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WaitingI got home early from work did the usual unpacked my lunch box poured a drink had a quick shower put on a pair of shorts and sat down to unwind and watch a bit of tv. It was here finally Friday. We had been planning it for a few days we had a newly meet male friend coming over for some playtime. Fingers crossed this one would turn up last couple had either bailed out or had work commitments that prevented them from turning up. So there I was sitting down watching a movie and enjoying a nice cold drink when the door bell rang. I answered the door and was greeted by our new friend. He apologised for being so early. I told him it was fine and invited him in. I was ready for another drink so invited him to join me which he happily accepted. We took up sits on the lounge and chatted and had a few drink while waiting for Mrs to get home. I sent her a txt letting her know our friend had arrived. She said she would be home as soon as possible and was very excited about the night ahead. So we kept chatting and our new friend asked if I’d like another drink since he was getting up sure thing I said. By now the movie was done so I asked what he would like to watch. He straight away said put on some mmf or bi sexual porn help really get us in the mood. I figured why not so I searched through and found a good home made mmf/ bi sexual movie and hit play it opened with the two guys rubbing each other’s cock while the lady lay back watching and fingering her very wet pussy. Straight away I started getting hard our new friend noticed the bulge as he handed me my drink and as I took the drink he dropped his hand to my canlı bahis now very hard cock and squeezed it through my shorts. He placed his drink down and then slid his hand through the waste band of my shorts and started stroking my cock. He then used his other hand to slowly pull down my shorts and under wear then pulled them completely off leaving me there with a very hard cock sticking out and a t shirt on. He took a swig of his drink then got down on his knees and starting licking my balls and shaft before slowly taking it into his mouth. I pulled my t shirt off and grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled it up forcing him off my dick so I could get his shirt over his head. Then I stood up and got him to stand while I returned the favour and knelt down and peeled his pants and underwear off to reveal his nice smooth tight young body. His nice sized cock sprang in my face already hard as it came free and I quickly licked it from top to bottom before sliding it into my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head causing him to moan with pleasure. As I kept working his cock I started playing with his tight ass and deftly lube up a finger with my saliva before sliding it through his crack and gently pushing it into his ass. This made him groan more. I continued sucking his hard cock and fingering his tight ass for a few minutes then released his cock from my mouth and stood up. I grabbed my drink and took a swig myself then sat back down our new friend grabbed his drink and sat beside me then he leaned over and drizzled some of the cold liquid over my hard throbbing cock and balls letting it run down to my bahis siteleri ass before licking from my ass to the tip of my cock. He did this a few more times before he ran out of drink again. I checked my phone as I got up to refill our glasses and got a msg from the Mrs she was on the way home now so I poured her a drink as well and sat back down. Our friend wasted no time as soon as I was down he dropped straight back to his knees and took my cock back in his hungry mouth and started working me up again. He was down there for maybe 2 mins before the wife walked through the door. First thing she saw was his naked ass and his mouth on my cock. She wasted no time in putting her bag down slipping out of her clothes and joining us. She bent down and gave me a passionate kiss as she guided my hand to her pussy and whispered in my ear to feel how wet she had instantly gotten from seeing me and our friend there like that. I manipulated her soaking pussy and engorged clit till she moved back a bit and knelt down with our friend pulling his head off my cock and kissing him as well before plunging her wet mouth onto my shaft. She pulled back off and guided our friend back down before laying on her back and getting between his legs and licking his cock and balls. She noticed that his ass already looked slick from me playing with it earlier so she started licking from his ass to his tip making him moan around my cock now deep in his mouth. Then she moved her hand and started jacking his cock while she tongued his ass. This was almost to much and he moved her hand off his cock before he blew all over the carpet. bahis şirketleri Taking the hint Mrs got up and left the room only to come back in wearing her strap on and a pair of stockings. She got behind our friend and slowly pushed the tip into his waiting ass. Forcing him to take my cock into his throat. Once she had the tip in she slowly pushed forward and I could see him pushing back onto her rubber cock. She was fully in him as a spat my cock out and started moaning louder. She eased in and out till his muscle had relaxed enough then grabbed his hips and started sliding that rubber cock in and out. I climbed off the lounge and got between her legs and started licking her absolutely dripping wet pussy then moved forward so I was closer to him and started to lick his shaft and balls while I fingered her pussy. This was all to much and he started to shoot his hot load so I quickly sucked his cock into my mouth and felt him blast me with warm salty cum. The sight of this was to much for the Mrs making her also cum hard her sweet pussy nectar leaking out and dripping on me I wormed my way out from underneath and pulled the wife’s face to mine and kissed all our friends cum straight into her hungry mouth. Then while she was still inside him with her strap on I got in position and slid into her waiting pussy hard and fast it didn’t take long for me to cum inside her and as soon as I started to groan our friend quickly pulled of her rubber cock and got underneath us and as I pulled my cock out he quickly sucked all the combined love juice off me then greedily sucked all the cream from her pussy before also kissing her deeply and forcing it into her mouth. Having all cum once we decided to take a breather and have a round of drinks before starting on round two. 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