Watching my Chinese Mom

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The following is a true story…of my friend fucking my mom.


My friend David and I grew up together in the same rural neighborhood. David is 2 years older than I, but we still would hang out at each other’s houses because there just weren’t that many guys around. David eventually graduated from high school and went off to college across the State. We would still hang out on a regular basis when he was home for the summer and on break. My mom (Lena) liked him because he took care of me in school and wouldn’t let anyone pick on me. I think David hung out with me because he liked my mom.

David would be considered the alpha male of our high school group we hung with. David is 6’1″ tall and very well built. He always got the girls, while I was always the little guy in the neighborhood. Whenever I got obnoxious David would say, “Evan, you have a smoking hot mom. Someday I’m going to fuck her with my 9” dick. Just to piss me off. I didn’t say anything because I feared he might hit me or something.

David always had a thing for my mom (now in her 40s). She is Chinese and had a beautiful lean body, long black hair, pretty face, long sexy shapely legs and nice tight ass, very curvy and 5’4″ tall,130 lbs. My dad brought her over from China and married her. Before he passed away 3 years ago he bought her a big tit boob job and they were huge for her slim frame. I would say a little smaller than a cantaloupe. I think 20 of her 130 lbs. are tits. LOL. Mom drew attention everywhere she went.

Mom dated some after dad passed but she got creeped out by the old men in our small town who just wanted to fuck the Chinese woman with the huge tits. Also I think because she was protecting me.

David would boldly flirt with her in front of me just to bug me, and it appeared she liked the attention David gave her. Mom didn’t work and dad had left her enough so that she didn’t have to. She always said her job was to take care of me and get me through school. So she just worked around the house and catered to my needs.

She liked to be comfortable around the house and always wore skimpy clothes even when David is around. Usually wearing a pair of short shorts and a crop top or something similar with no bra and thong panties if any. When I would have a group of guys over she covers up a bit more, but David didn’t seem to bother her and she would dress the same as when it was just me and her.

David, now 21, was the ideal smooth talker and was always chatting up my mom. He could talk a lady into doing just about anything. As time progressed, I imagined what it would be like if David fucked my mom. I could picture his big frame and arms with my smaller framed big tit mom. I jerked off to the idea several times. Yes, I am weird… so what? When I saw them together I started to get erections and I could see a bulge in David’s shorts now and then too.

David continued making comments to me, calling my mom “a hot piece of ass” and “a MILF”. One time he showed me his dick and asked me if I thought my mother would like it. It was big. Really big! He told me it was 9″ when he was hard. I continued to get turned on by his comments and his fantasies about my mom. He was so assertive and I was a little twit that let him say whatever he wanted about her.

My auntie lives about a half mile away through the woods and sometimes I hang out over there. This one hot summer afternoon I was there and was playing video games with my cousin and David texted me asking what’s up. I told him I was at my aunts and wouldn’t be home until later. This was about 4pm. I had planned on staying for dinner and coming home about 8 or 9.

As things turned out I headed home before dinner about 4:30 through the woods and going in the house through the back door into the kitchen. I let myself in and at the same time heard the doorbell ring. My mom didn’t know I was home yet and went for the front door. Low and behold it was David asking for me. He knew damn well where I was. What the hell was he up to? I heard my mom say I wasn’t home and David faked disappointment. Then he asked if he could come in and hang out with my mom for a while because he was bored. My unsuspecting mother invited him in. I knew right away what he had on his mind.

I snuck back outside and went up the balcony stairs and re-entered the house quietly into my bedroom relaxbet güvenilirmi window. Our old house has floor vents that if you position yourself right you can see what’s going on down below. As a kid I would do this all the time. I even watched my mom and dad fuck a few times. I crawled quietly on the floor to the vent above the living room. Mom got David a drink of ice tea and they were making small talk, mom in a chair, and David on the couch. David was wearing a pair of shorts and a cut off T-shirt, mom wearing her usual shorts and crop top with no bra, which hung out over her tits like a tent and exposed her flat tummy. As she walked you could see those big tits bouncing around Jello under her top.

I could just make out a growing bulge in David’s nylon shorts and he probably wanted my mom to see it too. The chat turned to moms work out regiment and she complained about her soreness. I thought to myself Oh boy here we go. Just what I thought David offered her a massage. She refused at first but as I said, David is a smooth talker and soon enough mom was getting up from her chair and planting herself on the couch with her back between his spread legs giving him full access to her bare back under the short crop top and no bra strap to get in the way.

Mom was making little cooing noises and thanking him for the much needed massage. She was getting pretty relaxed and enjoying herself. It went on for about 10 minutes and mom was in a relaxed daze. Then David made an adjustment to his shorts and his dick was out the side of his shorts standing straight up. My mom had no idea what was behind her and at this point I was getting hard too in anticipation of what I thought was about to happen. David kept the small talk up asking her where she needed more massage and asking her how it feels. Mom was tranced out and closing her eyes in enjoyment.

The moment was right and I could feel it coming. If I was David, I would have done the same thing. All of a sudden David reached around in front and under the crop top and grabbed a big tit in each hand and started fondling and pinching her nipples and kissing her neck. Mom was so dazed and shocked that she didn’t move for 10 seconds and just stayed motionless. Then she realized what was happening and she tried to get up but David kept a firm grip on her tits holding her in place for a time while she struggled and protested telling him to “Stop it David”.

She finally wiggled free and said David “you can’t do this” Flustered, she got up backing herself toward the living room wall when she escaped his clutches. David sitting there stone faced staring mom straight in the eyes with his 9″ dick at full view. Mom stood looking at him in silence. I could see her glance down at his hard cock and her mouth dropped open.

Then David slowly got up off the couch still staring into her eyes, he stepped toward her and stood in front of her just inside an arms reach, both of them looking at each other and saying nothing, mom kind of nervously biting her lower lip. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do? Start yelling at him? Kick him out, slap him? The silence was amazing. I was afraid they would hear my heavy breathing.

David then reached under her top and grabbed both of her tits again, rubbing and squeezing them still looking into her eyes. Mom in silence, just looking at him, arms down to her sides as David felt up her tits. David then kissed her gently on her lips and she then pulled away looking down not making any eye contact. David then lifted her chin with his right hand and kissed her again and mom actually closed her eyes opened her mouth and let him stick his tongue in this time.

I could see tears coming from the corners of her eyes as she whimpered to him. “David, please don’t” “David, Please” Whimpering as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Then David put a hand on each shoulder strap of her top and pulled the top down to her waste exposing her huge swelling tits. Her nipples were puffy and about 2″ in diameter. He then went in for a kiss again and she turned her head away so instead he went for her neck and started kissing and sucking it.

I kind of laughed to myself. If he kept it up my forty something mom was going to have a high school girl hickey on her neck. When she realized that was what he was doing she gave a slight protest relaxbet yeni giriş and said David “please no” Then he found her lips and sticking his tongue in her mouth she then completely responding with hers. She now had her right hand on his lower back and he guided her left ring hand to his hard cock. She still wore her wedding/engagement ring and her small hand looked beautiful almost wrapped around that big throbbing cock. She looked down at it and David said. “Look how hard you’ve made me Lena”

David groped tits and pussy and kissed her for a time, Then looking into her eyes whispered “where do you want me to take you, on this couch or in your bedroom?’ She didn’t respond, just stared at him and said “David please don’t”. I could see a little tear running out of the corner of each eye again. David then said “Come with me, we are going to your bedroom”

He took her hand and led her to her room which is on the same 1st floor level. She followed with no resistance. She knew she was his although she was putting up token resistance she was ripe as a midsummer tomato for picking. I had to crawl slowly to the upstairs vent over her room. I could hear whimpering pleads from my mom “please don’t do this”, and then “please don’t to tell anyone” “please don’t let Evan find out”.

By the time I got to the other vent, mom was on her back with her big fake tits up in the air like 2 little mountains and David pulling her shorts off. He went down between her legs eating and fingering her pussy. She had a nice triangular black haired bush. Mom was moaning and saying words in Chinese I never heard before. He kissed his way up her flat belly to her tits, and sucked on them for a while and then started kissing her mouth again, with 2 fingers still in her pussy.

David’s cock was thick and hard and drops of precum were falling all over my mom. Still kissing and fingering her he moved his big cock to her face. She looked up at him and he just nodded his head to her. She opened her mouth and took the precum dripping cock head into her mouth, the head barely fitting in her mouth, but she was tonging it and bobbing her head up and down on it like what I had seen in porn movies.

I then saw something I never heard of or saw before. David 2 fingering her pussy she started to shudder and moan loudly while squirting liquid from her pussy in 2 foot streams. When she started that David pulled his cock out of her mouth went for her neck again and started sucking on it while she screamed and writhed in her squirting orgasm.

He left 2 big hickeys by the time she was done shaking. I knew what David was doing. He was leaving his mark on her so everyone would know he fucked her. Once she settled down a little, David moved his dripping cock up to her mouth and asked her to taste it again. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and his head filled her mouth. She sucked and licked it for a time, but David said he wasn’t ready to cum yet. He withdrew from her mouth and started eating her soaking pussy again.

Now it was time. David got on his knees between her legs and took her hand and put it on his cock and said. “Guide it in Lena. It’s time you had me inside you”. She rubbed the head a few times over her clit and then put the head at her entrance. He slowly pushed as mom gave a little moan. He lay on top of her and slowly pushing all nine inches in a little at a time. Once all the way in her just held there kissing her and telling her how beautiful she looked.

With his big frame hovering over her and his 9″ cock buried deep in her pussy. He pinned her arms over her head and kissed her mouth both of them tonging each other, then went after her neck, tits and under arms sucking and leaving his marks again.

She protested “David please no” Evan will see them. He didn’t stop and left her with 2 more on that side of her neck, one under each arm pit and on her big tits. Then he slowly started to fuck her. A slow steady pace at first with not much stroke, just short slow movement as he looked down into her eyes. As she got wetter he increased the stroke sometimes almost pulling out and giving her 6 or 7 short strokes at the entrance to her pussy and the driving the entire 10 inches into her. Then just a steady stroke sometimes slowing and sometimes speeding up, sometimes kissing her mouth and others relaxbet giriş sucking her big tits.

David really knew what he was doing. He had my mom moaning and speaking Chinese all at the same time. Finally he couldn’t hold out any longer and neither could I. He started pounding away really hard with full strokes and I could hear the slapping noise of him pounding into her. Mom with legs in the air and toes curled knew he was going to blow. She just looked up at him with the little tears still leaking from her eyes and moaning David’s name.

He pulled out and moved his cock up my mom’s body to her face erupting like a volcano on the way, spilling cum all over moms tits, face, hair, just all over. I’ve never seen so much cum. He put his dick in her mouth to take the last shots of cum and then collapsed on her and kissed her cum filled mouth. I lost it in my pants as well. They lay there kissing for a while as David rubbed his cum all over mom’s tits like a lotion. Mom with a slight smile panting “it’s been a long long time.”

They rested and then went for the shower. When mom got up from the bed I could see globs of David’s cum on her face, in her hair and all over her tits and I could smell the room heat and spunk smell coming up through the vent. They showered together and David came back out first and sat on the bed relaxing. Then I felt a vibration on my cell phone. It was a text message from mom asking me when I would be home. I texted back at about 9pm. It was 6:30 now. Then I saw mom come out of the bathroom with a glass of water for David. She gave it to him and handed him a blue pill telling him “We have 2 hours.” Then told him she was going to dress up for him and put make up on and would be out shortly.

Mom came out in about 10 minutes with a sheer white babydoll nighty on and all made up with black eye liner and bright red lipstick, ear rings and black high heels. The hickeys added a touch of sexiness I can’t put a finger on, but she had 2 on each side of her neck and 3 on her tits and under arms. She was stunning. David said “Lena you are one gorgeous woman”

David was hard again and never did get dressed after the shower. He got up and with his phone and took a few pictures of her as she modeled around the room for him. Then he put the phone down and met her in the middle of the room and again grabbed her tits and pulled her into him, kissing and fondling her. He picked her up and laid her on the bed and never bothered to take her nighty or high heel shoes off. They fucked for the next 2 hours and David never got soft. I actually think the Viagra mom gave him made his dick bigger and harder. I had watched my mom and dad a couple of times, but it was under the sheets and never anything like what I just saw. I saw them in positions I would have never imagined my mom doing with dad. Watching my mom lying flat on her stomach with her tits sticking out from the sides and her heart shaped ass pushed up and David pulling his thick 9″ glistening wet cock in and out of her pussy from behind was amazing. After David ejaculated inside of her he did something else I have never seen, even in porn movies. He went down on her and ate her cum filled pussy with mom’s hands on the back of his curly haired head moaning loudly.

At 8:30 when David left I went down the back stairs again and waited for a while before coming in the front door.

Mom greeted me and asked how everybody was and if I was hungry. She fixed me a sandwich and I asked her about the marks on her neck. She said she went for one of those Chinese cupping massages and they would go away in a few days. I just smiled. I went to shower and go to bed and as I passed mom’s room I could smell the sex musk coming from it. I jerked off 3 times that night. Next morning I noticed that mom wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

David spent a lot of time in our home that summer and I spent a lot of jerking off time watching them from my secret spots upstairs. David and I were having so many sleep overs that mom made the office room next to her bedroom down stairs into a bedroom for him. LOL Mom also got a lot of those Chinese cupping massages over the summer too. When David and I would have a sleep over mom would always have a few the next morning. She must think I’m pretty naive not to figure that out.

The bathroom is one of the rooms I can’t see into, but once I saw her bolting out of the bathroom covered from neck to ankle in shaving cream with David in pursuit and another time watched David pour a whole bottle of olive oil on her while she was wearing one of her sheer babydolls. I never saw mom happier that summer.