Vicki Lynn’s Summer Vacation

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I haven’t talked about my family, other than for mentioning my parents, in any of my previous adventures. I have two older brothers. Well, sort of brothers. My parents adopted them after having tried unsuccessfully for several years to have a child. As apparently happens fairly frequently, as soon as they had children and the pressure was off, my mom conceived and I was the result. My brother Bob is one year older than I am and Bill is two years older. I know my parents didn’t give them very original names but I suppose it is better than Phineas and Fauntleroy. My brothers and I always got along fine as I was growing up. We were close enough in age to be able to play together and share a lot of things. Including the bath tub and the bed when we were quite young. I was naturally sexually curious and they were as well when we were young teenagers but we didn’t delve into our curiosities.

Bill was always a very good student and a good athlete. He was captain of the football team in high school and a National Merit scholarship winner. He was always, and still is, very patriotic. He went to one of the military academies after turning down several Ivy League schools as well as a few universities better known for their football programs than for their academic stature.

At a little over six feet tall, Bob was a pretty good athlete, though not as good as Bill, and was a mediocre student at best. He really wasn’t too interested in studying. He was very interested in girls, however, and, possibly because he was very handsome with a high forehead, strong chin, and piercing but kind brown eyes, they seemed to reciprocate his interest. He decided to go to a junior college in our town and to live at home.

I went away to university, to a school that offered a lot of the kinds of things that I was interested in. My freshman year was challenging for me, but a lot of fun as well. As it drew to a close, though, I was looking forward to returning home and seeing Bob. Bill had just finished his junior year at the Academy and had military duties to perform that summer. He was hoping he might get a weekend off that he could come visit but he wasn’t sure about even that.

When I got home I was glad to see my parents, with both of whom I had always had a good relationship. Well, except for when I thought I was old enough to do things that they didn’t think I was old enough to do, as happens with pretty much all kids. Even if I was ticked off, I knew they were only trying to protect me because they loved me. I was especially happy to see Bob – I think Bill was a little intimidating for both of us. Bob met me at the airport where we hugged each other and then he drove us home.

We talked about his year and mine along the way. He had got lots better grades than he used to in high school and had been admitted to the state university where he was going to work to complete his degree. He was still having a good time with the girls and, from what he told me, was as popular with them as ever. Mom made a very nice welcoming home dinner for us that evening. We spent a long time at the dinner table talking and talking.

When mom and dad said they were going to go to bed I stood and said, “I think I will, too, I’m pretty tired.”

Bob quickly said, “Don’t go yet, Vicki Lynn, I didn’t get a chance to ask you about your school year. And you know, things you wouldn’t want to talk about in front of mom and dad.”

I blushed and said, “There aren’t any things like that, Bob, and besides, we have the whole summer ahead of us.”

“I know, but it is just so nice having you home again. Couldn’t you stay up a little bit longer?”

“Oh, okay, Bob, but I’m going to go change first. It seems as if I have had these clothes on forever. I had to get up at four this morning in order to get to the airport for my flight.”

“Thanks, I’ll get us some cokes while you’re getting changed.”

I went into my bedroom, which my parents had left untouched when I left for university. Ever since I was a kid my folks had joked that they wished we would hurry and grow up and go away to school so that they could rent out our rooms. I was glad to see that it really had been just a joke. I took off my blouse and my jeans and, unusually for me, folded them and put them on a chair. Then I unhooked my bra and took it off. It felt nice to have the air from the open window flowing across my breasts. My nipples must have liked it because they became very hard in only a few seconds.

As I was standing there enjoying the breeze on my nipples I saw a fleeting movement out of the corner of my eye. At college I was in a girls only dorm and had got pretty used to not bothering to close doors. The truth was, it excited me not to close the door. Both at college and at home. I had forgotten that Bob would have to go to the laundry room where the freezer was to get ice cubes for our cokes. There was only a tiny opening past the hallway into my bedroom, but it was big enough that I could be seen sahabet güvenilirmi if anybody was looking. As Bob was.

I decided that my breasts were sore and needed a few minutes of massaging. They did enjoy the feel of my hands and my fingers on them, and my nipples seemed especially grateful for the attention. I hoped that Bob was still there as I reached my hands down and peeled my panties off. I stepped out of them and fluffed my pubic hair. Then I walked over to my dresser and took my time selecting a nightgown. I found a light blue one with a fairly deep neck line that I knew you could see through if you tried, which was one of the reasons I had bought it.

I put it on and thought for a moment or two about putting a robe over it, but decided not to. As I walked out of my bedroom back to the living room I noticed a furtive movement and was pleased that Bob had still been watching me.

“Thanks for staying up with me,” Bob said as I returned.

“You’re welcome. I am pretty tired but I’d like to stay and talk for a bit,” I said.

Bob asked me questions about the courses I had been taking and friends I had met. He finally edged around to what he really wanted to ask me about, my sex life.

“Do you have a steady boyfriend, Vicki Lynn?”

“Not really, Bob. There was a guy during the first semester that I dated a lot but we weren’t going steady.”

“What happened?”

“He was a senior and he graduated at the end of the first term. He moved back to Indianapolis. We wrote a few times but then he met someone else and I met several someone else’s.”

“Are any of them potentials?”

“I don’t think so, but I have a nice time with them. How about yourself?”

Bob told me that he was having too good a time going out with several different women to confine himself to just one. And since he knew he would be leaving at the end of the summer to go to Storrs he wasn’t anxious to get too serious with any of them.

While we were talking I noticed that Bob’s eyes frequently broke contact with my eyes and glanced down at my breasts, or further down to my pussy. I suppose the fact that my nipples, all on their own accord, managed to be quite erect, might have attracted his attention. Whenever I saw his eyes beginning to shift downwards I would avert my own eyes, looking over at the TV, which was turned on to Jay Leno. I wanted to give Bob plenty of opportunity to look at my body, and was very pleased that he wanted to do so.

By the time Leno was over I was really tired. I stood up, yawned and stretched, which pulled my nightgown tightly over my breasts. Bob was staring intently at them. I’m sure he could see my nipples quite clearly through the thin material of my nightgown.

“I really need to get some sleep, Bob, I’ll see you in the morning,” I said as I turned to go to my bedroom. Then, on a sudden inspiration, I bent down to pick up Harper’s Bazaar from the coffee table to read in bed. I knew that this would pull my nightgown tightly over my ass. I glanced back and was happy to see that Bob was studying that part of my anatomy with great care. I stood up, smiled to myself and thought that this was going to be a great summer.

The next morning I slept in until almost nine. At school I had to get up at six on most days and was really happy to luxuriate in bed for a while. As I lay there thinking of how much fun it had been to be almost naked with Bob the night before my fingers found their way to my pussy. I moved them in light circles up and down and then around my pussy lips. As soon as I was moist I put a finger inside me and then put it into my mouth, tasting myself. I won’t say I tasted fantastically good, but it wasn’t too bad, though I admit I am biased. I moved my hand back down to my pussy and began to play with my clit. It showed its usual enjoyment of the attention and became quite erect. I reached over to my nightstand and picked up a mirror I had put there the night before. I like to look at my pussy, especially when I am playing with it.

My lips were extended and moisture was clearly evident. I opened and shut my knees and enjoyed watching my pussy lips open and close as I did so. I moved my hand back to my clit and stimulated it, gently at first and then more firmly. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. When my orgasm was approaching I grabbed my pillow with my free hand and pulled it over my head to stifle the noises I knew I would make. I’m pretty sure my parents knew or at least assumed that I masturbated, but I didn’t see any point in making it that obvious. Feeling refreshed and relaxed I got up and walked over to the door of the bathroom connecting Bob’s room with my room. I knocked and got no response so I went in. I locked the door to Bob’s side, although I felt like leaving it unlocked, used the facilities and took a shower.

After my shower I got dressed and came out to the kitchen. My dad had already gone to work but my mom was in the kitchen. She asked me sahabet yeni giriş how I had slept and I said how nice it had been to sleep in my own bed again. She said that she had to go out to do some errands and asked me not to let Bob sleep for too long.

“Vicki Lynn, while I’m gone could you please go next door to the de Bloeme’s and ask them if I can borrow their pastry scale? It’s electronic and really accurate. I want to do some baking this afternoon and it would be a big help for me.”

“Sure mom, I’ll just get a cup of coffee and then go over.”

I poured a cup of coffee and said goodbye to my mom. When I finished my coffee I went next door and rang the bell. In a couple of minutes the door was opened by Mr. de Bloeme. He was wearing only a short towel around his waist. He is only in his late twenties but he and his wife have been living next door to my folks for five or six years. He works out a lot and I could see that he is in very good shape. The towel only came down to his upper thighs and I found myself fantasizing about what was under it. I apologized for barging in and he apologized for not being dressed. He said he had just finished exercising and was about to take a shower. I felt like asking him if he could use any help in the shower but I decided against it. I was only thirteen or fourteen when I first met him and I thought he still considered me a little girl.

I asked him if my mom could borrow their scales.

“Of course, Vicki Lynn, come on in and we’ll get it.”

I followed him into the house and kept my eyes on his ass as he led the way into the kitchen. He looked into several of the upper cabinets, then remarked, “I wish Pat were home. She would know exactly where the scale is.”

“Maybe it is in one of the lower cabinets, Mr. de Bloeme,” I said.

As I hoped, he squatted down to look into the bottom cabinets. When he did so, and as I had thought would happen, his naked penis and balls were on view. His cock was very nice looking. It was circumcised with a good length and girth. His balls were large and looked to be heavy. They would have felt nice in my hands. Mr. de Bloeme wasn’t looking at me but he must have been aware that I was staring at his cock because it began to grow as I watched it. Next to holding a cock in my hands or my mouth as it grows, one of my favorite things is to watch it grow large. I hoped it would take him a long time to find the scale because I was really enjoying watching as his cock kept pushing further and further away from his body. I wanted to touch myself but I didn’t dare. It probably didn’t matter because I was getting quite moist anyway.

“Oh, here it is,” he said.

He picked it up and held it out to me. More out than up so I bent down to take it from him, my hand only inches away from his now fully erect and breathtakingly lovely cock.

“Thank you so much Mr. de Bloeme. My mom says it is really helpful to be able to use your scale because it has such precise weights,” I said, while my eyes never left his erection.

It was only then that Mr. de Bloeme glanced down and seemed, or at least pretended, to realize that he had an erection. He quickly stood up but that didn’t help because now his cock was standing straight out in front of him. And looking very impressive.

“I’m sorry, Vicki Lynn, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“That’s okay, Mr. de Bloeme, I think you look very nice. I bet Pat does, too.”

He put his hands on his cock over the towel, trying to push it down. It wasn’t working. That made me glad.

“I’ll bring it back tomorrow if that’s all right,” I said as I turned to go to the door.

“Sure, Vicki Lynn, any time.”

I left thinking that I should return the favor as well as the scale when I came back tomorrow. When I got home Bob was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. He saw that I had the scale in my hands and asked where I had got it. I told him that it was borrowed from the de Bloeme’s and then told him about what had just happened. Bob could tell from my description that I had not been at all unhappy about seeing Mr. de Bloeme’s erection.

“Did it make you excited, Vicki Lynn?”

“Very. It was truly lovely. I really wanted to hold it and caress it.”

“That’s how I felt last night, Vicki Lynn.”

“What do you mean, Bob?”

“I accidentally saw you when you were changing into your nightgown. You looked really beautiful.”

“Well Bob, that is sweet of you to say but I’m your sister.”

“Technically you’re not, Vicki Lynn, I was adopted.”

“I know, Bob, but I have always thought of you and Bill as my brothers, whether you are technically or not.”

Although I said that, and it was true, I was re-living last night’s experience of exhibiting myself to Bob. And I was getting very excited while remembering it.

“Well, anyway, Bob, I have to go out now, but thanks for thinking I look pretty.”

I left to do some shopping and see some old friends. sahabet giriş Early that evening I helped my mom with the baking. We made, no, she made and I tried to help with, an apple strudel. She rolled the dough out very thinly on top of the dining room table until it covered the whole table. She is somehow able to make the dough so flaky, it really tastes delicious. I have tried on my own a few times and I can’t begin to compare with her. We had some for dessert that night. It was up to mom’s usual high standard. Then mom set some aside and asked me to take it to the de Bloeme’s in the morning when I returned the scale.

Bob and I talked some more that evening while we watched a re-run of “The Godfather,” which is one of my favorite movies. Bob’s too. It didn’t get over until past one so we said quick goodnights, took turns using the adjoining bathroom and went to bed.

In the morning when I came out to the kitchen, mom and dad had already left. I fixed a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. I had just finished my cereal when Bob came out. He had taken a shower and came out with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Is this the way Mr. de Bloeme was dressed?” he asked.

“Pretty much, but his towel was a lot shorter than that one.”

Bob rolled the towel at his waist to shorten it while I admired his physique. I could see why a lot of girls found him attractive. He was attractive. Very.

“About like this?”

“Yes,” I laughed. “Are you going to bulge out in front, too?”

“Maybe. Would you be angry?”

“I guess not, but I know it isn’t right.”

But having said that, I hoped he would anyway. I had had a few fleeting glimpses of Bob without his clothes on, usually his back side as he was leaving the bathroom just as I was coming in, but I had never seen him with an erection. It didn’t take long before I did as his cock began to rise in front of him. I watched as the towel bulged further and further out, much further than Mr. de Bloeme’s had done. Then, instead of just sticking out in front of him, Bob’s cock kept climbing upwards until it was pointing almost directly up. I think it would have been directly up if the heavy material of the towel hadn’t been getting in the way. As it was, the upward movement of his cock had lifted the towel enough so that his balls and the bottom two or three inches of his cock were in view.

“Bob, you are huge,” I said. “Your girl friends must love it.”

I was hoping that Bob’s towel would slip off so I could see his cock without the encumbrance of the towel, but Bob had fastened it securely around his waist. I was trying to build up my courage to ask him to remove it, or just to remove it myself, when the phone rang. Bob and I both jumped, then I went to the phone and answered it. It was my mom.

“Hi, Vicki Lynn. Have you taken the scale back to the de Bloeme’s yet?”

“No, mom, I was going to in a little while.”

“Could you do me a favor and take it back right away? I want to be able to keep borrowing it from them so I need them to see that we always return it promptly.”

“Sure mom, I’ll take it over right now.”

I looked back at Bob, whose erection had subsided considerably.

“Sorry, Bob, I have to get dressed and take the scale back over next door.”

Bob looked disappointed as I went to my room. I put on a pair of lime green thong panties that matched the blouse I was going to wear. I frequently don’t wear any panties but when I do, they are almost always thongs. Next I put on my blouse. It had short sleeves and buttoned up the front, but I didn’t button very many buttons. Finally I put on a pair of ridiculously short shorts. They were made of a very light white denim and fitted very snugly around my ass and my pussy. I had bought them on a giggle and had never worn them out in public, but I did like to wear them around the house. They made me feel sexy and I almost always masturbated after wearing them. At 5’5″, I’m not very tall, but these shorts made my legs look very long. I suppose it was because every inch of leg that I have was on display. And if I had been wearing regular panties instead of thongs, several inches of panty would be showing as well.

I came out to the kitchen and Bob, who was still sitting there in his towel, whistled.

“Why thanks,” I said, “Do you approve?”

“Of course, you look great. I just hope it is Mr. de Bloeme who is home and not his wife.”

“Oh, you’re right. Maybe I should go change.”

“No, don’t do that. Take a chance. It will be fun.”

“Okay, I will,” I said, feeling my excitement begin to grow.

Bob told me that he had to go out and would be gone when I returned but asked me to tell him what happened when we would be together in the evening. I said that I would. I went next door with the strudel and the scale and rang the bell. To my relief, it was Mr. de Bloeme who answered the ring. To my sadness, he was fully dressed, though he still looked very cute. And, especially as he glanced down at my shorts, he looked very pleased to see me.

“Good morning, Mr. de Bloeme,” I said. “I’ve brought the scale back and here is some of mom’s apple strudel she would like for you and Pat to have. I hope you like it.”