on and I’ll see you downstairs. You can choose the film” “OK, Uncle” Wrapping the towel around me, I left Uncle to splash in the bath and scurried to my room, dropped the towel, my cock still stiff, put on my pyjamas, slippers and scrurried down the stairs to the three videos on the table. I chose the only one I hadn’t already seen — The Black Cauldron- and put in the VHS before switching to TV and flicked to BBC. I soon forgot about my hard dick and absorbed into the program. I could hear Uncle Carl a mile away, as he moved from the bathroom over the landing, his weight creaking the floorboards, then again from his room across the landing to the stairs where every step landed with a thud and a creak. He entered, wearing a white vest straining against his body and long boxer shorts with a button in the fly. “Right then, let me sit at the end. What’dya choose?” He asked “The black Cauldron” “Great choice” he said as he sat, landing on the sofa with a bounce beside me. “But before we start, do you know what an erection is?” I shook my head “When a man gets excited about something he sees or feels, his willy grows bigger. It’s perfectly natural. I noticed you had one when you came out the bath. Have you had one before?” I stared at the TV, embarrassed. I shook my head. “Have you seen a man’s willy before? Is that what made you excited?” I shrugged. “It’s okay son. You can ask or tell me anything and I swear I’ll keep it a secret” After a bit, I stammered “I’ve never seen a willy like yours before. Or legs” “It’s alright son. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Boys get them all the time, often for no reason. As they get older, most boys get them when they think about girls. Some get them when they think about boys. If I tell you a secret, do you swear you won’t tell?” I turned and looked into his smiling face. I nodded. “I get them when I think about boys. You’re the only person in the whole of the country who knows that” I nodded, unsure about what it meant “Promise me you won’t tell anyone” “I promise I won’t tell anyone” “Good lad, Now turn on the video and let’s get watching it” I got off the sofa, crouched down, pressed play a turned to see Uncle Carl, his belly bulging, smiling at me with one arm open. I moved close to him, he pulled me into him and we started to watch the film as his arm pressed me into him. After about 10 minutes in the position I moved off him, and lay down on the sofa, resting my head on this thigh. His arm moved around me, his hand pressing my tummy, slowly and gently stroking me through my pyjamas. We lay like this for a while, but the though of laying so close to his penis got me aroused and restless. My mind started racing as to how to see it, finding an excuse or reason, coming up but making me want to see it even more. It got too much. So I sat up and looked a Uncle Carl. “Uncle Carl, can I see your willy right now?” Uncle Carl seemed taken aback, unsure of what to say, before looking into. “Son: a man can get into a lot of trouble if people know he lets a boy play with his willie. I need you to promise me you will keep this secret, and not tell a living soul about this, ever. Do you understand?” I nodded earnestly. “I promise Uncle Carl” He stared at me, his gaze reading me, as my eyes moved to his hand that unbuttoned his boxers. He slid down the sofa so his belly moved back, revealing his willie poking out of the fly, his end covered in skin. `Do you want to touch it’? He asked. I nodded. He took my hand with his, placing it on the tip, where I just held it, giddy in the moment. “How does that feel, son?” “It’s really warm” “Do you like it?” I nodded, staring down at his cock, watching it grow as my grip shrank even more. “Are you having an erection?” “Nearly, son. Keep a hold of it and pull the skin back”, His hand guided me, pulling back to reveal a reddish tip, before guiding my hand to pull it forward. Then back again, then forward, then back and tuzla sınırsız escort forward before taking his hand off. I heard Uncle moan. “That feels great, son. You’re making me feel so good. Keep going just like that” I kept the same pace, marvelling how it was growing in size, its texture changing from soft when I started to hard, and I kept stroking until it was upright, centimeters from my face as I kept moving his skin up and down over the red tip. “That’s my erection, son. What do you like it?” “It’s so big. And hard” “That’s because you’ve made me excited. You make me feel good. Now come up here and watch me play”. He pulled up his vest and motioned for me to put my head on his belly. I lay on it, feeling its softness and heat, staring down at his cock, which he now had in his hand and started rubbing much harder than I did. “When a man gets excited, he rubs his willy cos it feels good. You make me feel good” I watched him rub his cock hard, then he would slowly pull his skin all the way back, showing his tip in full, before rubbing hard again. His arm moved across to my belly, then under my pyjama bottoms, where his fingers found my hard, tiny cock, which made me spasm as a bolt of electricity ran through me. “Does that make you feel good?” “Yes uncle” My body tingling as he had my cock in his fingers, creating an intensity there I’d never felt and didn’t know what it meant. I stared at his cock, noticed his tip had become shiny. “Why is you willy shiny at the end?” He didn’t reply at first, but pulled his skin back, and squeezed, pushing a big clear drop of liquid at the end. He stopped rubbing me, and squeezed my cock. “that happens when you really like someone. It shows them you find them special. Tell you what- put some on your finger”. I hesitated “Go on, touch it with your fingers” I pushed my index finger into the drop, pushed it around his tip, making it shinier. “Put a bit in your mouth. It tastes nice” I slowly put the end of my finger on my tongue. It was sweet. I liked it. He started rubbing his cock and mine again at the same time, harder than before, not stopping. I felt the vibrations through his body, and something building in mine. His breath getting heavier, rubbing my cock, his centimetres from my face… Without warning I felt an explosion inside me, making me moan out loud, forcing my body to shake, close my eyes and hold my breasth. Uncle Carl had stopped for a moment, as the explosion subsided to tingling, followed by capturing my breath, my body limp. “That was your first orgasm lad. That means you must like what we’re doing. I do as well. Sit up and watch mine” Dizzily I got to my knees. Uncle Carl pushed his vest up, revealing his belly, before pulling me to him, still on my knees, my face close to his, and he kissed me on the lips. He began playing with himself, I could feel the vibrations as his lips stayed on mine, before his tongue opened my mouth, pushing all the way in, Uncle Carl groaning as he flicked his thick tongue around mine, his moustache pressing against my face, his tongue getting fsaster, hungrier as he moaned faster, his hand squeezing my bum, groaning louder before cutting off. “Now watch lad” A looked beyond his belly, and almost as soon as I did Uncle Carl shouted “I’m cummmiiiinnnng” pulled back his skin, his body pulsating and shaking as I watched a thick line of liquid come out of his tip, over his belly and hit his vest, followed by another that reached his belly button. Followed by another that went all over his hand. I looked at Uncle Carl, whose eyes were closed, his large body still. I looked down and saw the thick line of liquid. I put my finger in it,and put it in my mouth. Saltier than before, so I tried it again. It was my uncle’s taste. “That was a man’s orgasm. When he really wants to show how much he likes someone, the liquid you saw comes out. You’ll do it when your body is older. Now do us a favour and grab a tea towel from the kitchen. I went and returned with the towel, handed it to him, which he used to wipe his liquid from his belly, then rubbed his cock and hand. I could smell it. I wanted more. “I haven’t orgasmed like that in a very long time. It’s all over my vest and boxers. I’ll put them in the wash tomorrow. I’ll have to sleep naked tonight” He paused. “Would you like to sleep in my bed tonight?” I nodded. `Come on then. Let’s go to bed” He turned off the TV, pulled down his boxers, took off his vest, immediately making my cock hard. `Take yours off n’all” He commanded. I slid off my top and pulled down my bottoms. He smiled. “Let’s go up”