Wife blows an old neighbour

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Double Penetration

Wife blows an old neighbourWe’d moved into our new house about 10 months earlier, it was a nice house on the edge of town. Unfortunately I’d not seen much of it as I worked away from home and for long periods at that time. Jane seemed happy there, she found a part-time job as a barmaid at the local pub and had made friends with some of our neighbours and often invited her old friends to stay while I was away.It was during one of my rare periods of being home for a week or so that things got a bit spicy.Jane had been at work at the pub (which I had yet to visit) all day, and I’d spent the day decorating. Late in the evening she sent me a message saying she’d be home a bit late and not to wait up for her. I went to bed around midnight and soon nodded off. Some time later I woke up to whispering voices and then the sound of the front door being closed, the whispering continued.I felt wide awake now so after a while I slipped on a pair of shorts and slowly made my way downstairs.As I reached the bottom stairs the light was on in the kitchen, I heard Jane giggling and hissing “Shh.. shush.. shh” together with a male voice mumbling and whispering loudly as drunks do.Slowly I shuffled towards the kitchen doorway and peered around the half opened door, I immediately jumped back out of sight.. Jane was leaning against the worktop with some old guy groping her!My heart was pounding, I had a strange but not unpleasant hollow feeling in my stomach and my cock instinctively sprang to attention. This was not what I’d expected to see.Having said that, Jane had always been a flirt, tease and a dirty slut! I knew she’d had sex with a few guys since we’d been married. After the initial shock of her first ‘indiscretion’ and many arguments later we eventually reached an agreement. Mainly due to me working away for long periods and the fact she definitely had a higher sex drive than me, we agreed she could have have affairs, in reality one night stands. We had strict rules, absolutely no friends and she must tell me all about her exploits in detail. istanbul escort I doubt she stuck to the rules but hey, what I didn’t know…I soon discovered I was a voyeur a cuck maybe, whatever, it turned me on big time watching her flirt and tease strangers and I particularly enjoyed hearing her stories!But I really wanted to actually watch her having sex! I’d seen her being snogged and groped a few times and been close to seeing her have sex but it was awkward and she never made it easy for me.She’d also admitted that if she was ‘in the right mood’ she would fuck pretty much anyone!Cautiously, but aware I was in the shadows, I leaned forward to get a look at them. Yeah he was a lot older than her, probably knocking on 60 I guessed, a short chubby looking guy with ruddy complexion and scruffy greying hair.In contrast Jane was about 30, pretty with long blonde hair and a curvy body, she also liked to dress for work like your stereotypical barmaid – short skirt, low-cut top. Most guys would fancy her.He had her pushed up against the worktop and kept trying to kiss her all the while pleading with her “Come on.. come on love”. Jane giggled as she half-heartedly tried to push him away. “No, I said no” Jane hissed unconvincingly then, “Barry, no.. stop, no..”. This went on for a while, then he easily managed to get one hand up her skirt rummaging around and the other up her top squeezing her tits. Jane wriggled around but did very little to push his hands away, she was clearly enjoying teasing him.”Come on, I wanna fuck you”! snapped Barry. She giggled “No, my husband is upstairs, he could come down”.Barry managed to lock his mouth onto hers and they had a brief snog. She pulled away and whispered “Okay listen, I’ll wank you off if you want..that’s all okay”? He stared at her then mumbled “Okay, yeah okay”.He pulled his hands away from her, stepped back and quickly undid his trousers, they dropped to the floor as he shoved his underpants down to his knees. avcılar escort Jane stood there watching then giggled “Wow.. fuckin hell Barry”! as she stared at his crotch smiling. I could only see a bit of his bare wrinkled arse and skinny legs, but Jane seemed impressed with her view!She reached forward and glanced up at his face as she started to wank him off. “Ooh yeah” he whispered.I was mesmerised. But at the same time I was hoping she would let him fuck her!Jane gritted her teeth as she stood beside him wanking him faster and faster. There was a distinct ‘pat.. pat.. pat..’ slapping sound as she pleasured him, then she paused to change hands. Barry quickly reached up and groped her tits. Jane smiled at him as pushed his hands away then carefully undid her blouse. He pulled it open then grabbed her bra at the front and roughly pushed it up to her neck, her tits flopped down and he grabbed them squeezing them hard enough to make her wince and groan as she stumbled backwards.Jane was pinned against the worktop again as Barry urgently kissed her tits and sucked at her big erect nipples.She’d always had large areola that puckered up to big nipples (cigar butts I used to call them) whenever she was turned on, I loved them and so did Barry it seems!Jane closed her eyes and groaned softly as he sucked and played with her tits. Eventually Barry pulled his face away then shuffled backwards trying not to trip over his trousers, almost dragging Jane down by her tits as he flopped onto a kitchen chair, she was left kneeling directly in front of him looking up.He reached up and grabbed her head, she didn’t resist as he guided her head down to his cock.It was only then that I realised what had impressed Jane, his cock was big, not really any longer than mine, but thick really thick, with a big bulbous head.Barry groaned “Oooh yeah.. ooh..” as it slowly disappeared in Jane’s mouth, she gagged and spluttered slightly. He grabbed her hair and bobbed her head up and down on his cock as he fucked şirinevler escort her mouth.Soon he grunted “Gonna cum.. I’m gonna cum” he held her head down, huffed and puffed then grimaced and snapped loudly “Swallow it.. swallow…ughhhh.. ughh.. ughh..” as he shot his spunk into her throat.Jane gulped and coughed but didn’t pull away as she swallowed his cum.I didn’t cum in my shorts but there was a huge wet patch on my crotch, I felt dizzy with pleasure and actually debated going into the kitchen, but never.Barry gave a long sigh “Phew, fuckin hell love”. He sat up and gave her swaying tits a stroke then went to kiss her as she pulled her head away from his now soft cock. Jane ducked away from him coughed and swallowed, stood up then walked to the sink and drank some water.He sat there watching as she rearranged her bra and blouse, he sighed again before standing up and said “I’d best be off love, the wife’ll wonder where I am” as he pulled up his trousers. Then walked over to her and went to kiss her, Jane smirked and pushed his face away “Do not tell anyone about this Barry, do you hear”? he stared at her and nodded with a serious expression on his face. He turned to go then paused, turned back to her “You know, I still wanna fuck you love”!Jane shrugged, tutted then sighed “Who knows, depends, depends if you can keep your gob shut Barry”.”Okay love” he replied coyly.I dashed as quickly and quietly as I could to the stairs then took them 3 at a time as I prayed I wouldn’t been seen, it must have been close though.It seemed an age before Jane came up to bed and then I couldn’t resist “Who is Barry then”? I asked as she slipped in beside me. “Oh fuckin hell, what did you hear”? she sighed. I didn’t let on that I’d seen pretty much everything “Well I heard him groaning with pleasure, so tell me”!To be fair she more or less told me exactly as I’ve described it, and said “He’s been trying it on with me for weeks the dirty old bastard, I often give him a lift home as he only lives down the road. Dunno why really, just enjoyed teasing him tonight and, well you know the rest, tell you what though he’s got a huge cock”!As I slipped my throbbing cock into her loose wet pussy from behind I said “I want to watch you fuck him”.She didn’t reply, she just clenched her pussy as I instantly shot my cum inside her.Had to wait a few weeks and do a lot of persuading but..