“Welcome Home Baby”

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“Welcome Home Baby”I just finished my first year at college and my college is out of state, meaning I don’t get to go home a lot. School ended for me almost two weeks ago and since my parents are divorce, I have to split my time between them. I primarily live at my mother’s house, but I do go to my daddy’s house a lot. This past weekend was the first time I saw my daddy in over 4 months so he wanted to have some quality time with me.He picked me up from my mother’s house on Friday and usually my siblings and I go to his house for the weekend, but they were just at his house the weekend before so I went alone. We rode to his house with the radio on and no talking. Once to the house, I went into my bedroom, changed into some shorts and a tee shirt and came back out. I saw my daddy behind the counter of the bar that he has, pouring himself a shot of tequila. He started asking me about school and classes and my friends and I told him all about my life at school. I told him how when I drink vodka or tequila; I get extremely horny. My daddy left to go to the bathroom and I got up to get some juice. I saw he had cranberry juice in the refrigerator. I decided to make myself a mix drink, knowing that my daddy wouldn’t mind. I made a vodka and cranberry drink and sat down on the couch with it. It’s my favorite drink and I took slow sips so I wouldn’t get too drunk. Daddy came out the bathroom and sat next to me on the couch with a beer in his hand. He started asking me about guys at school. I never told him about my boyfriend and I really didn’t want to, fearing that he might be jealous. I looked into his eyes and I knew I couldn’t lie, so I took a big gulp of my drink and told him all about my boyfriend. He looked digitalbahis yeni giriş so angry with me so I chugged down my whole drink. He sat in silence and when I stood up to go to the bathroom, I could feel all the alcohol rushing in my body. I stumbled to the bathroom and when I came out, daddy handed me another drink. I didn’t really want to drink, but seeing his anger about my boyfriend forced me to drink. I was feeling woozy so I told daddy I was going to lay down. I couldn’t remember where my bedroom was so I went into his room and sprawled out on the king size bed. It smelled like his cologne, which made me so horny. I took off all my clothes and finished the rest of my drink. The room was definitely spinning when I was done and I was hugging a pillow to keep myself from falling.I didn’t even see my daddy walk in, but I felt him sit on the bed. He pulled back the covers, which revealed my naked body. He started stroking my side, asking me more about my boyfriend and the sexual things we did. I figured he was okay with me having a boyfriend and I started telling him about the first time my boyfriend and I had sex. I had my eyes closed so when I opened them, I saw that daddy was naked. His 12 inch cock was hard and dripping with precum. He asked me who was bigger and of course my daddy’s cock was bigger. It was the biggest cock that I ever fucked. When I told him that his cock was bigger, he had a slight smile on his face and had me open my mouth, in which I sucked his dick. I took it out to swallow some precum and he leaned back against the bed and I got in between his legs to suck it some more. I’ve been sucking his dick for many years, but could never deep throat it. digitalbahis giriş I was closer to doing that this time. I heard daddy moaning and mumbling and then he told me to suck it like I missed it. Immediately I started sucking it faster and faster, even gagging a little. I felt myself cum and felt cum sliding down between my tightly closed legs. I was panting and shaking while daddy was holding the back of my head, forcing all 12 inches of his cock down my throat. Daddy didn’t want to cum yet so he pulled my mouth off of his cock. My throat was dry and hurting and he seemed satisfy. He laid me down on the bed, spreading my legs open, which revealed my cum filled thighs. He called me a slut for cumming and not telling him. He licked the sticky cum off of me, which really made my juices start going. After he did that, he stuck two fingers inside of my tight pussy and pulled it, which revealed a lot of my wetness. He told me I was ready and put his left hand around my throat. He was choking me pretty hard and then started pinching my nipples with his right hand. I was so turned on and knew I was ready to cum. I was ready for his cock so I told him that he had to put a condom on. He took his hands off of me and just looked at me. A few seconds later, he slapped me hard across the face, telling me that I was to never tell what he had to do. I shook my head yes, my eyes watering up a little. He started choking me again and started calling me a dirty whore and skanky slut for getting a boyfriend. He said I was only suppose to worship his dick and to never betray him. I tried to beg for his forgiveness, but he told me it was too late. He spit on his right hand and used the spit to digitalbahis güvenilirmi lube up his cock. My pussy was throbbing hard and I felt my juices leaving my body. He choked me even harder as he slammed all 12 inches of his cock inside of me. I tried to scream, but my vocal cords were blocked off due to daddy choking me. He was fucking my pussy so hard and I was loving it. I felt my thighs shaking and I knew I was about to cum. It was hard to talk with the choking but I managed to say “daddy, i’m cumming”. He let go of my throat and I felt myself cumming like crazy. He took his cock out and it was covered with my cum. I sucked it off of him, liking the taste of my own cum. While sucking it, I realized he didn’t have a condom on. I was really scared because I wasn’t taking any birth control pills. Daddy turned me over after I sucked him off and I was on my knees. Doggy style is my favorite position so when I felt daddy enter me from behind, I started going crazy. I felt his cock hit my stomach and he started pumping his dick so hard in me that I didn’t care he had a condom on. He fucked me that hard for another 20 minutes, in which I managed to cum 2 more times. We was hitting the 30 minute mark, in which daddy now started smacking my ass hard and choking me. I was ready to cum and knew this was going to be a big orgasm. I was shouting for him to cum inside of me, to fill me up with all his cum. He was laughing, telling me to be patient. Just when I thought he couldn’t fuck me any faster or harder, he took it to another level. He was pounding me so hard, holding on to my hips and I was hollering. I kept screaming “daddy i’m cumming” and I felt myself cum. I begged for him to cum inside of me and just when I thought he was, he pushed me off of him, turned me over and started stroking his dick. A minute later, my mouth, face, and tits was full of his cum. I swallowed what I could and wiped off the rest. I was exhausted and daddy laid down next to me, kissed my cheek and said “welcome home baby”.