Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 4

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Chris developed a renewed interest in photography. He went out on weekends into the country side to take some outdoor shots. He particularly gravitated toward older abandoned rural buildings. He contacted Jeff and told him he had a couple of rolls of film he would like to develop. Jeff responded, “Sure that would be ok. Why don’t you drop them off and I will have my assistant develop them and make some contact proofs” “Are you sure it’s no trouble?” Jeff told him his assistant will be developing other rolls of film at the same time. Chris dropped off his film, the first part of the week. Later, he called Jeff to see about making prints. Jeff told Chris to stop by on Saturday afternoon. He told Stephanie, he was going over to Jeff’s to make some prints. Reaching the office building, he was walking down the corridor to Jeff’s studio, when he passed an older man with a younger woman. It was the same man from the photos he had seen with the married brunette. The younger woman was a very attractive blonde. He discreetly looked at the woman’s left hand and saw a wedding band. He immediately had an image that it was Stephanie leaving the studio after a shoot with the older man. Jeff told him where his negatives and contact prints were. He told Chris to go ahead to the darkroom, while he finished up a few things. Chris was going over his prints to see which ones he wanted to enlarge, when he noticed some other black and whites he had never seen before. All of them were close-up and extremely explicit. There were a variety of models, male and female. There appeared to be a black, Asian, and three or maybe four of white females. The white females were wearing wedding bands. Two of them were blonde. He had no idea Jeff took these types of shots. These showed actual sexual penetration. Some were of the pelvic regions of both male and female models with the males’ cocks entering the females’ vaginas. Others showed just the lips and mouths of the females, kissing and sucking the males’ cocks. There were shots of the males’ mouths kissing and licking the females’ pussies. He was drawn to photographs of one of the blonde married models. There were poses of her with both white and black models. She was kissing and sucking their cocks. Only her lips and part of her nose were visible. He liked the ones where she had her hand around a black model’s cock as it was sliding in her pussy. There were even some cum shots on various parts of the women’s bodies. Jeff broke his concentration, “How do you like those.” “Man, these are hot. I had idea you did this type of photography.” “I’m planning an exhibit of erotic art for one of the local galleries. I wanted to do more than the usual nudes.” “I’d say you achieved those goals.” Jeff looked at him with a wicked grin and asked, “Do you think Stephanie would like to pose for these?” He saw Chris’s confusion, “Just kidding.” “I figured you were. But the way you shot these, they could be anyone.” “That’s the whole point. Well, you go ahead and make your prints. I’m going to take care of some office work.” As he developed his prints, his mind kept drifting to fantasizing about Stephanie being in the photos. A few days later, Stephanie told him she had some new shots. “I have helped Jeff get some new commercial clients. We shot this at one of them.” “What is the scenario?” “Just wait. I think you will be able to tell what it is.” She showed him the photographs. The scene was in an office conference room. Stephanie was dressed in a dark business suit consisting of skirt and jacket. The dress skirt ended just below the knees with a slit reaching mid-thigh. The jacket had the top two buttons undone. The top curvature of her breasts was on display. There was an older man seated at the table looking at some presentation material. Stephanie was standing beside him leaning over pointing to the presentation, as though she were making a point. The camera shot from different angles. A shot taken across the table showed just the top of Stephanie’s head and her body down to below the waist. From this angle the tops of her breasts and cleavage were visible. Stephanie said to her husband, “I guess you can tell what the scenario is. It is another one of your favorites. I know you like fantasizing me having sex with a client.” “You know that is one of my favorites. Who is the new lover? He is not one of the other lovers you posed with.” “You’re right. istanbul travesti For this shot we wanted an executive type. The other lovers were too young. This was an older guy that helps out Jeff. Instead of a lover, think of him as a client. That is how Jeff directed me. The blonde married woman certainly is turning promiscuous isn’t she? A couple of lovers and now a client.” With that revelation, Chris felt a twinge in his groin. It was the older man he saw in the photographs and leaving Jeff’s studio with the younger married blonde woman. He kept up the game, “It’s to be expected that a hot married woman is going to want variety.” Stephanie continued to show her husband the photographs. The sequence moved to her unbuttoning her suit jacket, exposing her lacy black bra. The subsequent shots were taken at different angles around the conference table. Shown from the rear, Stephanie was slightly bent over the table, the skirt tight over her ass. The client had his hand up her skirt. The slit in the skirt was parted to give him better access. “Wow, Steph, this is really hot. Was he really feeling you up?” His wife replied, “You know that was the fantasy. Maybe he was just touching my thigh, or maybe his hand was all the way up on my pussy. You just have to guess.” Another shot taken from the front, had her with both hands on the table. Her wedding band and engagement rings were visible. The client was still seated. He was feeling one of her breasts through her bra. Stephanie explained the other was still up her skirt. Her lips were parted, with a look of passion as the client felt her up. “Since it is not anonymous, I take it this is one of my special ones. Show me some more.” For the next couple of shots, both of them had changed positions. Stephanie was now standing with her back to the table facing the executive. She was leaning against the table with her palms on the surface, giving him full access to her body. Her skirt was pulled up past mid-thigh showing the tops of her stockings. Her legs were spread open as far as her skirt allowed. His hand was back up her skirt. Her jacket was unbuttoned all the way. The shots move to her fully opened jacket, totally exposing her bra encased breasts. Her nipples were prominent through the thin fabric of her bra. The older man stood next to her and they kissed. He unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. “This is great. You were wearing your garter belt and stockings. I love it when you wear it with a business suit.” “I knew you would like that. It makes me feel so sensual to wear sexy underwear under my business clothes. Especially for client meetings. I take it you like this so far?” “Yeah, I really do. This is so erotic with you practically nude and your client still dressed.” The next sequence showed her bra unclasped. Her client nuzzled her neck and cupped her breasts. In the next series of shots, she was sitting on the table with her legs open. Her cunt hairs and slit were visible through her panties. He was bent over tonguing her breasts and nipples. The black and white photos showed her nipples glistening with his saliva. Chris was shocked when Stephanie showed him the next couple of shots. One of her client’s hands was in her panties. One of her hands was on his trousers feeling his cock. “God, Stephanie, he really was feeling your pussy and you felt his cock!” “I know. I hope you’re not mad. It just happened so fast. Jeff was giving us directions. He told my client ‘put your hand in her panties. Let me get some shots of you playing with Stephanie’s pussy.’ Before I knew it he slipped his hand right in touched me. If you’re mad then, I will stop with this shoot. I better put the rest of these away.” Chris was torn. He knew eventually Stephanie would go this far. “No, don’t stop. I was the one who encouraged you. Besides for this scenario, it is more realistic. Let me see the rest.” Stephanie continued, “I think you’re really going to like these.” The scene progressed with the client slipping Stephanie’s panties off. She gave her husband a few more photos. “My God, Stephanie, you have never been this explicit.” He was looking at one of Stephanie on the edge of the table leaning back, resting her hands on the table. One leg was on the table and the other dangling off of the edge. Her jacket had been removed. The older man was bent over kissing her. One of his hands was on her istanbul travestileri upper thigh on bare skin close to her pussy. Chris couldn’t help but notice that Stephanie’s pussy was open showing her inner lips. In the next series, the client was sitting on a conference chair between Stephanie’s open legs. “And here is the pussy eating scene you like so much.” There were several camera angles, both close up and full length with the older man’s head between the young wife’s legs. “What do you think of this one,” Stephanie said as she handed him another photograph. This one was taken further away. “Doesn’t it look like there was someone standing in the doorway watching him eat my pussy? Maybe it was you watching.” Another close-up was just Stephanie’s face. Her eyes were closed and lips parted with a look of lust and passion. She looked like she was cumming, just like the other sessions. The older man was standing with his back to the conference table. Stephanie was on her knees facing him. There were different camera angles that showed her unbuckling his belt, progressing to unzipping him, and opening his slacks. She pulled his slacks and boxers off his waist. The next shot was from the side. Stephanie had both hands on his bare upper thighs and was looking up at him. His thick flaccid cock was fully visible. His cock was very thick with a large mushroom head. His large balls were hanging loose. She reached out and clasped him. There were a few more shots stroking his cock and fondling his large balls. “What do you think? I know you wanted some shots of me stroking a nice big cock. Do you like me posing with a hung older man? And here is your blowjob scene.” Chris was mesmerized. The shots were from the rear. Like her other blowjob poses, her head was at various angles. He couldn’t tell how far away her head was from his cock. If he were still soft, she would be pretty close. It looked like her head was away from his body. Was that one of her cheeks sucked in? He thought about his wife blowing the older man while Jeff directed her. The scene shifted to Stephanie bent over the conference table. She was dressed in just her garter belt and stockings. The older man was standing behind her. He was still wearing his dress shirt and tie. His hands were gripping her hips. In the other shoots the other models just had their hands on her. This was much more realistic. Jeff did a great job using depth of field. One was shot just above the surface of the table, the perspective from Stephanie’s face looking back. The entire scene was slightly out of focus. It did not show her entire face. The older man was in a position of fucking her from the rear. His hands were clasped tight on her hips. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off the photographs. He said, “Now this is erotic. This must have been some shoot. It looks so realistic.” “The realism is the whole point. It enhances the fantasy.” She stroked his cock and fondled his balls, “Do you like the married woman with another hung man?” “Yeah, I like seeing the married woman with hung men.” She kissed one of his nipples. “I liked it too. I felt his cock throbbing when I wrapped my hand around it. His balls felt so heavy in my hand. I loved the feeling of his big cock pressed up against me when I was bent over. My pussy was getting so wet.” More great sex followed. Chris wondered how he was going to keep this up. Their sex life continued at a high pitch. Chris noticed that Stephanie was becoming even more uninhibited. She especially liked oral sex. She even surprised him one evening when he arrived home from work by getting down on her knees in their kitchen and giving him a blow job. While she sucked him he thought of the pictures with his wife on her knees with her fantasy lovers. She even took him in her mouth. After cumming, she rubbed his cock on her lips coating them with his cum. He thought of the pictures Jeff showed him of cum on the models’ lips. One weekend, they were relaxing in bed after another session of looking at the conference room shoot. Chris told Stephanie he was going out of town on business for a couple of days. She asked, “How long are you going to be gone?” He told her a couple of days. “Why do you ask?” She leaned up on her side and played with one of his nipples, “A married woman has to know when her husband is going to be out of town. She needs to know when to invite a lover travesti istanbul over. Remember our scenario?” “You’re going to schedule a shoot with Jeff at our house while I’m gone?” “Sure. That’s what we discussed. The married woman has met lovers while her husband was at work and now when her husband is out of town. He asked who she was going to meet. She told him Randall. “We both liked that last shoot. He is a really good kisser. And I really liked feeling his big dick against me. Don’t you like me meeting a well-endowed lover?” “Yeah, I liked seeing the married woman touch a big cock. What type of poses have you discussed?” “These are going to be all sex scenes. Since you liked the married woman touching her lovers’ cocks there will be some more of those. What about seeing some erection shots? You’ve never seen any of those.” “I liked seeing the married woman touching her lovers’ cocks. I would like to see her holding a hard cock.” “I will make sure Jeff gets some good shots of his erection. Maybe some of the married woman using his hard cock to make her nipples hard.” Stephanie mounted her husband. This was becoming her favorite position for talking dirty to Chris about her photo session. “Fuck, you get so hard. I know you liked the blonde wife getting her pussy played with. When her black lover touches the blonde wife’s pussy, she will spread her legs and Jeff can get shots of him fingering her.” “She won’t be wearing panties will she?” “No. She will be nude the entire shoot. The shots will show his fingers in her pussy.” She continued her explicit description of what type of shots she was planning. Chris thought this was going to be one of the most erotic shoots yet. Chris left Tuesday for his business trip. Fortunately, it was a seminar and he was just going as a participant, so he didn’t have to concentrate on giving any presentations. Stephanie told him day he left, the shoot was scheduled for Wednesday evening around 7:00. This was the first time since her first session she told him in advance when she was posing. Of course that was posing solo. Posing with other models along with the married woman and lover fantasies, gave a whole new dimension to her modeling for Jeff. That night after an introductory dinner, he masturbated in his hotel room thinking of Stephanie posing with her lovers. He had brought some of her more erotic shots for stimulus. The conference room and her shoot with the well-endowed black model were his favorites. He noticed that in some of them her pussy was open, and visibly wet. He stroked himself thinking of other men’s fingers and cocks opening up his wife’s pussy. At the same time, Stephanie was in bed with some looking at some of her private collection. She had some brought some of the conference room shoot and others with Randall. She was on her knees licking the older man’s cock up and down his shaft all the way to his tight balls. She thought back how much she had to stretch her mouth to suck his head. She looked at the one with her bent over the conference room table as he came on her ass and lower back. One of her favorite shots was one Randall cumming on her breasts. She was grasping his cock and squeezing more cum on her nipples. In both shoots Jeff took more close-ups of her cleaning their cocks and tasting their cum. She was working an 8″ realistic dildo in her pussy thinking about getting some more black cock. Chris could barely concentrate through Wednesday’s sessions. He could only think about Stephanie posing in their bedroom with her hung black lover. After the day’s sessions, there was a cocktail hour and a break before dinner. He looked at the time and thought about Stephanie preparing for the shoot. He resisted the temptation to call her. After dinner, he had a few drinks in the lounge. He declined an invitation to stay for more drinks. He waited until almost 10:00 o’clock to call her. She didn’t pick up right away. She sounded a little out of breath. She told him she had been in the bathroom. He asked his wife, “Have you finished the shoot? Well how was it?” “Ohh..yeah. It was great. Jeff just left a little while ago. You’re really going to like this one.” “Tell me about it.” “Mmm..yeah, just like that. Honey, you know the rules, I can’t tell you until the film has been developed.” “It must have been good. You sound like you’re still turned on. Did Jeff get the shots we talked about? “I am still turned on. I was a real naughty wife with my lover tonight. Jeff got all of the shots we talked about.” They talked a few more minutes, but Stephanie didn’t give any more details. Chris told her he would be back in the next evening. Stephanie continued to tease him.