Winter Love Part 2

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Leslie wasted no time slipping down to Julia’s warm full breasts, her lips encircled each nipple in turn and gently tugged at them as she nursed. Julia was in heaven; her hands kneaded Leslie’s hair as Leslie enjoyed giving Julia the same pleasure Julia had just given her.Her tongue encircled each areola slowly and left small traces of her warm saliva on them. Engulfing each glorious breast, she tugged gently with her teeth on Julia’s nipples, smiling to herself as she heard the delight in Julia’s moans. Teasing and tasting Julia’s breasts pleased Leslie, she marveled at the way they felt in her mouth, so soft and supple. The hard nipples offered a bit of contrast along with the tiny bumps of Julia’s areola to the soft smooth flesh of Julia’s breast.With each delicious moan, Leslie became more aroused with her new lover. She made sure each breast received equal attention as she cupped and squeezed each one with her warm soft hands pressing them into her lips. Looking up and smiling at Julia, Leslie left her twin loves and slipped down Julia’s body, kissing and licking her fragrant skin as she went. She paused just below Julia’s belly button and marveled at Julia’s lovely trimmed mound that led down to a honey pot of sweet nectar.She placed her fingers over the velvety smooth hair and slowly stroked the dark black carpet. She sat there marveling at beauty of it, trimmed and manicured so soft and lovely. Noticing a few sparse grey hairs, she smiled at how young Julia’s body looked and felt. Never having a lover older than herself, she was glad Julia had invited her into the room. She leaned down and softly kissed it, enjoying the feel of the hairs on her lips. Rising above it, she blew her warm breath on it and noticed a slight shimmer as the light reflected off the moisture from her mouth.Julia shuddered with anticipation as Leslie paid homage to her handy work with scissors and razor. Leslie began to work her mouth between Julia’s triangle of delight, kissing and licking as she headed further south. She teased Julia’s thighs with her tongue and lips while continuing to massage Julia’s tummy and breasts with her hands.Julia couldn’t believe what she was feeling; she spread her legs further as she placed her hands on Leslie’s, helping her massage her own breasts. Leslie slowly moved her tongue in circular motions as massaged the calves of Julia’s legs, now bent at the knees on either side of her.Leslie, encouraged by Julia’s aid became more enthusiastic as she moved up to Julia’s vagina from her taut thighs. She slipped her tongue over the moist folds and lovingly kissed them. She then blew her warm breath on Julia’s lips and slid her tongue between the soft opening. Julia gasped as she felt the warm moist tongue enter her.Leslie discovered Julia’s special spot with her tongue and focused her attention there. The older woman buckled and writhed with pleasure as her new love took her beyond any level of ecstasy she had known recently.Julia’s hands flailed above her head reaching for something to latch onto as she began to feel the tongue of Leslie caress her swollen clit. Julia gripped the bed and held on as she peaked with the first wave of orgasmic pleasure. Leslie continued playing while Julia thrashed about the bed, her intensity increasing as she felt Julia responding to her.Her hands continued moving over Julia’s tummy, feeling her muscles contract and release as her tongue explored Julia’s delicious pussy. Lapping up the sweet fluids Leslie rolled her tongue and slid it in and out of Julia. She kept changing the shape and movement as she brought Julia into her control, releasing her when she approached climax only to take her back with the next motion of her tongue. After bringing her to the edge four or five times Leslie brought her hands under Julia’s cheeks, lifting her up and concentrating on her lovely swollen clit.Leslie slowed, sensing Julia’s heightened passion and let Julia enjoy the wave that swept over her. Panting and trying to catch her breath, Julia looked down at her lover and smiled. Her body quaked with the vibrations of her orgasm, like the bahis şirketleri peeling of a bell it rang through her body as it slowly diminished.She crawled back up to Julia and kissed her tenderly. They lay there whispering how much they enjoyed the attention they each received as they took their turns kissing each other’s faces. Julia brushed Leslie’s hair back off her face and softly kissed her wet cheeks. Smiling at each other, they knew this was a very special union.“That was delicious, Leslie,” Julia sighed as she held her new lover close.“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Leslie smiled, as her hand kneaded Julia’s breast and flicked her nipple playfully.“I could stay here all day my love,” Julia responded as she continued kissing the face of the woman who had just stole her heart.“I’d love that, I do so love pleasing you Julia,” Leslie quietly told her.With a sigh, they both lay there touching and gently kissing each other. Eventually they both closed their eyes, snuggling closely and fell asleep.The two lovers slowly awoke from their nap, gazed at each other, and softly kissed again. Julia sighed as she suggested they take a shower and get on with their day. Leslie playfully protested; her whimpers followed by giggles. They both had shopping they wanted to do and despite the joy of discovering each other, they needed to get out of the room.Julia had a Jacuzzi tub in her suite; they reluctantly crawled out of bed and wandered to the bathroom. Leslie turned the water on and checked it periodically to be sure it wasn’t too hot. They caressed each other in passing, smiling as they got the various toiletries provided by the hotel together. They needed to be away from the room so that the housekeepers could change the sheets. Their husbands had no clue as to their desires and they wanted to keep it that way for the time being.The Jacuzzi tub was nice, they explored a bit more as they washed and rinsed themselves off. Each woman enjoying the loving attention bestowed upon her by the other. They marveled at the wonderful slick feeling of soap on their skin as they let their cares and troubles flow off their sleek bodies and down the drain. Julia got out first and waited for Leslie with towel in her hands. She carefully patted her new love dry as she kissed the delicately scented skin that matched her own. Leslie returned the favor, each becoming slightly aroused once again but frustrated knowing they had to leave the room.Julia dressed as Leslie sat on the bed and talked to her. They discussed the various stores they wanted to shop at and the various items they wanted to buy. Christmas was on its way and they both had planned this as a shopping trip, not a love fest.Julia slipped into some fresh panties and bra then donned her jeans, a sweater and her hiking boots. When that task was complete, they straightened up the room. Making sure there wasn’t any evidence of anything-improper left behind, they went next door to Leslie’s suite. It was Julia’s turn to watch as Leslie donned her jeans, boots and flannel shirt. They didn’t know what to expect from the weather but knew it was going to be a cold day outside. They checked the rooms to be sure they didn’t leave any valuables then they headed out to the Factory Outlet stores.The sky had remained a slate grey even during the late morning and the women looked out over the ocean wondering if their husbands were enjoying their trip as much as they had so far. The salt air from the sea and the pounding of the surf reminded each of them the seduction Leslie experienced earlier that morning at the lusty hands of Julia. Leslie prodded Julia as the walked out to their car pointing at the waves and giggling.“Look a Humpback!” Leslie joked pointing out over the water.Julia burst into laughter as she looked out to sea and then realized it was a joke. She hugged Leslie and whispered, “Well, we know it wasn’t a Sperm Whale.”Leslie cringed at that pun and unlocked Julia’s car door shaking her head in disbelief.“I’m sorry, Leslie I just couldn’t help that.” Julia smiled as she opened her door and got into the car.They headed to the Factory bahis firmaları Outlet stores and spent the rest of the day shopping and getting to know each other better.Julia told Leslie all about her life, her philosophies and her insight as to how things worked in her world. Leslie reciprocated, telling Julia about her views of the world and her outlook on life. They discovered many similarities in their separate worlds, the major differences being Julia’s age and her two grown daughters.They talked while shopping, complimenting each other on their purchases and styles. Over lunch, they talked more with Julia offered her thoughts on raising her two girls and their distinctly different personalities. Leslie was impressed and considered Julia a loving and caring mother from the goals her daughters had achieved and their accomplishments with their lives.Julia thought Leslie would enjoy meeting Margaret and Cynthia at some point and tucked that idea away in the back of her mind. After lunch, they finished shopping and went back to the hotel. Their husbands were due back not too long after and they wanted to meet them and see how their trip was.When the husbands finally returned the women gushed over how successful their husbands had been with all the crabs they had netted. Each raved to her respective husband how wonderful their day went and that probably they would be spending more time together in the future, shopping and becoming better friends. The husbands were delighted and thought that their plan had worked remarkably well. They remained clueless as to their wives intimate morning and the women delighted that the weekend went so well and their husbands were happy and safely back home.The couples retired to their respective rooms and relaxed with their spouses, recounting their shopping and lunch experiences as their husbands told of their adventures on the high seas. The crabs they caught were packed in ice chests in the trunk of the car and would be divided up the following morning when they departed for home.After a brief nap and some intimacy with their respective husbands, they bathed and dressed for another evening out to dinner. They all enjoyed a lovely star filled evening, the storm front had come and gone during the day and the night revealed the other wonderful part of the Oregon coast night sky. A partial moon and ink black sky filled with the twinkling diamonds that inspire poems and love. The couples bid each other an early good night and went their separate ways.Both Julia and Leslie thought about the other, but that didn’t detract from the joy and love they felt when they were alone with their husbands. It had been a very beautiful weekend; they were satisfied mentally as well as physically. A sense of well being surrounded each room as the four friends each in their own way knew all was right in the world.The following morning brought a bit of sadness that the trip was over, but the abundant amount of crab and the gifts purchased partially made up for it. The new friendship Julia and Leslie had discovered was just beginning, they had new areas to discover about each other and many more secrets to share as they became closer and more intimate friends.The drive home was uneventful; the clouds had returned and followed our lovers east as they headed back to their respective nests. During the week, Julia and Leslie talked on the phone to coordinate their schedules but to no avail.The holiday season was underway, with all the various activities that surrounded each family, meeting and spending the day together just wasn’t feasible. They talked on the phone and discussed their various holiday decorations and ideas they had about gifts for loved ones, the stores they frequented along with places to dine.The holidays went by quickly, not giving either of our lovers’ time to think about what pleasures they were missing. Leslie and her husband went skiing in central Oregon. They enjoyed fresh crisp powder as they shushed and hiked among the trees, so brilliantly flocked white by Mother Nature.Julia spent time with her family; her daughters spent kaçak bahis siteleri the Christmas holiday at home with her. They were up bright and early reminiscent of their childhood years. They giggled as they opened presents sitting around the tree, beaming with joy with each new surprise. Julia and John watched; sipping coco and snuggling together as their two grown girls acted as if they were toddlers again.After the holiday furor died down, they discovered a time and place to meet and have lunch. It wasn’t until mid January that they finally had free time to spend together. Julia knew a nice restaurant near a boutique they both had shopped at and decided to meet there.The day started out cold, crisp and clear. One of those January days that look warm and wonderful from indoors but chill you to the bone once you step out into the air. The kind that makes your lungs ache from the clean cold air as it rushes inside you with every breath. They both looked up at the sky at their separate locations and were thankful it wasn’t raining.Julia; bundled up in her knee high leather boots, wool plaid wrap skirt and a beige turtleneck sweater looked like an ad from L.L. Bean, her hair tied back loosely in a ponytail. Leslie on the other hand wore a more casual outfit, jeans, hiking boots and an apricot fleece pullover. She brushed her hair and pinned it back with a couple of barrettes. They were both very anxious as they drove the few miles to their planned rendezvous.They arrived within minutes of each other at the restaurant; their eyes met as they walked toward each other just outside the entrance. Julia was the first to feel the sexual tension in the air, smiling she opened her arms to greet her lover. Leslie had similar thoughts racing through her head, she really wasn’t in the mood to shop after lunch and had hoped Julia might be in the same mood. They hugged each other and that familiar spark of electricity shot though them.Julia softly nuzzled Leslie’s cheek and whispered, “I’ve missed you.”Leslie sighed, “I have too, my love.”Separating, they gazed into each other’s eyes once again, each longing to hold the embrace longer but not wanting to draw attention to themselves. Each uttered a soft collective sigh, and they both knowingly looked at each other, their minds were in accord. They both giggled a bit as their sighs passed their lips in unison.They sat at a table near a window where they could view passers by on the street. It had been almost two months since the new lovers had seen each other and each yearned to renew the spark they had discovered at the coast. The server brought them menus, and they began recounting the cute girl at the coast that had sparked the hint of passion they both shared. Had it not been for that young woman and their common thoughts about her they might never had that wonderful morning.Just as they were about to order, Julia’s phone rang, it was her younger daughter Margaret. She wanted to talk and Julia didn’t really want to listen. Julia remained polite not wanting to arouse any suspicion in her daughter that she was doing something that was not completely innocent with her new friend. She had a difficult time doing that as Leslie’s hand found Julia’s thigh, massaging it and tickling her causing Julia to giggle and interrupt her call. Margaret was wondering what was going on as Julia explained away her sudden burst of silliness. She excused herself and told her daughter she’d talk to her later when she could devote her full attention. Julia hung up and looked at Leslie as if she were a child misbehaving. They both smiled and let the moment pass, not wanting to ruin the mood.Their orders arrived as they finished their first glass of wine. As they dined, Julia would brush her knee against Leslie’s leg. Leslie would acknowledge the touch with a sigh and a soft smile. They both would slip a hand to the other’s leg squeezing and massaging as they ate. Their touches were becoming arousing but they didn’t want to push it in such a public place.They kept trying to keep the conversation focused on their lives since they last saw each other. It was difficult at best, as Julia updated Leslie on her daughter’s lives and what had been happening with her. They talked softly as they ate, anxious to leave but not wanting to push the inevitable but to let their passion build slowly.