18 Year Old Cassandra

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18 Year Old CassandraIs it bad that I take my 18-year-old daughter and dress her in a very very very seductive sexy school girl outfit and have her dollar face up with makeup? She loves it and so do i. I brought her out in the truck dressed up in her school girl outfit painted with makeup. She had high heels on. I took her down to the edge of a field a few miles away and fucked her like a dirty slut right in the grass. She loves playing dress up with me. I took her to very very sleazy hotel a few nights ago.. had her dressed up in that school girl outfit and at her walking down the side of the road. I picked her up and she told me that she was a runaway. I was not expecting that out of her mouth. But I loved it. She loves roleplay too. I asked her if her parents knew where she was smiled and said no that they don’t know. I asked her how long she’s been out on the road she said a week. Asked her how she was surviving on her own with no money no backpack nothing. She told me she was dancing for the boys. I looked at her and I smiled. I told her that I would give her $500 if she came with me back to my room danced for me. She got excited and told me she would do anything for that kind of money.Cassandra is my 18-year-old very very fucking horny daughter. She jumped right into the role-playing and she does it well.I brought her to my sleazy hotel room. I locked the door behind us and walked up to her. She looked at me in character and said,”are you going to hurt me? If you give me $500 I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Just don’t hurt me.,”Iliterally cashed my check a few hours earlier so I had quite a bit of money on me. I counted out $1,000 and put it on the bed. “What will a sweet little girl like you do for $1,000?” I asked her.She took her shirt off and her bra. she started playing with her tits in front of me. “For $1,000… I’ll let you suck on my tits. And I’ll suck on your cock. I don’t know how else to do anything. but you can play with my tits and I will suck your cock.” She said to me in a very shy quiet voice.”Cassandra baby girl you’re amazing. Is this all just coming to you?” I asked her excitedly”Cassandra? I’m Kayla mister do you want me to suck your cock or not?” She asked me as she’s continued squeezing her tits.I walked up to her and forced her down to her knees. I took my pants off and my shirt. She grabbed my boxers and slid them down. I squat it down a little bit and put my rock hard cock between her 18-year-old tits. She squeezed my cock with both of her tits and she squeezed hard.”You know what little lady? Where I come from $1,000 buys a lot more than tits and a blowjob. $1,000 and I should be fucking you for hours. Do you know that? In your telling me all I can do is get a little action with your tits and you’re going to suck my cock?” I said to her as I grabbed a fistful of her hair.”I’m just a young girl that’s trying to get away. I want to help I don’t want to be hurt. Have you ever had your cock sucked by an 18-year-old girl in a cheap hotel room before mister? I can’t let you fuck me. I’m a virgin and I have to stay like that.” She said to me in an innocent high pitchedhed cute tone.I pressed my cock between her lips and she began sucking my cock. I watched her in the mirror that was off to the side of the bed. My God it felt so good. And girl was so good at role-playing. My God I was so fucking horny.She made a lot of noise sucking on my cock. Slurping sucking and gagging. Her c cup titties were wet. Our little schoolgirl outfit made me want to shoot my nut right then and right there. Not before I got inside that pussy though…”Take your panties off sweetheart. I want to see your pussy..” I said to her in a very commanding voice.”I’m not going to take güvenilir bahis anything else off for you. I told you only my tits would suck your dick. And I’ve done that so I’m going to get dressed and I’m going to leave..” she said in a shaky voice.”What you’re going to do kayla… Is it going to take your fucking underwear off you’re going to get on that bed and you’re going to let me have my way with your pussy. Do you understand what the fuck I’m saying to you? $1,000 and all I get is some tits and your mouth. TAKE YOUR FUCKING PANTIES OFF NOW! DO IT BEFORE I GET MAD!” I said to her in a mean and loud voice.”Y..y.. you told me you weren’t going to hurt me. Why are you going to do this? I’ll suck your dick. I’ll dance for you on jerk you off with my tits. Please don’t touch me down there. Please don’t..” she said to me in a very very squeaky broken voice.I looked her in the eyes and I kissed her. I told her that no matter what I wasn’t going to hurt her. I told her to pick a safe word. She told me cassandra. Her first name. I kissed her again.”Stand up on your feet you little slut. Stand the fuck up and turn around.” I demanded.She stood perfectly still looking at the floor wearing heels stockings her sexy school girls skirt and her wet panties. I gently lifted her chin up and looked her in the eyes. I slapped her face and threw her on the bed.”NO! OH GOD PLEASE NO…TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK AND I’LL SUCK YOUR DICK. I WILL I PROMISE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME MISTER! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS I DON’T EVEN BARELY HAVE ANY HAIR ON MY PUSSY! OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!” She screamed.”Shut your fucking mouth before I put my cock back in it. Take off your fucking panties. I’m not going to say it again bitch.” I startled in her ear as I held her down by her throat on the bed.She look at me and try to slap my face. I reached up under her skirt after undies and yanked them down hard. they didn’t come off of her correctly but they did rip. I tore them off of her ass. Whining and fighting me she tried to get off the bed. I grabbed her skirt and lifted it up. I looked at her hairless pussy.”I pussy that’s got no hair on it! do you want it in your cunt or do you want it up your ass sweetheart? Made us one way or another you’re getting fucked on this bed by me right now..” I said to her holding her down”I DON’T WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME ANYWHERE! PLEASE GET OFF OF ME! DON’T! DON’T DON’T DON’T OH GOD PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME!!! I DON’T WANT YOU TO TAKE MY VIRGINITY AWAY FROM ME PLEASE! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?? I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR MONEY AND LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK” she screeched in my face as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Don’t hesitate to use the safe word baby. I don’t want you to actually be afraid of me..” I said to her softlyShe tried to slap me one more time. I caught her hand and I flipped her over onto her stomach. My cock was raging hard. I slapped her little ass until it was bright red. she tried putting her hands over her ass cheeks but it didn’t work. I mounted her and slit my cock inside of her tight dripping bald pussy. And I did it HARD.AAHHGGG OWWWW OWWWWWW NO MY PUSSY! OH MY GOD YOU’RE KILLING ME IT HURTS SO SO BAD!” She screeched as I was forcing her face into the pillow beginning to bump my 8-in cock in and out of her 18-year-old pussy. She was crying into the pillow. I grabbed her hips and brought her up to her knees. As we were positioned on that bed and I was fucking her from the back… She was crying her eyes out.I pause for a moment to see what she would do. She started bucking back into my cock. I oh my God out of her and pull her to the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor flipped her over and pulled her perfect little bubble ass right to the güvenilir bahis siteleri edge of the bed. I put her legs straight up my chest. She was fighting me a little bit. I slammed my cock back into her pussy. I began to jackhammer fuck that 18-year-old cunt. “Sweet young girl running away from home thinking that she’s going to get away with just shaking her little ass showing her tits and sucking a dick or two? Not with me honey. Your pussy is so fucking tight. We’re going to find out just how tight your butthole is shortly little lady. I hope you shit recently…because if you didn’t… you really won’t like what I’m going to do to you. You’ve never had anything in your ass before? Nothing at all not a finger nothing?” I asked her as I pounded away.All she did was cover her face and cry. every time I try to touch her tits she pushed my hands away. I slapped her face and then put both of my hands around her throat and began to strangle her. There she was. Period been dressed in the bottom half of a schoolgirl outfit enough makeup on to doll up 10 girls… Getting strangled fucked in a cheap hotel. Face turn red. I released my crib long enough for her to catch her breath and she did not say the same for it so I started strangling some more.”Scream for me you little cunt! Gargle gargle and fucking beg me to stop I’m not going to. Nobody’s coming for you. I never should have left. You would have been better off never running into me.” I said to her as I choked her breathing heavilyI released my crib again and she took a couple of breaths. Looked at me and smiled. I slapped her face and strangled her hard. She was going to go out. I told her that I was going to strangle her to death. I’m pounding on her little pussy as I watched her close her eyes. Before her eyes were completely closed I released her throat. I flipped her over and pulled her into the doggy style position. She is light enough for me to easily manipulate her body. I grabbed onto her hips and put my cock back in her pussy. I started fucking her like an a****l. I have done this before but not to her. She woke up screeching. I just found it on her from the back looking at her ass period watching the ripples go through her cheeks as I slammed into her. I pulled her hair. Was crying loudly. I paused again. I reminded her of what it was. She reached back and slapped her own ass cheek. Apparently she was really into this.I slit my cock out of her soaking wet hairless little pussy stomach and looked at her she was a fucking mess on that bed. I took the astroglide out of the pants pocket of my jeans.”You had your chance young lady. $1,000 all you had to do was ride my cock until I blew my nut. You wanted to be a selfish little bitch. Well… Hopefully you don’t run away from home again anytime soon sweetheart. Now I want you to lay on your tummy and scoot your cute little ass to the edge of this bed. I’m going to lubricate your butthole and I’ll play with it. And before you even ask me…yes…I’m going to take my cock and I’m going to put it into your butthole with you like it or not. Now slide that cute ripe ass of yours over here.” I told her in a very very asshole tone.This photograph right here is Cassandra wearing one of her little sexy nighties. Look at that plump ass. Just like her sister. she just remained in the middle of the bed. I reached over and grabbed her by her hair and d**g her to the edge of the bed and slapped her. She screamed. I pulled her off the bed by her hair and stood her up. She looked at me with fear in her eyes and I said to her, “you do what I tell you to do. If you want to be treated like a useless Street walking fuck toy cum dumpster…I’ll treat you like one and I’ll call all of my iddaa siteleri buddies over here and we will gangbang this shit out of you. Think this is bad you little cunt? How would you like seven or eight dicks triple penetrating you? Lay on your tummy on the edge of the fucking bed and do it now.”She bend over the bed sobbing and spread her ass cheeks. I kneel behind her and stuck my nose onto her pink little shit hole. My God I love the way her asshole smells. Sweat, cunt and shit. The latter of the three was far more pronounced than the other two. But it’s okay because I love that smell on a girl’s ass.I rest my tongue against her shit ring. I just held it there. Cassandra’s puckered bottle felt good under my tongue. I slipped my tongue inside of her butthole and she gasped. I squeezed her tits and slit my cock into her pussy one more time from the back. I think it actually started her because she wasn’t expecting it. She cried out and surprise and I pussy until I almost came. I slather lubricant all over her butt hole. She was whimpering. I squeeze their ass cheeks for a minute. I mean look at the ass in the picture above like you wouldn’t be playing with it.I told her…”sorry about this kayla. You’re not going to like this little girl.”I’m pressed the tip of my cock into her shit ring. it snapped around the head of my cock and she fucking screeched in pain…”NO NO NO!! OH MY GOD HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS I BEG YOU PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME! YOU ALREADY HAD MY MOUTH AND MY PUSSY WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS??? I’M TOO YOUNG!!!!!” As I pushed my rock hard cock deeper into her asshole… She was grunting and caught herself into the doggy style position but her ass was pressed out. She was pushing like she had to shit. I felt little gas bubbles ripple around my cock and come out. Her asshole got really loose and then it got super tight. My sweet girl was having an orgasm anally. Her body shook hard. Her asshole gripped my cock so tightly I could barely move it. She said to me…”Daddy I have to shit really bad.”I slit my cock out of Cassandra’s asshole and she ran to the bathroom. I could hear her with the music going and with the door shut. I probably should start asking the girls if they should recently before I start playing in their assholes. This was familiar. She got on her back and spread her legs. Approached her and she grabbed my cock guiding it into her pussy. I grabbed my prick by the base … Put I left hand around his route both my cock out and pressed it to the entrance of her back door.She looked at me like she was about to cry. I said to her…”what’s wrong cassandra? Are you okay baby girl?She told me that her butthole was sore and she didn’t want me inside of it for a little while. I slid my 8-in cock into her hairless smooth little pussy and made sweet love to her.Fucking loved it. She was moaning in my ear cleaning to me with her legs wrapped around my hips bouncing up and down. Pushed my head down to her pussy and her exact words were…”eat my cunt Daddy. but you make sure you get me off before I see your face again.”I could not believe she said that to me but I love it. My 18-year-old taking charge telling me what she wants what a good girl.I made that sweet girl get off several times before I came back up. She flipped on her tummy on her hands and knees spread her ass cheeks apart and told me I could take her ass again if I licked it clean.I lick that girl’s shit ring like my life depended on it and then I slid my cock in her asshole till I blew my nut. We laid there for an hour wrapped up in each other . Our sex soaking the bed. Kissing my baby. Biting her ears and her neck. Squeezing her fucking sexy plump little ass. Gently rubbing her booty hole as my sticky load slowly came out of her asshole.On the way home she sucked my cock. This sweet girl was turning into a cock hungry a****l just like her sister.I could not wait for later on that night to get both of them together…