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I drove up the driveway with trepidation. What kind of a person does this, driving eight hours through rural Vermont to the house of a couple she’s met once? At a music festival no less.Painfully awkward, I struggled through high school. Academically I was great but in regards to absolutely everything else, I had an extremely hard time. No parties for me, no boyfriends, no skipping class to go do whatever it was everyone else did.It occurred to me to back out and just find some quaint bed and breakfast to spend the night, maybe explore a sleepy town in the morning and head back to my parent’s house on Long Island. I had class at community college Monday. Ugh you’re such a disappointment. Community college. ‘It’s just a stepping stone.’ My whole life is a stepping stone.But I pushed those thoughts away. I needed to start living and if this güvenilir bahis is what it took, so be it.I came to the end of the long driveway, put the car in park, and turned off the engine. The house was two stories but modest in size. The lights were on, emitting a faint glow. No one is around. They live in the middle of nowhere. There’s no one to hear your screams. I thought, but proceeded to knock.They greeted me warmly at the door, Jeanie’s warmth making up for Scott’s lack. Her full breasts pushed against my chest when she hugged me. Her body, though it was petite, was strong in its embrace. Years of hot yoga to thank for that. Her smile was wide and her Asian hair black and silky. It was all I could do not to stroke it.We exchanged pleasantries, how was the trip and all that, but beneath the surface I felt the tension of what I güvenilir bahis siteleri had come here to do. It was only a matter of time before they’d see every inch of me and show me everything I’d ever wanted to know.I’d never been with a woman before, let alone woman and man together, and while I’d been fucked roughly I’d never done anything in the world of BDSM.But they weren’t just festival freaks; Jeanie worked two jobs to pay for med school while Scott had a full time online job. Something super nerdy that I didn’t understand.“Is your pussy shaved?” Scott’s voice shocks me back to the moment. No one had ever asked me that before. He had an infuriatingly smug smile.“Well, mostly, I have this bit on the top that I keep trimmed but—”“Go shave it.” He pointed to the bathroom. I glanced between them, Jeanie affirming that I could iddaa siteleri use the razor in there.I walked toward the bathroom, and as I passed Scott he gave a slap to my ass, causing me to yelp. They both chuckled.I took my time shaving and put all my clothes back on, just because I didn’t want to seem too eager. Better to play it cool and pretend not to be the greedy slut I was. I was also a bit scared, not knowing what exactly I was in for. I was only nineteen and this couple was twice my age.“Would you like to see the rest of the house? We can give you a tour.” Jeanie led me through the living room, up the stairs to the second floor which was one large room with a bathroom attached. I noticed the restraints attached to the bed but tried not to let my eyes linger on them too long.“You’re going to want to use this.” Jeanie pulled out a bulbous item from her side drawer that I assumed to be a sex toy. I must have been looking at it quizzically so she explained. I was to fill it with water to clean out my asshole. I gulped, took it dutifully and went off to the bathroom.