Wifes panties in the hampet

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Wifes panties in the hampetI cant really help it, I have been in Love with her scent since the first time I went down on her. She is super clean and always well put together, if you saw her in the mall you may think the same. We have been married over 20 years…. The other night (while we had the house to ourselves) she approached my about her panties. ” What are you doing with my panties?” she said. I played dumb for a bit, then figured I would confess, although I know she is aware that I sniff them…I reminded her of the night a few years ago when I confessed that I had a fetish for her panties. She said she vaguely remembered, but wanted to know more. I told her I was not cheating on her and that I just really enjoyed sniffing her panties, especially güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the ones that were really wet.Like after she would masturbate.We dont have sex much, so I know she likes to masturbate at times while I am sleeping. She didn’t seem too upset. I told her occasionally I would come on her panties, but that I mostly like to get her panties as soon as she took them off. “Thats why you are always around when I am changing” she said. I said yes that is why. Almost like a light went on…she said if you want I will put them aside for you as long as you promise not to come on them…I agreed. Wow could this be happening? She had devilish look in her eye after that statement. Honey do you want to make güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri love? I was so horny,but her answer was no. Instead right there in the bed room doorway she pulled down her pants and removed her black Jockey panties. As they pulled away from her pussy you could see the wetness and discharge sticky and glistening. She took her panties off and handed them to me. She said “enjoy” I thanked her and asked her if she would like to watch. She said no, but she encouraged me to “enjoy” her panties while she went down stairs.I have never came so much. It took me about 30 seconds to release and I was so extremely stimulated that I never really got soft. About 20 minutes later she came back to the bed room and güvenilir bahis şirketleri went to bed. I followed and layed next to her trying to tell her how I felt. It was so exciting, and felt so sexy to be talking about my secret fetish with her. As I tried to get her more involved in the conversation I sensed that she was breathing a bit heavy. I peeked under the covers to see her back to me, her nice big ass pointed toward me and her hand tucked between her legs. I said “hey, what are you doing?” I was so horny I could not contain myself. I pulled down my shorts and began stroking while she was rubbing her pussy. She rolled over and looked at me, and I asked if it was ok for me to masturbate while she was masturbating, she just smiled and kept going. There we were laying side by side and and masturbating…I came again and so did she. We rolled over and fell asleep. What a night! The next morning I got up and made breakfast, after breakfast I went to our bedroom and there was the first of many dirty panties left under my pillow from my lovely wife.