Wife’s In Charge

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Wife’s In ChargeFor instance, she said, did you know that a man can come without ever stroking his cock? Now, usually, this takes a lot of self control, but seeing as you are… indisposed, self control won’t be so much of an issue. She ran her fingers down the side of my neck, across my chest and belly. Her tips circled around my cock and balls before drifting under me, tapping my anus lightly, teasing.I felt my face flush at the pleasure that shuddered between my cheeks. Briefly, my hands strain against the ropes holding them behind my back. “Aha, so you do like it, little girl.” I blushed more realizing she noticed my response to her fingers. “Well, maybe you’ll like it more if we push a little deeper…”She twirled her finger lightly against the outside of my anus, teasing the tension out, relaxing the muscles one circle at a time until, before I knew it, she had pressed all the way into my ass. A muffled moan escaped past my gag, and my cock hardened instantly at the pleasure. “My, my, how you are just like a little girl. Well, tonight is special. Tonight, you not only get to realize just how girly you are, you little slut, but you’ll also get to cum like a girl, too. Not a single stroke of your begging cock. You won’t be needing that, anyways, little slut.”At that, her finger pulled out before pushing two back into, and she started finger-fucking me ass, a slow hypnotic rhythm. “Doesn’t this feel nice, little slut? Feels nice to have your little pussy fucked by my fingers. I wonder, maybe you can take three?” She pulled out, and again pushed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in, three fingers fucking my ass, stretching me to bursting.”Well, well, little slut. You certainly do enjoy this a lot more than I thought you would. But this on its own won’t be enough. No, we’re going to have to push in a little deeper and get to your little clitty. Sigh… And unfortunately, my fingers aren’t quite long enough for the job. Oh! And this position won’t quite do the trick. We’ll have to get you into something a little more conducive to getting the job done. After all, a girl might indeed lie on her back, but a real slut will be on her knees. Lucky me, I’ve already got you all tied up, but by the looks of it, you wouldn’t resist even if you weren’t.”Here she smiled at me, and pulled at my collar, dragging me up off the bed. She led me by the collar to three short chains, bolted in a triangular pattern at the center of the floor. After she pulled my face to the floor, she chained my collar, giving me barely an inch of length to pull my head up. She kicked my legs apart so I was on my knees, ass high in the air, then chained them to the other two bolts in the room. The way I was restrained, I couldn’t lift my head, I couldn’t pull my ass down from the air, and I couldn’t pull my legs together. I was totally exposed to her whims.”That’s better. Now you look like a real slut. Ok, let’s get started.” She knelt behind me, and I felt something pushing into my ass, totally smooth and slightly oval. It pushed in about a half-inch güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri deeper than her fingers could, and I felt it glide over my prostate. She slide it back and forth, and waves of pleasure surged through my ass.”Ah, there it is,” she said, replying to my moaning. “Now, I’ll just set it on vibrate and leave it here. Oh, you might be strapped down for an hour or two, so let me get you a pillow for your face.” She placed a pink frilly pillow beneath my face so I could rest against something other than carpeting, patted my cheek, then reached behind me. All of a sudden, the dildo in my ass started vibrating, right on top of my prostate. Then she got up, and left.Minutes passed, and I felt nothing but the fullness in my ass and gentle waves of pleasure coursing around my prostate. I started to get frustrated quickly, my hands tied behind my back, my cock wanting to get stroked, my ass in the air. And nobody around to release me. Nothing but the vibrator in my ass, humming away. Minutes and minutes more. Every minute that passed, the pleasure in my ass spread, out into my rectum, out towards my cheeks, into my balls and down my cock. Every minute that passed, I felt my mind slip away from me a little more.With no way to keep track of time, and with the drone of the vibrator, I began to slip into an almost meditative state. All I could focus on was the pleasure washing through me, enough to keep me hard, not enough to let me orgasm, just a wave of pleasure building inside. I wanted to move, to respond güvenilir bahis şirketleri to the ceaseless pleasure, but my chains kept me tied in place. I began to writhe against my restraints, starting to hump the air in what minute ways I could, trying desperately to get some of that pleasure to wrap around my cock instead of being trapped inside of me.But nothing worked. I couldn’t touch myself, and there was nothing to hump. All there was, was the wave. Slowly, it built inside of me until I finally began to feel it travel to the base of my cock. At first, I thought I needed to pee, but then I understood that the cum in my balls was, millimeter by millimeter, being coaxed out of me by the waves flowing from my ass. At this time, I noticed I had been moaning uncontrollably, and my writhing had become frantic. Bit by bit, I felt my mind start to break. The wave just built inside me, overwhelming the last semblance of control I had left. I Wanted to come. No, needed desperately to come, but there was no trigger, and no end in sight. I felt the come building in my cock, the pre-cum starting to flow. My body pushed and pulled, trying to find a way to hurry the release. My gag was dripping with my spit, and the pillow was soaked. It felt like juices were trying to seep out of whatever orifice they could.Then, without warning, it happened. I felt the pre-cum start to turn into something more. There was no orgasm, only the wave, but bit by bit, the come in my cock began to surge out of me, sometimes dripping, sometimes spurting slightly, never violent, just a ceaseless stream of cum and the wave coursing through my whole body. I felt the cumming stop, but the wave continued on, continued wracking my muscles and bones, let’s see how many more times I can make you cum tonight now that your ass has loosen up. Smiling as she reached for an even larger toy.