Welcome to New York

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Quick Notes: Another one I’ve put together that may have intersecting characters. Again no editing done to this as this was first draft. Changes may be made in future. This one is on the longer side that hopefully pays off. Enjoy!

Welcome to New York

When I was growing up in rural Pennsylvania it was common to hear someone tell me to enjoy high school because it was going to be the best four years of my life. I’d like to tell you I was the star quarterback dating our high school cheer captain the truth was I went through school without doing too much remarkable. I graduated in the top ten of my class but unfortunately wasn’t able to lock down a girlfriend for longer than a month or two. My weekends were spent boozing with my friends while attempting to woo the other sex. And while I enjoyed these times it wasn’t exactly what I would call the best years of my life. Fourteen year old me had expected high school to be a rampage of sex, drugs and alcohol. What I found was four years of awkward interactions.

And once I left for university I then found everyone who told me high school was the best years of my life now thought that college would be the best years of my life. And again for the most part they were wrong. For three years I struggled to get out of my funk, then twenty-one happened. All my life I had been on the smaller side but then I had a growth spurt that added eight inches to my height. I also had a revelation and began going to the gym around the same time which helped in giving me four to five times the muscle I had heading into college.

By the time I turned twenty-one I had gone from a boy who could’ve boxed at featherweight to a man who could’ve passed for one of our school’s football players. And for the first time in my life women started noticing me.

My growth spurt also came with one other benefit: my sick had doubled in size from a respectable six inches to a girth twelve inches. Slowly I began to build a reputation around our college campus. Girls would track me down looking for the guy with the porno dick and I was more than happy to oblige. I spent most of my junior year sleeping around until I met Victoria.

She was a bartender at one of the dives in town, The Rathskeller. Her Latina blood gave her a dark complexion with brown eyes and hair. Lucky for me when we met she hadn’t heard any of the rumors of my debauchery. It still took me visiting the bar four days in a row to convince her to let me take her out. And it was all worth it to witness her eyes swelling to the size of saucers when she first felt my cock in her hands on our first date. She told me later she had originally only planned to give me a hand job that night but she couldn’t pass up on the chance to suck me off.

Since that first date we have been practically inseparable. She taught me everything I know about sex today and I like to think I taught her a thing or two as well. It had been a little more than a year since we started dating and now we found ourselves at a fork in the highway. I was moving to Manhattan for work and she was headed out to LA to work in the film industry. After having some serious talks and a few all or nothing fuck sessions we decided to stay together and try to make long distance work.

The last year had been the best year of my life. I was finally beginning to see what everyone meant when they said my schooling years would be the best years of my life. But then New York happened and I realized that was all practice for the real game which was my twenties. And it all started on the first day when I met my neighbor.

I had gotten lucky when deciding to move to the city because one of my relatives owned a small one bedroom that they hadn’t been to in years and was willing to rent it to me cheap. The building it was in was small and had two apartments on each floor. My move in was made simple as the apartment was furnished albeit everything looked to be from the early 2000s. The first thing I decided to do was pick up some living essentials by heading down to the local corner store.

Inside the store was cramped and an older man sat behind a glass panel. As I walked in he looked up give me a nod and went back to reading his magazine. The store was cramped with three aisles providing overpriced goods. As I searched for some food that I could mix together I heard a voice rise from the front of the store.

“Hey Jimmy how’s everything going?” Asked a feminine voice. She had a sweet tone and sounded kind of hot.

“Even better now you’ve stopped in,” said the man behind the window, who I now knew as Jimmy, “What can I get you, baby?”

“Pack of rolling papers and a lighter,” the woman responded.

As he got up to shuffle around behind his counter I risked a peak to see who the voice belonged to. She was short with curly red hair, her body was tight with a pair of yoga pants that showed the pert shape of her ass. Giving her a quick look her body was perfectly petite. While I was trying my best to stare she glanced over and that’s when I saw her best features.

A ankara eryaman escort narrow face covered in a light dusting of freckles, her alabaster skin was made more radiant by her full red lips and sky blue eyes. My cock twitched as I took in her beauty. She smiled slightly then went back to completing her transaction. Jimmy continued talking as he rang her up.

“You know my son just recently turned eighteen,” he said, “Keeps asking if I can get you to take him out.”

The red head just blushed and laughed it off as she paid.

“Once he sees those college gils next year he’ll forget all about the local cougar,” she grabbed her items and headed towards the door before yelling a goodbye. My dock throbbed at the idea of the little minx getting railed out by some young stud. If I wasn’t with Victoria then I’d be chasing the ginger goddess down the street at the hope of striking up a conversation. Instead I just continued my shopping and paid for everything with the intentions of getting home and taking a cold shower.

As I made my way back to my apartment I struggled to squeeze up the narrow stairway and unlocking my door. Not realizing I had been using the deadlock key and not the main key I dropped a bag and swore to myself. At that moment I heard my neighbor’s door creak open.

“Can I help you?” I heard a sweet voice ask with just a slightly accusatory tone. I turned to see my neighbor with her door only opened a crack, one blue eye staring back out. The blood rushed back to my penis causing it’s length to run down my pant leg. It was the woman from the corner store. Luckily I was turned away from her so she couldn’t witness my dick trying to fight it’s way out into the open.

“Oh sorry about this, just moving in and struggling with the lock,” I said. With that I was able to figure out the lock, simultaneously popping the door open.

“Ohhh new neighbor!” The voice in the doorway squealed as she opened her door wide. As she did this I successfully flipped my hard on into my waistband. Luckily I had a hoody on which hid my manhood as I turned around. I easily stood more than a foot taller than her.

Looking into her eyes I could see they weren’t just blue but had some green mixed in. I broke into a smile and held out my hand to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Dean.”

“I’m Jane,” she said as she reached for my hand. Upon our hands touching each other I could feel some static exchange between us. She bit down onto the corner of her lip as we locked eyes. I could feel my cock pulsing against my stomach.

“Where are you moving from?”

Snapping back to reality I answered, “I just graduated college, just moving up from middle of nowhere PA.”

“You’re new to the city? You are going to love it here!”

She looked into my apartment, seeing my outdated furniture. I wasn’t sure what she expected, I figured she was judging me for my lack of style. She raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly.

“So do you know mAny people in the city?” She said.

“Absolutely no one. Well except the corner store guy and the girl next door.”

“A-ha! I thought you were the cute guy from Jimmy’s.”

“Cute?” I said as I blushed slightly.

“I hope I didn’t offend your masculinity,” she said with a smirk, “and I prefer cute guys over sexy anyway.”

“And just when I thought my ego couldn’t get any larger.”

“Well Dean, it was nice meeting you. And if you need any help just knock and let me know.”

As I closed my door I knew I was in trouble. My boner was threatening to leap out of my pants. I felt so light headed that I had to sit down. There was only one real solution to this. I sent a quick text to Victoria. It was short and to the point. All it read was: I’m horny. When Victoria and I went our separate directions we agreed that if one of us was ever tempted by something we could send I’m horny to the other as a signal. With that signal Victoria would be sending me back a sexy pic for me to get off to.

As I waited I pulled my cock out and began stroking in anticipation. And I stroked slowly hoping she would be fast to get back to me. After fifteen minutes I was in agony and decided to peruse Pornhub for something to help. Without thinking I found myself looking for a petite redhead to jerk pff to. It took me five minutes but I finally stumbled onto an amateur video. She was trashy, heavy makeup, giant fake tits. Not my type at all. But it would do the job.

Realizing I had no lotion for this moment I spit some saliva onto the tip of my cock. The guy on screen wasn’t as large as me but still had a wide enough dick to stretch out her mouth. I rubbed my spit along my shaft as I watched this man violate his whores mouth. Before he could cum he flipped her onto his stomach and drove his length into her pussy. I imagined Jane’s pussy opening up to pull my fat cock into her. She would scream as her tight little body could barely fit half of my length.

Without thinking I threw my head back and shot a load up onto the air. A few globs landed on my escort elvankent hoodie. I rushed to the sink to wash it off before it stained. My cock still stood hard but this would have to do. I checked my phone and weirdly Victoria hadn’t gotten back to me.

For the rest of the day I reorganized the apartment and unpacked, only stopping to make a sandwich for a late lunch. As the sun went down outside I settled onto my couch with a cold beer and threw on some tv. Around eight I heard a few girls talking outside and head into my neighbors. As this was my first night in New York City I figured I should go out and find a local watering hole. Jumping in the shower I washed myself off, soap running through the hair on my chest I could feel my abs as I reached for my penis. I could feel my self stiffen just with the slightest contact.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

My brain snapped out of it as I panicked. Who could be knocking this late?

“Just a minute!” I yelled. As I jumped out of the shower I rushed to grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. I looked into the peephole and to my shock saw Jane standing on the other side. A wicked idea came to mind.

Opening my door I took satisfaction in watching Jane’s eyes make their way down my chest, pausing at my abs and finally settling on my v-shaped hip bones.

Stuttering she finally managed to say, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to invite you to join me and my friends for a little pregame.”

Putting on my best smile I ran my hand through my hair to keep it from falling over my face. I said, “Totally. Let me just clean myself up and then I’ll make my way over.”

“Cool. See you soon.”

Just before I could close the door I saw a girl poke her head out of Jane’s apartment. Her face was round and she looked exhausted. Her pale skin was not done any favors by her pitch black hair. To me she was the antithesis to Jane. I would soon learn I was spot on with my initial impression. For now I just chuckled at her eyes taking in my abs but noticed a look of discontent. No, jealousy. Either way tonight looked to be going in the right direction as long as I could control myself. As much as I wanted o jump her bones I did my best to hold off.

In record speed I was able to throw on jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. Heading across the hall I knocked and promptly pushed the door as I head music coming from the other side. Inside I found Jane with her friend, Mae, who I had caught staring earlier and three guys. A light odor of weed could be smelled and Jane reached in to the fridge to grab me a drink. I glanced quickly to admire her jean clad ass when her friends came up to introduce themselves.

The names went in one ear and out the other as I took the cold beer out of Jane’s hands and cracked it open. I was surprised to see it was a PBR. Cheap beer and weed was my kind of party. We made small talk as some music played in the background. I learned Jane had been her since college too, as had the rest of her friends. She had moved with no job and after working various odd jobs and ends had finally ended up scoring a gig as an assistant for some medium sized bank. Mae for some reason mentioned how she thought Jane could be so much more.

Reading the room I could see this was a conversation they had before and not one Jane wanted to continue. To change the channel I shouted out we should play flip cup. Mae laughed telling me they weren’t in college anymore and wouldn’t play drinking games. Everyone else vehemently disagreed and split up into teams of three. Mae reluctantly joined. I would’ve noticed the look of disgust if it wasn’t for Jane grabbing me by the arm and pulling me to her team.

For a second I felt it butterflies in my stomach. A feeling I had never experienced with anyone, not even Victoria. It was at that moment I realized how much trouble I was in.

It took four games until we finally lost. In no time we were slugging back drinks at a much faster pace than previously. The guys warmed up to me, Mar stayed grumpy, and Jane was sending me all the right signals. Eye contact, touching me lightly on the arm, laughing at my bad jokes. The will power I thought I had was an absolute lie. I could feel myself crumbling by the second. My distraction broke when I was offered a joint.

I happily grabbed it and took a small hit. This would help me relax and not get in my head so much. After the joint was passed around a couple more times we decided to head to a bar down the street.

It was small and dark, a narrow room barely lit by the bar lighting and holiday themed lights. Everyone had pitchers of crap beer and plates of greasy bar food. My first instinct was this place was a shit-hole, my second instinct told me I was gonna love it. As usual my instincts were spot on. We managed to coerce a few people at the bar to shift seats and four of us sat at the bar while the other two hovered behind. Without asking Jane sat next to me in the corner where the bar met the wall. We ordered a pitcher and shots.

Jane picked us etimesgut escort bayan a whisky. We talked more, just the two of us, where we made small talk. Her favorite movie was Seven, my favorite sport was soccer but strictly because it was socially acceptable to drink, she hated stores that asked for donations at the register. That one gave both of us a laugh.

The the conversation took a turn that I wasn’t sure how to approach.

“I have to ask,” Jane said, “You’re twenty-two years old and just moved away to New York first chance you got. Are you running away from something?”

Running Away? “I have no idea what you mean,” I said while laughing. The beer was starting to affect my ability to think straight.

“Yea, like a shitty hometown, or a dick of a dad, or maybe an ex-girlfriend,” she said, slipping the Ed-girlfriend in almost as an after thought.

“No nothing like that.”

“Ok, so running away from a current girlfriend.”

I looked at her as she broke into a grin, keeping her eyes pointed downward until she saw the face I was making. Jane wanted to find out if I was taken. I would tell her now, tell her all about my beautiful girlfriend and how happy I am. Yet staring into her Jane’s nearly stormy blue-grey eyes. It wouldn’t be cheating saying I was single, as long I didn’t do anything to cross the line. A little flirting wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Playing along she said, “Depends on what?”

“Are you single?”

“I am but I’m also way too old for you college boy,” she poked fun of me.

She went to jab me in the ribs until I lightly grabbed her wrist. Pulling her hand into mine and our fingers interlocked. Her hand was small I could see her eyes light up. I made the choice to create a lie to woo a woman. It was the first but wouldn’t be the last. At the time I thought it would be tough to say but it was surprisingly easier.

“I’m single too,” it was a simple lie I told followed up by a truth I hadn’t realized until that moment. I continued and said “I came to New York to meet a woman, or hopefully women. Would it be so bad of me to hope for an old-timer like yourself?”

Jane pulled her hand from mine and made a overly dramatic reaction saying “Who are you calling old-timer? I’m not even ten years older than you.”

She had broken into a smile and I nearly melted. Looking her over I knew I needed her and I could tell she wanted me. Her red hair was pulled back behind her into a mess of a bun, her eyes could stare right through me, her freckles were barely noticeable under her light makeup, her lips were a light pink but I couldn’t help imagine them painted with bright red lipstick. In my mind she was the perfect girl next door while my Victoria was the girl every guy wanted. At this moment in time all I wanted was Jane.

As we hung out throughout the night we mingled among the crowd, drank our fair share of booze, and continued to flirt. By midnight it was just the two of us sitting in the corner alone. Mae had found herself at a table with two of the guts while the third guy, Roy, was off trying to pick up a college coed. He seemed to be having some success with one somewhat intoxicated barely twenty-one year old.

Suddenly Jane rested her hand on my knee and leaned in to whisper in my ear. Her voice was slightly spurred and her breath was hot on my ear.

“We should go back, I’m getting bored.”

Her perfume invaded my senses and I could feel myself become erect. More than anything I wanted her to grab my cock here in the bar. I thought about forcing her to grab me but decided against that. Instead I stood and held my hand out to help her off the bar seat.Roy’s card was on file so we quickly made our way out I pulled her by the hand as we squeezed out into the fresh summer air. As we walked down the street I couldn’t help take in the absolute largeness of the city. There were only two blocks to walk but I stared in awe as each building we passed towered over us. Jane still held my hand as we entered the apartment building. She still held my hand as we timidly made our way upstairs. Barely a word was exchanged between us. When we got to our doors she pulled away her hand to find her keys. I was the first to speak.

“I had fun tonight, thank you for inviting me out,” I said. She glanced back at me, catching me stare at her ass. The door clicked unlocked and she turned to face me.

“Me too, I’m just happy to have a cute boy living next door and not some leering pervert.”

“Who says I’m not a pervert?” I asked, as serious as I could.

“Oh, you’re not a pervert, I know your type. Tall, silent, fit, brooding, nice. Just everything a girl would ever need.”

Without intending to I blushed. Jane continued.

“I wanted to thank you earlier, about Mae. She can kind of be a bitch and not many people can tolerate her but, well you knew when she was getting to me so thank you.”

“Thank me how?” I asked as I stepped towards her. Jane had to look up to stare into my eyes. I was in control. I could stop at any point. I took one step closer and now Jane stood with her feet between mine. We stood in the middle of the hallway staring into each other’s eyes. Hers blue, mine green. I knew this shouldn’t happen, Victoria had done nothing to deserve this. I put those thoughts out of my head.