What A Day!

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What A Day!Well, the day started innocently enough. I was still in my pyjamas, having a spot of breakfast when the doorbell went. At the door the postman explained he had a parcel for my next-door neighbour, could I take it in for them? No problem, I realised that Kate would be taking her k**s to school, her husband Fred having left for work about an hour earlier.So, some time later after I had washed and dressed, I realised Kate’s car was in her drive and I popped round to give her the package. Let me tell you that Kate is quite a bit younger than me, mid thirties I think, and is a quiet unassuming person, as in fact are the whole family, not greatly outgoing, tending to keep themselves to themselves. They are very pleasant though, and Kate has an amazing figure – she’s quite petite, but curvy and has very noticeable breasts for her size. Not too big, but prominent, and shapely, and she tends to ear jumpers that accentuate her figure. So I was quite looking forward to chatting to her for a couple of minutes. She came to the door and smiled when I handed her the parcel. “Oh, I’ve been expecting this,” she said, “its a treat for Fred, and a bit of a surprise for him”.“Ah, well it’s fortunate it arrived when he isn’t here,” I replied.“Oh yes, that would have ruined it, you see, its something for me to wear that he will like!” I was intrigued and obviously showed it, and she continued, “well, I shouldn’t really tell you, but its sexy underwear! I’m going to put it on tonight after Sophie and James are in bed, then come downstairs in it and surprise him. He’s had a rough time at work recently, so he needs cheering up!”“Wow, he’s a very lucky man then, any chance you can show me what its like?” I sort of spluttered this out without thinking. Kate went red.“Oh, err, well I don’t think it’ll hurt,” she said and began to unwrap the package. “There you go, its an open-bottom corset, with matching split-crotch knickers and stockings, do you think he’ll like it?” I felt myself getting erect.“Goodness, yes. In fact its having quite an effect on me and that’s just looking at it and imagining, but he’ll be seeing you wearing it, I think it will blow his mind, I know it would blow mine!”“Oh you are naughty, Alan” she smiled, “I’m worried that I’ve excited you too much and you’ll be left frustrated. Come in and I’ll put it on for you so you can really tell if it suits me and fits OK.” Fuck me! Did I hear that right. I closed her door behind me and followed her upstairs. “Sit down on the bed, I’ll just pop into the other room and get this lot on,” she commanded. I obeyed.Minutes later she entered the bedroom and I was immediately struggling with a giant hard-on in my pants. Kate was a spectacular vision, the corset fitted her tightly, it was a soft pink, with underwired cups that held her lovely boobs up and forward, low cut so that the edge of her areolae were just visible. And strapless, making it look as if her boobs would escape at any moment. Her lightly tanned body glowed where it was exposed, which was her upper chest and shoulders and the tops of her thighs between the stockings and the open-bottom of the corset. She had high heels on too. “I just need a bit of help with some of the clasps at the back, I could have done them all up, but its a bit tricky, can you do the last few for me Alan?” Could I heck? Yes I could!Kate turned her back to me and I advanced on the clasps, looking over her shoulder and down the front of her cleavage as I pulled the back of the corset together and did up the remaining clasps. I couldn’t resist holding her waist, and gently nuzzling her neck. She sighed in response. “Oh, I’m feeling a bit naughty myself,” she said, “would you like to see the knickers?”“Oh, yes please!” She moved away from me and lay on her back on the bed. “This is good practice for how I’ll show Fred!” she smiled, then raised her arms up above güvenilir bahis her head and, just as I’d surmised, her boobs came out of the corset and were fully exposed to my gaze. They were joyous! Pert brown nipples, full globes, flattened slightly due to her lying on her back, but standing firm and proud. As was my cock in my pants! Then I directed my gaze to her legs as she slowly opened them, raising her knees slightly and letting them drift apart. The corset bottom opened and as she opened further and the light got a chance to illuminate her, the panties became visible. These were matching pink and the gusset was clearly on show, sporting a contrasting black lacy line down the middle. Her thighs glistened on either side as the show continued and she raised and opened her legs further. At this point I remembered that they were split-crotch panties and as I watched the black lacing began to part, eventually exposing wet pussy lips and, as she raised her legs even further, her little puckered anus!I couldn’t watch any longer. Kate was looking directly into my eyes, a look of wanton lust on her face, her legs splayed, all her secret places on show, wet and ready. “I’m on the pill…” she breathed. I unzipped my jeans and my erection sprang out. Seconds later I was impaled right up her and pounding away as she screamed with satisfaction and began thrashing about with orgasm. Goodness, she must have needed that! I rode her for as long as I could before I, too, reached a shuddering climax, shooting cum right down into her depths. Then we both relaxed and I fell across her. I think we both drifted off to sleep with exhaustion for a few minutes but I was rudely interrupted by my phone alarm. Shit! I knew what that was. I had an appointment at my Doctor’s surgery to undergo a men’s health check with the GP nurse. I explained to Kate that I had to go and said I hoped we could do that again. She just nodded and fell back on the bed. Minutes later, still reeling from the experience, I was in my car driving to my appointment. When I got to the surgery, the nurse was running a little late, so I had a chance to calm down before she called me in. It was Phillipa, a nurse I had seen before for blood tests and so on. She’s a very attractive brunette in her early forties. She explained that she would be taking my blood pressure, weighing me, etc etc and then asking lifestyle questions. I relaxed, the room was warm and Phillipa smelled nice from the perfume she was wearing. After weighing me and recording my height, she started on my Blood Pressure. “Oh, that’s quite high,” she said, “Is it usually?”“Maybe its you!” I said, again without thinking. Her mouth dropped and she stared at me. “Well, you are a very attractive woman, and in a nurse’s uniform… what do you expect?” I tried to make it seem like just a joke.“That is rather out of order these days!” she rebuked me, “But its a nice compliment anyway, especially since my husband left me a few weeks ago, the bastard!” I look shocked. “Do you really find me attractive?”“Not half! I’ve always admired you, your husband must be a total idiot. What, did he go off with another woman?”“No, not a woman, a girl is what I would say she is. A naïve silly girl who likes his money and probably won’t last long before he bores her. Its not as if he was good at sex or anything… Are you?”“Good at sex? Well I don’t have any complaints, why just this morning.. actually forget it, that’s irrelevant. Yes, I’d say so, I like to ensure a woman is satisfied if you know what I mean.”Phillipa moved to the door and bolted it as I joined her and took her in my arms. We kissed passionately and I gently caressed her back and arms. She pushed me back and began unbuttoning the uniform, opening a pleasant view of an underslip and her black-tights-clad legs. The uniform fell to the floor as she unbuttoned my shirt and güvenilir bahis siteleri I began to remove my jeans. Then, as I bent to remove my socks (men in underpants and socks is not a very sexy look) she pulled the slip over her head and was revealed in the tights, a black balconette bra and full-cut black nylon panties. The bra didn’t look very NHS, it was extremely enticing. It felt good too as I cupped her with my hands, while she fondled the front of my underpants and discovered just how much I was liking her! I undid the bra and let it fall off her. Her full boobs really didn’t need support and felt great as I tweaked her nipples. Then she began to tug at my pants and I let her take them off me. She took my erection into her mouth and fellated me for a minute or two. “Take my tights and panties off!”She leant against the couch in the corner of the room as I grabbed the waist-band of her tights and eased them off her, leaving her naked except for the panties. I am a great fan of panties so before removing them I gave them a good feel, getting her to part her legs while I fondled the gusset. She was wet, the gusset was distinctly damp as my fingers forced it slightly inside her. “Oh that’s lovely” she sighed. Finally I pulled them off her and had a further surprise, she was shaved bare, her mound smooth and lovely, the little slit extending an inch or so up it. She moved so that her bottom was on the edge of the couch, raised her feet to either side of it and leant back, so that all her crotch was open and inviting. “Do me up the arse! I don’t want to get pregnant. Look, I’m opening it for you.” Blimey, the day was getting better and better. She reached behind her and deftly opened a jar containing lubrication, got a handful of it and spread it around her anus, making sure she opened up fully and pulling it open with the other hand. “Up you come!”“You lovely, dirty lady” I grinned as I pushed my dick down a little to tease the entrance to her colon. She exhaled and relaxed and her sphincter parted a little. I pushed forward and was in her..“Oh ffffffuuuucccck…” she whispered as I fed my entire length into her. Having cum in Kate earlier, I was able to hold myself back, so I left my dick right up her to the hilt and began to attend to her pussy and clit. She was dripping wet and I put three fingers in there with no trouble and frigged her gently before attending to her love-button. I played with it awhile before I noticed that her breathing had become deeper and she began to shake. I continued the clitty tickles and began thrusting up her anus as she exploded under me, and I emptied my balls into her rectum as she and I came together. “Thank you Alan, I needed that. You’ll need to come back next week for your results” she winked at me. “You’d better clean up and get dressed, I have another appointment in two minutes!”As I left the Doctor’s surgery I proceeded through town with a spring in my step. Things were definitely looking up. Both Kate and Phillipa wanted me to do them again. I couldn’t believe it! But reality intruded and, as I was in town, I dropped into the local corner-shop to get a few things for lunch. As I got there Angela, who runs the shop, was just advancing to the doorway. “Oh, hello Alan, I’m just closing for lunch, did you want anything?”“Oh sorry, Angela, I didn’t realise it was so late, I’ve had a rather busy morning. Yes, I could do with one or two things for my own lunch and, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but could I use your toilet too?”“Yes, Alan, its in the back, why don’t you join me for lunch, I’m making sandwiches, you’re welcome to stay?”“That’s really kind of you, yes I will.” Angela pulled down the blind in the shop door and put up the ‘closed’ sign as I went through to her toilet. To my surprise she followed me in. “Can I watch you pee?” she asked.“You what?” I didn’t think I’d iddaa siteleri heard right.“I’d like to watch you peeing,” she said, “and you can watch me if you like! Its something I have dirty dreams about, and I thought you looked a man of the world. Sorry I can’t believe I actually said it!”“No, that’s fine, just a bit of a shock! Yes, let’s watch each other. Its a bit cramped here though, do you have a bathroom upstairs?” Angela smiled and nodded at me and beckoned me to follow her upstairs.“Keep a few steps behind me,” she said as she stood at the foot of the stairs. She was wearing a short, tartan-patterned skirt, and began to fold the waist-band over so that it became shorter. Her legs were bare in the warm building and she began to mount the staircase, sticking her bottom out, stepping with exaggerated wide leg movements so that I could see right up her skirt to a pair of little red panties that were so tightly pulled across her bottom you could clearly see her bum cleft and right through to a camel-toe at the front! Wow, more treats!At the top of the stairs she stopped and got on hands and knees, spread her knees apart and reached under herself to caress the panty-crotch, pulling the skirt up around her waist.“Here, let me do that” I said, and my hand went between her legs to fondle the panty gusset and push it inside her. Then I let my fingers go under it and rub her wet pussy and anus as she gushed onto my invading digits. Then she turned onto her back, pulled the panties off completely and offered herself up fully. She was so wet my fingers just went right inside her, no hesitating and no resistance, two fingers in her vagina, one right up her arse-hole. She was panting with pleasure and began to pee over the floor! I couldn’t believe that either, it was a day of unbelievable happenings! This must be how she climaxes, I thought.“Now pee on me, Alan!” She was still dribbling a little, wide open and dripping with juice and pee, as I undid my jeans, freed my erect cock and managed to piss on her, not so hard to do as I had been dying to go earlier. I aimed it squarely at her open holes and she held them open, for me. “Put it inside as you pee, quick before you run out!” This was something I’d never done before, but I didn’t hesitate, I put my dick into her open pussy and kept peeing as I began to thrust in and out, the pee squelched and splashed, as I unloaded half a pint or more into her. Then she really let go with more of her own pee, she must have only let a small proportion out earlier. This was fantastic as we both fucked with abandon, pissing into and onto each other, urine all over the floor, her juices smeared all over us both. I could only muster a small cum, not being as young as I was three times in a day was a push for me, but Angela started to buck and writhe as she came, the peeing and the crotch attention having taken her to the limit.“Angela, that was great. Bit of a first for me, no-one has ever wanted me to pee in her before!”“Oh, thank YOU Alan, its a fetish of mine, always wanted to try it with a man, only ever do it on my own. Can we try it again sometime?”I laughed, this was amazing. “Of course. Now, what about that sandwich?”The spring in my step had become a blooming great trampoline, I was so pleased with how the day had gone, though feeling exhausted as I made my way back to the car. As I approached the car park, a young woman with a clip-board accosted me and said she was doing market research. Could I answer a few questions? I was feeling good, so said that I would. She asked me to follow her into the Civic Hall, which we were just outside. As we entered the building she ushered me into a room and closed the door behind us. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There in front of us were about a dozen young women, naked from the waist down, except for stockings and suspenders, all with their back to us, bending forward, legs splayed and pulling their arse-cheeks apart to offer unobstructed views of pussies and anuses. Wet pussies and anuses.My companion said “We need to see how many times you can cum in the next half-an-hour…” Then I woke up.THE END