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WIFE, MOTHER IN LAW AND MEWife and Mother in law camping trip experience par SeXStoRY So me, my wife and her parents went on a camping trip this past weekend. We brought two tents. We had them setup for a couple of days. The tents were about 8 or 9 feet apart we setup a hammock between both. My father in law went out to get a few things back home that we forgot. My wife and I went swimming and my mother in law said she wanted to read a book in the hammock. My wife and I went swimming and had a good time. We made our way back to the campsite and went in our tent to change. I took off my shorts and lucky me! My wife was feeling frisky, she crawls her way to me with a smile on her face. My dick is out in the open and I am on my knees. My wife starts sucking on my cock. It feels extremly good because I just came out of the water and my dick was cold. However, now that it found it’s way into my wife’s mouth a nice hard erection wasn’t too far off. So my wife has a very nice body. 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