We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn’t PART FOUR

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We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn’t PART FOURThis is the final part to my 100% true story. Check out the Prologue and Parts 1, 2, and 3My dominance kicked in and I grabbed the twink and pushed him to the ground so he was lying on his back. I stradled his face and I dropped my cock into his mouth. I steadied my hands on the ground above his head and I began mercilessly pumping my cock into his mouth. He let out some girly moans as I fucked his throat hard. My heavy balls slapped against his chin with each thrust I made into his face. I grunted aggressively showing the twink who was the alphamale as I forced my cock into him. But in an instant I no longer felt like the alphamale; the hockey player appeared again and suddenly his hand grabbed another fistful of my hair and pulled my head up. He stuffed his fat cock into my mouth, this time far more than just the fat mushroom head. He slid it in balls deep and began fucking my throat just as hard as I was fucking the twink’s. I didn’t last long before I started gagging… hard. Throat slime spewed from my mouth and my tears drenched my blindfold. He showed no mercy. He held the back of my head hard onto his cock and I gagged more. Finally he pulled out with a swift movement and I coughed out a big glob of spit and choked for air. I felt his cock slapping against my wet cheek. I had completely forgotten that my dick was still buried in the twink’s mouth. It was such a shift of dominance: just as I gained control it was stripped away from me. It was a total power trip.After I caught my breath, the hockey player grabbed my face and started fucking it deep again. This time it didn’t take me long to start gagging. My throat was still sore from the last facefucking and I started retching almost immediately when I felt his fat knob ankara rus escort on my tonsils again. I was so scared I was gonna puke my dinner all over his cock, but all that came out was massive globs of spit and mucus. He pulled out and I coughed up again. My head was foggy and I was disoriented. He grabbed me by the shoulders and twisted me around. He pushed me down so that I was 69-ing with the twink. He was so much shorter than me that 69-ing was a little difficult, but he was determined to keep sucking my dick. I reached down and grabbed the twink’s monster dick to put it in my mouth but discovered that it had gone half limp. I’m not complaining, because even half limp this thing was massive and there’s something really sexy about a cock that’s so huge that no matter what you can tell it’s a monster. I started sucking on it, hoping that I would be able to get it rock hard with my mouth. It stiffened a bit, but it still flopped messily about as I bobbed on it, so I recounted what all had made this twink moan with pleasure and it was clear that he was a total bottom bitch boy. I crawled past his massive cock and lifted his legs so I could rim him again. Almost immediately he began moaning like a girl all over my dick. I licked up his pussy nice and started toying it with my fingers. I felt his monster meat getting rock hard under my neck.I kept fingering him and went down to suck his cock, but I barely had flicked his piercing when the hockey player grabbed me again and lifted me up. My cock fell out of the twink’s mouth and my ass took its place. I remembered how hesitant he was to lick my ass before, but in this position I was in control so I sat on his little whimpering mouth and grinded my hole demanding a rimjob. ankara rus escort bayan My mouth was filled again with the hockey player’s cock. His balls slapped into my chin as he fucked me. I don’t know if it was the angle, or just time to relax, but suddenly I was taking it like a pro and wasn’t gagging a bit. I kept twerking my ass on the twink and judging by how I could feel his hand go down to jerk his cock, he was enjoying it. I took the opportunity to finally try to feel up the hockey player. I was so desperate to know what he looked like and every time I tried to touch him on my accord he would slap my hands away. Would he be charitable this time and let me feel his body?I ran my hands up his muscular thighs… Fucking tree trunks. They felt so huge and hard in my hands. I ran my left hand under his heavy balls and stroked them as I continued to suck his cock. My adventurous right hand kept moving up his body, first feeling his thick bush of pubes. It started drifting higher feeling his happy trail. He was a beefy guy and he didn’t have defined abs, but he was still quite toned. His belly was covered with hair and I followed the path up to his pecs. Fuck! Now those were some tits. Big round muscle tits covered in hair. I was so happy he finally let me explore his body enough to feel his pecs. Sadly, I didn’t get to hold them for long because he pulled out of my mouth once more and stepped back.”Alright boys,” the hockey player said in a deep voice. This was the first time I had heard his voice. Hell, this was practically the first time anyone had spoken all night, save for when I said I had my blindfold on and was ready. “Alright boys,” he repeated, “Let’s wrap it up. Time for you to cum.” His tone was slightly rus escort ankara condescending but also affectionate in a way. Almost the way a coach would speak to his players. I continued to grind my ass into the twinks face and jerked my cock off fast. I could feel the twink’s twitching arm below me as he jerked his cock too. It was like a race to the finish. “Who’s gonna get messy tonight? Huh? Who’s gonna get messy?” the hockey player taunted. It seemed like he was done participating and back to spectating. The twink started moaning into my ass and I could feel his tiny body writhing underneath me. I reached down to feel his tight abs as he started spraying a massive load all over himself and on my hand. That was enough to send me over the edge too and with a loud moan I added to the pool of cum and exploded all over his toned torso. I finished cumming and caught my breath. I realized my ass was still in the twink’s face, but I didn’t care. I was too fulfilled to want to move. We sat there for a moment before I broke the silence by joking, “Well, looks like you’re the messy one tonight, k**do.” I spoke too soon. The hockey player immediately grabbed the back of my head and pumped his cock into my face, cum shooting everywhere and glazing my face.After awhile, the hockey player threw a towel at me and said, “You’re gonna have to take turns. You boys share now.” I smirked, cleaned myself up, and passed it off to the twink. I stumbled and found my way to the couch where I sat breathless, still with my blindfold on.”So, can we take the blindfolds off and have a proper introduction now?” I asked.”Now where’s the fun in that?” the hockey player replied. I could visualize his smug grin as he spoke. “One of you is gonna have to leave first. Otherwise that would make for an awkward elevator ride.” I liked this guy. I could tell the twink wasn’t budging so I pulled up my jock strap from the knotted bunch still wrapped around my ankle and stood up ready to be led from the room. He guided me to the hall and said with a chuckle, “Alright, all yours, bud. Find your clothes and get lost.”The End.