What made me go BLACK and STAY BLACK

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What made me go BLACK and STAY BLACKSo every girl is insecure about her looks, that is no secret. For me when I was younger I took it to a whole new level. I hated the way I looked, I hated me face, I hated my chubby body, my “man hands”, my hair, basically everything. I felt so gross and unwanted all the time and it sucked. I dressed in baggy sweats and hoodies all the time to try and hide myself. I was at an all time low in my life when my white bf dumped me for another girl, he cheated. I felt so dumb and used and just gross but there was a bright side. School at the time was over and summer had arrived. I wanted to change, I wanted to try and feel better about myself but I didnt know how I would do it. Little did I know that the change would happen all on its own. In the summers Id go to my grandparents when they were away to swim in their pool. With the house to myself and the fenced in pool I enjoyed the peace and quite. It was a pretty far walk to their place, but when I finally got their, settled in and was ready to swim I realized…I forgot my swim clothes. Normally I wore a shirt and gym shorts that were light to swim in to hide my body. Upset, I looked around the house to see if I could wear something else when I found one of my cousins bikini’s she left. I will never forget how skimpy it looked, an all black top with low cut cups and a thong bottom. Shocked I couldn’t believe she left this hear. Looking at the bikini it was that, or walk a long way back to get my clothes. I thought about it for a sec then thought since no one was around that it might be alright. I went to the spare room to change. Talking off my istanbul escort clothes and strapping up the bikini one piece at a time. I pulled up the thong bottoms and they fit so snug around my ass. My cousin was a little smaller then me, so they were very tight to where they basically stuck in between my ass cheeks. The top was next and wow was it a shock. Tieing up the back and placing my tits in the tits they almost couldn’t stay contained. At the time I was a 34 DD trying to fit in a D cup bikini top, and it showed. After some rearranging I got it on and looked in the mirror. Ive never wore something so sexual and so revealing. I was blushing and no one was even around. I figured it was time to swim so I went out, got in the pool and started to chill. After about a half hour or so all of a sudden a volley ball flew into the back yard and knocked over a potted plant. I was shocked and scared a bit so I got out of the pool to see what was going on. Thats when it hit me, that whoever threw this might come over to get their ball! I freaked, I didnt want ANYONE to see me like this. I grabbed the ball and started to walk it to the fence to throw it over when two guys I seen before came around to the gate. I recognized one off our football team, Aj and the other I just seen before who was named Devon. Both black, both muscular and both looked shocked to see me. “Nicole…is that really you?” Embarrassed and blushing at this point I just said “hey.” I threw them their ball and was like here you go, but I could tell they didnt want to leave. Aj was staring at my tits avcılar escort while I saw Devon look at the backyard. He noticed the potted plant and let himself inside saying “Damn Nicole our bad, sorry we broke your plant let me clean that up!” They both walked in and Devon walked slowly past me as I tried to say it was alright. Following Devon, I noticed Aj was staring as my ass now as I was walking with Devon. I felt so uncomfortable knowing these guys were eyeing me up and down but I couldn’t understand why. While Devon cleaned up the mess, Aj was talking to me about random stuff as I tried to causally hide my tits or keep my ass out of his sight. But if I did, then Devon would stop working and stare until I moved again. It was like that until the stuff was somewhat cleaned up and organized. The guys offered to help with other things in the yard but I insisted it was all fine and thanked them for helping with the plant. They walked up to the gate, and went to say by when Aj asked for a hug. I hesitated at first but didnt think it would be a problem and thats when I felt it. The second he hugged me, I felt a HUGE bulge where his cock would be rub up against my thighs and pussy. I remember twitching then looking up at him and he just smiled. Stepping back Devon came up for a hug and before I wrapped my arms around him I felt two big hands on my ass.Shocked I didnt know how to react but still felt the same damn bulge as Aj only his was bigger! Ive never felt something like that before brushed up against me, I felt such a sexual rush. He squeezed my ass then hugged me and tried to play it off saying şirinevler escort “woah my bad went a little low there.” I blushed and was just like “its okay.” Leaving, Aj asked me if I was in to black guys which totaling caught me off guard. I didnt wanna be rude but at the same time I was also curious. “Yeah I mean sure” I told them and their eyes lighted up. Both wanted my number on the spot. I was so shocked they liked me I gave it to them. After they added it in their phones, they said they wanted a contact picture to put in. At first I thought Id just send them one but they starting to raise their phones to take a pic. I freaked out, covered my body and was like No! Not now! That really disappointed them, they started complimenting me and saying such nice things. They said they thought I was hot and sexy, that they loved my body and they thought I was a total package. Again just shocked at them saying that, I agreed just overjoy that someone could say all those things. I put my hands on my hips and heard a “snap”. Thinking that was it I started to walk closer AJ said “Wait! Nicole I didnt take mine yet…mind turning around for me baby?” Blushing and just still loving the attention, I did. Turning to look at the camera, smiling with my ass in a thong bikini was now on some niggas phone. Blushing and kinda in shock from it all I was ready to go back inside and chill to reflect on it all. I told them both goodbye and they left, so I went inside. I went back to the same mirror I got dressed in front of before and thought about everything they said. Pretty face, sexy body, nice ass, big tits, hot figure…I was so into and feeling good for the first time in a LONG time I actually felt good about myself. They made me feel like a woman, and sexy and cute and wanted more then any other guy. Thats when my phone went off, with two new texts both from the hung black boys I met just moments ago. It was time to make some changes in my life 😉