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WELCOME TO THE FACTORY- PART 2WELCOME TO THE FACTORY – PART 2 – The DAUGHTERSThe rest of the day went on as normal and there was no talk about what had happened between Veronika and Krysta that morning. There was some giggling and jostling around between women who were excited but the supervisor would not have tolerated any more public sex on her watch. To be fair, one must say that kind of behavior did not happen very often in the factory itself – the ladies did have to bribe the supervisor – but it was no secret that many of the women who worked at that factory were either single, divorced or widowed and that their sexual life was limited to others like them. The men were all at war and the ladies were not ashamed of their sexuality. They all lived within minutes of each other in a part of the city which was very poor and separated from the downtown area by a row of factories like the chocolate factory or others which were empty or had been bombed out.Paula, Ania’s mother, knew that her daughter was going to be different after what had happened that morning. She saw her looking at the two women making love on the floor. She saw her letting herself get pawed by the supervisor. And she saw the look in her eyes when she remembered Paula’s lover at breakfast. Ania was lusting after women and was going to ask to participate.Paula wanted to protect her but it wasn’t going to be easy with all these women drooling over her cute 18-year old daughter. It was probably Helena who was the first to offer Paula some money. Paula spit in her face and they had to separate the two women before they came to blows. “Mama, you may as well get some money out of it”, said Ania“I will not sell you to these women”, cried Paula“You are not selling me…you are renting me out for a good time”, rectified Ania, who took it lightly.“Don’t forget Mama, that not long ago, you were lying to me when you were sleeping with that woman”, said Ania sternly.“I am so sorry….I didn’t mean to hurt you”, pleaded Paula“Mama, you didn’t hurt me by sleeping with a woman but by not telling me you were”, screamed Ania.“Do you want these women ?”, asked Paula, shaking her head“Not all of them…”, smiled Ania, “but some of them, yes”. ———————————————————————————————————Ania’s initiation could have happened in a dark room somewhere and that would have been fine anywhere else, but in that factory, the young woman had witnessed their secrets and she had to become one of them in order to continue working there. Paula worried about it but they needed the money and Ania ? Well Ania didn’t betsobet yeni giriş mind at all, except that she was wishing for more girls her age. That day Paula had spent part of her breaks matchmaking without much success. Everyone wanted to sleep with Ania but under their own terms. Ania was enjoying this no end and was walking around teasing and provoking the women. Paula had warned her but she was young and frivolous. Her mother could not always come to the rescue. Suddenly Paula remembered another girl Ania’s age who was new at the factory but worked in a different area altogether. Paula had seen her with her mother. She wasn’t as attractive as Ania and Paula thought she had spotted a bit of a mustache on Jana (that was her name) but beggars couldn’t be choosers and she looked clean and nice. It didn’t take long for Andrea, Jana’s mother, and Paula to meet and talk. The two mothers got along fine and were in the same position. There would be no money exchanged. They agreed on a coupling, however elementary, between the two young ladies somewhere in the factory where people could see them. The consent of the supervisor was obtained with the help of some Russian alcohol and cigarettes. During the last break of the afternoon, Andrea would bring Jana down from their area on the third floor to Paula and Ania’s work area on the main floor. That is where the contact between the two teens would take place and the mothers had convinced the supervisor that the girls would keep most of their clothes on and be partly hidden from view, except from their immediate colleagues.The morning of the chosen day, both mother-daughter teams woke up early to work on the body and apply skin cream and perfume which both families kept for special occasions only. It was too bad, the mothers thought, the meeting was during the late afternoon since most of these appealing smells would be lost during the day. “I want to taste her sweat also”, protested Ania“You young girls are so different nowadays” answered Paula, somewhat resigned.There was of course no point in underwear but the mothers had to make sure the work frock had its entire buttons, so there wouldn’t be an unwanted peekaboo during working hours. The mothers had rehearsed the meeting in their head and had even practiced with each other using pillows. Paula liked Jana and it seemed mutual. They were both happy the first contact was to be between their daughters. —————————————————————————————————————–The morning of the set date was rather difficult for both betsobet güvenilirmi Ania and Paula. The women at their table kept teasing them. Knowing that Ania was naked under her coat drove some of the more excitable women to try schemes to feel, pinch or even only get a glimpse of Ania’s anatomy. Some would drop something on the floor so they could look up Ania’s skirt as they were on their hands and knees. The young girl was polite but firm in putting the women in their place. She did not close the door completely on some extracurricular activities with some of them once her initiation was over and especially if she lived by herself. She could also be attracted to older women. As 3PM approached, everyone was edgy. They only had a short period of time for the meeting and the fact that Jana and Andrea had to walk down from the third floor took some time off the clock. The meeting was not going to be fancy but at least both mothers and of course both daughters were hoping for completion. Before we continue, one must say a word about Andrea and her daughter. The mother was about the same age as Paula. At that age, most of these Eastern European women looked very much alike: bony face, large mouth and teeth, big black eyes, high cheekbones and jet-black hair. The nose was different on each and that gave them some individuality. Andrea had a small nose, quite straight with a small bump in the middle. As we said earlier, Jana was not as pretty as Ania. She was more masculine looking although the moustache Paula had reported seeing was more in her dreams and designed to show off her own offspring. Jana had a square face and short hair. She was stocky and looked like a swimmer you see in the Olympic Games. She looked much more like a butch than Ania did. The two young girls had never spoken but they seemed not to dislike each other. The purpose, as Andrea had pointed out, was not to fall in love but to have sex, as imperfect as it might turn out to be.A few minutes before 3PM, Paula received permission from the supervisor – who had a good feel of Paula’s ass as a reward – to start unbuttoning Ania’s frock. Most of the young girl’s body was covered with a large sheet and the mother was working blindly under the sheet. Jana would also be covered with a sheet during her encounter with Ania and this was designed to keep their frolicking hidden from the rest of the crowd. All eyes were on the steel staircase as Andrea and her daughter Jana walked down. Some got a glimpse of flesh and were satisfied. Ania and Jana met between two of the working tables. The mother stood behind her daughter betsobet giriş and put the sheet around her shoulders and back, like she had stepped out of the shower. The frocks fell to the ground and the girls kicked them out of the way. The teenage girls didn’t waste any time and hugged each other, the two naked bodies meeting under the sheets held by the mothers. The girls kissed furiously and their hands went first to their fairly large breasts then moved naturally to the other’s labia. The mothers were having some trouble hanging on to the sheets while the girls were moving so quickly, trying to satisfy each other. One could tell from their face and their eyes that fingers were penetrating vaginas and also rubbing clits. One hand was used for the labia and the other for the ass. Jana was the first to wrap her arm around Ania’s waist and let her hand slide down to the pretty teen’s asscheeks. Paula’s stomach was resting on her daughter’s rear with only the sheet between their two bodies. Andrea was in the same position. When Jana’s hand began to slide up and down Ania’s asscrack, Paula could feel the knuckles of the girl rubbing against her labia through the sheet and her work dress. When Ania stroked her lover the same way, it was Andrea who opened her eyes wide, delighted, but somewhat surprised, at the pleasure she was receiving. Paula’s throat went dry as she felt her mound being rubbed by the young girl who was more concerned with Ania’s puckered hole but was probably not totally ignorant of the effect of her hand. The look Paula and Andrea gave each other during this brief moment cannot be described. Andrea admitted later that she had had an orgasm but Paula never said a word except to blush. The two young ladies were continuing their kissing and awkward nipple-sucking while their hands were busy bringing the other to orgasm. All this must have taken less than four minutes. The girls groaned and moaned but couldn’t be heard over the buzz created by the older women watching the spectacle. As if they had timed it perfectly, Paula and Andrea pressed the girls together for their final orgasm. As the supervisor stood there with her watch in her hand, the girls separated and were taken by their mother, covered by the sheets, to the ladies room on their respective floor. Many of the onlookers walked the area looking for garments, tissue paper, or any other memento of the lesbian encounter. The smell was noticeable and the supervisor quickly sent everyone back to their work tables before anything developed between the horny women. Ania and Paula were greeted warmly when they rejoined the group at their table. After the supervisor had done her round, a woman passed on a note to Paula. Everyone giggled and teased her, especially her daughter. It seemed the few words were from Andrea. Paula could not help smiling thinking of her daughter’s initiation and of their new freedom.