what about Sofia….

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what about Sofia….This story is partly inspired by actual fact.I introduce myself my name is Sofia. I live in France, in the Lyon region and my family is from Morocco. If I had to describe myself I would say that I rather have a nice physique.I measure a little more than 1m70 and I am rather slim, I have always been sporty enough. Level chest I am well off, I make a nice 95c. I have big brown eyes, a beautiful black hair that I take care to maintain to keep them smooth, and a skin color caramel almost chocolate milk. That says to my story. To clarify the context I have been wearing the veil since my adolescence, it is neither that I was fiercer nor by particular conviction but in my family that it does so I followed a little the movement. Let’s skip this whole period and let’s go straight to my year of high school.At the time the hormones of the young woman I was were in a boil. At the time my parents had just offered me a laptop and to confess it was not uncommon that in the evening before going to sleep I made a small foray on a porn site to masturbate me in front of a video, often a video m ‘being on stage a woman with several men. I imagined then taken in this way by 2 or 3 beautiful beams … I also, as a good high school girl, had a crush on one of my teachers. Our math teacher Mr.Loran, he was rather young, thirties, had an incredible charisma and a devastating smile he left none of the indifferent studentsMy interest in men was becoming more and more present. But there came before me my education and my social condition, which I dared not surpass.However, I took advantage indirectly of having to remove my veil in the school to beautify myself and test the popularity of the young men with whom I shared the class. This is where things will become interesting dear readers. One day I received an SMS from a boy with whom I was in the course of history. His name was Enzo, and to tell you it was exactly the kind of boy who had all my attention … He was very handsome, sporty and seemed to have a sense of humor to complete the game. He explained to me that he asked my number to a friend in common. They also told me that although he thought I would be insensitive to his message, I liked him very much and wanted to get to know me better. Charmée I replied after a long hesitation. We discussed a good part of the evening and the moment to sleep came from the images then came to my mind. That night there is no need for porn. I imagined him taking me passionately, I imagined his head between canlı bahis my legs tasting the vulva. I could not help but slip my hand under my pajamas to direct her on the already wet pussy. I started by delicately titillating my clitoris to make the pleasure rise then I introduced a finger into my vagina and then a 2nd. The vas and come were getting stronger and stronger and I tried by all means to stifle the uncontrollable groans that escaped me. I ended up enjoying thinking about this adventure that began. We continued to exchange texts for a while. Although in high school we were distant. I did not dare to show myself with a boy. One evening when we were talking he asked me about my “sex life” at first I was very uncomfortable. Not that I did not want to talk about it, on the contrary it excited me to the point. But what was he going to think and above all relate. I passed in the eyes of all for the nice veiled girl of the lycée I did not necessarily envy that everyone knew that I masturbated in front of pornos before sleeping.In spite of all the temptation was too strong and I ended up discussing the subject. He seemed very excited by what I told him. He even asked me if I fingered myself thinking of him. The heart beating at 2000 an hour I took my courage to 2 hands to answer him yes … His response was more than explicable a picture of him masturbating. Immediately I could not help plunging my hand into my panties to do the same. Very quickly our discussions by message interposed turned into a very hot exchange of sextos. He could not believe it. And I do not really say … I now wanted to go further … But how to do it. One morning the high school was paralyzed by a general power failure. Enzo jumped at the opportunity to offer me a walk to his house. I accepted without thinking. Down there nobody knew me I was so much more at ease. On the way the rain mingled with our business. Enzo naturally invited me to go to his house. The house was empty as his parents were all 2 at work. Again I say yes without hesitation. It was not until I reached the portal of his house that I understood what my coming implied … As soon as I got home I asked him where the toilet was. He pointed to the bathroom. I took advantage of the sink to refresh my face and a packet of wipes for intimate hygiene jumped to the eyes. I took advantage then to refresh the sex. Without really admitting it to myself I knew what was going to follow …. Returning to the living room Enzo suggested that I put a film bahis siteleri in his room. So I followed him. When he got there he complained about his back and asked me if I wanted to massage him. I sat down behind him on the bed and wiped my hands on his back. Neither one nor two my panties was soaked wet. He stopped me for a moment to remove his t-shirt. This time serious things began. He turned to me to kiss me. I was both excited and at the same time paralyzed. I had once or twice kissed boys. But never in their rooms while they were bare torsos. Very soon the kisses became intense and my hands as independent of my will were wandering on Enzo’s farm. Without asking my opinion he took my breasts into my hands to knead them. To tell the truth, I did not show any opposition. On the contrary, I purring pleasure like a little pussy. I ended up taking my courage to 2 hands and descdendis gently hands until his crotch. There I could feel his cock stiff, full of blood. Seeing that he pulled off his pants to let me out. I then began to jerk it awkwardly. He followed the step and stood my jeans. On that day I wore a tunic which reached me to the buttocks and jeans. And of course I still had my headscarf. Last guarantor of my “morals” that I did not want to withdraw despite the situation. He therefore stood my jeans and gently slipped his hand on my panties to come and pose it at the height of my pussy. Gently he began delicate caresses which testified that he had more experience than me. I had caressed myself hundreds of times but never had it been so exciting. He initiated to remove my pants, I let him do it helping even waddling me to facilitate the thing. I then pulled out my pants without saying a word. I scrolled away, without making me pray, widely legs to give him as much access as possible to my sex. He did not fall away instantly and slid until arriving in front of my vulva on which he deposited gentle kisses. Then her tongue lingered on my clitoris coming tickling her. Delivering with me an unheard-of pleasure, my body jumped under the effect of what it made me. When I recovered my spirits I could not believe what was going on. I was both uncomfortable and ashamed and at the same time I did not want to stop at all. The orgasm reached, he then got up, removed his pants and his pants completely and presented himself naked in front of me. I immediately understood what he expected of me. I executed myself at once, and I came face to face with him. He was standing in front of the bahis şirketleri bed, sitting on board. His stiff tail was pointing right in front of my face. I took it with one hand and I gently wrapped its penis between my lips. His cock dripped with seminal fluid and the taste that it had me pleased me. I had seen hundreds of times this on video but that was true. This tail I had in mouth. Slowly I slid my lips along his rod awkwardly. Then the excitement gained the upper hand on the reflection and I would accelerate the movement. More and more at ease I listened to his moans and his breath. A moan more pronounced let me guess that he was going to enjoy. I immediately began to think that it might spill my clothes and my veil.Then, since the taste of the seminal fluid had pleased me, I said to myself:”as much as it ejaculates in my mouth.”Neither one nor two, I felt his cock contract and a first squirt filled my mouth hardly time to swallow that the second arrived.It continued for a few seconds while I had not stopped kicking.The pleasure felt had to be intense considering the amount of sperm that it unloaded in my mouth.Once he finished, he pronounced words which, if I did not bother me, made me feel uncomfortable.”Oh yeah you’re really hot, you swallow the first time!”On the bus that brought me home I thought about all this and especially what he had told me.How should I take it?Was this an insult or I will take it as a flattery extolling my sexual “entrepre- tariat”.The soor came to reassure me by these messages in which he thanked me for this wonderful day and congratulated me on the qualities of mistress.I was proud of it. And just like him I could not wait to get back.Unfortunately the end of the year arrived quite quickly and we did not have the opportunity to return home.Sometimes, when the weather permitted, we went to the high school in a hall of a building that contained a small hiding place.Once there safe from prying eyes we could let ourselves go.Everything began with an exchange of passionate kisses.Often I would put my pants down myself to make him understand that I was waiting for him to slip his hand.There he masturbated me to orgasm.Once the thing reached I took the relay and came squatting in front of him.He left me the task of extracting his tail, which was already very stiff, I took a cunning pleasure every time to see appear before me this sex in erection.Then, without waiting, I threw myself into a treat.Multiplying the vas and come along her penis, until the orgasm comes, I then delight in his sperm that he did not fail to unload between my lips.The year ended he would then go to the south for his studies and we would not see each other again ….For all that did not stop there …