Wendy helping me to arrange the BBQ for my Cheerle

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Wendy helping me to arrange the BBQ for my CheerleIt was the end of season, and my cheerleading squad asked if they could have a BBQ party at mine. They explained the football jocks had refused to allow them to their unless they allowed them all to fuck them. The slutty girls had said yes and made their arrangements, but the good little girls had said no and were now looking to me for help to have their own little celebration.I knew my husband would be away for a long golfing weekend with my best friend Wendy’s husband so I thought hell the girls deserve it, and those horny jocks need to be taught a lesson, girls are not here for their pleasure, and they should learn to respect a lady.I called my friend Wendy and explained what was going on, she being the slut that she is said we should invite all the black jocks over and let them fuck all these pure little white princes and turn them into BBC sluts.I said Wendy not everyone is like you, so of us want to get married to a nice white man and settle down and live a nice life of luxury.Wendy said stuff that, there is nothing better then getting fucked by a BBC then walking back into the house and kissing your boring little dicked white husband knowing you had a BBC in your mouth only minutes earlier.I reminded her what a slut she was, she reminded me what a slut she had turned me into on our last night out together where I had allowed the owner of the club BB to fuck me in the toilets, then allowed everyone to see my naked tits as I walked back from the toilets with my tits out. We had then both been fucked and sucked two BBC at the same time sat right next to each other in a booth.I felt my juices running down my leg, god this woman knew how to get me going and make me horny and yes, my mind did now think of having a BBC instead of my husbands little white dick.I said so will you come over and help me, there will only be 6 of them, so we should be able to handle that without any trouble.Wendy said we should have the party for the black jocks and tell the girls to go get laid istanbul escort by the rest of the team.I said now Wendy please tell me you are going to behave and not cause trouble for me.Wendy said yes dear, I will be your boring friend who holds a BBQ for the uptight virgins.It was now the day of the BBQ, the girls had all arrived early and were helping Wendy and I get everything setup.The sun was out it was very hot and sticky out there, we all decided it was going to be a bikini party, so we all went and changed, as I was walking past a door to one of my bedrooms I could hear gentle moaning coming from inside. I opened the door slightly and there was Wendy kneeling behind Jessy as she was bent over the bed licking and probing her young delicate pussy. God this woman will stop at nothing to convert my girls.I walked in and said what do we have here thinking this would end it, but Wendy just stood up and kissed me with the love juice still on and around her lips. Jessy had now turned around and could see Wendy kissing and groping me as if it was a normal everyday thing.Jessy moved in and pulled my large milky breast put of my small bikini and started to suck and lick my now rock hard nipple.I thought why is my friend such a slut, and why does she always get me into awkward situation that involve sex.I cleared my throat and said come on ladies we need to go and get this party started. Wendy tuned to Jessy and started to kiss her, saying the party has already started.I walked out and left them to it. My nipples must have really been sticking out, because all the young girls just looked at me and smiled when I walked out in my bikini, then I realised it was because my breast was still sticking out of my top after Jessy had been sucking it.Kim walked over and said Mrs I think you have forgot something, we all laughed and I placed my large milky breast back into my top, noticing how all the girls watched my every move.We put some music on and the girls started to avcılar escort dance, jump in the pool messing around and throwing some beach balls around. Then Wendy and Jessy arrived looking flushed yet full of life. Wendy walked right up to me and kissed me groping my large breast and pulling out of my small top and the same time.The girls all just stopped what they were doing and watched, Jessy lost no time and moved to my side and pulled my other breast free and started to suck it yet again. Then Wendy said who is next and run over and jumped into the pool.Jessy whispered in my hear that she had wanted to feel and suck my large milky tits for years, and was so happy she had finally got to do it. For the next hour my slut friend Wendy moved from girl to girl kissing and sucking their young breasts.She then got out the pool and said I think they are all ready now for some fun. She walked over got her phone and sent a text. I asked what are you doing, she just smiled and said what you should have done, you know the pleasure of a BBC, and you know you can have the loving husband and provider, and the love of a powerful BBC on the side.Before I could say anything Wendy had walked to the side gate and was letting in around 14 or so of the football jocks, the girls all ran and jumped in the pool to hide their near naked bodies, this was a girls party so they had all put on their sexiest bikini that they would never wear out in front of men.Two large black jocks soon had their big hands all over my body squeezing and pulling my bikini out of the way, within second I was almost naked as their strong hands took over my body. I looked at Wendy but she was helping the black guys to fish the girls out of the pool and into the arms of their seducers. How could I get back in control of this situation.I looked on as girl after girl was lifted into the arms of the guys by my slut friend Wendy, once the pool was empty Wendy walked around helping to remove the swim suit of each girl stroking their face telling şirinevler escort them everything was going to be OK.I watched in horror and each girl was forced to their knees and made to worship one or two black cocks, within minutes each girl had tasted at least one cock, and was about to taste their cum very soon.I felt my body being pushed against the table and then felt a very large BBC entering me from behind. 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