You Want a Sip?

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I walked into the bar. There were people of different ages. Mature, dressed-up, and stuck-up bitches were at some tables. And yes, that’s including the men. They also looked like stuck-up bitches. There were no empty tables. The younger college students were at the bar stools. Some of them looked so young, that I didn’t believe they could be twenty-one. If I had seen them outside of the bar, I would have assumed they’re in high school.As I walked by one couple in specific, I noticed the girl. She looked young. She had a baby face with long wavy hair. She wore a white dress that split open at the legs on the side I was on. The dress also left her back and arms bare. She also wore white heels. This white blondie in all white was clearly proud of her body. Next to her sat a white boy in a blue t-shirt. He had combed his hair and looked like he was brought there by mommy. She either dropped him off there or he hadn’t learned to present himself like a man yet. They were both probably going to the university that was a few blocks down.After güvenilir bahis looking the girl up and down some more, I noticed she held a bright blue drink. It looked like a slushie. A fancy slushy. Finding that an easy topic and being about to pass by behind them, I stopped for a moment between the two.”What is that drink?” I asked her this as I pretended to give a shit about the drink. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”She looked at me and smiled. This baby-faced girl with blue eyes looked naïve. She had the kind of smile that told people that she was a very kind girl that always donated to charities with her daddy’s money. To the right guy, which I was, the smile also said that she would suck a guy’s dick to cheer him up and then explain honestly to her boyfriend why she had no other choice but to suck the guy’s dick because the guy said he would kill himself otherwise. Being a girl that values compassion and kindness, she had to suck someone’s dick so she could feel good about helping someone. Her boyfriend güvenilir bahis siteleri looked like the type who would tell her he understood completely. I knew this because of what happened next.”Yeah, I’ve never tried it before either. You want a sip?” She asked me, holding the drink out to me. She didn’t even know me.The boy smiled fully in support of this girl. I looked at both of them, then took a sip.”It’s pretty good,” I told her. “You and your brother must really like it.””Oh that’s my boyfriend,” she said.I felt bad for him. She had offered to share saliva with a random stranger that had just asked her what she was drinking. I took another sip and handed the drink back to her. She put her mouth right where I drank from the cup and drank with her head tilting back. I watched the smooth white skin on her throat as she swallowed.”What are you guys celebrating?” I asked.”Nothing, we just wanted to grab some drinks,” she said. They were both smiling at me.”Oh, I know that feeling. I follow that feeling every time. iddaa siteleri I dedicate myself to it.” I said.”You look like the type,” she said. “You do this three times a week, don’t you?”She kept talking to me. Why did she keep talking to a random stranger in front of her boyfriend? I didn’t know. I just knew that I never wanted to have a girl like this as my girlfriend. But I did want to fuck her face.”You know, your face reminds me a lot of my ex,” I said, making a sad longing face at her.”Awwww.” She melted.Her boyfriend was now facing forward and drinking his drink. She was still turned around on her stool talking to me. What a shitty low quality girl. She’s lucky she’s pretty and young. It gets her a lot of attention for now.”Yeah, we just broke up last month. But god damn it, it feels like just yesterday. It still hurts like just yesterday.” I told her.”You poor thing. Breakups suck so hard.””Yeah, seriously. You know the worst part? I can’t remember what it used to feel like to hold her anymore. I remember how it looked. But I can’t remember the feeling of holding her against me while we cuddled. I crave it. I crave that feeling, to remember what it felt like. I remember that it felt comforting. But it’s just not there anymore. The kinesthetic memory is gone.”