Val’s First Black

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Val’s First BlackMy pretty wife, Valerie, is a 35 year old, tall, shapely, strawberry blond with large, full breasts, and long legs. She’s a sexy fun loving gal and we had often talked about doing something sexually adventurous like a swing club or something, but it was always that, just talk…One day I invited Tyrone, the bass player in the band, to chill in our hot tub after the gig. Tyrone’s a handsome 50 year old black stud who looks about 35. His head is shaved clean and he has a well developed muscular body because he works out at the gym. He always seems to have his way with women. At the club, there’s always some broad fawning over him or giving him a blow job during breaks. Some guys just seem to have the knack.Tyrone and I chatted while Val mixed some drinks to cool our taste buds in the hot summer night air. She slid down between us in the hot tub and we all enjoyed the pina coladas she made.”Hey Val, when’s the last time that you had two studs to yourself in a hot tub?” Tyrone chuckled. Val laughed out loud, throwing back her long hair.”You know, we have ourselves one sexy babe here. You don’t mind if I take a couple of pitchers?” Tyrone winked. “For my collection.”Val looked at me and I said “Sure babe, go ahead. Let’s party.”He reached into his sport bag and pulled out an expensive flash camera. Val teased. “Hey Tyrone, do you know how to use that thing?”Tyrone laughed.”Let’s see a pose over here by the wall.”Val complied with Tyrone’s request, standing statuesque in her bikini and still wet all over from the hot tub.”Give me a sexy li’l pout!…Thaaaaaas it.”Flash!, whirrr…”Now Turn around and look at me over your shoulder and give me a sexy look.”Flash!, whirrrr…”I always wanted to be a model” Val exclaimed.”Well now’s yer big chance. Drop your top.”Val reached around her back and unhooked her bikini top and two voluptuous breasts spilled out.”Now give me a li’l cheesecake.”Flash!, whirrrrrrr…”Thas it”” Nice.”Tyrone took a whole roll of my wife in various topless poses. While he was reloading, she pranced off saying, “I’ll put on something sexy while you change the film.” I could see she was getting turned on by the whole experience.When she returned, I could not kadıköy escort believe my eyes. Under her bathrobe, she wore stockings and fuckme pumps. It was excruciatingly erotic but Tyrone just seemed to take it all in stride as he continued with his hypnotic patter. “Lookee here girl, we need to lose that robe.” He stepped behind her, took the robe slowly from her shoulders revealing supple lily white beauty.He dropped the robe on the floor. All she had on underneath the robe was a garter belt and some skimpy panties. “You come here missy, and stand by this couch.” He said, taking her arm and posing her seductively by bending her over the back of the couch.Flash, whirrr…He then took snapshot after snapshot of my beautiful wife in all sorts of cheesecake poses. Ordering her out of her panties was like taking candy from a baby to him. The patter just rolled from his tongue as she posed for him, showing off her legs, displaying her breasts and finally he took beaver shots of her head angled against the couch and pouting sexily while she held her legs wide apart.Flash, whirrr… Flash, whirrrrr… Flash, whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…In one cool, smooth, masterful move, Tyrone reclined Valerie on the carpet and began to kiss her breasts. His long tongue tantalized erect nipples as he grabbed them in his huge bass player’s hands, sampling her flesh. Slowly, his powerful ebony hand traversed my wife’s naked, ivory belly and gravitated to the love hole dripping wet with her excitement. They began to French kiss passionately.Teasing up the lips of her moist labia, Tyrone slid his middle finger into her juicy cunt making Val moan with pleasure. He worked it around her hole seductively, making slurping sounds as she sighed. From where I was sitting, I could see sex juices dribbling down from her moist rose petals and forming a little puddle, making her anus glisten.The next thing I knew, she was on her back, thighs spread. Tyrone grabbed both of her ankles and angled her long legs so I could see the action. For a moment, Tyrone ogled her body appreciatively and looking down at her, he said with a smirk, “Mmmmm, üsküdar escort mmmmmmmm, thas one fine lookin’ honey pot ya got there.” He slid his ten inch cock home with one strong stroke. She gasped at the brute force of his black cock penetration, triumphing over her white womanhood, yielding, so ripe, vulnerable, submitting to his conquest.”Fuck me hard!” she begged.”Bitch!, I’ll fuck you like you ain’t never been fucked before. When I get done with ya you’ll be nothin’ but a ‘ho’ for black cock””Yes! yes! I’ll do anything you say, just fuck me harder!”He started fucking Val harder and deeper. The sight and sound of Tyrone’s black hard body slapping Val’s beautiful yielding loins while holding her arms pinned to the floor was driving me mad. I have never seen her so turned on.Her hips bucked to meet each thrust. I could see Tyrone’s huge swollen cock gleaming with my wife’s love juices as it pulled out and reentered Val’s well lubricated vagina over and over again. Her labia seemed to tremble and pout spasmodically, puckering around the gruff and relentless ramrod that was Tyrone’s big black dick.”On your hands and knees, bitch!”She complied quickly. He gave her butt a quick spank.Grasping my wife’s supple buttocks by the thick, he spread her cheeks wide. Dark eyes roved over tender flesh, appraising private parts never before casually exposed for a black man’s perfunctory inspection.Tyrone pursed his lips and blew a jet of cool air about her sphincter. As it clenched up tight to the titillation of the cool breeze she swayed her lower back for him, and then I saw her button tighten up again from the display and teasing.Tyrone stuck a finger in his mouth, lubricated it with a glob of saliva and proceeded to wet her asshole. Gently massaging in his saliva, spiraling into her wetness and at the first sign of yielding, he took advantage, pressing his way in slowly and confidently, ever so slightly spreading it back and forth, back and forth.Deftly but aggressively he penetrated to his first knuckle, when Val grasped his hand by the wrist and exclaimed “Tyrone, no!…Please don’t! I’m not a slut””Aw, cum on honey, just relaaaaax, go with the flooooow. tuzla escort Just let it haaaaaaappen. Don’t resist me! Relax and let it be…” He spoke so confidently and hypnotically, it commanded her to submit.She acquiesced now and was docile to the potent advance.”Ooooooh!” She moaned longingly as Tyrone’s eager finger wormed it’s way to his second knuckle and he began to bring his middle finger into the task at hand. By the expression on her face, I could tell that she was now resigned to having her anus dilated by Tyrone’s skillful hands.After maddening minutes of coaxing, his sexual acumen allowed him to ream her ass good and she was loving it. Tyrone sure had his way with women. His deep sexy voice kept on reassuring all the while she surrendered her anus to the black man to be opened up like a rose in spring for his entertainment.Tyrone winked at me smugly and then peered down Valerie’s colon gaping wide open now. A slight sneer appeared on his curled lip and I fathomed what he had in mind.Thickened to full erection and positioning rock hard black cock at the opening to her well lubricated opening, he put it to her bluntly.”Yeah! Take it all, You black bastard!” Val moaned as he pushed it in unrelenting.”Yeah baby, just relaaaaax. Papa’s gonna ease on in.”It was feverish and slow how he advanced his cock, on and on and on. By imperceptible amounts, he inched up my wife’s soft moist beckoning anal hole until all at once he slid headlong, plunging deeper and deeper, rushing, rushing, pell-mell, down to the hilt,. “Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnk”. He groaned. She swooned, helpless under his power.Tyrone rallied his manhood, grasping her wasp waist in powerful big hands. He started to pound her body in a fast rhythm; ramming big black cock up her lovely ass, proudly asserting his manhood, harder and harder until suddenly, yanking it out, he stood up, brusquely, violently, grabbed her by her long strawberry blond hair to squirt seed on her face.The first shot spurted wildly and splattered across the bridge of Valerie’s nose. It stuck like raw egg and just began to slowly run down to spread it’s coverage. The second thick, sticky, wet rope of nigger seed erupted from the thick head of Tyrone’s foot-long, black, potent ‘weapon’ and shot right into Val’s open mouth. The backlash of the third shot careened off and ended up dribbling down her breasts. He grimaced a moment at the vision of the flood of his sperm drenching her beautiful blond face. With a groan, he released her hair from his grip and collapsed on the floor sexually spent.