When things go too far, a mothers comes unstuck p

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When things go too far, a mothers comes unstuck pJohn missed his new girlfriend Natalie when they where apart but hehad his memories and she was so photogenic! As he chatted online fatewas rolling its strange dice and life would never be the same againfor both him and Natalie.Initially she had been shy about letting him film their exploits buthad warmed to the idea and had even gone so far as to let him publisha few of her pictures on an internet site. She got a thrill out oflooking at them with him and reading peoples comments when they wheretogether and drunk. It made her incredibly horny and would pose formore! An ideal world. John was horny and proud of the size 8 figure ofhis younger girlfriend and loved the attention her profile drew butwas able to apply some common sense and never showed her face, her jobwas too important!When he visited they where discrete about their picture taking, waitingfor her teenage son to be out or staying with his father . Nataliekept a laptop hidden in her wardrobe just for them! They had begun totalk about swingers club and webcams but for the moment ,the most thegames had extended to out of the bedroom where a few pics around thehouse and outside with the odd experiment with natalie going pantieless and flashing John in public, he even had a few snaps!Tonight he posted a series of pictures of Natalie in the local parkin her bright red knee length dress , sitting on a bench, slowlylowering her red panties round her knees and ankles then leaving themdrapped on the bench with one foot raised exposing her shaved and verymoist looking slit. Behind her people could clearly be seen walkingpast a memorial. Very erotic and when they had got back John barely gother upstairs before passion overtook them, but that was this morningand her son came home in the evening so John left.A comment appeared under one the pics, .John was turned on imagining someone local seeing her today in thatdress in the park.His cock had swelled and he gently rubbed it ashe thought about that scenario. he postedAn exciting idea, but no one really knew the park.A message appeared in his in box“bloody hell ” he swore quietly …right place, what next? he replied, unsure what to put nextHe looked at the profile..Milffan41, male 18 , little else. Time tolook at his favourites, vidoes and pics of older women , mature women, what else older woman and younger man, mother and not son..”Naughty boy “John laughed, some fat hormonaly overcharged teen withspots and glasses probably.Still a deals a deal..< i will let you choose the password for this album> he typed, thislike all his albums was password protected ,when they felt naughtythey removed the passwords but this way they where in control the reply cameThey continued to chat that evening, turns out his name was Carl andyes he did have a thing for his mum but only real time he saw much ofher body was last summer on holiday when he had to hid his erectionthe whole time, a mixture of euphoria , terror and embarressment. Asthey chatted Carl asked John for advice or ideas , a few glasses ofwine brought out his naughty side, but basically encouraged him to gothrough her stuff , drawers etc see if she had any sexy toys, naughtyundies , snaps on her pc phone etc. John wrote< find anything good , take pic and post ithere, maybe i will reward you with another password>The next day John and Natalie had a pub lunch ,in the beer garden hetold about last night. She smiled ..”really ..oh, you think he will?”she asked “its so wrong” . She sipped her drink and pulled her skirtup showing her toned thighs, she leant forward kissed John and pulledthe neck line down on her top..”What do you think he would like tosee” she purred”You kinky naughty woman ” John laughed..”i suppose i could ask him butbetter film both!”Natalie laughed and looked about, behind her the pub was clearlyvisible with a few drinkers chatting, she pulled her top down exposinga black bra..John wasted no time snapping, then after pushing hersmall b cup breasts together and pouting pulled her bra down..Johns cock was very hard in his trousers, straining to be released..A quick pull of clothing to cover up then she sat down and placed bothfeet on the bench in front revealing her panties which with a wickedgrin she removed then infront of Johns startled eyes.Then she started to rubbbed her slitwith a finger and licked it.They left the rest of their drinks and quickly found a quiet spotafter leaving the pub.Urges satted they chatted”well this is a new side of you..””yes” Natalie giggled ” you don’t seem to mind..”” not at all”They giggled like k**s all the way back, at her place she got out andJohn went home , ” i ”ll let you know what he says later” he calledas he left.Later that evening they chatted by phone, Natalie was harrassed asPeter her teenage son was being unduely sulky and rude , but thatsteenagers. John looked at his computer, amongst the new messagesMilffan41,< will have to wait till her fuckwit bf takes her out again, then havea better look>John and Natalie chatted that night on the phone , to her suprise shebegan to masterbate as they talked over the idea, she found her selfgetting hornier and hornier and wanting to talk to carl herself. Badideas crossed her mind but , here in cyberspace she could act out herslutty fantasys. She knew John needed an early night was off to sleepafter their chat but it was only 9 pm ish. Licking her lips she took abold decision, she knew his log in to their page so she logged in.She looked up and down the profiles, Milffan41 offline , she realisedhow disapponted she was and sent a pm.Well false names seemed wise . She picked up her laptop and wentdownstairs in her usual pajamas, and robe,not sexy but very mummsy.As she sorted jobs out for the morning she would check her pms everyso often her laptop open on the kitchen table. Wine was opened and aquck check at 10 pm made on the profile..Wow she thought and sat sipping..a thrill coursing through her,electricity making her skin tingleShe shivered , she squeezed her thighs together her nipples tingled so wrong…< Do you want mummy to catch you rubbing yourself to her pics?>Her hand slipped under her pajama bottoms and between her legs she wasso wet, an idea was forming John had mentioned using the web cam fromthe pc in the lounge…Natalie was shivering but not with cold, a fire burnt in her belly thswas wrong but god she felt so horny, with a beating heart she walkedto the bottom of the stairs and looking up saw a light in Petersdoorway and a shadow on the landing , good he was upstairs!She went to the lounge got the cam returned to the kitchen table ,plugged it in and put it under the table on a chair..Yes totally discrete, no way show anything more than what shewanted..she slipped her pyjamas off and put her gown back on.< sniff my panties and rub your cock with the other pair!>< good boy..now your reward..>She pressed send on her cam..the screen showed her legs and gown..A flicker, he had accepted..She undid the belt and parted her legs raising her feet..she couldfeel the mositure running down her legs.türbanlı iskenderun escort do that!>She touch her pussy and shuddered, biting her lip..she’d just cum,that had never happen so quickly , instantly she beacame lost inthemomment raising her pelvis and using both hands rubbing her lips clitand plunging fingers deep into her pussy, she lost count of the timesshe came..The messages where obscene but exciting ! He had clearly enjoyedit!And so had she! so this was role play..John was such a tease..!Pretending to be a teenage boy..But life and work where looming so she went upstairs to bed pyjamas inhand, as she passed Peters door he had fallen asleep with the dooropen..he normally shut it, oh well let him sleepSuch a strange day she reflected but admitted to herself that it was aturn on, John had said so many profiles on sites like this where fakes but therole play and showing herself , well she got off on it and if it was areal teen perhaps better. She slept on it but next day decided to setup her own profile set to private but would pm teens from it.As days past she found herself posting more and more of her pics thereand role playing more and more often, often now she would leave thelaptop lying around (with music playing) so she could keep checkingher mail..She found she was masterbating more and more often and hadlet john watch one night, the next time they meet they never left thebedroom he was so turned on! She had forgot all about milffan41. ohnhad encouraged her to set up a yahoo account so he could watch to asshe put on shows for her role paly partners sometimes chatting on thephone and directing her.Meantime John continued chatting to milffan41, telling him all aboutNatalies developments! He seemed to be a real teen and had postedrequested pics of his m*ms underwear and toys even wanking into someof it in short vid clips.The horniest bit was he could believe it wasNatalies, it was so similiar but in all fairness a lot of lingerielooked similar from a distance!Natalie had given him ideas and he began to explore what ifs and roleplays with Carl,what if he actaully caught his m*m being naughtymasterbating what if she caught him. After a while ideas began tosettle down and they both agreed anoymous blackmail, set up a proiflefor her threaten to expose her , slowly but surely make her do moreand more, get her to expose herself around the house, leave her dooropen let Carl watch her masterbate, show her self on cam for carl..who would let his friends watch, control her online shows , herprofile make her post more till he had enough to make her fuck him,all the time pretending it wasn’t him, swearing her to secrecy. Such adark naughty fantasy but it was only a young boys fantasy.Time passed and they both continued their on lines togther andseperately untio that fateful day in June.Natalie came home from work , on the mat an envelope with just her nameon it, Natalie.She opened it curious, cd fell out and a note printed like theenvelope , but her profile name from the website was on it..and the wordsplay me on the cd..She felt a lump raise in her throat, she felt sick , sweet poured from her.Shaking she took the cd to her room and out it in her laptop.Two files .. Oh god she thought, shaking she opened , it was her ..someonehad hacked her laptop! There where 50 or so images all of her or herand John , clear as day face on show some from the pub that day otherssucking Johns cock , or cum dribbling from her mouth or masterbatingbut all with out doubt her face clear as a bell.She went to the bathroom and vomited , on her return she opened read me< Hello Natalie, lets just keep this a secret between me and you! Tellanyone and i reveal all your pics on line then how would your coleagesat work (he named where she worked!)treat you?How would Peter react and his school? And the rest of your family.If you are good and do as i say i will stop the game and delete yourpics and leave you alone, if not and you fail me i have set up aprofile for you on the site , all the pics are posted already, i willreveal one pic an hour.The profile is Natthewore..pm me on it you have till 9pm.If you tell anyone i will know , i have All your pics , if the profileis destroyed and you tell the site i will set up a new profile on newsites post everything tell others to spread your pics and nevercontact you again..the choice is yoursO>Shaking she sat back what to do..She changed all her passwords, what else ..that profile Natthewhore..it existed , it was new this week, it was private and looked blank.She deleted her profile her yahoo id, she would tell john she hadenough it was probably him, more role play but way too far! But justin case she would just see if he said anything, see how long he tookto notice , he was due round any way.That evening John came round , god Natalie was in a foul moodthey rowed over nothing. She seemd to want him to leave but didn’twant him to go..one day he would understand women.. by 10 shecomplained of a headache and was off to take a bath on her own..Hey ho a quiet night in front of the telly. Peter as ever the sulkyteen seemed to reveal in his m*ms mood and spent the night skypng hisfriends whilst watching the film.Shaking Natalie ran her bath, she been scarred all evening, shorttempered with everyone. John was watching telly his laptop at hisplace , he had no access to online , she had his phone!She logged into their joint account and looked at the profileNatthewhore , she almost cried out aloud , the profile was no longerprivate, no longer blank, clear as day she saw herself naked lying onher bed as the primary image, the profile was short . her location was set as Hammingtonwhere she lived ! in her gallery two of her flashing in the park , sofar just showing her sat m her face clearly visible and her legs openand her panties showing and one with her panties round her knees.Oh god he meant it and was sticking to one an hour she now had 50minutes..what to do?Heart pounding she managed to recover her old account 30 minutes left,Natthewhore was still online..she sentan instant reply ( a lie but sounded plausable)Ok she thought weird , kinky but harmless lets see where it goes , more roleplay she thoughtWell that seems harmless she thought ok i will play along , after allall the pics did not show her face so where discrete.She did, nothing was showing any more, the profile was open but nofriends no content at all, just to be sure she added it to herfavourites , any changes and she was sure to see.Peter was smirking to himself as John watched TV, the fool had no inklng, he didn’t suspect who he had been chatting to, who he had been giving ideas to! His mum Natalie , silly woman, she had no idea that him and Carl where one and the same . He had to be honest wondered right from the start but thought he was maining things, as time went he saw his mum using the laptop, he had even been in the same room one evening pming her , it was funny to watch as she read his comments and blushed, she relied instantly so thats what caught his attention , he paused , wrote paused then pressed send, less obvious, she had no idea, then one night the door bell went he answered it but it was one of mums friends she went to speak to them but left her laptop open .He pounced looked saw her files..and her photos . A few more carefully timed sneaks and he had her password and then could search her laptop in peace, he couldn’t believe all the pictures he found ! and the dirty cow had a yahoo id .All the time as he wondered what to do it was John who had given him the ideas and he had had plenty of time to think of things and develop his idea..start slowly yeah that was the key. An idea had formed last weekend , he had been swimming with a friend, his friend was braver and chatted up a girl in a bright new red string bikini she had been bought from Asda..very sexy, but the girl complained a size too small. He could see the results but apparently she said too big was worse, it would be loose and boys could look up it..He wished his mum would ditch her old dull costume…start türbanlı iskenderun escort bayan simple John had said..Natalie woke to an empty bed. She knew John was angry with her , she would make it up to him, but work loomed. The morning shot past before she knew it the lunch hour came, grabbing her phone she headed for the toilets, pulse racing , nervous , apprenhensive, what now she thought?Ok she thought kinky but harmless enough i can use my phone ,if i hold it infront of my face that takes care of that and i can say it was easier to get myself in shot..i will go along only for so long..Work finished , still no mesages from John , he really was annoyed..The drive to Asda seemed to take forever, trying to look natural she went to look at swimsuits, the red bikini was there wonderful , she held it up, very daring, quite small certainly far younger than she would choose but, well John always wanted her to get one, now the other sizes…shit neither where in . She asked the assistant who raised an eyebrow when she mentioned to two sizes..”you want to try both?”, She looked embarressd, “Yes ” oh god what to say.. She looked at her records then at the racks , Natalie was blushing, sorry neither..oh shit..”If your buying for your daughter you will need to look on the c***drens racks and for your mother try a different style..no matching family outfits sorry” Could be worse she mused she doesn’t realise they are for me, the assistant hung about. Natalie was embaressed and rifle the larger bikinis picking the first she found that was 3 sizes to big, then she turned to c***drens section and it hit her they where tiny, panic rose she grabbed the first one and hurried off. She sat in the cubicle curtain drawn she heard people coming and going. The rooms where unisex.No way was she moving out of her cubicle.She logged in , Natthewhore was online..She waited..shit why had she said she was there now…Minutes passed better do the first easy pic she thought , she tried it on , she looked in the mirror , actually she liked it but would never had tried it on , she took several selfies a peace offering for John and what the hell one topless and a few lowering the bottoms facing front and back.A little suprised she had enjoyed that but now check pms.. that was all it said..she ws puzzled then noticed the avatar by the pm was no longer blank..she looked at the profile it was her naked Johns cock in her hand . it got worse the gallery now showed two pics one of her legs wide open dildo in her pussy one of her sucking Johns cock , her face plain, the profile had status update … she sent The large bikini hung loose hardly covering anything, It was black and plain more conservative cut but far far too big if she moved anyone would see her nipples and the briefs slipped down unless she held them the gusset flapping loosely anyone would easily see her shaven mound , she looked like a whore. A deep breathe and she looked out past the curtain, all quiet. She stepped out , the air and draught letting her know what and where was exposed..snap snap snap..better take a few make sure it was ok..someone coming she dived back in..curtains ..ok now the small oneGod it was pink and sure great for a k** but hardly covered her nipples and where skin tight diasppearing between her bum cheeks and hardly covering her pussy lipsAgain snap snap snap ..again thank god noone saw.She looked ridulous in both sets , slutty in both sets, she choose the clearest shot of the bikini in each and posted them. Then changed back.God she thought hes loving this but better play a long , a thought crossed through her mind is he here is he watching is it a he even..She would play along and watch she’d catch the bastard!She sipped he coffee eyes peeled , every face she saw she thought thats them , time passed God i am getting paranoid she thought. Her coffee came to an end she looked at the time 25 minutes had passed. She logged in Peter was pleased with this slow progress and another of Johns ideas to Carl, “set tasks which you can predict people , then make a comment implying you saw them live, keep it simple and they will become more and more believable and get more and more power,”..Lets see if this works.She was in such a state she hardly registered buying them , driving home and getting. Peter was there looking concerned , she made up a story about being followed in Asda and on the way home, he seemed supportive for the first time and made a great point of looking out on the street all that evening.Inside he couldn’t beieve his luck. As the night wore on natalie settled. She checked her account, no messages , was that it? she checked Natthewhore on line but blank now, except a status update..< Being a good pet..>Bastard!He had watched her, she must have seem him or her, she would be more vigilant she would catch them!A message..Jesus they had bugged her house, the spare key a thought shot out..they had used it but who???John?? his idea of a joke ??Bastard! She would wait she catch him..she would set him up, but for now.what?She guessed just wait, no out of habit actions..she would search his pc his phone next time she was at his….!Meantime she was sullen as she watched telly, the evening passing slowly.Peter went to the door ..”just checking mum..””NOooo” almost a wail.. “No its fine it was just me being silly…”Inside Peter grinned it was working now for step two..The rest of the week became formulaic ..at night the message Everyday she complied everyday a little more worn down, everday she posted proof as requested in the file work today..No mesage no answer from John..she tried to visit, he had gone away..The next week same but the lingerie selfie in her office ..No mirror here! so it was harder after monday The weekend lingereie but no other clothes.. she sentTired she complied , hiding in her room when Peter was in the house, hoping he would stay in his room. He did .A message from John She was relived now this would be an end to it all, < ..tuesday?>She’d nearly been caught a few times today but all in all , she was actually starting to enjoy posing and posting it was thrilling naughty and enjoyed the attention of her admirer, they just seemd to have a voyeur theme and be a little controlling..both of which appealed to her and to be frank they were coming up with ideas she enjoyed. So much so she was happier and more relaxed at work and at home, colleagues and bloody hell even Peter! If only he knew he would turn blue from shock ..poor thing stil so innocent!When she got back from her selfie run ..she bumped in to Peter..”just out for a hour or two” he said !Relief she slid her coat off as he closed türbanlı escort iskenderun the door and went to kitchen still in her lingerie, matching red bra and panties and black hold ups with her red high heels.Peter slipped in to the garage and opened his laptop ha he didn’t know everthing!She got on with downloading while fixing herself a coffee. He definately didn’t know everything! let him have his fun..Kinky sod she was tired she would know if anyone was looking first from the window , and what would they see ..a bra..she enjoyed it..very naughty and actually walked slowly to the washing pole..no one ..she found she was dissappointed but now for that coffee.Peter looked from the garage noone out the front, he heard the backdoor and ducked as a shadow passed the window ..what a cute walk she had ..she was going slowly..she was enjoying it ..he ducked before she turned and knew by counting that she walked slowly back..Profile made and messenger downloaded and logged in she pm himHe checked he logged in too..this could be interesting.From his normal account Wow she had he watched ..He swtiched on his recording software, then began to chat on the original website..let see he thought dirty old men..young teen like himself ..18-20?yeah and hell why not boys and girlsHe searched the siteCurious he messaged away…within 10 minutes 4 replies , 2 old men one boy one girl 18..On yahoo .he buzzed what was in effect his own profileHe found the piece of software he was after, they had used it in school…he ran it<>he heard his voice, Natalie sat forward<< Do not worry its a computerised voice..>> quick think…<><>><><><>That was too easy he grinned now sit back and relax and wait..He checked what he could see head to ankles..good enoughPM sent from Natthewhore(Yahoo Naughtynatalie41….remember no chat there , or shows over only here)Two more replies ..same answer..never even looking how it was fromBack to yahoo.yes sound offOne two three god that was quick 6 requests to watch the cam..accepted allsound back onSix replies on the site..they liked !Lots of requests already<.<> a grin naughty this would be fun so the perv wanted a show ..she was feeling horny dirtyHer hands crossed and began to rub up and down her body cupping her breast as she arched he back pushing down to her thighs , back up their outsides to her shoulders back over her belly lower brushing her thighs to her knees Licking her lips and grinning <>She pushed her knees wide and raised them Sliding her hands back up her inner thighs over her belly and cupping her now aching breasts..she could feel her panties moistening , who ever it was was exciting her much more than John, her hips where gently bucking<><><< do you want me to let you continue>.<><< you may for now..>><< thank you sir>>Another surprise she wanted to put a show on ..would have been sad if he had stopped her.She squeezed her breasts slipping her hands under her bra rolling her nipples needing them, She moaned gently << was that a moan I heard?>><><><> she grinned<>>Tabboo what was that John had said..oh yes..hmm a****ls..or family..what did he want..<> there that should give her a clueHer bra was off ..her nipples where hard and being pulled and squeezed her breathing getting heavier and faster her chest spasming up and down her hips rocking.<>She began to tousle her hair frantically..did n’t he like?God her body ached more..<>So this was his kink.<>She cannot believe how wet she is , her chest is heaving her hips rolling seeking release<> she wimpersHer body is on fire, her panties have a clear damp patch<>She whips her panties off and in seconds she has he fingers deep in her pussy the sound of squelching is loud the moisture vivid and shiny her other hand rubs her swollen clit, her groans load and audible<< go on my little slut>><>Between groans and gasps <> Now shes breathless lost rubbing herself groaning coming loudly again and again and again <> she wailsThis is too much , I leave the garage opening the front door to her cries of “peter peter”“yes you ok”Startled Natalie grabbed the laptop and dived through the other door in to the kitchen.. Hes in the hall , Natalie thought ..if I leave he will see me if I go into the lounge he will catch me, if I stay he will catch me shit..shitPeter slide his laptop by the hall cupboard hidden behind his Sch**l bag. He pulled his phone out switched on the video pressed record and slide it into his front trouser pocket,,checking the eye piece was still showing“M*m you ok..”A shout from the kitchen “yes sorry a mouse..”He grinnedShit shit, she slid the laptop and camin panic into the washing maching.. she was still naked..her fingers and thighs soaked , even she could smell her own juicesThe door handle turned as she close the machine door..“Mum…..” He stepped in , feigning surprise Natalie turned naked except her blask hold ups , still in her heels, blushing covering herself with her hands“ er Mum er ..”her stared“er sorry a mouse next door I was ..going to have shower and forgot something..i thought you where out”Both stood still“ok..”Peter stood his ground his mum looking embarraessed..becoming acutely aware that she was not totally naked , she could feel his eyes on her stockings and heels“I’ll just get a drink mum..its ok I am not shocked ..”“oh “As he went towards the fridge and passed her she moved to the door. Peter turned watching her, filming her, “Don’t you dare say a word to anyone .” she said and left , regretting it almost immediatly . Peter knew he had cum in his pants but didn’t care..God so much footage and even seeing her naked except for heels and stockings looking like a porn star but better! for real!..Natalie removed her stockings , showered , shocked by what she had done , Peter had seen her naked , what would he say ..what would happen worst of all she was still so horny. As she washed she continued to masterbate until weak kneed she came for the last time, she hastiliy dressed and put her pyjamas and robe on.Peter saw the washing machine and looked in ..he grinned but left it be..He took his drink into the lounge collecting his laptop,..He read his mail..they had all seen all heard.. all wildly excited, he sent to them allNext yahooHe changed the password and closed messenger, a quick dash in the kitchen and he closed messenger there as well..good he had control..Now pms to her from Natthewhore..And then he began to upload the saved file of her on cam..He saw the spot she was sitting was soaked, her bra and panties on the floor , her panties soaked too..End of part one …