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Wife ShareWe live in a small village which has a very close community, most inhabitants are very friendly, it’s a very nice place to call home. The village is fortunate in having two pubs, a village stores and post office and a garage. About once a month we take a stroll on a Friday evening to one of the pubs for a meal and a few drinks. It’s nice being able to walk so there’s no worry about drinking and driving. Friday with my wife Lisa, we set off quite early for the pub to get an early evening meal. I would like to describe Lisa, mid forties. She is quite short just five feet tall. She is a sexy lady with large breasts a gorgeous curvy bum, short but shapely legs. She has medium length brown hair which she wears down mostly although on occasion she will put her hair in a small pony tail. She has a sexual aura and attracts a lot of men’s attention. I have never minded this attention as it made me very proud to be her husband knowing how sexually attractive she was to others. Indeed I found it quite a turn on, when I could I would purposefully get her to dress and sit so her gestures and postures became more wanton and provocative.Lisa likes to dress nice and would never go out without a little make up, particularly eye make up to accentuate her sparkling eyes. This evening she had chosen to wear a simple button fronted white blouse with a short black skirt. Underwear was kept to a minimum just her white lacy bra and a little pair of white panties. She left her legs bare and just put on a little pair of flat shoes as we would be walking.When we arrived at the pub there were two or three other couples having an early meal and old Ben leaning against the bar chatting to the landlord. We enjoyed a nice meal with a bottle of Rioja. Before long the other couples had left leaving just me and the wife, Ben and the landlord. I think the landlord got fed up with talking to him and said he needed to go attend his beer cellar adding that from now on the bar would be an honesty bar. We were to help ourselves to drink and place the money in a large glass jar, adding that if we did need anything to give him a shout otherwise after doing his chores he was going upstairs to have a rest and unless called before would return at closing time to lock up.It wasn’t long before Ben befriended us and started buying us drinks. I noticed when he poured Lisa’s drinks they were always doubles. I stuck to my pint of lager while Ben was drinking just half pints. After about four rounds of drinks Lisa got up to go to the toilet and I noticed she was very unsteady on her feet. She was obviously feeling the effects of the wine followed by all kadıköy escort these double gins. Ben looked at me and said your Lisa is getting well drunk adding how sexy she was looking. I said your telling the wrong person you should tell her yourself when she comes back as she likes to be flattered. Ben looked at me and seemed surprised that I didn’t mind him flirting with her. It’s okay I told him I like to see her getting attention from other men I, said it with a lecherous look, adding that I have unfulfilled fantasies. Ben was an old boy probably in his late sixties and somehow got away with his flirtatious ways. I guess women thought him quite harmless. Anyway after Lisa had returned he told her what he had said to me and as I expected she was flattered and briefly sat on his knee and gave him a hug and a kiss as a thank you. Ben told her it had been a while since someone so hot and sexy had sat on his knee. Then Ben got up and went to the bar and poured more drinks for us again making sure Lisa got a very large one. As we drank Ben’s chat started to get more and more sexual. We were talking about the old video rental shops now closed down which led him to talking about the videos that would be kept under the counter, porn videos. He was asking Lisa if she enjoyed watching porn, describing some of the ones he had seen which either seemed to be about interracial sex, he described a black men with a big cock fucking a white girl, his other favourite, any sort of gang bang.I noticed Lisa was finding it difficult to sit still as he talked, she was squirming and digging her bum hard into her seat. She was obviously getting quite turned on in her drunken state. Ben looked at me to make sure I was ok with how this was going I just smiled. Ben took this as an invitation to go a little further and placed his hand on Lisa’s knee. As he asked her about the porn she had watched he let his hand wander a little higher towards her thigh. Sitting the other side of her I decided to help move this on a little and started stroking her other thigh pushing her skirt up a little higher so it was only just covering her panties, she made no attempt to stop me. Ben moved his hand higher stroking lightly Lisa’s upper leg. I slipped my hand between her legs just easing them apart slightly and pushing her skirt even higher so her panties were showing. Ben continued to stroke her inner thighs getting closer and closer to her panty covered cunt. While Ben watched I ran my finger over her panties along the crack of her cunt. I could feel a moistness Lisa üsküdar escort was obviously getting very aroused. I could feel Ben’s fingers quite close to mine so I moved my hand away so he too could have a little feel of her crotch. I busied myself moving to her blouse and unfastened three buttons on her blouse down to just below her tits. For the next ten minutes or so Ben and I felt her up as she laid back in her chair eyes closed. We took it in turns stroking her cunt or feeling her tits lightly pinching her nipples through her bra.We were disturbed by the landlord and the sound of clinking bottles as he returned to the bar. I checked my watch it was indeed well past closing time. I tried to make Lisa look a little more respectable before he noticed us. I smoothed down her skirt and quickly fastened a button on her blouse.We said our good nights to the landlord and headed for the door Lisa between us. I don’t think she had opened her eyes and it was quite difficult getting her outside as her legs didn’t seem to be working. Between us we managed to walk her back to our bungalow. Ben held her while I found the key and got the door open. I think the walk and cold air had sobered her up a little and she was now walking better and had her eyes open. As we entered the hall she said she was still feeling very woozy and would go and put her nightie on. I motioned to Ben to go in the lounge and followed him in as Lisa made her way to the bedroom.Ben settled on a comfy chair and I sat opposite on our large sofa. Quietly so she wouldn’t overhear he said, that was so horny having a feel of your Lisa’s tits and cunt in the pub shame we didn’t get her panties off I would love to see her cunt properly and finger her wet hole. I told him the nights not over yet and we might get more, and that I am okay with whatever happens as long as she lets us play.We cut our conversation abruptly as Lisa swayed back into the room. She’d taken off her clothes and put on a low cut red satin short nighty. Lisa flopped down on the sofa next to me, curled up her legs so she was laying on her side facing Ben and rested her head in my lap. Her nightie was very low and loose at the top and her tits just about fell out giving Ben a good view. I laid my hand on her bum and started stroking pushing up her nightie so her bum was uncovered. Ben asked her how she was feeling and did she like what happened in the pub. She said she was ok but was a bit out of it in the pub and wasn’t sure what had happened. I was stroking her bare backside. I could see Ben was very aroused from his bulging trousers.Carefully I moved tuzla escort so that Lisa had to also move position so she was laying on her back, one of her legs dropped off the sofa. Now I could push up her nightie so Ben could see her cunt. Lisa either didn’t notice or didn’t care. I was loving this, showing her off seeing him getting excited. Could I get away with pulling the top of her nightie down also and get her tits out. I had to try. It was easier than I expected as her tits were almost out anyway.I moved my hand to her cunt and stuck in a finger. Ben crossed the room and sat on the floor beside Lisa and started rubbing her feet his eyes fixed firmly on my finger in her cunt. Ben’s hand moved to her ankle and wandered onto her leg. I took my finger out of her cunt and moved my attentions to playing with her tits giving Ben a chance to play with her cunt.Ben didn’t hesitate his hand was now on Lisas thigh. She’s fucking gorgeous he said as his hand went to her cunt his other hand went to his trousers as he struggled to pull them down and release his cock. Ben’s fingers went into her cunt first two then three. I lent forward so I could suck on her nipples. As Ben moved I pulled back a little to watch this was a fantastic turn on. My cock was aching as Ben fingered her hard thrusting those three fingers all the way into her cunt then back almost out before pushing them back in deepBen knelt up higher his cock was now in Lisa’s face, rubbing it over her face she opened her mouth and Ben took advantage and pushed his cock between her lips toward her throat deeper and deeper. I managed to free myself from the sofa strip off my trousers and pants and get between her legs. The tip of my cock now at the opening of her cunt as she sucked hard on Ben’s cock. With a push I was inside her fucking her, while she continued to suck Ben’s cock. She groaned as she started to cum which in turn made me cum, I was soon filling her cunt with my seed. Ben groaned and shot his first stream of cum in her mouth, out came his cock as the second stream of cum went all over her face.As I flopped down Ben took my place between her thighs firstly licking her and feasting on both her juices and mine. As soon as he was hard again he started fucking her but in a more controlled way than I had done. Ben took his time, savouring every stroke. It didn’t take him long to get her to come to a second orgasm. It was quite a powerful one, evident by the loudness of her moans. Just then he stared to cum again this time inside her cunt. My cock was hard again and I was openly wanking away. As Ben was getting off Lisa, he noticed me smiling as I knew this would not be the last time that me and old Ben fucked her together. I stood up still wanking myself off shooting stream after stream of cum over Lisa’s face and tits.I looked down at the cum oozing from her red and angry looking cunt and her cum covered body. Next time I want more men to join in and give her a good hard fucking.