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WEARING PANTYHOSE TO SCHOOL AND DAD’S APPROVAWEARING PANTYHOSE TO SCHOOL AND DAD’S APPROVALDuring my time in elementary school, I wore pantyhose only a few times. Especially, since I was nearly outed while wearing them. Once I was in middle school I again wore them sporadically. The main reason was during this time I could pop a boner over the least little thing so wearing pantyhose wasn’t a good idea.When in the eighth grade I did have an hour and a half before my Dad would arrive home from work where I could wear pantyhose in the house freely. Fortunately, my bus stop was only two houses from mine so I didn’t lose time having to walk home. I loved being able to run around the house in nothing but a t-shirt and pantyhose. I had weekly chores and I would do them while wearing pantyhose. A few times I was vacuuming in the rec room and did not hear my father come in. I had to dig through laundry to find a pair of pants to put on so I could go upstairs.Once I was going from the first floor to the second floor stocking footed. I was going to slip socks on so dad wouldn’t see my hose. He called me into the kitchen. I stopped and asked if I could come back in a minute. I could tell by his tone he thought it a strange request so he insisted I come into the kitchen. He began talking to me about keeping some time free on Saturday to help with yard work when half way through he noticed my feet as I stood in front of him. “Oh boy! Nylons! Well, obviously you’re still wearing them. Are they your mother’s?” I told him they were not but he looked at me skeptically and said “They are not your mother’s. Then whose are they?” I breathed deeply then exhaled and told him that I had promised I would not reveal who gave them to me but they were definitely not mom’s. Dad’s expression changed and he said “You’re telling me someone gave you pantyhose?” I repeated that they had been given to me and he stood silent for a moment then said. “So I guess you are running around in here every afternoon in pantyhose?” I blushed and he said “I’ll keep your secret but you know what happens if your mother finds out.” A few weeks later, dad came home from work early and caught me again. I had been home for maybe 10 minutes. I nearly died as he basically witnessed me doing Tom Cruise’s dance from Risky Business only I was wearing pantyhose. In my version I was wearing a white shirt and black pantyhose with no underwear. I was lying on my back while down on the floor kicking my legs in the air. I was running my hands over my hosed ass and just beginning to take notice of the growing boner in my hose, when I looked to my left and saw my dad standing at the entry to the living room. My breath caught and I stammered to speak. He said “I saw all of it. From the time you came down the stairs. I see you really like pantyhose. I think I get it now.” I stood up and covered my crotch which made dad smile. I began to head toward the steps when he stopped me and said “It’s okay just put some gym shorts on.”I went to my room and slipped a t-shirt and gym shorts on but stayed in my room. A few minutes later dad called for me to come down. He was in the kitchen and said “I know you’re embarrassed. I’m embarrassed too but it’s okay. It’s normal, you’re not the first boy to be caught by his dad with an erection. You wearing nylon pantyhose, well? I’ve thought about it and I could punish you or beat the hell out of you and rip them when I catch you wearing them and what would be the purpose? You’d resent me and I’d be upset that you would grow to hate me. You’re at the age now where you have a good idea as to why you like them and I know you will always be able to get more so I’ve decided I’m no longer going to try and stop you from wearing them. I’ll keep your secret but you must be discreet and no stealing! I will even buy them for you from time to time if you promise not to steal. Oh, one other thing, I’m not going to tell you that you have to wear underwear, that’s your business but from now on you don’t come out of your room without gym shorts over your pantyhose. Do you understand?” I told dad I understood and was so relieved and ecstatic that dad had reached the point where he accepted my pantyhose fetish.It thrilled me to hear him make reference to “my pantyhose.” From then on I would no longer worry about being caught wearing pantyhose in front of my dad. I grew to be comfortable with wearing them in front of him when mom wasn’t around. Sometimes when it was just he and I in the house I would wear pantyhose with an oversized t-shirt even though he said I had to wear shorts. He didn’t say anything when I did it the first time so I continued to do it from time to time. There were times when dad would not even acknowledge that I was wearing pantyhose. Those periods didn’t last long as they were soon followed by him teasing me about my pantyhose. The reason he teased me was he found it amusing how I acted when I was wearing them. He said my personality changed and I was more animated when I had pantyhose on. He said he found it cute how careful I was while wearing them. I told him I didn’t think I was any more careful than the average woman and he laughed and said “Oh yes you are! Don’t get mad, but you definitely become more feminine.” I just listened to him speak and then he said “It’s cute how your focus is the pantyhose. You are hyper vigilant about trying not to get a run in them. There is no other way to describe it. He didn’t tease me often, it was always when he was in a goofy mood and he wanted to see if he could get a rise out of me. There were also times when he complimented me on the appearance of my legs in hose. It wasn’t sexual; it was just him recognizing that my legs looked good. I was always appreciative when he made a complimentary remark.He kept his promise and once a month he would buy me pantyhose. Dad had me go with him to purchase them and we went to 7-Eleven. The first time he bought me a pair of L’eggs Regular in suntan (they still came in the egg, which I loved) and a pair of No Nonsense Sheer to Waist in black. I had stayed in the car and when he got in he handed me the little brown paper bag. I looked in and he asked “Is that what you like?” I told him it was but that I also liked mommy’s Hanes Ultra Sheer. (I was pushing it on purpose to see if he would agree to buy them for me.) He turned and looked at me and said “I bet you do but bakırköy escort I’m not buying a 12 year old boy Hanes pantyhose. Will those work for you?” I knew not to push anymore and told him that I liked them and the shades he selected. He then asked “Is that enough for you to start?” I asked what he meant and he said “Will they last you a month?” I told him I wasn’t sure but that I would be extra careful with them. By now we were on our way home and he said “Well, we’ll start with that and see how it goes. If you need an extra pair or two next month we can do that.Bye the way, how have you been getting rid of them when they run?” I told him I go into the woods with a ruined pair and leave them behind. He just shook his head then said “Another thing, I’ve been wondering about is I know you are clean but you’re also a teen boy so what are you doing when they begin to smell?” Now I was a little bit embarrassed. I couldn’t believe dad was asking me all these questions about pantyhose. I replied with some irritation “Dad, my pantyhose don’t stink” which made him laugh. “Well you may think not but the way you wear them without underwear they eventually will. I wanted to slide off the car seat and curl up under the dash. Begrudgingly, I told him that I wash them in the shower with me and hang them to dry in my room. Before he could say anything I assured him that they are nearly dry before I hang them so there is no dripping at all. He seemed relieved by that. We were three blocks from the house when he said “Michael, this will all end if you touch your mother’s Hanes pantyhose. Do you hear me? I won’t hit you but I’ll go through every inch of your room until I find your pantyhose and I will rip every pair and make you watch. Sure as hell, I won’t buy you any more either.” I began to speak but he cut me off. “It’s obvious you’ve been wearing them and I told you not too many times. If you’ve been wearing the Hanes you’ve been wearing others. There is no need for you to do so now that we have this arrangement so if you touch them, everything changes. That includes her pantyhose with runs. If your mother threw them away you still don’t touch them. I don’t care if the pantyhose have a run or not, you are officially forbidden to take them. Do we have an understanding?” he asked. I nodded my head but dad wasn’t going to accept that as a reply. He repeated “Do we have an understanding?” I told him I understood and would leave mom’s pantyhose alone.Dad was right though, I had worn mom’s Hanes Ultra Sheer. They were fantastic pantyhose. I had discovered a worn pair lying on the chair in my parent’s room and tried them on. They were so sheer that I just had to try them on. My cock was aching for them before I had my jeans down. I had to be extremely careful when putting them on. They were sheer to waist and a sexy suntan shade called South Pacific. Once I had them on though it was apparent they were too small. They fit tight in the thighs near the gusset. I was afraid to sit down in them for fear of ripping them but I did love the sheer smooth nylon. I also had tried them on without underwear because I wanted to experience that sheer nylon against my groin, ass and cock. If mom or dad knew I’d done that dad would have called off the arrangement then and there.I didn’t tell dad this but some of mom’s pantyhose were just beginning to become a little tight on me in the thighs. My body was developing and my legs had gotten slightly longer and my thighs were getting bigger so it was only a matter of time before her pantyhose would not fit me anyway. Dad always bought me L’eggs Regular and No Nonsense sheer to waist and always had me accompany him. On our second trip to the store he asked how my two pair had fared. I had gotten a run in the sheer to waist but they were still wearable and the L’eggs were still perfect. He recommended just buying L’eggs but I told him the No Nonsense were really soft so he relented. When dad returned to the car the bag was a little larger than the first bag. I looked inside and couldn’t believe my eyes. Dad had bought me one pair of sheer to waist in black and three pair of L’eggs Regular. All three L’eggs were suntan with reinforced toes. He said “We’ll try four pair a month for a while.” I asked why he bought reinforced toe this time and he said he spoke to the clerk and told her he was buying pantyhose for an early teen and wanted to know which was more durable and she recommended he buy reinforced toe. Dad asked if they were okay and I told him they were. It actually was good that he bought the reinforced toe as I often bumped my toe in the house and then witnessed it go right through my hose. These would last much longer. As we drove home dad said he was proud of me for keeping off mom’s pantyhose and that was why he bought me two extra pair.The following month was December and we were at The Mall doing Christmas shopping. Mom went off to do some shopping in secret and I stayed with dad. Out in The Mall he said we have some time before we meet up with your mother, how about we go in Hutzler’s Dept Store. I followed dad and we were quickly at the hosiery department. I thought he was going to select department store pantyhose for mom and tease the fuck out of me by doing so. When we had a minute with no one in ear shot he said “It’s Christmas and you’ve been good so I thought I’d let you get some Hanes pantyhose for yourself.” I stared at dad to see if he was joking then asked if he was. He told me to pick out a pair. He stood close by as I picked up a packet and read the back of it. I began reading the height weight proportions and was spot on to pick the next size up from mom.I picked a pair of off-black Ultra Sheer, sheer to waist, sheer toe. My mind was racing “I’m getting my own new pair of Hanes Ultra Sheer and they will fit!” I clutched the packet and began looking around. Dad asked what I was looking for and I said a register. He smiled then said “Well, are you done?” I asked what he meant and he just repeated “Are you done?” I perused the rack and selected another pair in South Pacific and held it tightly. I looked at Dad and he just looked back at me and didn’t say a word for a moment. Finally, he said “Are you done?” I asked “How many can I have?” “Go ahead and pick out what you want” he answered. I selected Town Taupe, Quick Silver and Jet Black. I now beşiktaş escort had five pair and could not believe my good fortune. Dad again tortured me by saying “Are you done? Do you have everything you want?” I decided to play along and see how far he would let me go. I selected additional pairs in the five shades I already had. I now was holding 10 pair of sheer to waist Hanes Ultra Sheer. Dad could see I was enjoying myself and that I had quickly taken to perusing the rack of Hanes pantyhose. “Are you sure you are done? Last chance.” I got so nervous I dropped a couple packets. Dad scooped them up and told me to hand all of them to him.As he held the 10 packets I tried to do the math but kept getting it wrong in my head because I couldn’t think straight. Finally, I figured if I got three pair in my five selected shades that would be 15 pair and he would probably agree to it but anything more he would balk. I selected five more pair and Dad reached toward me to take them. I exhaled deeply after realizing I had been holding my breath. Dad chuckled and leaned down and whispered in my ear “I’ll buy you two dozen.” I stared at him like I hadn’t heard him. Beginning to grin he said “That’s 24 pair Michael.” I began selecting additional pairs all in my five favorite shades. We flipped through the packets to ensure I had an equal number of each shade. When dad realized I was short on one pair he said “Go ahead, you can have 25.” I honestly thought I was going to piss my pants from excitement as we approached the register.Once at the register, a nice lady said “Oh you’ve selected some very nice hosiery. She asked dad if he was a member of their club and he responded that he wasn’t and asked what the club was. The sales lady explained that for every dozen pair of any style or price purchased the 13th pair is free. She said “I can give you one of these pair for free plus you can select an additional pair for free or purchase all of these and select two for free. However you would like to do it.” Dad said “Why don’t we pick two more.” Before I could select them dad retrieved two packets from the rack and added them to the pile. The sales lady broke up the stacks into two shopping bags and dad asked her to staple them closed. I asked why he asked her to staple them and he said so mom couldn’t see inside. I told dad I had to pee. I slipped into the restroom and shook while pissing. I couldn’t believe dad had bought me what I considered to be the Cadillac of pantyhose. I had 27 brand new pairs and they were my size.As we walked to the eatery to meet mom I asked dad what pantyhose he selected. He said he had picked two pair of white in the style I liked. I responded with a groan and he laughed and asked why I groaned. I said “white pantyhose, they aren’t exactly my favorite.” He said “They are the Hanes you like.” “Yeah, but white isn’t sexy.” Dad laughed and said “Well, they were free but that doesn’t mean you can be careless with them. They are some very nice nylons.” I replied back “dad, thank you for the pantyhose. Never did I see this happening and when you kept saying I could have more I thought I would fall over. Dad smiled and said “well, I decided a few weeks ago that I’d buy you a pair because I knew you liked your mom’s so much and you’ve been good and have stayed off your mother’s pantyhose.” I asked how he knew I haven’t touched them and he smiled and said “we know and we aren’t telling you how.” As we walked I asked “How are we going to explain what’s in the bags and dad said “I’ll just say Christmas surprises.” Dad never did tell mom that I was wearing pantyhose regularly, let alone that he was buying them for me.Three weeks after Thanksgiving we were at The Mall again doing shopping. I had some money my Dad’s Aunt had given me for Christmas and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I wanted to use some of it to purchase some pantyhose from the Parklane Hosiery store. Not just any pantyhose though, “fashion” swiss dot pantyhose. I guess I should start from the beginning.Back in October my mother had purchased three pair of ultra sheer swiss dot pantyhose at Parklane. She purchased jet black, red and coffee. When I saw the packets inside the bag as it lay on the kitchen table I couldn’t believe she had bought them and I knew I had to have a pair. Come November, she wore the black pair on the day of her office’s Thanksgiving luncheon. Mom always arrived home from work later than Dad and as soon as she entered the kitchen I overhead Dad say “How was your day? Oh wow! That’s some run in your pantyhose!” Mom replied “I know I put my finger right through them. I was so mad.” I knew better than to try and get a look so I stayed in the recreation room.Later that evening I checked the wastebaskets and did not see the pantyhose. I looked on Mom’s dresser and the pantyhose lay there balled up. The pantyhose lay atop her dresser for a couple of days. I was sure she was leaving them there to tempt me. I wanted to see them before she threw them away so I carefully picked them up by the waistband and allowed them to unfurl themselves and dangle over her dresser. I could see that there was a wide run at the top of the thigh that was just beginning to run into the reinforced panty. The run appeared to go down past the knee. I could care less that they had a large run; I thought they were super sexy. I wanted them so bad but I knew if I took them or wore them my father would cancel our agreement. He still hadn’t given me the Hanes. He told me I would have to wait until Christmas before I could have them. I wasn’t about to ruin our agreement over one pair of pantyhose.Since I had some money of my own and decided that the next time we were at The Mall I would buy my own pair. Just prior to us returning to The Mall, Mom’s office held their in office Christmas party and she wore the red pair. When she arrived home she joked to Dad that this was the one and only time she would be wearing them as she received too much attention and didn’t like it. Dad laughed and didn’t really add anything to the conversation.The next day was a Saturday and we went to The Mall. I had my cash and was on the lookout for the Parklane store. Mom was off doing shopping and I was with Dad. Dad asked if I wanted a soda and hot pretzel and I told him I did but I wanted to go in a store and buy something and would meet up with him. beylikdüzü escort He asked what I wanted to buy which I found frustrating. Quickly, I answered “A Christmas present.” I tried assuring him I’d be fine on my own but he insisted he at least be nearby so he could see me. I began walking toward the Parklane store as he trailed behind. Once I was within 30 feet of the entrance he called my name. I turned to look at him and he called me to him. “Why are you going in there” he asked as he unsuccessfully tried not to laugh. “Never mind. I know why you are going in there. You don’t need anymore pantyhose. You’re getting two dozen in a few days and I’ve been buying you Leggs.” I blushed and was certain every customer in earshot had heard him but that wasn’t really the case. I answered back “There are some special pantyhose in there and I want a pair. I’m using my own money.” “What money?” Dad asked. I told him I had money and he replied he didn’t want me to use my money to buy pantyhose and asked how much they were. I told him I had no idea but it didn’t matter. His eyes widened as he said “Oh yes it does. You’re 12 years old and you are not wearing five dollar a pair pantyhose.” I finally just told him what I wanted as I thought that would be the easiest way to get him to relent.I said “You know those fashion pantyhose Mom has? I want a pair.” “What do you mean by fashion” he asked. “The pantyhose have little dots on them. She has three pairs in black, red and coffee and I really want a pair for myself. Dad said “Well, I really don’t want you spending your money on pantyhose so I guess we can go in and see how much they are. The store was crowded so it took me a little longer to find them than it normally would have. I pulled a packet from the shelf and read the size chart. Once I knew my size I pulled a packet in jet black. I continued to peruse the swiss dot pantyhose and pulled a red and two coffee colored pairs. Dad said “Whoa, how much do they cost. I looked on the corner of the packet and saw that the swiss dot cost only twenty cents more than Leggs. Discreetly, Dad said “I think that red is a bit much. I’ll buy the black and tan. I pulled three each of black and coffee. Dad said “No, one of each.” I said “I know I’m buying the other four.” Dad was becoming annoyed and a sales lady asked if we needed her assistance. He smiled at her and shook his head “No.” Dad said “Put the others back. I’ll get you two pair and we will see how things go with these. Your mother isn’t a fan of them. If all goes well with them we can get more.” I reluctantly surrendered because I knew if I didn’t I would be walking out of the store empty handed in a few minutes.Dad dropped the Parklane bag into his Mall shopping bag then we went to get pretzels. As we sat and ate them I decided to be very bold and ask about Mom’s swiss dot pantyhose. I approached the subject by saying “I know Mom got a run in her black pantyhose but she has nails and I don’t and I won’t be wearing the red anywhere so people won’t even know I’m wearing them.” Dad was silent for a moment then leaned forward and said “Two for now, that’s it.” “Can I have hers?” I asked. Still looking at me Dad’s expression changed to one of befuddlement. He was silent for a few minutes and I was beginning to think he might explode then and there. Finally, he spoke “Your mother said she won’t be wearing them anymore, at least not the red pair and I don’t know if she threw out the black ones. When she gets ready to throw them out I will consider giving them to you. I have had enough talk of pantyhose today. I don’t want to hear the subject anymore this weekend.”Not until just after the first of the year did I get Mom’s swiss dot pantyhose. They did a light cleaning of drawers to make way for Christmas presents and she put the pantyhose in the toss pile. Amazingly, she had not tossed the black pair and the coffee pair remained unopened. The black pair could be worn only three times before they were unwearable. The run Mom had put in them was pretty bad. The red pair was wild and I’m sure my Mom got a lot of unwanted attention when she wore them. The coffee shade was rich and I really liked their appearance on my legs with the tiny dots. Dad never did take me back to Parklane but he did continue to purchase pantyhose for me from 7-Eleven.For the first half of my senior year I had gym class first period. I couldn’t possibly wear pantyhose into the locker room. One day I just had a hankering for pantyhose so I wore them anyway. Standing in the locker room I contemplated how I would get the pantyhose off without anyone noticing them. I decided to remove my shoes and socks then slip my feet back in my shoes. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped my thumbs inside the pantyhose and pushed them and my jeans down quickly to my ankles. I stepped out of my jeans and threw them into my locker to be dealt with in a few minutes.I knew I’d never be able to put pantyhose on in the locker room so when no one was looking I tugged them from my jeans, balled them up and placed them in my bag. It was a thrill to be in the room with so many horny boys with my pantyhose but in reality it would not have been fun for me if they knew I was wearing them. During the second semester I did wear pantyhose daily.When I entered high school I just knew based on my schedules that wearing would not always be easy so I seldom did so until my senior year. I had purchased a few pair of Sears Cling-Alon pantyhose and was wearing them that spring. I wasn’t impressed with them as I found the knit to be somewhat rough. They did fit well and proved to be resistant to running under blue jeans but I just wasn’t thrilled with them so I wore them aggressively hoping they would run sooner than later. When the first pair did run I was in second period. My jeans had ripped a hole on the upper thigh and I felt the nylon unravel. I went to the BOYS room and checked the pantyhose out. The hose had an average sized hole in the upper left thigh and had run to the knee. I carefully slipped them off and left them behind by hanging them over the crossbars on a stall. I went back to the restroom just after my third period. I discovered someone had tried to burn the pantyhose. Several inches of the feet had been burned away.When I left the second pair behind a week or so later the pantyhose had been split in half and had numerous holes punched in them. I thought it wise to hold off a few weeks before leaving a third pair behind. Once I left the third pair and went to check on what the freaky teens had done I found they had been cum upon and I mean cum soaked. I got hard thinking they may have used them for a circle jerk.