With Irina

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With IrinaA few months ago, I had to go to Amsterdam for business, and I decided that I would meet with a trans. I was really excited at the time and thought of it for like a week before the trip. As I did not know the trans escort scene in Ams, I checked and checked to finally cole across the profile of Irina. A fiercy look, mature, a breat body mixing male and female traits nicely, a smile that seemed to say: I am going to play with you baby. I looked deeper and found sole very nice pics and amazing vids that really turned me on. I decided to go for a soft bdsm trip and let Irina do what she claimed to be doing best.I contacted Irina through xhamster and for a few days we discussed before ironing out the details of our meeting.When in Ams, at work, I was really excited and found it difficult to concentrate… at around 5 pm, I showed up at the metro stop where Irina lives and called her to get the final directions. I was really turned on when I beard her voice. I did not really know what to expect but really liked her tone of voice, full of self confidence and bitchiness.i arrived in front of her door to be greeted in the nicest way by a very tall Dutch girl with a broad smile. Quite frankly, I have seen so many trans, who welcome you like they güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri are working at the post office… It was really nice to be welcomed with enthusiasm! I could tell she liked my bidy, and could tell she knew at first sight I would be a good slave 😉 A few minutes after I arrived, just after I could put my suitcase somewhere, Irina came down on me, grabbed my head and ass and gave me a long, deep French kiss, and another one, and yet again an another one! This was very unusual but so pleasant. I tried to reciprocate and enjoy it as much as I could! She ordered me to get undressed and as I did so I looked at her, in her nice stay up, barely covered by a black mini skirt and a red top.She ordered me to the room and told me to sit. I obliged and said yes mistress. She liked that and her tone of voice became more dominant. She said that’s good, slave. Then she used an old pair of pantyhose to cover my face, with just a while so I could have my mouth and nose out. She put some leather restrainer on my wrists and ankles. It was heavy and cold, I liked the feeling!She made me kiss her legs, feet… soft easy foreplays. Suddenly she ordered le on my back and almost sat on my face, telling le to kiss her butt. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I did with great pleasure as her butt cheeks were soft and smelled good. But with her dominant voice she said: not like that slave, stick your tongue! I did my best, and as she rubbed her butt on ly face my tongue finally reached her soft love hole that was such a delight to have my tongue on! I sucked and licked, drowled all over her butt crack, hoping to taste more of this ass hole lips, it was delightful. But not good enough for mistress Irina who kept sitting more and more forcefully, asking for a thicker tongue so I could get it through a tight love hole. I was doing my best, but this was not good enough for my trainer 😉 Mistress Irina would sit completely on my face, preventing me from breathing… It was long and I was helpless, but what a great time.Then Mistress Irina moved a bit, and said: put my balls in your mouth. I did ly best to open my mouth wide open and try and grab her package – it was fairly small and incredibly soft! Yet, it flled all of my mouth and with my nise stuck in the butt crack of my mistress it was a challenge to breathe! She liked this very much and I loved to be sucking on her balls.Mistress güvenilir bahis şirketleri Irina moved again and said sternly: suck my dick bitch, come on, take it. Her dick was small, almost crooked, but was a pure delight and a delicious uncut foreskin that I could almost chew with my tingue and lips. I did my best to deep-throat it many times with my mistress forcing her on me, and holding my head ! That was so nice!I kept sucking, licking, kissing, tongue in or tongue out, eating ass, for like a full hour, only to hear ly mistress giving le orders and complimenting me when my performance was OK. After, I did her well, with my face fully wet of my own droolings, probably smelling ass and dick, my mistress said: good slave, you served me well! Time for you to jerk off. I started to masturbate, breathing deeply, feeling the wetness of my pantyhose mask on my face, stroking my nipples… it was not fast enough for mistress Irina who got really angry and summoned me to come: come on bitch, we don’t have time to waste on slaves that don’t come! I liked the tone of her voice and frenetically jerked off, pinching my nipples to help… Eventually, with lots of efforts, I came with long shots of cum all over my belly and hand… It was so good and git congratulated by mistress Irina while she was taking some cum in her hands to rub it on my mouth and face.This was such a great experience! Next time I hope I get fucked hard by mistress Irina while someone put it on cam! Would love fir the whole internet to see how good a mistress Irina is!Hugs and kisses to all!