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He slowly pushes his body forward against hers, using his greater size to move her back bit by bit, the entire time his hardening cock pressing against her. She doesn’t remember it even happening, but somehow she is down to her panties, and she can feel her nipples stiffening, the cool air flowing around them in contrast with the heat she feels from his muscled body. Almost involuntarily she thrusts her body forward to meet his, even as he moves her backwards. His hands are all over her, her face, her back, her hair, her ass… suddenly she feels his hands grabbing at the top of her thong, trying to pull it down. She’s abruptly shy, and starts to tell him to wait, but as she does his mouth is on hers, kissing, sucking… her head is swimming, her body is on fire, she is kissing him back, hungry now. Her hands, which had begun to move down to stop his now help him, help him remove that last barrier between them.

She looks at him, stares him in the eyes canlı bahis as they together slide her panties down her legs and off. Reflecting in his eyes is her newly discovered lust, which mingles with his passion, dancing there as if alive itself. Then there is a solidness against her.. what??? The wall, she is against the wall, it is cold against her back and she gasps, the sound mixing with the other expressions of desire that have escaped from the two. He slides down her body, his mouth now level with her breasts. Her hand grasps the back of his head as he brings his lips to her throbbing nipple.

She moans as his lips close around it and his tongue caresses it forcefully. Movement… his hands are grabbing the upper back of her legs and…he lifts her up, her weight now supported by his arms and the wall. As he lifts he straightens his body and pulls each leg outward, beginning to expose her tender clit. Looking down she can see the smooth skin around it, bahis siteleri glad that she had shaved just that morning. Wet, she is already wet, her body preparing her for what she needs so badly. Her legs are now supported by his upper legs, and she can feel his body tensed with lust and with the effort of holding her up.

She reaches down and takes his cock in her hand, once again amazed at its hardness and size. Her entire being seems to be consumed with the desire for it, the desire to be taken by him, to be filled by him. She guides him to her, at the same time spreading her wet lips. His head at her opening, finding its path. He moans and her head falls back against the wall as he slips inside ooohhhhhhhh yes, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it… partly in, her pussy still tight, still adjusting to his thickness slow slow… and then…

…that moment, oohhh that moment when suddenly he is all the way inside her, all the way deep into her, filling bahis şirketleri her all the way, so much of her weight now supported by his cock that is driving up, piercing her, the skin above the base of his cock sliding against her clit. His hands are on her legs, holding her up also, moving back and forth, holding her, teasing her ass. She feels him thrusting, his body shaking with the intensity as he slams up into her, driving her against the cold surface of the wall. She reaches down and grabs him, any way she can, in order to pull him in deeper, further, to position herself so that her hungry clit is rubbed back and forth…so much, so much…he whispers to her, whispers to her oohhhh tells her how he’s fucking her, how he’s inside of her, how he’s going to cum in her. It’s too much, it’s just enough, it’s what she wants and she explodes, crying out, screaming out, her pussy contracting on him as she cums all over him, causing him to lose all control and to shudder as he plunges into her again as he cums into her, he himself calling her name as he loses himself in her.

They collapse to the floor together, spent, satisfied and already thinking about the next time…