Work Break

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So I’m sitting at my desk in the bedroom, concentrating on my work, when you walk in wearing a silk robe. I look up and see how the robe hugs your curves, and how you’re looking at me, and I tell you to come to me, that I’m ready for a break…. You smile and walk across the room to me, sitting in my desk chair.

“Kneel down here baby and undo my pants.”

You unbuckle and unzip me, and I raise my hips so you can slide them off me.

“Good girl, now my boxers, but don’t touch me yet.”

Again I raise my hips so you can take off my boxers. My cock is already starting to swell, and you look up at me for what’s next.

“Now I want you to touch my cock, baby. Use your hands to feel and stroke me.”

You stroke my cock gently, and I swell even more at your touch. You cup my balls with your other hand, feeling how big and heavy they are. You run your fingertips around the head of my cock, then stroke up and down the shaft. You look up into my eyes, then back down to see the effect you’re having on me…. You bend down to lick me, but I tell you no, not yet, not until I tell you to….

I watch you stroke me, and you seem mesmerized at how much I’m growing and swelling. A drop of pre-cum appears, and I tell you to lick it off, and leave it on your tongue. My toes curl at the touch of your tongue to my cockhead, but I pull you off and lean down to kiss you deeply, my tongue dancing with yours. Then I break the kiss and guide you down to my cock again. I’m now fully hard and throbbing with anticipation.

“Now I want you to kiss and lick my demetevler escort cock. Use your lips and tongue, but do not take it into your mouth.”

You start down at the base, licking up the length of the shaft of my cock, then licking all around the head, then back down the shaft. You kiss up and down the length of my hard cock, your lips and tongue working on me. I wrap my fingers in your hair and guide you up and down.

“Look up at me baby…I want to look in your eyes while you lick my cock.”

I guide you up to the head and let you lick and kiss it for a long time, savoring every sensation. I trace your lips with the head of my cock, sliding around and around your wet lips as you try to keep your tongue in contact with my head, lapping up the drops of pre-cum….


You look up at me, wondering what’s wrong.

“Take off your robe, I want to see your tits while you lick my cock.”

You smile and slide the robe off your shoulders, and I love seeing your full round tits. Your nipples are hard and red, and I squeeze and pinch them for a minute, watching the desire on your face, and then guiding you back to my cock.

“You’ve been a good girl, so now I’m going to let you suck the head of my cock, but no more than the head.”

You give your tongue another swirl around the head and then suck it into your mouth. Ohhhhhh God, the feeling of you sucking me is incredible. I wrap my fist around the shaft so that you can only take the head into your mouth. You’re sucking hard and looking up at me. dikmen escort I lower my fist an inch so that you can now suck another inch of my cock into your mouth….

I now stand up. My hand on the back of your head guides you to my cock, and now I give you all of me. I guide you down the shaft until I feel my head hit the back of your throat, and then I pull all the way out, then then guide you slowly down the length again. I watch my cock slide in and out of your lips, your eyes sometimes closed, sometimes looking up at me.

For a moment I lose control, and I grab your head with both hands and hold you still while my hips thrust in and out, fucking your mouth. You close your eyes and moan with pleasure, knowing that at this pace it won’t be long until I shoot a big load of cum down your throat. But I want to make this last longer, so regaining control, I slow down…still holding your head, I very slowly feed you as much as you can take, then ever-so-slowly withdraw again, watching inch after inch of my cock slide out of your mouth. Your eyes are open again, looking up at me….

“Do you like sucking my cock, baby? Do you like the feel of my big fat cock filling your mouth and sliding into your throat?”

I can see you smile and wink at me, and I groan with pleasure.

“Put your hands behind your back. I’m going to stand here as still as a statue, and I want you to make me cum without using your hands – just using your lips, tongue, and mouth.”

You moan, knowing that I’ve now given you control to take things at ankara escort your own pace. I see your hands clasped tightly behind your back, as you know I’ll tie them there if you forget. You start slowly, sucking first the head, then the head plus a little of the shaft…. You bob your head up and down, take just a little more every time, still moving slowly, and looking up at me with your big eyes….

Now you switch into high gear…. I can feel the pre-cum leaking into your mouth, and I know you can taste it and sense how close I am. You’re bobbing frantically up and down, taking about two-thirds of my cock into your throat, grunting sexily on each bob of your head.

I want this to last forever, but you’re too good, and I know I’m about to pop….

“Oh yeah baby…I love how you suck my cock, how you fuck me with your hot mouth…. You’re gonna make me cum, you know that? I’m gonna shoot a hot load of jizz down your throat baby!!!”

You now switch into hyper-drive, moaning non-stop, as my cock plunges in and out of your mouth. I hear myself shout out loud as my orgasm starts…wave after wave of ecstacy washing over my body as I shoot rope after rope of hot white cum down your throat…. You suck frantically, swallowing gulp after gulp of my hot seed…. You continue to suck very slowly and softly as my orgasm subsides, looking up at me with your smiling eyes….

Feeling weak to the point of exhaustion in my post-orgasmic bliss, I collapse backwards into the chair. You kneel forward to hug me, your head on my belly, and I stroke your hair and feel your soft warmth against my belly….

Finally, you tell me that break time is over, as you put your robe back on and head towards the bathroom. I tell you that you’re the best, as I hear you start the shower. Peering out of the bathroom, you tell me with a wink, “I know.”