176 Anne-Marie and the desert chicken run

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176 Anne-Marie and the desert chicken run176 Anne-Marie and the desert chicken run Well she was a pretty little thing, he could see that as he watched her from the car, she would be up here with him soon, about five feet and a bit high , perhaps five foot two or three, red hair blue wide and liquid eyes, shapely , nice tits, if a bit small, absolutely right for some of his more discerning clients , his experienced eye told him she was about 25,26,27 that sort of age, which meant for him she would last as an escort whore for a few years, later she could become one of the ones who did a bit for the kinkier ones and finally when she was a broken old hag he could use her for one of those big money snuffees. First things first though, before the pound signs come the graft and he needed to ensnare her. Mike was one of the old school, not for him the grab and haul away in chains keep the woman in a dungeon stuff, no our Mike, he was the sort that used mental chains to secure his prey, she needed to need him, to be voluntary, to offer to help and to be his by right.Oh, he had a few dozen other women that had fallen for his charms, become ensnared, and now did his bidding, each one had worked for him, each one unknowingly on her way downhill, and each one now a goldmine, who had unwittingly fallen into his trap.A number of the women worked at his chicken run out there in the desert, the workers from the oilfield came and the girls were glad of the ‘company’ it was party night each night and the women knowing how far they were from rescue or escape endured it though at least one, Gloria was beginning to show her age and had cost him for doctor`s bills lately and unknown to her she would soon be moving on as soon as he had found a suitable outlet, a paying film maker interested in the ultimate in porn. Yet another girl would soon be along to take her spot out there in the sand-hills, and this one would fit in with him well …for a while…to him it was like a food-chain, a production line, the next advert for a PA was already on the streets.She had been easy pickings this Anne-Marie, an advert in her home town news-paper, a carrot dangled and along came a donkey, just as simple as that!A PA to a director of some spurious film company (actually a disguised porn film company) was the bait and he had picked her from a dozen applicants, she was the obvious one, no home ties, just left her partner of a few years, a woman a little older than herself, she was now vulnerable, depressed, needing a new challenge, desperate to get her feet back on the ground.His smile and his welcome was gushing to say the least, his driver ‘Guy’ had fetched the ‘lucky’ candidate from the airport, it was all part of the con, the game, the ongoing business of sex and money.Guy, knocked then swung open the door to admit the woman, close-up she was even better, his eyes roamed over her body mentally stripping the clothes from the lithe form, and salivating at the thought of her in his bed.He forced himself to talk sensibly to her, smooth of tongue, and slippery as an eel. An hour had her convinced, and Guy showing her the rooms she was to occupy. Days past, she settled in and was treated well good food and pay and plenty of secretarial work. Free to come and go as she wanted, a honeymoon period that she enjoyed massively, totally taken in. It was in the third week that he mentioned the trip, innocently saying that he had a place out in the desert that they were to visit for a couple of days, it was a side-line that he kept “to help out a friend” and he needed to do an audit.Guy and the car appeared on the following Saturday and with mike in the back and Anne-Marie perched prettily up beside the driver, off they set.It took eight weary hours driving, stopping every couple of hours, truck stops like oasis out here in this parched land.Guy the big coloured driver said little, he had seen it all before, and he was not a chatty soul at best. Mike in the back slept soundly, little in his conscience troubled this patient monster. Anne-Marie, was bored, but for the first time in her life it was a comparably well-paid boredom.The hours past, scenery changed from lush to sparse and then to desolate, sand stretched for miles now, tumbleweed the only vegetation, till finally they turn off the main highway, oil rigs marked the horizon, soon they are passing these huge dark fingers of steel, nodding pumps, filth, man`s scar on the clean desert, grubby groups of portable buildings fencing, rugged looking busy men, pickups, trucks, tanks and dust, a filthy choking cloying dust that hung in the air, and left a thick layer clogging the lungs and tainting the taste buds.Another few miles of open sand and then a bright sign beckoned, it said “women and beer!” Just that, no fancy name, no shiny frontage just a big solidly single story ranch like grey building with a bold and brassy advert that said everything to thirsty, randy workers out here in this dusty dry desert. To her surprise, they turned into the drive and parked, Guy quickly out to open the bosses’ door.To Anne-Marie, the place was a shock, she had been expecting some sort of mini Hollywood setup, out here in the sand, films and stars and all that jazz, but this was a bar, a worker`s drinker and worse it was a brothel, it screamed sleaze why they had stopped here. She realised the boss was out and addressing her, “come on then, miss, were here!” in a daze she followed the two men, realising they knew the way, they went inside and were greeted by a big coloured blousy woman, all tits and teeth as her ex -partner Marianne would have said, “Hi Mike, good trip “He said he had and introduced Anne-Marie as his PA, and in turn the big woman as Janet.Janet led her to a room and told her she was welcome and when the next meal was. Leaving her to settle in the door closed behind the busty madam and she found herself alone in a room in a brothel, a wide grin on her face, and the thought that if she told her ex she was where she was, no way would she be believed, even her mum and dad wouldn’t believe this and they already thought little of her for having had a woman friend, She laughed, washed off the dust in the hand basin and then fell on the bed, that journey had whacked her out, she was soon asleep.She awoke with Janet shaking her and saying the meal was ready, a quick comb of the hair and she was soon sitting at the long dining table along with several ladies of the night dressed in, well, to her a strange assortment of clothing, one was in leather, another latex, both sat up nearest the end the air conditioning, most though were in nightclothes, thin gossamer flimsy uniforms of their trade. The meal was tasty, and filling, coffee was plentiful and the talk free and easy, of the men there was no sign. Not one spoke to her though, until Janet introduced her as “mikes PA”After that things eased and the girls began to chat a little, the oldest Gloria, had been a stunning blond once, now she was, well shall we be charitable and say mature. She said of late she had been “breaking virgins” and laughed, hands shook, and she met Glad, Lucy, Star , Beth, Becky, her mind whirled, she couldn’t keep up, Trixie, Mandy, Ann …the names went on then a girl said something that rang alarm bells, a girl called Carol said “welcome to the ranch ,I hope you`ve a strong back you`ll soon get the idea here,” she smiled and replied explaining “no she was the bosses PA”, and the place erupted in laughter, Carol gently explaining; ”no honey you were his PA, now you’re a whore like the rest of us, we all came here as ‘Mikes PA’ and your now stuck here like us all, miles from any-where, and whoreing if we want to eat.” She looked around and slowly the truth dawned, she was surrounded by a group of faces all nodding and making sympathetic sounds, her face went white, she could not believe it, didn`t want to believe it, not her, little Anne-Marie, mothers little angel, a whore, they must be joking. They assured her they were deadly serious, and she burst into tears, as a voice shouted, “trucks in sight” and the girls swept out, leaving her at the empty table, still clinging to the vain hope that they were joking, though in her heart of hearts she knew, she had been tricked.She returned to the room, and lay on the bed, tossing and turning, sleep evading her, how could you be so stupid she asked herself over and over, Sounds from the adjourning rooms, bed heads banging on the wall, sounds of her neighbours doing business, time and time again, trucks arriving, drunken men laughing, a woman screaming, long in agony, cheers sound of a scuffle, more screams she had arrived in her own private hell. Finally, as dawn rent the sky, the place quietened and sleep finally claimed her, she would face tomorrow when it arrived. Janet appeared at about 11am, saying it was about time she got her lazy carcass out of bed and came to the office. Thus, she showered dressed and soon stood at the office door, which she knocked gently and was called inside. Stood beside the door Guy, and another bigger man who was new to Anne-Marie while sat at a second side desk was Janet. Squatting like a Buda behind the main desk was Mike, who smiled a disarmingly smile and asked if she had slept well. “she said that the noise had been incredible, and she had slept only fitfully,” then she added, that “she thought they were into making films, not running brothels.” At that he laughed, and said “that’s what they were here for, film making. Saturday, we start on the latest epic when Hank arrives we are going to shoot two ‘blue films’ and tomorrow a third, in which the starlet will be Gloria and the last on Sunday will be a bloodthirsty one, she`s become a liability and we can do without her.”Janet laughed and asked what the score of the film prison type job again and the end included death by a thousand cuts and leaving for the vultures, it is to be a private film at a special request, the special requestee would be with us tomorrow to watch, so you Janet will need to save the top suite for the Prince and the second for his aid!” Janet nodded her understanding, and he turned to the unnamed chap adding, “you’re the executioner once more, so make sure the scimitar is sharp and you are made up ready and un-recognisable; we will talk of times later, with Hank, he`s bringing the costumes.”“Now you miss, you will be in the role of caring for the prince, anything he wants you will supply and I mean everything, sex included, understand that.”She exclaimed “she was not one of his whores and there was no way she would be used as one!”He laughed, then hissed “oh missy, you have a lot to learn. We are 80 miles from the nearest help, the oilfield men will return you if you try walking out, the telephone runs through our exchange, I have your computer, no one will miss you”, his voice now rose with each decibel “and YOU WILL DO JUST AS YOU ARE TOLD!” he screamed, “or you will be SHARING A GRAVE with Gloria faster than sound” Her big round eyes began to flood with tears, she knew when she as beaten, quietly she said in a near whisper,” yes sir” it was a moment in her life when she felt as low as a human being ever could! This loathsome man squatting behind the desk glowering, held all the cards and she knew she was beaten and had let herself be pulled into his web, he nodded to Janet who explained; “you’re here to replace Gloria, it works like this, the men come and if you pull one you get his check , they buy them from me, with the checks you buy food, clothes and stuff from me, no checks no food , it`s simple, that’s why the rush last night when the trucks arrived, and whatever they want is what you supply, you take a turn in latex, and in rubber, and you get to be the pain victim in rotation, too, but that gets you double checks, unless you have tried escape and for that you suffer for free. Understand?” Anne-Marie nodded. But Janet enjoying her moment of power shouted “UNDERSTAND?” To which Anne-Marie replied in a cowed voice, “yes madam”“now missy tonight at the meal you will tell Gloria that you are both on free meal tickets as apart from filming she has finished with whoreing, that you are her replacement from next Monday, she is to teach istanbul escort you between now and the weekend,!” he went on “you will take over her room, and her role which she will be not needing again as by Monday next she will be dead, but I suspect she of all people will know that, just as soon as you say the word replacement, she`s been here long enough to have worked it all out!” “I suggest you don’t tell the details to her unless she asks as you may find she gets suicidal, if she succeeds by the way, you will be taking her place in the film, it`s as simple as that.”Her mouth went dry, her knees shook and she felt dizzy, darkness began to close in on her till Janet splashed her face with a glass of icy water and she was instantly awake once more. Mike was still burbling on, she was desperately trying to concentrate, as he was saying that Gloria was the normal “girl in the wall”, which Anne-Marie had not till then heard of, she had also been dealing with any virgin boy`s, which paid extra. By now her mind whirled as she took in the details. Before her whoreing duties began, in addition to learning her new role Anne-Marie was it seemed, to be used by Mike, Guy, Tony, the other big chap in the room who till then had still not been introduced, Hank and Janet, the madam who would assess her and decide what duties she felt would be the most appropriate.She knew resistance would be futile, so she nodded her understanding and remained silently waiting for the her ‘employer’ to finish his tirade.Suddenly she realised he had gone silent, she had not taken in that last sentence, her mind had wandered to Gloria and how could she, would she, tell her she was replaced, finished, washed up, her life over, here, or anywhere in reality.She became aware of the silence, big Tony hustling her out by the arm, long corridors, then a door and being dumped in a palatial bed-room. Tony hissed at her to “wake up, Mike would soon be here and she had heard what he said; she needed to be willing and sensual,” she hadn’t heard a word of that! She desperately tried to get a grip, or she would soon be as dead as Gloria was going to be. She mused that was it all worth it, she would end up that way anyway like Gloria, worn out and dead for a film and till then she would have to put up with men mauling her, using her and filling her with their unwanted seed. For their enjoyment not hers as well, yes there was always the option that the FBI or some such agency might bust the place and she could be repatriated to her old life, but was that realistic? Was it even a slim chance, she thought not! Her muddled thoughts were interrupted when Mike appeared and Tony left with a flurry. Desperately she put on a smile of welcome, he ignored it and threw her on the bed, shouting that “I told you to be ready! By ready I meant naked-ready, not still dressed, I haven’t got all day!” she said she “thought he may have liked to undress her, it being more sensuous” but he slapped her face hard screamed “don’t think” and motioned her to strip and pronto. In second`s, well before the red mark on her jaw had consolidated, she was naked, scared of this powerful man as she stood now, as he slumped onto the bed.He lay on his back, motioned with his hand from which she was expected to know to kneel and begin sucking on his prick which was still secured behind the zip of his trousers. She was quick to do his bidding noting the lack of size of his member, as she took it between her jaws. Ten minutes saw him filling her mouth, eleven the door closing behind him, Guy appeared with Tony, they ignored her, spun a coin then took their places for a spit roast, Tony at the head and Guy between her legs, to her surprise forcing himself into her anus with the biggest tool that she had yet taken that way. She would have screamed loudly if guy hadn’t have forced himself into her mouth at precisely the same time muffling her cry`s as his 9” filled her windpipe.They lasted longer and she was near to dying from lack of air when first Guy and then Tony filled her, choking and gasping she took in the precious air, as they retreated from the spacious room. Before she knew it Hank and the executioner had appeared, the big man allowing Hank to slip his length into her back passage then lift her body vertically, his arms under hers while deep inside her body so that the still nameless executioner was able to force himself into her wet sex, they were both tall men and her toes did not reach the floor, she was suspended on two deeply embedded pricks it was erotic that’s true, uncomfortable that too is true, but it was oh so painful she began to scream, peals of her unearthly cry`s echoed round the room to the arousal of both men who soon began once more to fill the poor woman who arms flailing was near to passing out. Their task done they threw the used body like some filled condom onto the big bed, then as Hank passed through the door Janet appeared. He wished her luck saying “the girls well filled, for you to enjoy Ma`am, and closing the door after they had passed with a flourish.Anne-Marie cowered on the bed, naked, cum seeping from back and front, jaw aching, tears not far from her eyes, as the big black woman gazed down and demanded she kiss her, timorously she knelt and did as she was bid, Janet returning the kiss with fervour, gently slumping the girl back onto the duvet her big black tits spreading across Anne-Marie`s chest pinning her to the soft counter-pain, it was not what she had expected. Their lips disengaged, “look honey “ the coloured madam said, “you have to let go now, your no longer a woman, from Monday you’re a whore, these men will use you and use you hard, and for as long as they feel your capable, then they will kill you, so get it in your head that’s the way it`s going to be, there ain`t no cavalry coming over the hill trumpet sounding an flags a `waving, it`s just going to be dicks, pricks and pleasure, and not your pleasure either from now on . You’re their plaything an` you must remember that. I done seen dozens of you girls come and go here. And most of them are already buried out there in the sand believe me, there ain`t no escape, an` that goes for me too, cos` I know too much to ever leave alive.” “Best we can hope for is a quick end, sugar, an` perhaps for you a little fun with me now an again, you all just remember that, and we will get together now and then, if you ever get a night off, OK!” With that and much to Anne-Marie`s surprise she got off and said; “go wash up girl, its near mealtime!” and then she walked out.After a long shower, Anne-Marie found herself at the table awaiting the meal, she knew she had to tell Gloria she was to train her and she wasn’t looking forward to that job. One by one the girls came and sat, dinner was served just as Gloria arrived and slid in to the place at the table end.The soup course arrived, and Anne-Marie realised that she was being watched by Janet, she had no option, so said to Gloria “I`ve been instructed that you are to train me to do your duties over the weekend Gloria, you and I are on a free meal-ticket till then when I`ve got to take over your role, you`re going filming I`m told.” The table fell silent, every woman at that table knew what ‘filming’ meant, not least Gloria, who dropped her spoon and went white. Not another word was said the meal being conducted in total silence from then on. Women fed, then made excuses to leave till just a tearful Gloria and a quiet Anne-Marie were left. Silently Gloria stood took Anne-Marie`s hand then led her to the room Gloria called home.She outlined the duties she had, quietly and efficiently, explained about virgin boys, she then offered to leave Anne-Marie some of the odd bits she had acquired over her last few years here, a radio, some cd`s, of which Anne-Marie offered to pay for, but was rebuffed with a curt “you can have my saved moneys too they won`t do me any dammed good dead!” they exchanged looks, and Gloria said “yep, I know the score, they will start with a soft blue film, follow it with a proper porno, or if I`m lucky two, then the last will be a snuff movie and that will be the end of Gloria!”Anne-Marie didn`t know what to say, tears were not far away, Gloria fetched out a bottle of scotch, remarked it was “a present from an oil man!” and poured them each a stiff one.The prince arrived next day, a tallish man thin, well kept, sandy hair, disarming smile, sunglasses, and when the glasses were off cruel eyes. With him two men, a driver and a pa body guard.She was introduced by mike as his own PA and it was impressed on the prince that he could do as he wanted with her, but that she was not his subject for the film, to which he said; “he was glad as she was pretty and he wanted someone older to be made to suffer for him as he was looking forward to enjoying the life-blood spurting from his subject` s body!” he smiled at Anne-Marie, a cruel sadistic smile that froze her blood instantly.Gloria was sent for, and she shortly arrived with Tony and the executioner, though he was not introduced as such, Anne-Marie hearing his name as Ian for the first time. Gloria was dressed in a silken nightie, and flat soled slippers, which earned her a scowl from Mike, who was about to say that this was no way to appear before the Prince, when she said; ”before you start, I know you will kill me this weekend Mike, and the Prince will want to see the goods he is paying for hence the easy to remove robe!” the Prince raised his arm to silence Mike, saying “She knows her fate, and she`s obviously a practical woman, it is no matter, she`s correct!” he then turned to Gloria and astounded them all by saying “ Yes woman your time has come and you will not see the Monday dawn, if Allah allows, you will not see Sundays sunset, and your suffering will be over but for me, you will scream this I do promise you.” She turned pale as he continued: “Before that happens you will grace my bed, you will be filmed so you will forever leave something for me to remember you by, and again you will grace my bed willingly or by force, for a last time you will be a whore before I put you to a painful and horrible death. If you are a good companion and a willing woman you will die screaming but in a matter of perhaps an hour, if not…well, as I said it will be the will of Allah!” Gloria stood and though she was shocked at the bald statement, defiantly looked the man up and down, then nodded as he quietly told her to strip.Like an automaton, she slowly removed her clothing, what little there was of it! And then she stood jaw set while this ghastly man whom at best was offering her an hour of final agony, examined her body minutely, the PA making notes at his dictation, of every little scar, scratch, or blemish. Her pubic bush, so loved by the oil men, he suggested should be trimmed, and her hair, her crowning glory, he wanted placed in a tight bun on her head top before Sunday so he could remove it with his sword as part of the final ritual.He even checked her feet, teeth, the nails on her hands and finally he had her bend to check her back-passage and the lips of her sex. The others present stood silent as Gloria was inspected like prime beef, finally he nodded at the PA and muttered cuffs, and collar my room 8 pm.They all knew the interview was over, outside Mike told Gloria that “it`s not usual to tell the subject her fate, you’re an exception, most don’t know what`s coming and their shocked look tells its own story, in your case your fear will be the selling point…oh and if she tries suicide that you”, he said pointing at Anne-Marie “will stand in for her, not that she will even be able to wipe her own arse from now on!”He swung round to Ian, “you’re her escort, cuffs and a spreader bar should stop the suicidal stuff, and you miss” he turned to Anne-Marie, “food and her needs are your problem, you will present her with an empty bowel, scrubbed, and ready at 8 tonight as he said, and again at the set tomorrow at 9am and again tomorrow night and again on Sunday, last food 6pm Saturday got that all?” Anne-Marie somewhat shell shocked, nodded, and they retired to Gloria`s room leaving Mike outside the Princes zonguldak escort door glaring.At 8 to the second she presented her charge to the PA at that same door. Not one word had the woman spoken since the interview, doing whatever she was told as if on auto-pilot. She had been fitted with cuffs and collar, fed, made to empty herself and been bathed, dressed, and finally delivered.Gloria had been dressed in slave uniform, diaphanous silk trousers, and a top to match, her breasts swinging low, probably not as good as they used to be and no doubt not the way Gloria would have presented herself or her tits.What happened in the room stayed between the Prince and Gloria, at 6 am the naked and dishevelled woman leaking from every orifice appeared at the door and was delivered to Anne-Marie. Again, the pit stop attitude; bathed, toileted, and dressed, though this time she told Anne-Marie, that the Prince was a fantastic lover and that she “wished that she had met years ago though he was a sadistic bastard.”At the appointed hour, they appeared at the set.Gloria this time in a thin black dress, in chains, soon found herself to her surprise on her knees, secured flat to a narrow coffee table. Ian, disguised as a prison officer, first tore the dress, then caned the woman, there were two retakes, the cane not having left good enough track marks on her arse for the prince, before he took the secured woman anally and painfully. they stopped for lunch leaving her secured, unfed and dry. Their meal over the crew started again, Ian now forcing his stiffness between her jaws, while a giant dog was quietly fetched to her, the huge b**st mounted her with gusto, no preamble, no sniffing or whatever just up and in, as he had been no doubt trained. Ian beat a hasty retreat, no doubt scared of her involuntary bite, his seed spitting at her face as he went.The a****l dragged itself onto her back, forelegs scrabbling at her body, tool thrusting at her sex and plunging at her viciously, then knotting the now screaming woman, filling her body with his hot seed and expanding her belly as he did, every facial contortion every scream and every bloat captured by the all seeking camera`s. half an hour she endured under the big a****l before he finally slid free. She lay collapsed, still secure, body draining slowly, lungs slowly re-inflating after the press of the great dog`s body.As she collected her wits, Hank came forward thanked her and said that it had been a joy, and that he was looking forward to working with her tomorrow as he thought she would be phenomenal in her next role! The dog had now been removed, and Ian soon released her from her bonds. She stood stiff from over 5 long hours secured, her dress torn at the sides where the great b**st in his frenzy had scrabbled for a purchase on her body, the skirt area torn from hem to her waist, dog cum still draining from her sex, tears streaming from her eyes, and her voice by now a croak. Anne-Marie led her away on wobbly legs, to a whirl of; drink, toilet, shower, food and a few moments rest before being presented yet again somewhat refreshed at 8 pm to the PA at the Princes door.At midnight, she was again returned to Anne-Marie`s care, this time telling of seeing the rushes of the film, while being ravaged in her sore sex and over her bruised arse in the doggie position as the unfeeling Prince watched the great dog on the TV screen, using her.She was near hysteriaTo everyone`s relief, Tony appeared with some sort of pill which knocked out the poor girl, who by now was beginning to realise what lay ahead. Anne-Marie shared the big bed with her comatose charge, she had a fitful night while the victim snored peacefully.She had been told to have her charge and herself dressed as an extra ready for 11am next day, cold-water brought round the nervy woman at 9, a cold shower bringing her fully to the real world once again.As Gloria`s hair was pilled tidily on top of her head then pinned in a tight bun, she was tearful, and began to shake with nerves, they gave her a strong drink of vodka, both to ease the nerves and boost her morale. She was taken to the toilet, then dressed, in just knickers and a full-length robe, neck to ankle in shimmering gold, with a head dress and matching jewellery a she was to be a Queen for the film a sad Queen to be executed after being interrogated painfully by the folk that had captured her though she was not aware of her full role. Anne-Marie was to be her maid, in a similar costume of virgin white again in just knickers but this time with no jewellery. At the last moment Tony, also dressed as an extra and who had always had a soft spot for Gloria, slipped into the woman`s mouth a pill, something that after a while, and at least for an hour or so would nullify the pain for her, he didn’t dare slip her the cyanide pill he was saving for himself, he could do no more. On shaking legs the poor victim was lead to the set, she knew they would play with her first and knowing what was before her, would be pain serious and terminal she was facing it with as much dignity as she could muster, Anne-Marie felt her companion`s bravery was awesome … They were met by Mike, who said they looked stunning, a very hollow compliment, he then gave Tony a set of cuffs for Anne-Marie saying that she would as her mistresses slave been secured as well. The leather cuffs felt cold and uncomfortable, Hank appeared and it was then that she became slightly alarmed, as Hank greeting them with “ah the lovely stars of the show!” he quickly realised his mistake and covered it by adding “the two of you being the glamour will buck it up no end” but for Anne-Marie a tiny bell was now ringing in her lovely head.They stood awaiting the arrival of the Prince, Hank explaining to them the first scene, the captors (played by Tony, the Princes driver, and Guy all wearing fake tans , wigs, beards and loin cloths) would drag the women to the executioner /interrogator, (played by Ian menacingly hooded and in leather trousers) from then on, other than the guards having some sort of sex with both women, only Ian knew the script.Gloria asked about interrogation “what were they supposed to be finding out from her? To which the reply came, that “as she knew and could tell the interrogator nothing it might be fruitless and take some time!” he laughed cruelly, adding “that my dear is the whole point our punters love screams, but I advise you to save your voice, it will be a very long day… for you both!” Just then the Prince swept in, before his comment could register with Anne-Marie, wearing a natty white suit, shirt tie, the whole 9 yards, he looked cool and unruffled as he took his seat at the edge of the set, ignoring both women completely.Now, the set, in fact had been the old building that had been until this week a dustbin area, set well away from the main building a piece, it was an open fronted hut built of adobe bricks, the place cleared and two walls, one festooned with chains, and the other with several torture instruments displayed for all to see, strangely here in this hot desert at temperatures approaching the midday heat a brazier was lit. In the centre was a pair of stout posts of about 8 feet high both with rings at the top, between which was a giant square chopping block, bloodstained with real blood or perhaps fake it was in itself a menacing sight. Luckily both women were outside the set waiting patiently in the shade and as-yet could not see the horrors that awaited although they could smell the wood smoke from the stove. Hank had them up and chains attached to the woman`s cuffs, he positioned the group as he wanted them then took his place behind the No1 camera and the sound recording boom, the PA working the second camera from his seat next to the Prince and Mike a third hand held.A disjointed voice called “quiet on the sets, is everybody ready?” Tony looked round and then nodded that they were, Hank in his best Cecil b de-Milne voice called “Action!” and the little party stepped onto the set area, neither woman wanting to be there, and dragging their feet most convincingly. They were made to kneel at the feet of their executioner, who lifted Gloria`s face and asked now quivering woman to ‘Give him her army`s battle plan’, she looked bemused as well she might and he went through the “it will be better for you if you tell me now” bit which of course she could not do, knowing nothing to tell this intimidating figure. He turned his attention to Anne-Marie, again telling her she too would suffer for her mistress if they didn’t co-operate. At that Gloria was secured to the right-hand post And Anne-Marie was given to Tony to ravage on the floor at her feet, the driver and Guy meanwhile holding her wrists firmly as he took her, which he did with much obvious enjoyment tearing her gown from her and ripping away her knickers then cramming himself into her sex in a fierce and savage way that said he was getting into the role with much enthusiasm. He was soon sated, Anne-Marie having given in to the wild thrusts, and feeling his seed fill her without allowing herself to react much, in the certain knowledge now that each of the men would soon be doing the same and not wishing to give the Prince the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying in any way this violation.She was not wrong, first Guy, then the driver taking her in turn, the driver sucking on her breasts as he enjoyed her, leaving hickies, that she knew would not be neither the first marks or the last today. Also to her horror she found she was being betrayed by her own body, which began to have a series of small automatic climaxes that she seemed powerless to resist.The driver removed himself, grinning lewdly, as he wiped his dripping cock on her discarded underwear. The executioner turned to Gloria, saying that ‘She would be next if she didn’t give them what they wanted!’ her reply was to spit at him, which resulted in Anne-Marie being moored to the second post and Gloria, having her gown thrown up over her head to prevent her spitting again, taken down and given to the three guards to use, them being told to not be so gentle this time, to “leave more marks” and “to make her feel it hard!” This time the three tied out her arms to the post base, she was turned face down, her legs held open wide and in turn they took her hard and without mercy in the arse. Her screams were pitiful, as they each in turn rammed seed deep into her bowel, she had had anal on many occasions in the past, lubricated, gentle, even caring but this was cram, ram and thrust, the first on a dry wicket, invasive red hot pain coursing through her brain, as the stiff cock rammed into her very core. Progressively it got easier as the more lubricant filled her and the muscles eased having stretched to accommodate these stiff invaders. Her upper back was now peppered with teeth marks, as each took the executioners instruction seriously.The third load having been duly delivered they stood beside the sobbing heap that was once their friend, they knew this was only the beginning, knowing they would soon share the fate of this dead woman walking if they did not comply not one wished to complain. Gloria was left as “cut” was called and the cast had a drink break, the executioner ensuring both women had some drink, holding the glass tenderly for each in turn, but, dispelling thoughts of any compassion by saying as he did; “you can`t scream on a dry throat and he wants you both to be able scream loudly all today just for his enjoyment!” nodding his head towards the Prince, “he gets off on screams!”Anne-Marie by now was hearing alarm bells in her head, she was secure as Gloria, and had been had used sexually in the same way, what was to stop her being finished in the same way. Panic gripped her, cold fear grasped at her heart, and she whispered at the executioner “me too?” to which he smiled and slowly nodded confirming her worst fears with just a tiny nod of the head, she began to quietly cry.The break over, they began again, the men restored and feeling randy once more, though they knew that none being youngsters they couldn’t keep up their parts for many more times. They had been told to escort bayan save themselves for later and the finale. On the call of “action” the scene started once more: Gloria was taken to the chopping block, stripped naked then d****d over the bloodstained wooden top, she began to sob as the first cane struck her leg backs, every stroke precise and painful 1 full inch between it and its neighbour, regular and consistent, a red line marking each strike, as neat as the lines in a book, the executioner`s personal art form. By the third lash she was shrieking with the pain, her whole backside already bruised from her last beating magnifying each stroke tenfold.He glanced at the Prince who motioned him to continue up the poor woman`s back, by the shoulders that back was a red glowing grid of pain, the sobs scream`s and groans, pathetic to hear. The Prince out of shot, his organ in hand blatantly working on himself thoroughly enjoying the sad screams, the striking ceasing with Hanks cry of “cut” though the screams and groans continued and so did the hand of the prince till his seed sprayed on the floor at his feet. The men trouped off to dinner, Tearful sobs still emanating from Gloria and Anne-Marie still secure to the post, wide eyed.Desert fly`s descended on wet sex, cum still dribbling from both women, causing tickling irritation as the black fly hoard scrabbled for shares of the life-giving nectar. For Anne-Marie an irritation, for Gloria just a secondary distraction.An hour passed, the brazier fire near burnt away, the men returning topping up the thing; the smoke drifting across the women and causing them to cough, the fly`s though, removing themselves to fresher air else-where, a tiny but very welcome relief.“Before we start again” the Prince said “I`m going to show you boys how to use a scimitar,” he had obviously enjoyed a tipple over the dinner break, the PA handed him the scimitar a curved sword, of eastern origin, perhaps 3 feet long, wide of blade and heavy. He staggered up to Gloria prodded her with his toe to get her interest, not that she had not been watching his progress with care since his return, then he hissed at her to “look down you silly bitch, and keep very still as I am going to give you the last haircut of your miserable whore life” She looked down as she had been told tied still as she was over the block her head well extended, perhaps hoping that he would slice her neck through and end this misery. The blade whirled first a circle round his head then with a whoosh it swiped at her head, the bun flew away with a single swipe that had removed it cleanly from her head, not a drop of blood spilt. The Prince bowed to the men, then laughingly took his seat, handing back the precious sword to the PA. Both women were released from their bondage and laid on the earth floor.Each man involved now had the executioner`s permission to use whichever woman they so wished, Mike, the driver, the PA, Hank and Guy each choosing the younger Anne-Marie, who by now seemed resigned to her fate and the Prince, Tony and the executioner taking a tearful Gloria, both man paying much attention to their respective woman`s nipples when not filling their ladies’ womb for probably the final time. an hour passed, each man satisfying his passion, filling their respective women in the missionary position till each cunt overflowed cum and the two women felt sore and well used, neither climaxed properly, both being too fearful to let themselves go. The prince again with his scimitar removed the pubic bush of the by now unmoving Gloria using it like a giant razor, laughing at the pale and terrified women now being stood and secured at their stake`s, the remnants of her hair stood on her head like a yard brush and her pubic stubble like a hedgehog`s back. The two women both white and drawn exchanged glances, they both knew in their hearts that their final acts were about to begin as hank shouted; “quiet on the set.” Then added sharply, “Action”Guy appeared with a pair of branding irons which he plunged into the brazier with a clatter, after showing the ladies the two O shaped irons both women eyeing the brazier fearfully as the sparks flew upward. Ian the executioner addressed the two women, saying that “we are going to get from you ladies, the battle plan if it kills you, and it surely will, first though we need you totally immobile and taking absolute notice of every word I utter!” The women both eyed him sharply but only Gloria said; “you have my attention, I promise you, your every word is etched on my brain…forever!”He ignored the outburst.With that the driver and Tony each appeared carrying a flexible soft metal hoop, 2” wide and each about 2ft diameter and with a nut welded to the hoop round a small hole, Guy followed, carrying two threaded rods welded as a T bars. The first hoop was placed over the post and Gloria`s head, the nut at the rear, the hoop was now held up under the girls chin and the rod inserted in the nut, then a wooden packing put between her neck and the post, a few spins of the T shaped rod had the hoop tight against the soft neck as the rod screwed itself through the nut, and pressing itself against the back of the post.The second hoop was soon placed round Ann- Marie in just the same way, the women facing one another exchanged calls of goodbye, knowing that the expected pain would soon make talk impossible. By now both threaded rods had taken up any slack and each woman `s neck was hard back against the packing with their head`s hard against the post the soft metal band tight to the contour of their pretty throats, embracing the women like some sort of bizarre choker, encompassing each slender throat, tight but not yet gripping too tightly. The executioner was right, in that neither could move her head or the top of her body, a short chain from wristlet to wristlet holding their arms back but not uncomfortably, and a rope restricted the feet from kicking though allowed some movement, they were secured totally“Cut” “Now ladies,” the now naked Prince explained, “I shall enjoy your screams, my intention is to remove one of your nipples first using the iron that is now heating in the brazier, after that I will remove the breast with my scimitar and finally while my prick is deep in each of your body my driver will slowly restrict your breath till eventually you each will expire slowly while still impaled as I fill your bodies.”Both women looked appalled and horrified, the sadistic Prince continued “I will make two concessions, you alone may each choose which breast is to be mutilated, but fate and the coin will choose who is the first to die! Say nothing and I will brand both and remove them after.” With that he turned to Anne-Marie, smiling and saying; “as you still have hair you are heads, she will be tails!” He threw the coin to Guy and said; “you can flip!”The coin flipped upwards catching the sun and glittering as it fell all eyes on the thing as it fell into the sand, the prince declared as he pointed to Gloria; “TAILS, congratulations your first!”He snapped his fingers and Hank called “ACTION”Standing in front of the tear-full woman he demanded, “Left, or Right?” her jaw moved but no sound emitted. Then her last tiny act of defiance came as she spat full into his face.Wiping his face, he seized the now glowing brand her breasts older and slacker faced the ground so Guy, keeping his hands well clear, raised and supported the right breast to present the nipple, the brand was aligned to surround the nipple she could feel the heat during the moment of hesitation she knew what was coming then hard and decisively the brand was plunged against the areola.Her scream was deafening, it echoed around the set, the old hut magnifying the sound, her body contorting as much as it could as the brand smoked and hissed as the tender skin cracked and melted as it burnt its way deep into the flesh.Gloria fainted, her head would have fallen forward but for the support of the metal band that was soon she knew to remove her life. In a flash the smoking brand was removed, and plunged back into the brazier, the smoking burn blackened and deep in the breast which slumped back onto her body as Guy released it to move round to her other side.Tony threw icy water into her face and she came too, wide eyed and terrified as Guy again raised the second nipple, by now she knew what was to come, and began to babble her desperate pleas to be released or dispatched, begging for anything to finish the intense pain she was already in and the extra that she knew was to come.The new iron glowed, she felt the heat as it approached and cringed away as best she could, the prince fully expected that and followed the nipple as with unairing aim the pink nub appearing through the central hole as the iron was pressed home hard, again the scream unearthly and loud, the smoke the smell of the burning flesh, the brand held hard into the breast till again the woman fainted, and the hot ring was well into the soft flesh.The prince smiling as he removed the iron glancing at Anne-Marie, who`s eyes were transfixed on the smouldering black holes now in the other woman`s once well-loved bust.He mouthed, silently ‘your next’ which she didn’t need telling, then smiling plunged the iron back into the flames to cleanse and reheat it.Ian now approached the woman with four short strings on the ends of each a fish hook, he hooked the points of two into either breast and pilled the breast away from the still u*********s woman`s body, the Pa now stepped forward and presented the scimitar to the prince struck first one and then the other from the left removing each taught breast in a single sweeping stroke. The sword being as sharp as a razor Gloria had felt little, blood coursing down her body as the prince slid himself into her body for the last time. Again, the icy water struck, reviving the woman for this last moment of shear agony, the prince driving himself into her body hard, revelling in the blood and gore from the severed breasts, the driver twisting the threaded rod a turn with every thrust of the princes hips, Gloria began to gurgle her eyes bulging, her breath gasping now, restricted, desperately grasping at this last vestige of life, her last breath, as she took her final thrust and load from a man in this life, she passed from this life.He slipped from her mutilated body, her face a tinge of blue, pain contorted, eyes bulging desperately, body hanging limp and grotesque from the tight metal collar that cut so cruelly into her neck.A distant voice shouted “CUT” and a round of applause came from the assembled men, congratulating the prince and Hank for the parts they had played in making such a good film. The prince sat to drink and restore himself, he was not young enough these days to have two of what he would term ‘wonderful climaxes’ in a row.A long agonising wait ensued, Anne-Marie, facing the awful cadaver of her former co-worker, knowing that when the loathsome sadistic prince was fully restored it would be her turn terror gripping her. The prince at length stood stretched and nodded, the men took their paces once again, and Hank proclaimed “ACTION” in his own dry way.The prince approached the quaking woman, again the question; “left, or Right?”Anxious to minimise her pain better one than two she with quivering lips, chose by saying “whichever he wished, they were both as precious to her and it would be as painful whichever he worked on!” He smiled kissed her cheek and reached for the glowing iron, she felt the heat as he approached her, the red ring slowly advancing towards its target, her terror fixed on the hot metal she began to hallucinate. The air around began to vibrate, throb even, her numb mind expecting it was her mind going into imagination overdrive, perhaps meltdown, louder and louder the roar assaulted her ears, becoming near unbearable, the hut vibrating with the wind pressure, the old shaky roof rattling, she was aware of the terrified men running, the hot iron hitting the ground, shots, screams the throb of engines, uniforms, running feet, more shots and then an eerie silence.She hung still supported by the collar, still facing the now fly covered bloody corpse, a uniformed man appeared, ran his eyes as any man would over her secure body then called at the top of his voice for help, willing hands removed the bindings, a medic appeared, her tearful body was placed on a stretcher, then the oblivion of the needle and her torment was finally over.