Visiting Aunt Aimee

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Kyle Turner and his sister, Caitlyn, were midway between their hometown and Aunt Aimee’s house when the gas line of their parents SUV clogged and the vehicle came to a stop. The auto was less than two years old and in excellent condition but sometimes strange things happen for unexplained reasons.

Two hours later, Kyle called his mother on his cell phone. “We had the car towed in,” he told her, “and the mechanic says a fuel line is probably blocked. The thing is he doesn’t know how long it’ll take to clear it out.”

“Where are you?” his mother asked.

“About two hundred miles from Aunt Aimee’s house,” Kyle told her.

“I knew I should have put my foot down and not let you drive down there,” she said.

“Calm down, mom,” Kyle said, “no one’s hurt. We’re right next door to the Star Crest motel. We’ll spend the night and leave first thing in the morning. We’ll be at Aunt Aimee’s by noon.”

“You call me the second you get there,” Kyle’s mother said, “Now, let me talk to your sister.”

Kyle handed the phone to Caitlyn and stood by, listening to a series of, “Yes, mom—OK mom. —I know—its alright—I will…”

Kyle did not wait for the conversation to end. He walked over to where the mechanic was checking out the car. “What do you think?” Kyle asked.

“Nothing too serious,” the mechanic said, “we’ll take a look at the computer and see what we’re dealing with then pull open the gas line and blow it clean.”

“My sister and I will be next door,” Kyle said, “at the motel. Unless I hear from you, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Sounds like a plan,” the mechanic grinned.

Caitlyn stepped out of the office and handed Kyle his cell phone. “Mom is such a worrier,” she told her brother, “I mean, I’m eighteen and you’re almost twenty. She acts like were little kids.”

“In her eyes,” Kyle said, “I guess we always will be little kids.”

They each took a bag out of the car, so they would have clean cloths to wear in the morning. Then they walked across the gravel lot to the motel office.

The room was not as nice as they hoped but not as bad as they feared. The carpet was old and worn, but clean, and the furniture, though scarred in places, was sturdy. They were both surprised to see a 32 inch flatscreen TV bolted to the counter at the foot of the double bed.

“Is that going to a problem?” Kyle asked.

“Is what going to be a problem?” Caitlyn wanted to know.

“There’s only one bed,” Kyle said.

“Why should it be a problem?” Caitlyn wanted to know, “We’ve slept together in the same bed before.”

“When we were eight,” Kyle reminded her.

“You’re worse than mom,” Caitlyn said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Kyle flipped through the TV channels while he waited for his sister to finish her shower. When she came out, he went in.

When Kyle came out of the bathroom, Caitlyn was wearing sandals, white shorts and a pink tank top. Kyle put on red running shorts and a white T shirt. He also wore sandals on bare feet.

The restaurant was a quarter mile from the motel. Kyle and Caitlyn walked there easily. It was an old fashioned diner with linoleum on the floor and tables instead of booths. But the food was good and the servings were big.

After they ate, the siblings decided to buy a six pack of soda (the sign next to the counter said, “We check ID’s.”) and a bag of potato chips to take back to the motel.

They queenbet güvenilirmi spent the evening watching a movie they had both seen before but they both liked. It was ten o’clock when the movie ended. They watched the local news show, fascinated by the mix of international and very local happenings. A report on the war in Afghanistan followed by the report of an accident involving a tractor and Frank Jenson’s pick-up truck.

Caitlyn put on a long, white T shirt that hung down to her knees. Kyle usually slept in the nude. He removed his shirt but left his shorts on.

Caitlyn was not a virgin but this was the first time she shared her bed with someone since her tenth birthday. Kyle had slept with girls while he was away at college but, to his surprise, the fact that the girl in bed next to him was his sister did not really matter. It was still a girl and a very pretty girl at that.

Caitlyn was five, four inches tall and weighed one hundred and eighteen pounds. She had long, straight, dark hair and bottle green eyes. Her nose was small, her lips thin and sensual.

She had large breasts, full and straight. Her waist was small and her hips were narrow. She had a flat stomach, a sloping, heart shaped ass and nicely shaped legs.

As she lay in the dark, next to her brother, Caitlyn could not stop thinking about sex. That had nothing to do with Kyle because she was always thinking about sex. Her nipples were usually hard and her pussy was always hot and wet. Caitlyn fantasized every night but this night her thoughts were stronger, her desire more intense. Maybe because she was lying next to a real hunk. She had had a crush on Kyle for a long time.

Kyle was six-three and weighed two hundred pounds. He had dark, curly hair, bluish green eyes and a young, but rugged, face. He was built like a swimmer with broad shoulders, a muscular chest, narrow hips and long, powerful legs.

Most of Caitlyn’s fantasies involved her brother and his physique. She slowly moved her hand between her legs so she could rub her clitoris and fantasize about him without disturbing him.

Kyle had a raging hard on. He could not get Caitlyn out of his mind. Her breasts, her ass, even her legs were like magnets, pulling him toward her. He wondered what she would do if he turned towards her and…

“This isn’t working,” Kyle said, aloud but to himself.

“What isn’t working?” Caitlyn asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Kyle said, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t,” his sister said, “What isn’t working?”

Feeling frustrated, and a little angry, Kyle took his sister’s wrist in his fingers and placed her hand on his erection. He expected her to pull her hand away in disgust but instead she held it, squeezed it, even rubbed it. “Wow!” Caitlyn said, admiringly,”it’s really big.”

Kyle sat up on the edge of the bed, pulling away from his sister’s hand. “It happens when I’m in bed with a hot girl.”

“You think I’m hot?” Caitlyn asked, flattered.

“Yeah, well, just because you’re my sister,” Kyle said, “Oh, hell, Caitlyn, you know how good looking you are.” She did know but it was always nice to hear it, too.

Suddenly Caitlyn was overwhelmed by lust. “Do you have a condom?” she asked, putting her hands on Kyle’s shoulders.

It took a second for Caitlyn’s words to register. He turned so he could see his sister. “You’re going to let me fuck you because queenbet yeni giriş I think you’re hot?” Kyle asked.

“No,” his sister replied, “I want you to fuck me because I think you’re hot. But you have to use a condom because I don’t want to get pregnant. Especially not by my brother.”

“I don’t have one,” Kyle said.

Caitlyn got on her knees and , sitting back on her heels, leaned forward so her face was close to Kyle’s. “I’ve wanted you for a long time,” she told him, “I guess you’ll have to fuck my ass.” she whispered.

“You like it in the ass?” Kyle asked, very surprised.

“Its how I kept from getting pregnant in high school,” his sister told him as she returned her hand to his hard on, “I love it in the ass.”

Kyle cupped his sister’s breasts and Caitlyn lightly held her brother’s cock as their lips touched, then pressed together. They pulled back, each checking the other’s reaction, then pressed their lips together again, harder. Caitlyn opened her mouth first and their tongues shot forward to touch, lick and explore.

“Will you please take these off,” Caitlyn said, tugging on the cloth of her brother’s shorts.

Kyle pulled away and, standing next to the bed, pushed his shorts down to the floor. The room was dark but enough light filtered through the window curtain to allow Kyle to see his sister’s gorgeous body as she pulled her nightshirt up and off. She tossed the shirt on the floor and stretched out on the bed.

Kyle got on the bed next to her, simultaneously sucking a hardened nipple into his mouth and putting his hand between her legs. Caitlyn reached down and began stroking her brother’s long, thick cock.

“You’re really wet,” Kyle said as he pushed two fingers into Caitlyn. At the same time, he pressed his thumb against her clit. Caitlyn groaned and spread her legs further apart. Kyle lowered his head and flicked the tip of his tongue on his sister’s clit, making her moan and twist with pleasure.

As Kyle pleasured his sister’s vagina, Caitlyn’s hand squeezed and stroked the large, hard cock, and rubbed the head with her thumb. “Let me suck it,” she said, wondering why she wanted her brother’s cock so much as she pulled it towards her face.

Kyle swung one leg over his sister and she quickly guided his cock into her anxious mouth. He groaned as his hard penis sank into the wet warmth of his sister’s mouth. He sucked Caitlyn’s clitoris, licked the sensitive inner flesh of her slit and probed the opening with his tongue as he slowly moved his cock in and out of his sister’s moist, warm orifice.

Caitlyn did not know why she was so close to having an orgasm so quickly. Was she that horny? Was Kyle that good at eating pussy? Or was it because she was being eaten out by her brother? The reason, Caitlyn decided, didn’t really matter. At that moment, nothing mattered. Nothing except the explosion that was about to go off in her stomach.

She felt Kyle’s finger push into her ass hole and that was all it took. “I’m cumming,” she gasped, “Oh, fuck, Kyle, I’m going to cum.” Her hips raised from the bed and Kyle pushed his head further between her legs, plunging his tongue into her rectum.


With her orgasm going off, heat and ecstasy flowing over and through her, all she could think of was making Kyle cum, feeling his jizm filling her mouth and trickling queenbet giriş down her throat. Her hand moved up and down the length of Kyle’ s cock, at the same time he pumped his prick between her lips, until she got what she wanted and hot cum flowed into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Kyle rolled away, turned around and took his sister in his arms. “That was fantastic,” he said, trying to catch his breadth. They kissed and touched each other until they fell asleep with their bodies pressed together.

When Kyle awoke, the room was filled with sunlight. The round clock above the television read 9:33 AM. For a moment, he did not know where he was. Then it call came back; the break-down, the tow, the motel, the restaurant, the sex.

He could hear water running in the bathroom. Caitlyn was taking a shower. Kyle wondered if his sister was upset, angry about what they had done. Kyle felt the way he did after sleeping with a girl he had just met. Maybe it shouldn’t have happened but it could not be undone.. He wondered how Caitlyn felt.

Might as well find out, Kyle thought as he got up and walked to the bathroom door. He knocked but there was no answer. Can’t hear me, he thought, listening to the sound of the shower. He opened the door and slowly peered in.

Caitlyn was facing away from him, bent over washing her legs. Her ass was high, the cheeks separated, fully exposing her ass hole and pussy. Kyle felt his cock growing hard.

She straightened up, turned and saw Kyle looking at her. “Hey, bro,” she said, with a wide, happy smile, “Would you like to join me.”

A great sense of relief washed over Kyle. “I’d love to,” he told her, sliding open the glass door and stepping into the shower of warm water. He held his sister’s naked body against his own, his hands on the cheeks of her ass, the underside of his erection pressing against her stomach.

Their mouths pressed together and their tongues slipped between each other’s lips. Kyle brought one hand up to feel his sister’s breasts while she gripped and stroked his hard cock. ‘Do you still want it in the ass?” Kyle asked.

“Uh-huh,” Caitlyn answered, lathering her brother’s cock. She handed Kyle the bar of soap, turned around and bent over.

Kyle rubbed the soap in his hands and spread the lather over his sister’s ass, making sure much of it covered her ass hole. Without speaking, he put one hand on the small of Caitlyn’s back and with the other, pressed the head of his cock into her rectum .

“Oh, god,” Caitlyn gasped, as her brother’s cock slowly entered her.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked, “Am I hurting you?”

“Yes,” Caitlyn said, “You’re a lot bigger than the guys I’m used to.”

“Should I stop?” Kyle asked.

“No,” Caitlyn answered emphatically, “Give me more. Put it in as deep as you can.”

Kyle put a hand on each of Caitlyn’s hips and pushed his hips forward while pulling her’s back, driving his soapy cock deep into his sister’s equally soapy asshole. “Shit, that feels good,” Caitlyn said as Kyle pressed his thighs against her ass..

“It’s so tight,” Kyle said as he slid back and forth in the warm grasp of Caitlyn’s ass.

“I never had anything that big in my ass before,” Caitlyn said, as her brother’s over sized cock moved in and out of her ass’s tight grip. “I think—“Caitlyn gasped, “I think—I ‘m going to—cum.”

“Me, too,” Kyle said, increasing the speed of his hips.

“Oh—oh—oh–” Caitlyn groaned with each forward thrust of her brother’s cock. “OH—OH—FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!”

A second later, Kyle plunged his throbbing tool as deeply into the tight channel as he could. What felt like a gallon of hot semen poured into his sister’s ass.