10 – Cocksucker, assfucker, assfuckee, oh dear, it

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10 – Cocksucker, assfucker, assfuckee, oh dear, itThis is part 10 of the storyline that began with “Becoming a Little Cocksucker” Dave seemed to be in a hurry to get himself fucked, I could tell. And as I stood staring at his big smooth muscular frame, I could feel the blood throbbing in my cock. His hairless tanned body was turning me on in a way I had never thought possible. His big hard erection swayed slightly as he turned this way and that. His wife asked me is I liked what I was seeing but my own physical reaction made the answer obvious. I stroked my cock slowly as he turned around and let my eyes feast on his enticing rear.”Stop teasing him, honey” his wife told him. Remaining turned away from me, bent over and spread his legs slightly. I could see his shaven scrotum between the tops of his thighs. His cock was so hard and erect it was out of sight. But I didn’t care. I had eyes for his tight asshole, which he quickly made more easy to see as he reach behind himself with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart for me. It seemed like the only thing to do…. I knelt down behind him and buried my face between his cheeks. My tongue found his hole and I thrust it into him. I could taste the lubricant he had already applied to himself. He had prepared thoroughly for this, knowing he would be taking cock in his ass today. Was it his craving, or was it to please his wife? I don’t think I cared. Getting my cock into him had become my only goal in life. He knew would be getting cock today but didn’t know who would be fucking him. And how could he know that the first of them was incredibly turned on by his entire being, not just the thought of fucking his ass? My cock felt ready to burst out of its own skin I was so aroused. I pulled my face away from his ass and pulled down on his hips. He dropped to his knees in front of me. Dave was so much bigger than me that I wasn’t able to reach his ass with my cock if I stayed on my knees. I pressed on the small of his back and he lowered himself closer to the floor. I closed up behind him and my cock rested between his cheeks. I stayed there for a moment, relishing the sight of this beautiful man, his perfect ass, broad shoulders, smooth, flawless skin. The lingerie was irrelevant to me, I saw the man inside. Breaking out of the reverie, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I realized people were talking. Encouraging me to start. They were all watching. Mick and Peter. And Mrs Evans – my schoolteacher, the wife of the man I was about to fuck. Even Dave. He had turned to look at me. “Fuck me, Ben” he said. “I want your cock. Fuck me. Give it to me.”I leaned back slightly so that I could aim my hard penis at his waiting hole. As I pushed the head gently into his ass, he groaned and then pushed himself back against me. My hard cock went all the way into his ass in one thrust.Oh it felt so good. He was so sexy. I had enjoyed fucking Mick, but this was different. This wasn’t just getting off. I was fucking Dave because Dave himself was making me horny. My hands went to his hips and I drove my cock into his ass over and over. I reached up under him and under the black lacy vest he was wearing and felt his hard pecs. Found his nipples and started to run my fingertips over them as I fucked him. I was in heaven. My eyes were closed and I concentrated on the sensations of my cock in his ass and the sensuous feel of his smooth skin. I lay myself down on top of his body. So much bigger than mine. So much more powerful. Driving, pounding, thudding my cock into him. “My turn, sweetie” his wife told him. Oh no. Not yet. I wanted to fuck her but I didn’t think I would ever want to pull my cock out of her husband’s ass. I kept going. Fucking that tightly muscled bottom for all I was worth.But Mrs Evans didn’t mean me. This was their thing, and I was just a means to their own end. She was on the couch with her legs wide apart. I could see her shaven pussy as she fingered her clitoris.Dave got up onto his hands and knees, keeping his legs wide so that I was still able to keep my cock inside his ass, and crawled forward towards his wife. I shuffled along behind, holding tight to his hips to keep my cock deep inside him. The new movement of his bottom as he wriggled towards his wife’s cunt had an effect on my cock that could only be described as magic. I felt bigger than I had ever felt before. And light-headed, as though all the blood in my body was concentrated in my erection.Dave looked up at his wife and then lowered his face into her lap. Her hands bets10 came down onto the back of his head and she pressed him onto her cunt.Mrs Evans looked past her husband and straight into my eyes.”Don’t stop, Ben.”As if I could. His ass, his whole body, was thrilling.”No Miss” I replied and kept up my rhythm, fucking her husband as he ate her pussy.Although I had already cum in Mick’s ass, I soon felt myself reaching another orgasm. “I’m going to cum” I said, not sure if there was going to be any special requirement from this husband and wife team. “Good boy Ben” she told me. “Cum in his ass. I like that. Cum in Dave’s ass and then later you can fuck me. If you want to. I think you like men a lot, Ben, don’t you?”I hadn’t thought about it but now I wondered. It was all fucking. It was getting off, not straight or gay, just getting off. I had come to enjoy being penetrated, as well. I had cum myself the last time Peter’s big cock was in me. What did that mean? Well, it helped me get off, so it was still just getting off.But my attraction to this particular men was something more. I was turned on by Dave. Before, I had only been attracted to girls and women but now….”I like your husband, Miss” I finally answered, as I continued to pound into his ass. “Good boy. Well show him how much you like him, Ben.”It was the last little encouragement I needed. I broke from her gaze and looked down at her husband’s well-defined back. Bending forwards, I pushed up the little lacy vest and lowered myself onto him so that I could feel as much of his body against my own as I unleashed my cum into his ass. Driving deep into him and holding myself there as my cum shot out of my cock and into his ass. “Yes, Ben. Good boy. Fill up my husband’s ass with your cum.”I wanted to. I felt like I wanted to keep cumming forever. Spurt after spurt come out of me and into his tight, sexy, willing bum.I looked back up into my teacher’s eyes. She didn’t speak. She didn’t need to. I could see her flushed face and wild eyes, hear her ragged breathing. I could see how tightly she held her husband’s face against her cunt. Watching me fucking her husband. Watching me cum in her husband’s ass as he ate her pussy got this woman to orgasm. I watched her contorted face, heard her moans, as she came. We were bets10 giriş simultaneously cumming. While I was squirting into his ass, she was squirting into his mouth. We watched each other’s eyes, spit-roasting her husband.Finally my cum stopped entering Dave’s ass. I stopped thrusting, but stayed inside him, still aroused by his magnificent body.Mrs Evans took her hands from the back of his head and he was able to lift his face from between her thighs. He gasped, gulping air.”Bravo!” Peter said. “Mick’s turn.””Oh yeah, Pete, more cock for me makes Jane very happy.” Dave said.”Come on Mick, get down there” Peter told him. “Really?” from Mick.”Yes, Mick. Take Ben’s place.”I still felt like I’d prefer to keep my cock in Dave’s ass. The pills were still working and I never lost my erection. But Mick and I were just toys for these adults, no matter our feelings or preferences. Reluctantly I pulled out of Dave’s ass and stood. Dribbles of cum dripped from the tip of my cock down the underside of the shaft and tickled my smooth balls.Dave looked up from his kneeling position. “That was very nice, Ben” he told me. “It was the most intense feeling I ever had, Dave” I replied.”Well, maybe we can do it again” he smiled at me. My cock twitched at the thought and he saw it. Winked at me. His wife saw it too.”Ben!” she said”Yes Miss?” I turned to face her. Taking in her naked body. Legs still wide apart. Pussy glistening from her husbands spit and her copious cum juices.”I think I need to straighten you out again. I want you to fuck me, Ben, so you know what a cunt feels like around your cock.” She moved both hands down between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart. “I want your cock in here. I want you to fuck me while Mick does my husband.” she slipped two fingers into herself. Then three. In and out of her wet pussy as I watched her. And Mick watched her too. I could tell that he was less confused about what his preference was than me. Although he was about to fuck her husband, it was clear he would rather fuck our teacher. She looked over to him. “Don’t worry, Mick, everyone gets to fuck me today””Even me, Jane?” Dave sounded surprised.”Even you sweetie” she told him, “since you’re being such a good cumslut.”She gripped my wrist firmly and pulled me down to her side on the couch.”Now Ben, were you ever intimate with a girl before?””No Miss””Then I think you should start by finding out how a cunt feels.” She took two of my fingers in her hand and guided it to her pussy. “This is my clitoris. Rub it for me, Ben.””Good boy.”